Comments for en-gb 30 Fri 19 Sep 2014 14:41:16 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Big Sister Heaven knows what No. 10 is going to make of this petition - there will be tears! Wed 11 Mar 2009 22:55:14 GMT+1 Stewart_M Diy, Hello Dad!! or should that be "Father" (in deep booming god type vice) Wed 11 Mar 2009 22:00:21 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Stewart M, spread the word my son, spread the word!DiY [|:-) Wed 11 Mar 2009 21:24:48 GMT+1 Stewart_M DiY I don't think the combined might of seven of us will get us far. Wed 11 Mar 2009 21:12:49 GMT+1 DI_Wyman My news. I have started an on-line petition to save the BBC R4 PM Strapline.!!See I CAN spell wen i wont two! Wed 11 Mar 2009 20:55:02 GMT+1 Gillianian Big Sister (7) Well done, that woman! ;o) Wed 11 Mar 2009 20:42:12 GMT+1 Lady_Sue (7) Big Sis: look forward to hearing more about it. Wed 11 Mar 2009 18:18:04 GMT+1 sirtifficate The Muslin protesters seem to haveforgotten how many innocent woman andChildren their own suicide bombers havekilled in Iraq Wed 11 Mar 2009 17:41:33 GMT+1 Big Sister Thanks Mrs. Eff. I think there will be more news to come from it though. ;o) Wed 11 Mar 2009 16:46:58 GMT+1 Mrs Effingham Big Sis - congratulations. Wed 11 Mar 2009 16:36:58 GMT+1 Big Sister My news is that a campaign I've been running for the past two years appears at last to have paid off. Hurray! Wed 11 Mar 2009 16:28:58 GMT+1 PerfectlyPerky "Remembered how glorious it is to sing my heart out." Wed 11 Mar 2009 14:15:13 GMT+1 SeriousSoundBiter 'Decided to ask Nils how much of the 75 billion the BoE is printing will go abroad, directly.'Thought my life could be MADE lovely by his answer(ing). Wed 11 Mar 2009 14:08:24 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Hello Big Sis: haven't seen you for a while either. Just trying to compose my "one sentence" for this week. Don't really want to mention the shootings in the north as someone interviewed yesterday rightly observed that the less publicity these atrocities get, the better. Think I'll go with something that's just happened and is on a much lighter and more positive note. So, my "lovely life" (though why on earth PM/iPM imagine it to be "lovely" is anyone's guess) news for this week in one sentence is:"Approached by chap who wants to view some of our 50+ year old documents with the intention of launching a new search for sunken treasure." Wed 11 Mar 2009 13:49:51 GMT+1 Big Sister Hello Lady Sue. Good to see you here. :o) Wed 11 Mar 2009 13:20:20 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Eeejit. Wed 11 Mar 2009 13:10:56 GMT+1 DI_Wyman There have been no comments made here yet.Tah Dah! Wed 11 Mar 2009 12:09:52 GMT+1