Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 02 Jun 2015 22:16:25 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Charlie GN 9The suggestion in your final para becomes more attractive the more I read it... Thu 05 Mar 2009 15:06:39 GMT+1 GiulioNapolitani Now, how to survive? Anyone?You could take to drinking heavily. Except I hear from the Today prog that 'old age boozing' is now at crisis levels and the only answer is to hike up the price. So - no heating, no eating, no drinking.There's always crime, I suppose - I'm sure it's nice and warm in prison and, unlike any other social care option, entirely free. Thu 05 Mar 2009 14:09:15 GMT+1 The_Grim_Reaper I have a feeling that my day is coming. And, very quickly! Thu 05 Mar 2009 13:25:14 GMT+1 gossipmistress We've seen that picture before. Thu 05 Mar 2009 13:02:30 GMT+1 SeriousSoundBiter They do it anyway. What else does 'expanding the money supply' mean?What is High Powered Money' otherwise?This policy stance is wrong heated and will lead to hyper inflation.The government should be aquiring real assets. The land (buildings, factories, housing etc) and industries instead of giving and lending money to institutions owning those assets which have failed.That way, it has real counter - parts to its outlay.This way, it risks a pound crash-smash (you can't imagine how low it can go) and wheel barrows full of money on the streets.You need planned home based export and import substitute industries before you make imports too expensive and exports, that we don't produce, dirt cheapPublic ownership, please.Gotta go, to check out Liquid Lunch (BBC 2 TV) to hear how the two and a half percent FTSE fall is the beginning of a bull run (or was that PM) Thu 05 Mar 2009 12:10:49 GMT+1 Charlie Mandatory retirement at 65yrs...So, one's pension if not "final salary based" is now worth very little (Sir Fred excepted...), interest rates will give a return on pension endowments of..? and on any savings of..? Oh, let's not bother.Now, how to survive? Anyone? Thu 05 Mar 2009 12:06:09 GMT+1 U12196018 "Interest rates. Where will they be after noon?"They will be posted on a screen in the window of my local bank. And the anwer to your non-existent tie-break question isWhen do I get my hour on the Big Money Printing Machine then? Thu 05 Mar 2009 11:04:32 GMT+1 Big Sister I shall be waiting to see if the bank now owe me money for my mortgage. ;o)Fat chance. Thu 05 Mar 2009 10:46:49 GMT+1 Fearless Fred I predict that they will either:a) Go down by a yet to be disclosed amount,b) Go up by a yet to be disclosed amount, orc) Stay the same Thu 05 Mar 2009 10:44:50 GMT+1 DI_Wyman There have been no comments made here yet.job done. Thu 05 Mar 2009 10:40:36 GMT+1