Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 30 Jul 2015 04:30:39 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Aperitif Jonnie (11),And she can see no reason, Coz there are no reasons,What reason do you need to die?...Classic.:-) Wed 25 Jun 2008 17:33:07 GMT+1 mygloriousleader Hmmmn. "dashed away with our smoothing irons" Sounds like something from a medieval dungeon. Is it time for a whip round? Mon 23 Jun 2008 13:37:22 GMT+1 Gillianian I thought Monday was the day we ladies dashed away with our smoothing irons? Mon 23 Jun 2008 12:53:22 GMT+1 Fifi That just shows the difference between you and me then, DIY!By the way I hope you are feeling better today?;o) Mon 23 Jun 2008 11:40:22 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Feefs, i thought this was an old Flanders and Swan classic! Mon 23 Jun 2008 10:43:10 GMT+1 MarcusAureliusII Ed, there is only one true escape. You know what that is. Mon 23 Jun 2008 09:52:22 GMT+1 Ed Iglehart Sis,"One of the Windoze updates is causing the problem - I don't know which - and despite disabling the automatic update facility, it keeps reinstalling itself,"escape;-)ed Mon 23 Jun 2008 09:48:33 GMT+1 Fifi MatterBooboo ... it's probably just my mucky mind at work, but I suspect you have just invented a new music genre.First there was folk, then folk-rock, and now... ... ... Folk-porn???I'll get me coat. Mon 23 Jun 2008 09:47:33 GMT+1 MarcusAureliusII I shot an arrow into the airIt fell to earth I know not where. Mon 23 Jun 2008 09:31:07 GMT+1 jonnie And then the bullhorn cracklesAnd the captain cracklesWith the problems and the how's and why's ...... Mon 23 Jun 2008 09:14:30 GMT+1 jonnie ...........The gas tap wouldn't turn - I wasn't getting gas at all. He tore out all the skirting boards to try and find the main And I had to call a carpenter to put them back again. Mon 23 Jun 2008 09:11:39 GMT+1 Matterbooboo 'Twas on the Monday morning, the Gas man came to call.... Mon 23 Jun 2008 08:58:27 GMT+1 jonnie Ha Ha Ha Ha - TIH !! Mon 23 Jun 2008 08:53:11 GMT+1 Big Sister Horse : :o)Jonnie: One of the Windoze updates is causing the problem - I don't know which - and despite disabling the automatic update facility, it keeps reinstalling itself, so I keep having to do a system restore. At least I know the root of the problem, but I can't solve it entirely, and Sir Bill is a very dirty word here at the moment. Why do they do this? - Rant over. Mon 23 Jun 2008 08:46:47 GMT+1 U10783173 How do you turn a swan into a soul singer?"Put it in the oven until its Bill Withers. Mon 23 Jun 2008 08:36:45 GMT+1 jonnie Yes Big sis, I was just about to comment on the detritus.Is your computer now functioning again - or are you forced to use the laptop? Strangely I prefer the keyboard on the laptop now - I suppose it's what you get used to. Mon 23 Jun 2008 08:25:53 GMT+1 Big Sister PS: There's a lot of debris in that pond, though, isn't there? Somewhere urban, where the smokers are careless, perhaps? Mon 23 Jun 2008 07:20:32 GMT+1 Big Sister ... and looking into the depths for that tasty morsel to present to us at 5 p.m, perhaps? :o) Mon 23 Jun 2008 07:19:05 GMT+1 Simon BigSis;I read it somewhat differently.Monday morning, back at work. Calm and serene on the surface, sailing along in a picture of grace. Thrashing away like mad behind the scenes.WR. Mon 23 Jun 2008 07:10:29 GMT+1 Big Sister Yes, keep your head down. Always a good rule for a Monday, Eddie ;o) Mon 23 Jun 2008 06:55:52 GMT+1