Comments for en-gb 30 Fri 29 May 2015 07:09:45 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at needsanewnickname Anyone round here remember Uhers? The dent they made in your shoulder... Sat 27 Sep 2008 17:55:59 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Sequin and Marantz,Sequin and MarantzGo together likeRomance and Florence Sat 27 Sep 2008 17:55:02 GMT+1 justfloating This post has been Removed Sat 27 Sep 2008 08:11:58 GMT+1 David_McNickle Tbird 26, To make a long story short (because something in the long message offended someone), no. Fri 26 Sep 2008 16:02:11 GMT+1 Big Sister I've got a Marantz. But a bit like Gill's. I've also got a Denon, who also now belong to Marantz. Now I'm bragging ;o) Fri 26 Sep 2008 15:51:14 GMT+1 Thunderbird Dave (25) does it play your 78's? Fri 26 Sep 2008 15:43:32 GMT+1 David_McNickle Gill 23, And my Marantz (circa 1973) is a 90w amplifier. Still going strong. Fri 26 Sep 2008 15:39:08 GMT+1 remarkablewalrus Do career politicians from Westminster School and Oxbridge have enough life experience to successfully govern a country as diverse as the UK?orWould the Tories have considered ENRON and Northern Rock a warning and tightened the management of financial institutions before they got us into this mess?Hmmm are the two related.... Fri 26 Sep 2008 15:35:39 GMT+1 Gillianian My Marantz is a stereo cassette desk - maybe Sequin's bringing hers in from home for Buster Rhymes to play with?! Fri 26 Sep 2008 14:47:28 GMT+1 mittfh Drugs I routinely take:Ethanol (usually from Vitis vinefera)Caffeine (usually from Camellia sinensis, sometimes from a brown carbonated liquid dispensed from small red metal containers)L-Ascorbic acidAnd during the summer months:Fluticasone proprionateCetirizine hydrochlorideAs far as I know, I haven't taken anything with questionable legality, for example:MethylenedioxymethamphetamineLysergic acid diethylamineDiacetylmorphineBenzoylmethyl ecgonineOr even the perfectly legal but hugely controversial Nicotiana. Fri 26 Sep 2008 14:28:41 GMT+1 mygloriousleader Sp (19){singing}Let's face the music and Marantz Fri 26 Sep 2008 14:23:18 GMT+1 justfloating (18) mittfh. Ones that will not invest in this country until some sense returns. Ones that learn young that pensions firms are lying cheating scum. Since most people are put out to grass in a down turn, by definition pension funds are at the lowest.As for the 35,000 it is academic as I know of no requirement to pay out the money immediately. So if we get into the situation were a banks really fail (not just rescued/sold) then the economy is badly broken and by the time you get the money (up to 6 months) it would not be worth anything.I think I need to lie down for a while! Fri 26 Sep 2008 14:01:06 GMT+1 steelpulse I am officially old. I have never taken Ecstasy (knowingly that is) and I didn't know what a Marantz was until just now. Phew - that okay thought I.I am high on life - is the trite phrase isn't it? Why take chemicals - in whatever classification?And then I think of the drugs I do utilise - some to help me sleep. I suspect I am on occasion "just high"!Marantz - say it loud and there is music playing - say it soft and its almost like - romance. Or is that just me, Carolyn? Fri 26 Sep 2008 13:54:28 GMT+1 mittfh One general question: What have Brighton and Blackpool done to offend the parties so much? Why Manc and Brum?One question you could put to the Tories: if Labour had been saving money for a rainy day, would the Tories have congratulated them on their financial astuteness, or (more probably) laid into them for storing up all this money instead of cutting taxes?Meanwhile, I noticed Theresa May last night getting very livid that the government hadn't raised deposit protection from £35,000 to £50,000 - what proportion of the population are likely to have savings in that range? A tenth of that would be a welcome addition to my bank account... Fri 26 Sep 2008 13:34:09 GMT+1 Chris Ghoti Quite seriously and given that the Labour party have been brandishing the prototype ID card yesterday and today, ask him to confirm that if they get into power they'll cancel the thing, and if he won't say that unequivocally then ask him how it is supposed to prevent identity theft when that is done on the internet and a card would not have to be shown, or other crime whether people mugging or burgling someone or stealing a car are carrying their card or not? Fri 26 Sep 2008 13:14:46 GMT+1 thenicecatlady (15) Pml Jolly brave of you to admit to being a labour supporter! But I admire you for it.Does invisible Gordie consider himself a socialist? I don't consider any of them socialists. When Bliar was around they were the UK branch of the Republican party and now I don't know waht they are.I wonder if Gordie and Bushy will pray together? Fri 26 Sep 2008 13:07:42 GMT+1 U11204129 Hey,In another place, I was ticked off for saying the market system is not morally neutral.And I see the point. After all, there are constrained market systems which can do anything for you.For instance, it is a huge problem that middle class women experience a glass floor in the labour market, so that they somehow never wind up putting out cones on motorways for a living.You could set up labour boards (Varian, the man the Hal computer in 2001 was named after, shows how), restricting both the sort of labour/workers offered (eg middle class toffs) and the sort of jobs done by the workers on the board's lists (bin collection, general labouring, etc).Then markets would employ only the sort of people you wanted, to do the sort of work you think they should do.Most people see the 'market system' however, as capitalism, itself. (And it is difficult to see the purpose of such constrained systems, qua 'markets', if their outcome, qua markets (!), is what you intended, and why you chose that form of constrained case. Why not just allocate people to the jobs they should have? It really is about time that the middle and upper classes Cameron represents took their turn, with shoulder at the wheel, of course). (Yopu can organise equality into these systems by requiring that everyone has the same (equal) ownership share of each piece of the capital stock, and that everyone's wage (etc) is divided out equally between everyone. Again, why not just legislate, instead of using quasi market forms, which have no more function than crackers do, in the distribution of paper hats. (I.e. they provide entertainment value)I should be in Durdle Door today. Instead I am blogging in Dorchester library at a quid per (marginal) half hour. Logisitic probs. Never mind! Hope to swim thru' the Door this arternoon, arterdinner.Please ask George when the Tory intergenerational layabouts are going to get proper jobs.Also get him to explain how George Bush's government spending caused the credit crunch.Plus, get him to agree that asset inflation absorbs monetary resources and crowds out government spending - particularly on housing, thus causing a vicious cycle.Anyway, the point is, Joseph, no, you're not in a black hole on my account, but the market system as we understand it, in Arrow-Hahn-Debreu terms, does not attempt to correct the appalling inequalities it generates.So why the problem? We say slavery or primogeniture or charitable giving are evil, bad and good systems respectively.In that sense markets, with their preposterous outcomes, are immoral systems, and with the uncertainty they generate, amoral systems.Anyway, I suggest we do agree that choosing a market system is always wrong. Talking of which... GREAT NEWS.... the FTSE is down the hundred or so points we were being told were such a great gain, when the index put that much on, yesterday.I'm a Labour supporter, but I think Gordon got it right, when he argued that we can't rely on the collapse of capitalism to bring socialism about.We have to snuff it out, when it's down. Otherwise it will recover.Now is the time. We should take the great finance houses into public ownership.Whether we will, with Gordon in America, and Bush, of all people, doing the taking over... well. I wonder..PS Sorry about any/all spelling errors, I can't raise a chequer on this system. Fri 26 Sep 2008 12:21:39 GMT+1 Stewart_M Mr Cameron, (replace with whoever). Come and admit it you know the recent Financial s..t would have still hit the fan whoever was in power. Fri 26 Sep 2008 11:55:38 GMT+1 gossipmistress Re David Cameron questions, and following on from Sid's question above about building new houses, as we are now officially the most crowded country in Europe, does he propose to put any measures in place to curb our population growth (and thence avoid us having to cover the green belt with houses)? Fri 26 Sep 2008 11:38:54 GMT+1 Sindy Ecstacy: the police don't want it re-classified as this will send the wrong message. It's time we stopped using classification as a way of giving messages and started using it as a way of giving information. Tell people what the drug does, possible side effects, effects of long term use - then let them decide whether they want to use it or not.Cameron: someone said the other day that Cameron had taken the nastiness out of the Tory party, and now there was nothing left. It's about time he started telling us what there is there: what will they actually do with our schools, hospitals, doctors' surgeries, police forces. Saying they'll do something nice is not enough!Specific query: in Rochford we're being compelled to build thousands of houses on green belt land over the next couple of decades. What's the Tory policy on this? Fri 26 Sep 2008 11:07:32 GMT+1 justfloating On the subject of drugs how can you classify a single drug? The tablets can, and do, contain other substances.Will there be a classification for ecstasy and one for ecstasy and meth?Some of the mixes have been lethal? How are those classified? Fri 26 Sep 2008 11:01:42 GMT+1 mygloriousleader BS (8) There's a few of them. Of course it could be the cd recorder but then S would have to be near a mains socket all the time. Trailing mains leads. Politicians. Not a good mix. Two questions for Dave:1) How long does he think it will take to put the wheels back on the wagon of UK plc?2) Do he think 'soft' regulation of the UK banking system has worked?3) Why does the government simply make the Bank of England funds available directly to local government to administer as loans / equity puchase to stop people having their homes reposessed?Okay, okay. That's three questions. Fri 26 Sep 2008 10:52:22 GMT+1 justfloating The above (1) is a perfect example of how politics works. In comes a new web site and everyone cheers.However the world has not yet caught up with the political changes. It takes time and effort. Small redirections and sign posts would help the transition. But no, the focus is on the new, why bother with those that can not catch up.I was out of circulation from this country for 7 years. Coming back has left me feeling a foreigner in my own country. Everything is so different. Even on my first day back I had to fight with an idiot trying to ticket my car because it took me 5 minutes to read the rules on the parking pay machine at the other end of the car park.Where has all the "Life education" gone. The public education of the systems. Where has the "stiff talking to" gone to help those that meet a new situations for the first time.Look at the mess they are in on the changes to the permitted development for householders. Even the planners do not know how to interpret them so how could the general public. To me, they seem more restrictive not less.What is right and wrong anymore. Even PM seemed to state something was criminal yesterday that definitely is not.Why do we not have a simple crime of profiteering from crime. Why should the fines just pay for big bonuses. The fines should be put back to the users in ticket prices (less the lost cost to the operator).Why is the government selling all our data. If a crime is a crime then why not have the DVLA send out the demands for money. They are the one organization with the perfect ability to collect. No more registrations or MOTs until settled. Why give out our addresses.But then since I left we now have profits and dividends from what used to be government agencies. The "warm front" agency now gives dividends!On the subject of crime why are public servants not protected from criminals. They have to stop peoples money, refuse them planning permission, investigate illegal dumping, but the governments just gives out their addresses and contact details willy nilly. What happens if your name is unique in the area? People talk about bribery and corruption but never talk about the fear that public servants experience. You wonder why there are so many bad decisions. Hard decisions need a system that protects the maker.So what is right and wrong and how will the conservatives keep us informed and safe. Voters need to feel content instead of the "fear factor" used now. Fri 26 Sep 2008 10:38:10 GMT+1 Big Sister MGL:: Izzit a PMD620? Fri 26 Sep 2008 10:18:44 GMT+1 Big Sister What changes would they propose making to the regulation of the financial sector in order to avoid a rerun of recent scenarios (such as Northern Rock, HBOS, etc.) and in particular their view of 100 per cent plus loans, overvaluation of properties on the buy to let market, etc.?Bit of a mouthful, I'll admit, but you know what I mean .... Fri 26 Sep 2008 10:16:31 GMT+1 mygloriousleader (4) Iss a digital fingy wot puts sound on a flash doodah. Cool init. Fri 26 Sep 2008 10:15:05 GMT+1 DI_Wyman You could always ask them if they are REALLY prepared for the return to Government in 2010! Fri 26 Sep 2008 10:12:22 GMT+1 Big Sister Me and my maaaaarantz,Walking down the avenueMe and my maaaaarantzAll alone and feeling blue ....Isn't it a brand name? Presumably a tape recorder? Fri 26 Sep 2008 10:10:35 GMT+1 Stephen - Leader of STROP Ignoring the "My Marantz and I" faux pas, what, pray tell, is your marantz - and does it have to make its own way to Brum? Fri 26 Sep 2008 09:54:13 GMT+1 Big Sister Oooh, err, so it's not just the Cabinet who've got problems ;) Fri 26 Sep 2008 09:52:20 GMT+1 DI_Wyman I'm ecstatic!I just Gurgled 'Shadow Cabinet' and was prompted to go and look at the Conservative Party web site.....this is where the link takes you LOL you couldn't make it even if you tried! Fri 26 Sep 2008 09:41:04 GMT+1