Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 24 Jul 2014 08:13:05 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at pmmolly Hope I'm not too late!PM: Can pack a punch with a velvety glove.PM: Where the needle is always found in the haystack.PM: The silences speak volumes.PM: A National Treasure.PM: The best bits don't end up on the cutting room floorPM: Don't shoot the pianist. He's far too smart.PM: Don't expect a comfortable ride.Mollyxx. Thu 05 Mar 2009 14:35:39 GMT+1 camburi The city with the most dog poo is probably Venice. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Venetians put up with it themselves just so that it will annoy the throngs of tourists they have to put up with - not many tourists take their dogs to Venice, so it's the Venetian dogs who are to blame. Mon 02 Mar 2009 18:55:34 GMT+1 U13800113 On Holocaust day, I couldn't find any BBC programmes putting forward the Nazi point of view. Is this a case of the BBC being partial? Of course. 'Impartiality' is held up as a great virtue, but it is only appropriate where there is a level playing field. We know that in the 1930s and '40s, the Jews of Europe were the powerless victims, and the Nazis were the war-criminals. Therefore we take the side of the Jews. In Gaza, we know from the BBC's own reports that Israel has committed war-crimes; we also know that Gaza is effectively a prison camp (nobody can leave without hard-won permission); we know that, throughout this conflict (i.e. since 1948) scores of Palestinians have died for every Israeli death; we know that Israel has one of the most powerful and highly mechanised armies in the world, whereas the Palestinians have a few rocket-launchers; we know that the citizens of Israel live in European comfort while the citizens of Gaza live at near starvation levels, deprived of fuel and medical supplies by the blockade. What more evidence do we need in order to be morally confident in taking the side of the victims? Our grandparents generation didn't wait until decades later. Tue 27 Jan 2009 11:17:29 GMT+1 gullwingracer the news today tells more dire news- one factor not mentioned re poor exports is this- most manufacturers in many sectors in the UK, and subsequent exporters, use components sourced in China (paid for in US $,) or parts sourced in Europe (priced in Euros) therefore although we should be well placed to export, the input costs have risen lately by around 35%, making exports expensive, all this aside from the general downturn- this factor need to be considered, and is a strong reason why exports have not picked up despite advantageous exchange rates. Yet no pundit seems to have recognized this fact. Tue 13 Jan 2009 12:08:04 GMT+1 auntyross I see from the BBC website that the powers that be deem the Brand/Ross debate "now closed" ..... what redress do I have as a license payer to continue with my objection to my money being given to somone I strongly object to. So the BBC can just say to Mr Ross its O.K., business as usual, its all blown over and everyone thinks your wonderful again. Not me.So much for decmocracy. Is the BBC completely out of touch and riding roughshod over the license payer...definatelyAuntyross. Fri 21 Nov 2008 16:20:33 GMT+1 madonnah20 JOhn Sergeant - why cant we watch him perform each week and entertain us but let him resign from the competition if that is what he wants. Wed 19 Nov 2008 18:31:06 GMT+1 pjh606 As George W Bush will be leaving the White House in January as America’s most unpopular President, should President Obama’s first act – on behalf of the American people – be to apologise to the world for foisting him on us in the first place? Wed 05 Nov 2008 10:48:26 GMT+1 nikki noodle "PM - All the right words; not necessarily in the right order"with happy memories and in tribute to Mr E Morecombe. Thu 02 Oct 2008 20:04:26 GMT+1 annasee PM - Eddie's Ministry of News Thu 02 Oct 2008 09:53:45 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert Sorry, it's me again.. Would be a shame to lose Nikki Noodle's fabby strapline because the words are in a slightly drunk order..although it is rather loverly as it reminds me of a cross between the William McGonagall poems and the 'Greek dictionary' [or was it a Greek-English phrase book?] in Stephen Pile's 'Book of Heroic Failures' "PM: All the faults are such that one listens still the better for them." What about.. "PM - A better listen still - for faults are all left in.." And another one from me.. PM - Because it's a jolly long wait to Loose Ends and BH without it... Wed 01 Oct 2008 13:30:31 GMT+1 mittfh @86:PM: This isn't just a strapline - this is a PM strapline!(With apologies to whoever devised the M&S strapline)Now apologies in advance for going on-topic:@116 (PML): A quick peek on Wikipedia suggests that NatWest isn't likely to go bust anytime soon. Why? It's been part of the RBS group since 2000, which is"the second largest bank in the UK and Europe (after HSBC) and the fifth largest in the world by market capitalisation."In addition, RBS own Direct Line, Churchill and Green Flag - plus Coutts (to become a client of Coutts, you need to have at least £500,000 investable assets, net assets over £5m and/or have a salary over £100,000) Wed 01 Oct 2008 11:33:57 GMT+1 annasee PM - it's the Paddy Mair show! Wed 01 Oct 2008 09:40:29 GMT+1 Mrs Effingham PM:Bold, frank, sense and mair. Wed 01 Oct 2008 08:24:47 GMT+1 DI_Wyman pmL, re fiscal dealings....I have 'gone' into leaves!That way I can hedge me own fund!(Groan) Wed 01 Oct 2008 06:44:50 GMT+1 needsanewnickname PM: where Paddy gets stuck into politicians and politicians get into a paddyPM: Paddy, not paddingPM: Like BH, but without the spoon Tue 30 Sep 2008 23:49:19 GMT+1 U11204129 No, but, yes, but...As Paul Mason has just pointed out, the fall in the value of these bank shares and their having no prospect of borrowing money, means their capital is inadequate. (Legally, as well as economically).They are thus vulnerable to being unable to meet their liabilities.If just a few depositors go into cash or go elsewhere or a few borrowers fail capital and interest payments, they will be unable to meet the normal demands for funds that their customers make on them.In a word, they will fail.Nothing is so sure. Some time soon, a high street retail bank will fail.I have always thought it would be Barclays. More likely, now, Nat West.The only defence against not having the money to hand (only a government promise to pay) is to ... keep it in hand, literally.Keep it where you can see it, but get it out of the banking system's clutches. Tue 30 Sep 2008 22:28:57 GMT+1 U10783173 for & write & Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:55:05 GMT+1 Stewart_M Is it a temporary reprieve due to the B & B news (question mark) Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:50:32 GMT+1 Stewart_M This & That Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:49:18 GMT+1 U10783173 Hmmmm. Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:46:09 GMT+1 U10783173 B&B Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:45:21 GMT+1 U10783173 BK Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:44:09 GMT+1 U10783173 B Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:43:18 GMT+1 U10783173 & Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:40:26 GMT+1 gossipmistress Pml (23) I've managed to use an AMpersand more than once but it won't let me do it on this thread! Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:33:08 GMT+1 ValeryP Phew! Tue 30 Sep 2008 21:22:54 GMT+1 Wonko PM: Irreverent but never irrelevant.PM: The snaggletoothed news houndPM: pop goes the weasel.PM: MP spelt backwardsPM: Demonstrating that anything is possible in an infinite Universe.PM: The Knickerbocker Glory of radio current affairs (complete with glacé cherry on top). Tue 30 Sep 2008 20:19:03 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: Fair; 4 miles; 1016, falling more slowly. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:51:23 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: Bowling left arm over the wicket at a medium pace. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:45:35 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: All the faults are such that one listens still the better for them. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:40:34 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: the very pink of civil partnerships Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:39:26 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: Never a three-eight's of an inch socket short of a full rachet spanner set. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:32:07 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: I confess, I tried it once - but I didnt inhale. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:30:41 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: now that's all I need. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:29:42 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: just slip your shoes off, settle back, close your eyes, and Relax - it's all you require, news-magazine-programme-wise. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:28:55 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: It IS a regional show, only it's based in Westminster, London-upon-Thames. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:25:21 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: "If you think this is PM - press 1" Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:14:00 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: Dotting the 't's and crossing the eyes. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:13:00 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: One lump or two? Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:10:44 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: Tickling the tummy-button of News, and examining the fluff Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:06:52 GMT+1 nikki noodle PM: Ingredients: no nuts. Cannot guarantee nut free. Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:05:52 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat PM: You wander off for a few days and return to find the weekend chap's disposed of Eddie and Sequin and taken over...Okay then,PM: A radio news programme in the early evening.PM: Eating the credit crunch with the milk of news and the sugar of wit.PM: Paddy (is the) Master!PM: Partly MimsyPM: Won some Sony awards ages ago.PM: Icing the news sponge and licking the bowl clean of wit.PM: News with a side order of clever (service not included)PM: Blogging nonsense since 2007PM: Why, oh why, oh why, oh why?PM: On air, on digital, on the web, onomatapaeia, on and on and on... Tue 30 Sep 2008 19:00:22 GMT+1 steelpulse PM: Second Hand Rows - we listen in on Nick Robinson's interviews and get to play them after TV has done with them. Tue 30 Sep 2008 17:25:13 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert wonko "PM: Not being bought out in a rescue deal by a Spanish Bank." Surely.. PM - There are no 'current plans' for a takeover by a Spanish bank 'at this time'.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 16:52:34 GMT+1 Wonko PM: Why sip from the fount of knowledge when you can gargle?PM: If it's not on here, it's not happening.PM: Throwing the paper dart of current affairs in the eye of pomposity.PM: Now in colour.PM: Not being bought out in a rescue deal by a Spanish Bank.PM: The radio equivalent of a velvet fist in an iron glove!PM: Just add water.PM: Officially counts as one of your five a day. Tue 30 Sep 2008 16:36:57 GMT+1 steelpulse PM: This isn't JUST talking down to our listeners, this is Sequin, Eddie and now Paddy talking down to our listeners!PM: After Saturdays shock result, like Arsenal - a divine right to win EVERY match. Tue 30 Sep 2008 15:56:00 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Shock and awe Tue 30 Sep 2008 15:46:40 GMT+1 Big Sister PM: Single handed liberator of Kabul Tue 30 Sep 2008 15:17:41 GMT+1 Big Sister Help! Tue 30 Sep 2008 15:15:51 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert 'No matter what the score, when the clock strikes four, BG stops for tea..' Come along, let's be 'aving you.. Just because I think I can get away with appalling strapline standards because someone's dropped a short notice deadline on me, doesn't mean everyone else can use it as an excuse.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:59:41 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Keeping Greg Dyke's 'Cut the crap' flame burning, long after he has gone.. **** Crap is not a swear word - it means 'chaff' doncha know ? Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:57:01 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Because since Andrew Gilligan left, we can't make stuff up anymore. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:53:15 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Post-Hutton, it's your single source for non-single-sourced information... Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:50:33 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Avoiding dumbing down by convincingly paying lip-service to 'news-you-can-use' interactivity BBC diktats Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:49:46 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Because an increasing reliance on UGC won't work unless we inform the audience first.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:47:15 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - User Generated Straplines - Well, you don't expect us to do it, do you ? Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:45:52 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - A lot more informative than User Generated Content.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:43:09 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Reducing the average age of R4 listeners to below the State Pension Age ** Well, Until Gordon Brown increases it 70 Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:40:20 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - YOUR MESSAGE HERE, AT A PRICE, IF WE DON'T FIGHT FOR THE LICENCE FEE.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:38:48 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Because watching telly rots your brain.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:38:06 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Takes the fear out of buying books by Jeremy Bowen and John Simpson..*** *** Oh, and that awfully nice Justin Webb chap who occasionally pops in has asked me to remind you he has a jolly thought-provoking book out called 'Have a nice day!' Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:37:25 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Takes the fear out of buying books by Jeremy Bowen and John Simpson.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:35:47 GMT+1 Big Sister LBG: I'll have a pint of what you're drinking, if I may ...... Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:34:42 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Painfree Modulation for the crush-hour... Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:34:42 GMT+1 mittfh Thinking of the few on-topic posts here, and the inevitable Daily Wail headlines:PM: The sky is *NOT* falling down. I repeat, the sky is *NOT* falling down.PM: Broadcast live from our nuclear bunker under TV Centre.PM: You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.PM: Where (mercifully) no-one can hear bankers' scream.PM: Still alive, despite rumours to the contrary. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:34:04 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Since $h!te dinner parties are enough of a pain in the @r$e without being stuck for something to say. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:32:54 GMT+1 UptheTrossachs PM - like buying a bank on the cheap. You'll get far more out of it than you'll ever put into it. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:30:52 GMT+1 Lady_Sue PM: Get an earful. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:30:42 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - When it comes to current affairs, your partner won't know that you're 'faking it'. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:28:26 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Telling the Big Bang in the LHC and the one in the City apart won't help your love life, but can you take the risk ? Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:24:09 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - You don't HAVE to know the difference between the HICP and the HIPC to get through life, but it might help... Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:21:20 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Could be your pub-quiz secret weapon.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:20:06 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Does the hard work of trawling through the BBC website, while you keep your eyes shut **** Not particularly recommended while driving, but I don't have a car. And why do you ? Don't you know that it is damaging the environment with a huge carbon footprint ? Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:18:09 GMT+1 Big Sister The War of the Words Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:16:06 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - the 'on-ceasefire' political wing of the BBC Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:15:29 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Your weapon against the Pretentious Middleclass.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:14:32 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Politically Memorable.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:13:15 GMT+1 Big Sister BINGO!!!!! Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:12:41 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Party Meanderings.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:11:07 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Today Programme 'Match of the Day' Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:06:30 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Presenteeism Maligned.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:04:50 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - With Eddie Mair, there is no need to get dressed for success.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:03:00 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - If current affairs were brands of tea, PM would be Yorkshire Gold.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:02:02 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Never mind the quality, turn up the volume Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:00:55 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert Big Sister, No problem, remember with brainstorming anyone can join in, and there is no 'quality threshold' [luckily for me]. It's volume that counts.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 14:00:16 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Because where else would you get to hear Hilda Gibson's poetry ? Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:58:05 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - A secure home for some funnies, with Eddie and Sequin..* * Well, let's be honest, Bradford and Bingley and the Halifax won't be needing these jingles any longer, and it would be a shame to see them go to waste... Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:57:23 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Get a little xtra he-elp, with finding out the facts.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:55:55 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Aural Silver, Sony Gold... Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:51:01 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Since you cannot afford the FT in the credit crunch.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:50:15 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Allows you to absorb the news subliminally during the afternoon nap.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:49:19 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Because you were too tight to buy The Economist Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:48:17 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Like a cinq à sept, only without the mistress and it lasts half as long.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:46:30 GMT+1 Big Sister Oh dear, I think I spoiled a full house ;o) Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:45:47 GMT+1 Big Sister LordBeddGelertAlert Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:45:14 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Well it sure beats working unpaid overtime between 5 and 6.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:44:53 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - A bit like Newsnight, with better pictures, more jokes, and fewer bloopers.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:43:49 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Makes finding out about the shocking state the world's in bearable.. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:43:01 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - Fills the gap until the BBC runs Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:40:17 GMT+1 lordBeddGelert PM - the difference between the knowledge that a tomato is a fruit, and the wisdom not to put it in a fruit salad. Tue 30 Sep 2008 13:39:22 GMT+1