Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 01 Sep 2015 22:58:20 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Big Sister I seem to remember there were some amongst us (not me, guv!) who compared Eddie to Chris Moyles. Given rumours surrounding the fate of the latter, I suggest we immediately organise a prayer vigil for Eddie ;o) Mon 20 Apr 2009 09:22:08 GMT+1 Chris Ghoti SSC @ 20, nah, just the well-known typographical error. :-) Fri 17 Apr 2009 16:38:07 GMT+1 David_McNickle Who is this Kethlin guy who can't spell his name right? Fri 17 Apr 2009 16:20:08 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat Chris (19):"..enopugh" The Welsh Roxy Music tribute band? Fri 17 Apr 2009 16:13:42 GMT+1 Chris Ghoti TWIC @ 17Check the surname.:-)(Cue self-help "I am enough, I have enopugh, I do enough" remarks in front of a mirror.) Fri 17 Apr 2009 14:47:47 GMT+1 Simon I wonder if she's distantly related to that well-known Liverpudlian activity: Hock-a-Loogie?Careful Ed-meister or you'll find yourself back on Radio Tayside's overnight programme and Mr. Cellan-Jones will get the PM hotseat.WR. Fri 17 Apr 2009 14:29:44 GMT+1 The Wrath Is Come C_G @12 I am unsure if I would rather be a fish. How about you.Although carrying moonbeams home in jar sounds like a blast ;-) Fri 17 Apr 2009 14:10:57 GMT+1 Stewart_M And some Blue material. (not that blue) Fri 17 Apr 2009 14:06:25 GMT+1 Squirrel ...and she will always know who to go to if she needs a rubber band! Maybe to hold the super-woman costume together? Fri 17 Apr 2009 14:02:14 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Sorry, Chris, I believe it was Jonnie who believed I was out of pre-mod, but he was mistaken....Actually, I'm trying to see if I can get the "Full House" of recent comments, so that it's a completely empty section! Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:52:33 GMT+1 Fearless Fred SSC(11) As long as it means taking messers Ross and Norton off the screens for a while, I reckon that might be worth it! Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:50:54 GMT+1 Chris Ghoti I thought that somebody yesterday said that FF was out of the limbo that is pre-moderation, yet here today he's awaiting moderation again.It's shameful.Meanwhile, there is a really silly question as the subject for today's newsletter.Of course I would, Eddie. Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:50:35 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat Is all this crawling the result of the BBC's stated plans to reduce its entire news department to one presenter, a microphone and a copy of the Guardian, so that it can concentrate its resources on its new goal of 24/7 John Barrowman programming?**Which admittedly would be better the much of the dross on BBC Television these days.(Seriously, I hope Ms Hockaday is going to put a stop to the proposed news cuts as her first action.) Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:48:55 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Now now, Gillianian, there's no need to go that far! I wouldn't want to pit Ms Hockaday against the mods in her first few days. Let her settle in first, and find out where Eddie keeps the key to the drinls cabinet! Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:48:39 GMT+1 Gillianian Ah....dear FFred......No-one in human history has ever been as wise and skilled a Frogger as Fearless Fred, and no-one will be in future.Ms Hockaday should use her new broom to sweep Fred's slate clean - or clean Ffred's floor with her new duster - or something..... Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:47:10 GMT+1 Charlie Mmmm... apart from this one and the one above..?Strange. Me, that is... Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:43:52 GMT+1 Charlie Why aren't various post's on this thread appearing..? Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:42:59 GMT+1 U12196018 Ok, if she is as wise and skilled a leader as you say she is, she shouldn't have any bother getting the mods to release Fearless Fred from his pre-moderation limbo. I'll give her until the start of PM this evening or just assume that your opinion is indeed worthless sycophancy. Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:11:12 GMT+1 jonnie Whoops - must have been the Facebook link? - well it was only a quick google search? Fri 17 Apr 2009 13:03:41 GMT+1 RJMolesworth ....." in charge of all TV, radio and online news output." Wow, she must be Superwoman. Even Eddie was not sufficiently sycophantic. Fri 17 Apr 2009 12:54:59 GMT+1 nikki noodle "media guardian"?nope, never heard of it.If its not on then it probably isnt news. Unless, of course, Mary is still writing it... Fri 17 Apr 2009 12:48:42 GMT+1 jonnie This post has been Removed Fri 17 Apr 2009 12:47:34 GMT+1 Charlie Okay Eduardo..."No-one in human history has ever been as wise and skilled a leader as Mary, and no-one will be in future"...that's YOU off my christmas card list... Fri 17 Apr 2009 12:29:36 GMT+1