Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 28 Aug 2014 10:24:50 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at David_McNickle Tbird 15, Brittany is sort of related to Cornwall. They speak funny. We were there the summer before last and will be there next summer. Have you had Kouign Amann (I call it Kofi Anan) cake? It is a specialty of the region. I have a small flag of Brittany. (Should be discussing this on the beach.)As I was saying about the euro.... Wed 03 Sep 2008 15:14:12 GMT+1 David_McNickle A-L 16, I got annoyed and deserted the blog yesterday. Had to settle for internet porn. Wed 03 Sep 2008 15:06:38 GMT+1 mygloriousleader 18 BS: Yes and No. Yes he did the act, and terrible it was, but there comes a point where ordinary sane people are hounded to the point of insanity.Most of the banks and credit cards are just, well there is only one word, evil, when they chase after people who are in trouble financially. I've seen it. One major uk high street bank only has an indian call centre and refuses to set up a point of contact. Clients in trouble have the problem of getting through thick accents and playing spin the operator. It is just evil...oh and remember that these are the same banks that have just been bailed out by the Bank of England with tax payers money "to improve liquidity" and this money, we will NEVER know how much and which banks held out the begging bowl. NEVER...Not even after the 50 year rule. NEVER. EVER.And it is our money. Wed 03 Sep 2008 15:02:41 GMT+1 Big Sister MGL: Yes, I'd thought about that, though it has to be said that the only person responsible for the events of last week was Mr. Foster, from what we know.If the police theory is correct, he 'played God' with his family. Nothing - nothing - can excuse what he is supposed to have done. Wed 03 Sep 2008 12:41:54 GMT+1 mygloriousleader Good programme apart from the most important one. Which high street bank partnered with the liquidators pushed Christopher Foster over the edge? Wed 03 Sep 2008 12:35:09 GMT+1 Amanda Lewis Hello, Tuesday's duty editor here. I hope you didn't have as much problem accessing the Glass Box blog yesterday as I had - curious little error messages kept popping up. Apologies if you were frustrated.In our own meeting after the show, we weren't sure if we'd covered the Kevin Keegan story in the best way we could. I've got a blind spot on most sport issues so am always grateful for guidance.We had hoped to illustrate our obituary of Lieutenant-Commander Fraser with extracts of that marvellous film 'Above Us the Waves', but couldn't find a copy in time. Wed 03 Sep 2008 11:13:51 GMT+1 Thunderbird Dave (14) I have had some cracking holidays in Brittany in years gone by.Interesting that people from that part of France don't actually like the French.... Whats that all about?When I was last there it was just after the Maastricht treaty referendum debacle and everyone there thought that Mitterrand faked his illness to go for the sympathy vote and as I remember it only just worked….. At least they got a vote, thanks Maggie How about that for a change of subject? Wed 03 Sep 2008 10:48:17 GMT+1 David_McNickle Tbird 10, Otfen is French for often. In Brittany. Wed 03 Sep 2008 10:11:15 GMT+1 David_McNickle Tbird 10, What you mean, we, Kemosabe? I've always wanted it. But then, we go to France quite otfen and haven't fallen off the edge of the earth yet. Wed 03 Sep 2008 09:50:06 GMT+1 Thunderbird Good point Sid, I woz just testing them Tue 02 Sep 2008 22:30:17 GMT+1 Sid T'bird - did you know you can be modded for not writing in English? Tue 02 Sep 2008 20:46:47 GMT+1 Thunderbird David (4) I missed PM today so I have no idea what you are on about. However you should know that we dont want the Euro, forgerts test, trials or targets we (the public) will just say NO. Tue 02 Sep 2008 20:16:08 GMT+1 killy24 Surely I'm not the only one,Who, each day, grows so much sadder,That little pint-sized Hazel BlearsIs moving further up her ladder.Leaving the comfort of her shoebox,In the yard, at number 10,She's now been placed in Cabinet,With the likes of Hilary Benn.For England, this is just not right!It simply is not fair!That we're forced to endure her insipid skinAnd her VERY scary hair.Indeed, spare a thought for her colleagues,When she stands to take the floorAnd beats them to submissionWith her industrial, motorised jaw.For her, there are many issues,Labour itself can do no wrong,She never takes a breath for airAnd her answers are far too long.I, for one, have been driven mad,At times, to the brink of tears,By that annoying, gobby, know-it-all,Little pint-sized Hazel Blears. Tue 02 Sep 2008 19:45:26 GMT+1 Sid I think it's quite possible for Dawkins to understand all about God and the universe - but not to understand the West Midlands.Having said which - I've been waiting since 1997 to hear what New Labour is all about, and am no longer holding my breath. Tue 02 Sep 2008 18:14:26 GMT+1 Gillianian gallantSocrates (6) I'm afraid if you want me to understand the reference to the West Midlands, you do need to say more!If you don't expect Richard Dawkins to understand, how do you expect me to know?! Tue 02 Sep 2008 18:11:22 GMT+1 gallantSocrates We could all ask in essence, what does 'New Labour' stand for...the market in its most ruthless - neo-liberalist form, or some type of social interventionist democracy? Does anyone know for sure? However I think that the main problem Gordon has is that 'Prudence' has been hiding under the bed from Sarah for far too long...(sic) lets get her out, on to the pill and everything will be fine, even the housing market.But on a far more serious note, what worries me about neo-liberalism is the misanthropic behaviour of people (male and female) when it is let rip...for example on generations of these processes in the West I need to say more!!Somehow I don't think that even the incredible professor Richard Dawkins understands this problem on mankind?BrianBrian V Peck Tue 02 Sep 2008 17:35:44 GMT+1 David_McNickle Eddie, You have to be very careful when saying "fluctuating fortunes" live on air. Tue 02 Sep 2008 16:38:42 GMT+1 David_McNickle It might have helped if GB could have met the five tests that would have let us use the euro. I suppose they would have invented a sixth, seventh, and, eighth, etc. Anything but have to use money that didn't have the Queen's head on it. Tue 02 Sep 2008 16:13:48 GMT+1 vainly_here I doubt if it makes a lot of difference, but I think one of the silliest things was the introduction of HIPS that have a limited life. In today's slow market your HIP will probably expire before you sell. Tue 02 Sep 2008 15:01:15 GMT+1 Gillianian thenicecatlady (1)'s only because we as a countryare in a strong financial position that the government can afford at least one measure to help many individuals who are struggling! Tue 02 Sep 2008 13:32:06 GMT+1 thenicecatlady Could invisible Gordie please explain why he is putting in measures to help us through this recession when he has constantly told us that he has ensured that, as a country, we are in a strong position financially and could withstand any global financial problems. He wasn't telling porkies was he?No - surely not!! Tue 02 Sep 2008 12:29:20 GMT+1