Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 25 May 2015 16:18:11 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Hugh_Z_Hackenbach DT(33)Oooh yes, but it isn't the lack of radioactivity the chap was warning about.. it's the fact that Uranium, as a material, is very toxic. ie like lead (Pb) is toxic.Still, if you've just hit the earth rather quickly from 20,000 feet, why worry about the toxic uranium dust from the shattered 'counter-weight', eh? Tue 19 Aug 2008 11:15:03 GMT+1 Deepthought Wooooo....At some point today, the Blog had an update, and now Eric's entries are highlighted (on a white, boardered background, not the grey)....Dr Hack (29)Depleated Uranium has the *useful* (for power stations, bombs) radioactive isotope removed. What remains is still radioactive, but with a very long half-life. Yes, it is used as counterweights, for example in some Boeing aircraft. This is because it is one of the most dense materials available (much more so than lead). These two facts explain the fuss when one hit a building near Schopol airport a few years ago.Because it's so dense, it's also used as the tip of anti-tank missiles (which then blow up), and that's why all the fuss about Uranium in Iraq, the Balkans... Mon 18 Aug 2008 17:03:57 GMT+1 Big Sister Oh blimey, just spotted the typo. There may indeed be morale up there, but I did mean moral. Of course. Mon 18 Aug 2008 16:51:55 GMT+1 Big Sister Cat: That's a wicked website - thanks for the recommendation! Only thing is, I tried it once and my 'puter crashed, then tried it again and had difficulties extracting myself. But - there's a morale in that potassium video, and I think it's a good reminder not to eat bunches of bananas followed by glasses of water. Am I right? ;o) Mon 18 Aug 2008 15:55:19 GMT+1 David_McNickle DI_W 16, Yeah, that Muffin was a real conman. Mon 18 Aug 2008 15:15:42 GMT+1 Hugh_Z_Hackenbach SSC(28) Just watched the 'uranium' video.Charming chap explained that 'depleted uranium' contains less than 0.2% of the radioactive uranium isotope... A manageable risk in the laboratory. He mentioned that the more serious risk was its toxicity and damage caused to the liver (half a gram could kill you). Oh yes, and it shatters easily.His chum, the guy with the ‘wild’ hair, then goes on to explain that because the depleted uranium is so heavy, it’s a useful counterweight in balancing things, like aircraft!! Oh yes, and it shatters easily.Does it seem that these two chaps need to talk to each other? (Not just the in-flight sandwiches that could end curled up!).. and the good advice, "if you have a flask of uranium ... don't let it out". Sound! Mon 18 Aug 2008 14:56:12 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat Big Sister (24):Talking of potassium, can I recommend to all froggers and to the PM team the following site at Nottingham Uni:periodicvideos dot com (with the wubbleyous at the start of course)It has a video for each of the elements in the periodic table combining a short chat about what the element is like, plus a practical demo of e.g. what happens when you dump a lump of potassium into a bucket of water. Mon 18 Aug 2008 14:04:22 GMT+1 Big Sister Nor should we forget those two gay flowerpots, who relied upon a little weed ..... Mon 18 Aug 2008 13:46:43 GMT+1 DI_Wyman TssC (17), are you not forgetting The Magic Roundabout?Most of characters in that seemed well out of it most of the time. Especially Dylan! Mon 18 Aug 2008 13:43:46 GMT+1 DI_Wyman TiH, re Andy Pandy, I wondered why he was always in his jim-jams! Mon 18 Aug 2008 13:41:10 GMT+1 Big Sister Now now, Horse, I was thinking of all that potassium contained in a banana, not in some other uses to which I've heard they can be put ;o) Mon 18 Aug 2008 13:39:22 GMT+1 U10783173 Ap (22) - Your mother-in-law might be right. Maybe we should ask Big Sis (4) to tell us why she asserts that "bananas have other benefits!" Mon 18 Aug 2008 13:33:24 GMT+1 Aperitif My mother-in-law was genuinely puzzled by the laughter she caused with her assertion "You can go all day on a banana". Mon 18 Aug 2008 12:02:59 GMT+1 Thunderbird TSSC (10) you have brought it all back.Thank you Mon 18 Aug 2008 11:40:23 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat Muffin The Horse (18):But it was only Andy and Teddy in the basket wasn't it? I'm sure Looby Loo slept elsewhere.Wonkypaedia says you're right though... Mon 18 Aug 2008 11:22:58 GMT+1 U10783173 There should be a 'what' in there somewhere! Mon 18 Aug 2008 11:16:26 GMT+1 U10783173 Well, I for one was always a bit worried about Andy Pandy, Teddy and Looby Loo got up to in that basket. Mon 18 Aug 2008 11:15:27 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat DIY (16):Careful now!Double entendres aside, it's interesting to look at the differences between children's programs in USA and Britain about that time.Psychadelic slapstick with the Banana Splits compared to wholesome, family values of The Woodentops and Andy Pandy over here. Bill and Ben of course had a Little Weed and were a bit out of it. Mon 18 Aug 2008 11:05:36 GMT+1 DI_Wyman I was always rather taken by Muffin the Mule. Mon 18 Aug 2008 10:38:45 GMT+1 MarcusAureliusII Ever on the lookout to improve its service to match our audience's needs, preferences, and culture, BBC has replaced its former staff. Meet our new and improved reporters, correspondents, and presenters. Britain, we've heard your complaints and this is our answer. Now just sit back and enjoy them. Mon 18 Aug 2008 10:23:23 GMT+1 mittfh Well one show that probably won't be reincarnated featured this:The word association game where you mustn't pause, you mustn't hesitate or you get a bonk on the head like this...or like this...say "Bleugh!"..."Bleugh!"...say "Bleugh!"..."Bleugh!"...Not forgetting the theme tune with the memorable couplet:It's WACADAY, no school today, here's what you got to do.Forget the post, put down your toast, and tune in to the show!-oOo-Or how about the TV show which bizzarely suggested you turn off your TV set and do something less boring instead? I wonder if its cancellation was due to being (quite literally) a victim of its own success? :) Mon 18 Aug 2008 09:21:55 GMT+1 Stewart_M I can olny remember the school yard rather dodgy version of the lyrics with rocks and cannonballs. :-) Mon 18 Aug 2008 09:15:27 GMT+1 Big Sister ValP/SteelCat: That'll explain why, for me, they're only a name (though I do remember Champion and Flash Gordon, though from evening TV).Do you know? I cannot abide daytime TV, and I know I'm in the minority here, but for me the button never gets pushed pre-8 p.m. (unless there's something extra special to watch). Does that mean I'm not an addict? ;o) Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:58:13 GMT+1 ValeryP Not sure if we had daytime tv during my youthful summer holidays SCat, unless you count Watch With Mother!Whatever happened to zooming out the door straight after breakfast and playing Red Rover in the street, or scrounging bits and pieces to build a Gang Hut in the overgrown orchard? No, I'm not really a character from Enid Blyton, that's what we did. Well that and building dolls' furniture out of matchboxes and making clothes for trolls (that must have been in the wintertime). Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:56:04 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat ValP (9):It just means that during your youthful summer holidays, you would have been out and about playing, rather than staying in first thing in the morning and watching TV; Flash Gordon, The Flashing Blade, White Horses, Champion the Wonder Horse, Whirlybirds and Why Don't You? Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:49:00 GMT+1 ValeryP Good grief - I don't remember them at all. Does that make me too old or too young? Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:42:36 GMT+1 mygloriousleader Tra la la Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:18:17 GMT+1 Big Sister But, Dr. Muir, we all take our cue from you - *****GRIN! ***** Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:10:02 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Bingo, Drooper, Fleegle and Snorky’s Web presence is targeted at 45 to 75 year-olds?Now that's more like it! Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:05:17 GMT+1 eddiemair I know. Two years. And STILL rubbish. Mon 18 Aug 2008 08:02:28 GMT+1 Big Sister Good morning, Bananaman, and fellow froggers. What an excellent way to start the day (and I hear bananas have other benefits!)Cat: "As if ......"Eric: Happy un-Blogday!Fearless: You're sounding demob happy. This is Monday, I repeat, Monday! Whatever are you thinking, being so jolly? ;) Mon 18 Aug 2008 07:47:22 GMT+1 Fearless Fred All together now....."tra la la, Tra lala la, Tra la la Tra lala laaaaaaOne banana two banana three banana four...." Mon 18 Aug 2008 06:13:16 GMT+1 eddiemair Have you been reading the secret memo about the programme's development? Mon 18 Aug 2008 05:11:45 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat Ah. I thought it was going to be the *other* banana-related cultural icon..."This is the PM studio. And this is Eric, the mild-mannered presenter who leads an exciting double life. For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs. Eric is Bananaman. Ever alert for the call to action. With the presenting ability of twenty men...""Twenty *big* men!" Mon 18 Aug 2008 05:05:26 GMT+1