Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 02 Oct 2014 08:52:31 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at RJMolesworth I think you have probably started a craze Eddie. Wed 06 Aug 2008 20:05:01 GMT+1 jonnie I have to say I've toothed people as a past-time in the local gym. The names certain members call their phones are too obscene to mention on this blog though. The fun bit is guessing who's phone belongs to who -and watching reactions when commenting on dress attire etc ;-) Wed 06 Aug 2008 14:24:28 GMT+1 mygloriousleader I got toothed in a 'puter shop. I poked the no no no button on my ball and chain, sorry, mobile phone. Wed 06 Aug 2008 13:49:29 GMT+1 Big Sister I'm *toothed* every day - but the teeth are sparkly white and attached to a lively collie.Seriously, though, I had a strange 'bluetooth' moment yesterday when the handsfree parrot thingey in SOs car started to make funny noises and flash up a name. It transpired that SO was, unbeknownst to me, 'within range', but not within sight. Lol! Wed 06 Aug 2008 12:27:16 GMT+1 steelpulse Ever been - Eddie Mair?Now there is a thought Eddie. When I break the next poor girls heart - I will do it using your name. I dream of being you, you know? Carolyn Quinn, Martha Kearney - obviously worship at your feet. I know I do. lolOff to practice my iambic pentameter Wed 06 Aug 2008 11:29:31 GMT+1