Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 22 Dec 2014 02:18:18 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at David_McNickle P 28, See my post on the drumming thread. Tue 10 Feb 2009 17:18:46 GMT+1 Piper D_M 24"Why give us the ability to comment here then tell us to do so on the rarely used iPM blog? Trying to drum up business?"How did you know D_M?"Could a natural rhythm - which some experts believe we all possess - be a cure for a variety of health problems?Some certainly think so.Musician Simon Lee, from Kent, is called on to teach drumming to patients with problems ranging from addiction to autism, and learning difficulties to mental health issues" Tue 10 Feb 2009 12:41:00 GMT+1 Piper D_M 2 4"Why give us the ability to comment here then tell us to do so on the rarely used iPM blog? Trying to drum up business?"I think you've hit the spot D_M.For what it's worth, I'd like to see an audience debate on iPM and it's purpose. I can't help feeling the programme's a bit lost at present.Not every week, but many, many, times the programme seems to have been on some sort of esoteric flight of fancy. If its' purpose really is that of a minority interest service provider then, the present scheduled slot is probably correct.I wonder? Tue 10 Feb 2009 12:20:54 GMT+1 Mrs Effingham So many pedestrians, not enough horse-power. Tue 10 Feb 2009 11:39:07 GMT+1 U12196018 Mrs Eff (24) - Thank you for that one! Tue 10 Feb 2009 11:23:33 GMT+1 Mrs Effingham The bloke who mends my car, said he couldn't fix the brakes so he made the horn louder. :0( Tue 10 Feb 2009 11:13:49 GMT+1 David_McNickle S 16, As I remember, we only knew who number 2 was, but then I didn't see all of them. Maybe I'll Google......some day. Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:44:06 GMT+1 David_McNickle fJd 15, The car we had before our Hyundai, a Citroen AX, was 16 years old when it died. Likewise the Volvo estate before it. We think the Russian petrol we bought in Poland killed it. Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:42:06 GMT+1 David_McNickle DI_W 13, From which direction? Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:39:16 GMT+1 David_McNickle Sandusky, Ohio 5, An asgo is something the police slapped on our car so that we couldn't use it. It was lifted yesterday.I will now be checking your posts verrrry carefully, Mr Pedant. Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:38:07 GMT+1 Fifi I'd have thought a wee asgo would be a Naughty Behaviour Notice for a bad ventriloquist....and a fond nod to Myles na Gopaleen! Mon 09 Feb 2009 23:04:29 GMT+1 U13823043 4.I suppose a weak asgo is a threat of referral to mods. an asgo such a referral, and a strong asgo, a mod removal.This must be the people's thread because it doesn't have an official PM subject matter. Mon 09 Feb 2009 18:46:54 GMT+1 ValeryP I did just that thing, and was more explicit there. Although I was post-moderated - iPM seemed to have forgotten me, Eddie :-( Mon 09 Feb 2009 18:27:10 GMT+1 U13823043 s10Sandusky (in Ohio) sounds a bit like my name, too. It's not my real name, though. David. Poor Sandusky is stuck with its name. It can't change it like I can mine.Please don't think I'm impersonating Sandusky. I'm not. I'm not a town in Ohio, honestly.I hope that's clear. I'd hate to become a number. Although when you're around David, everyone, even those in Portmeirion, know who Number One is. Mon 09 Feb 2009 18:23:23 GMT+1 funnyJoedunn David (12) You'd have though it funny if you had seen the old banger I was driving around in. Mon 09 Feb 2009 18:00:17 GMT+1 UncleDance Don't use it much anyway but am driving more slowly, especially on the motorway. As, I notice, are plenty of others. Mon 09 Feb 2009 17:53:55 GMT+1 DI_Wyman LOL...D-M, sorry I thought the 21st century hadn't crossed the M25 yet! Mon 09 Feb 2009 17:45:26 GMT+1 David_McNickle fJd 11, That's not funny... Mon 09 Feb 2009 17:24:20 GMT+1 funnyJoedunn Sorry, I just bought a second hand car after being without one for around four years. I had one for two years before that. Before that I didn't have one for over ten years. Mon 09 Feb 2009 17:21:50 GMT+1 David_McNickle s5, Your name sounds a bit like Sandusky in Ohio. Mon 09 Feb 2009 17:21:16 GMT+1 David_McNickle DI_W, This is the 21st century. We have a Hyundai. Like this, but not as many doors. (Assuming the link works.) Mon 09 Feb 2009 17:20:16 GMT+1 justdontcare dont do cars - cars do me. Mon 09 Feb 2009 17:17:23 GMT+1 Fearless Fred For complete-ness' sake, this is what I put on the iPM blog...."Compared to last year, I'm using my car a LOT more, as I've had to get a new job which is a lot further away, and there's no practical alternative. I did investigate public transport, but that would take at least three changes and three hours each way. The hour and a quarter each way by car is simply the only option..." Mon 09 Feb 2009 16:56:49 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Cars?.....20th century?..St Albans?.......LOL Mon 09 Feb 2009 16:51:25 GMT+1 U13823043 4.What's an asgo? Is it an anti social glass-box (behaviour) order, McNickle?I bet they're badges of honor where you come from. Mon 09 Feb 2009 16:46:56 GMT+1 David_McNickle Why give us the ability to comment here then tell us to do so on the rarely used iPM blog? Trying to drum up business?We used our car today for the first time since the snow started a week asgo. Mon 09 Feb 2009 16:42:58 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Yep, but the tractor is getting a roight ol' hammering. Mon 09 Feb 2009 16:32:03 GMT+1 eddiemair If you click the link you'll be able to read much more Valery. Mon 09 Feb 2009 15:55:12 GMT+1 ValeryP Yes. Partly because of family circumstances, but another part of me is being more circumspect about costs.Why? Mon 09 Feb 2009 15:38:40 GMT+1