Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 01 Aug 2015 02:15:41 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at U14717142 This post has been Removed Thu 09 Dec 2010 11:36:20 GMT+1 davmcn BS 17, A bit like the Beach, then? Tue 07 Dec 2010 10:39:36 GMT+1 Big Sister Thirty posts of utter gibberish, Annasee - I'd hope even Russian spies were capable of something better. Oh, and the odd rude word, suggestions about porn, etc. etc. Yet they're still coming through, despite a complaint to Communities. Mon 06 Dec 2010 19:19:03 GMT+1 annasee Heh heh, all that stuff about religious music was just a front. In fact, we were sending messages to the Russians all the time. If you take every second note played on the harp, and every third note on the ukelele, plot them on a specially-designed chart,then hold it up to a mirror,you get a secret message. I'm just waiting for Dan Brown to tell everyone what it is. Mon 06 Dec 2010 16:22:38 GMT+1 Big Sister Why are the moderators allowing through nonsensical posts like 14, with links to Russian forums? Mon 06 Dec 2010 14:43:34 GMT+1 U14714220 This post has been Removed Mon 06 Dec 2010 14:06:48 GMT+1 vainly_here Wasn't it heavenly music that the registrar wouldn't allow? Mon 06 Dec 2010 09:41:03 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Sid, being a bit of a pedant myself, I'd have to agree. ;o)Agree Big Sis, wasn't the music (well not all of it) just heavenly? What a clever and talented girl in our midst! Mon 06 Dec 2010 06:43:20 GMT+1 Big Sister It was an excellent report - Really enjoyed it, and the music was divine. Well done, all concerned! Sun 05 Dec 2010 23:09:07 GMT+1 Sindy The great thing about being a pedant is you always know you're right! Sun 05 Dec 2010 22:37:35 GMT+1 gossipmistress Marvellous video clip, especially like the credits! Sun 05 Dec 2010 18:20:26 GMT+1 Fifi For those who prefer their radio repeats 'live', try Pick of the Week at 6.15 on Radio 4 tonight! Sun 05 Dec 2010 17:54:55 GMT+1 funnyJoedunn Marriage is the biggest cause of divorce. Sun 05 Dec 2010 17:24:01 GMT+1 davmcn annasee 4, A bit like a fur ball, but not as noisy in the production. Sun 05 Dec 2010 11:38:52 GMT+1 davmcn P Nutt 3, Ever heard of the Teet Owl. Found in most homes, it is. Sun 05 Dec 2010 09:26:35 GMT+1 annasee For the nth time, Mr Nutt, it's NOT Barn Owl poo, it's regurgitated stuff! (So much nicer... ;-))You might like to know that the last pellet was dissected via a live video link to Oz yesterday, so the rellies could enjoy the experience. I believe it was entirely novel to them! Sat 04 Dec 2010 21:06:28 GMT+1 DiY As one of the few (in fact probably the only) Peep the supplies Annasee with Barn Owl poo I thought that was top stuff!Way to go Anna(can I have my bung in used £10 notes, not crotchets or quavers like the last time!):-)DiY Sat 04 Dec 2010 20:13:56 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Pedant. Interesting piece and lovely to hear our very own Annasee on iPM. Sat 04 Dec 2010 18:40:31 GMT+1 mogador What's all this about Registry Office? It's a Register Office. Sat 04 Dec 2010 17:39:32 GMT+1