Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 23 Aug 2014 00:06:27 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Aperitif DIY (142), There's no way I'm drinking anything out of your Speedoes, jewel-encrusted or not! Thu 01 May 2008 18:24:46 GMT+1 DI_Wyman In the spirit of Humph with an L........Currently I am watching News 24 and a lady cleaning a keyboard, next she will be 'doing' the mouse. Perhaps she would like to give my joystick a good waxing? Thu 01 May 2008 17:04:27 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Aperitif 139.....yeah, me too. With their 'Dark' habits and the beads and a chantin'. Wouldn't want to meet one on a dark stormy night! Thu 01 May 2008 16:42:07 GMT+1 DI_Wyman internet connection!Lo, though I was banished to the no internet wilderness I am risen!'Tis Diy, working in Woodstock and staying in Oxford......don't want to worry anyone but some muppet has parked his Mini car on top of an office block that over looks the 'Lenny Henry' B&B I am staying in!Driving must be quite a new concept round here......every morning and evening they all come out and park up on 'THE RING ROAD'. A strange custom but what the heck, diff' strokes for diff' folks!Anyhoo, to celebrate Thursday I will be serving your favourite tipples at NC's clad in my new pair of Jewel encrusted Speedos.BTW, good news, Jolly Jack Tar has at last found the UXB............crickey what a bang that was. Thu 01 May 2008 16:35:15 GMT+1 Aperitif He is clearly posessed, Humph: Keep away to avoid danger of suffocation! (Wise words from plastic wrapping.) Thu 01 May 2008 15:48:00 GMT+1 Humph You think you have problems, Appy (139)? One of my co-workers five year old son wants to be a nun when he grows up! They think that he got the idea from the film "The Sound of Music". Those auditions on the Beeb a couple of months ago did not help.H. Thu 01 May 2008 15:13:58 GMT+1 Aperitif I'm afraid of nuns. Thu 01 May 2008 14:35:17 GMT+1 Wonko A quad of nuns - they hunt in packs... ;o) [] Thu 01 May 2008 12:43:02 GMT+1 U10783173 Ap (135) - Ah, the memories!South of the border, down Mexico way That's where I fell in love, where the stars above came out to play.And now as I wander my thoughts ever straySouth of the border, down Mexico way. Thu 01 May 2008 11:16:55 GMT+1 U10783173 A quad of runs - reaching the cricket boudary. Thu 01 May 2008 11:12:13 GMT+1 Aperitif Oh but Horse! The South is my favuorite part!! :-( Thu 01 May 2008 11:11:45 GMT+1 Fearless Fred A quaff of tuns - a heavy night of drinking... Thu 01 May 2008 10:59:57 GMT+1 Anne P. A quiff of buns - a new kind of hairstyle Thu 01 May 2008 10:53:13 GMT+1 U10783173 Anne P - I think that it is a quip of puns. Thu 01 May 2008 10:33:30 GMT+1 Anne P. Wonder what the collective for a lots of puns is? Thu 01 May 2008 10:04:30 GMT+1 Anne P. Is that a punnet of strawberries Ffred? Thu 01 May 2008 10:03:09 GMT+1 U10783173 Fearless - Have you no shame? That is dreadful punning!btw - I wouldn't go down to the south end of the beach. It looks like a lot of soldiers escaping the various middle east conflicts have set up a camp there. Yep, the whole area is desertered. Thu 01 May 2008 09:42:10 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Hmm Almost Elevenses, and the beach appears deserted. Oh no, my mistake, there's llots of bowls of trifle, jelly, stewed apple & custard lying around. It's desserted... Thu 01 May 2008 09:31:27 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Well, after a day lost in the PM ether, I'm nipping in for a quick whistle-wetter before bed.Isn't it comfy to hear the wind and/or rain when you're all tucked up and warm?One of the joys of the shipping forecast, but I hope to be fast asleep before then tonight. Wed 30 Apr 2008 22:57:45 GMT+1 Sid I hear Samantha's been having trouble with her knees. She went to the doctor and he says there's definitely something wrong with them - but knees apart she's great.Budge up on the naughty step. Wed 30 Apr 2008 17:30:15 GMT+1 Sid What a day! Someone pour me a large drink of something - I really don't mind what. A foot massage would be good too. Followed by an everything else massage and another drink. This warm sun is welcome, isn't it? I'd almost forgotten what it was like ... ahhhh, that's better ... Wed 30 Apr 2008 17:27:59 GMT+1 Wonko What ho froggers!Uueggghhh! RL has been a real "challenge" (as those of a management spherical objects speak would put it - or a *^%$%%*^ pain in the !"£$**~## as real people would say). I'm calling a one day Beach Strike for next week some time. I shall refuse to do anything other than be on the Beach, drink drinks with little umbrellas in and lounge in a hammock with one of my legs dangling over the side.Still, could be worse... Mmmm, doughnuts! Just remember folks the sage words of Homer J Simpson: "This donut [he's American] has purple in the middle, purple is a fruit." Hence I can justify this doughnut as counting towards my five fruit and veg a day!Samantha tells me she has to nip out now to see her new gentleman friend. He's a keen ornithologist and has been taking her out bird watching. They've already uncovered a couple of tits and Samantha says she's hoping to see a woodcock later.Fare thee well Humph, the World is a slightly colder place without you...;o) [] Wed 30 Apr 2008 16:56:29 GMT+1 needsanewnickname It's been a disappointing day in Real Life April for me, too, but if there are any doughnuts left, one of those might perk me up - ahhhh, sugar. I fancy a yum-yum, which is a twisty doughnut stick thing also known I believe, as a kruller [sp?]jonnie, if you've got any pix of Mr Nasty, you could bung him up on yootoob, or something, and either warn other people off or shame him. Well, you never know...Unfortunately, as time has gone on I'ver had to become less trusting than I'd like to be, and still get angry when people I care about get ripped off.I suppose it's bad karma to hope that what goes round comes round? Wed 30 Apr 2008 14:54:35 GMT+1 U10783173 Fearless, could you make a bit of room for me?Samantha nipped out to the gramaphone archive earlier, and as the eager assistants down there suspected she might be a country music lover, they got out every Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson record available: well in my experience she's always been a big fan of Willie's and now she's got to work her way through a complete box set of Johnny's. Wed 30 Apr 2008 13:59:11 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Speaking of fingers, that reminds me of a time when Humph L was telling us all about how Samantha had got a bit part in The Bill as a minor criminal. He said she was really looking forward to getting fingered by the fuzz....Okay, okay, I'm off to the naughty step! Wed 30 Apr 2008 12:49:00 GMT+1 Stewart_M Not sure If I want fingering by the viennese. I had better head off to the naughty corner.Thinking double entendres we need to start persuadeing the powers that be that a certain presenter with a dry sense of humour and has a popular blog could be a substitute for the late and great Humphrey Littleton.Now Jonnie regards none payment. I had a old dear cancel a cheque after buying some specs. She lost her cheque book and muggins here was the last cheque wrote. She can't understand I am not allowed to represent the orignal cheque and has yet to bring her cheque book into the practice. She has been in three times since the episode. There is a limit to my patience but its worth sending the errant guest a bill. Wed 30 Apr 2008 11:28:03 GMT+1 Fearless Fred TIH (117) You got two fingers? Was it something you said?!? Wed 30 Apr 2008 10:48:15 GMT+1 Anne P. Gillianian (116), terms for bits of animal seem to vary a lot from one part of the country to another, and of course for those brought up just buying it pre-packed at the supermarket no need to learn what it's called at all.My English mother wasn't half confused in the late 1940's on arriving in Scotland newly married to my Scottish father. So many of the joints went by different names.But the worst one I heard was another English lass who bought bridies and served them up with custard thinking they were apple turnovers. (For the uninitiated they are meat pasties in puff pasty.) Wed 30 Apr 2008 10:41:35 GMT+1 U10783173 Gillianian (116) - Pssttt! - don't tell anyone - I got two! Wed 30 Apr 2008 10:11:19 GMT+1 Gillianian Horsey (114) But did you get one, or are they obsolete?My mother is causing confusion at the butcher's, asking for ''bellydraft''. Anne - Fingers crossed ;o) Thanks for the doughnut - I'm going to try eating mine without licking my lips. Wed 30 Apr 2008 10:02:45 GMT+1 littleFluffyFi Ooh I'll have an iced doughnut please, and a nice cup of builders tea (minus the sugar!). Continued best wishes in your mission Anne - it sounds like positive progress, really hope you find a financial backer soon.Jonnie, hope you feeling better today - it is so sad how the few dishonest ones out there make you cynical and lose faith, in the words of JBJ, keep the faith!. Most of us are honest. Horse, a Vienesse Finger - gosh haven't had one of them in years either.right back to it RL is callingFi xx Wed 30 Apr 2008 09:48:07 GMT+1 U10783173 Yep, jammy for me as well!In RL, in a fit of unnatural generosity, I treated everybody in the office to a pastry this morning. I told they young chap doing the 'bun-run' that he MUST bring me back a Viennese Finger. I had to describe what it was. When he came back he told me that the guy in the bakery told him that no-one had asked for one of those by name in 10 years. I don't half feel old! Wed 30 Apr 2008 09:39:34 GMT+1 pmmolly Rather a 'bitter-sweet' feeling listening to 'Humph' this morning.O.K- I know it's silly to shed a tear for someone you don't actually know. But I couldn't help it.Gosh- he will be missed. I hope 'they' decide to put Clue to bed now.Think I'll jjust listen to Bad Penny Blues one more time...Mollyxx Wed 30 Apr 2008 09:37:58 GMT+1 Perky Doughnuts!!! Jammy ones please. Yummy. And Java too. I've just remembered why the beach is such a good place to visit mid-morning.Jonnie - that sounds rough. It may comfort you to know though, that most people are trusting like you. There's nothing quite like that sinking feeling when you know your trust has been abused. I hope he has a sudden crisis of conscience and sends you a big fat cheque in the post ;) Wed 30 Apr 2008 09:22:03 GMT+1 Anne P. Morning all, apologies for recent absence RL rather hectic. We hope that today an agreement will be reached with the Arts Council whereby they will agree not to reclaim their grant until the theatre is liquidated. Since we don't intent to be liquidated, this should clear the way to build a rescue package and re-open the theatre. Of course it's now much harder to persuade anyone to lend us the money, but what the heck. Fingers crossed all round.Meanwhile enough of that - do have some of these mini doughnuts (jam or iced) and some builders strength tea, or Java if you prefer.Jonnie 110 - aren't some people dreadful. But I'd rather have a trusting person like you anyday than have everyone cynical and untrusting.Frugs to Wed 30 Apr 2008 08:53:18 GMT+1 jonnie Hello. Anyone need a double scotch!Picked up sis this morning - with kids - to visit Mum. Mum is nearly 80 and didn't know that the two neices where also arriving! - all great fun :-( -- I'm told! - My sisters idea of a joke!On Monday a guest booked in who's satyed with us once before. I obviously trusted him - so didn't ask for cash in advance. Gave him a double room as business is slow - and guess what! - he asked for two nights - enjoyed a hearty breakfast - made use of all the facilities - and walked out, leaving the key in the room and didn't pay a penny!Police aren't interested telling us that it's not a criminal offence as we shouldn't take anyone in without paying in advance! - they say it is probably him being abesent minded.I'm wondering how Asda and Tesco's would accept that!Off to bed - but unfortunately it leaves me wondering who you can trust these days? Tue 29 Apr 2008 22:46:08 GMT+1 Deepthought Gillianian (102),I spent much of today at mother's trying to fix a leak in her hot water system with "gunge". Drained the entire system, even got the gunge to stick, but not yet sure it's leak tight (as opposed to not leaking as badly as it did). May take a day or so before I'm sure. As someone who professionally has to find leaks, this was back-to-basics. I will be around that area on Thursday, so will find out then... Tue 29 Apr 2008 22:39:57 GMT+1 nikki noodle hi folks!101 Sid - i was going to say "immoderation" but praps I'd better write 'moderation' seeing as I'm here...!!n-n Tue 29 Apr 2008 22:19:09 GMT+1 needsanewnickname I'm not very fond of the (other person's) pet that bit me recently. But hate is a bit strong. Tue 29 Apr 2008 18:49:19 GMT+1 David_McNickle Gillianian 102,I hate people who have pet hates. Tue 29 Apr 2008 16:36:19 GMT+1 Gillianian Intermittent Horse - boiling nicely at the moment, thank you ;o)It needs a new fan, and some leak-sealant, which is a bit of a desperate measure as we have an invisible leak! The best news is that I only have to pay one call-out charge, even though the invoice for the last call-out (11 days ago) had already been prepared.Anyway, who needs central heating when we're glad of the on-shore breeze and a tepid shower?! Tue 29 Apr 2008 13:13:14 GMT+1 Deepthought Sid (101),I thought you were referring to a taught course in the American college sence, such as "English 101". What does "Beach studies" entail... Tue 29 Apr 2008 12:50:55 GMT+1 U10783173 Gillianian - How's your boiler? Tue 29 Apr 2008 12:50:36 GMT+1 Gillianian So what's your greatest fear, or pet hate, Sid?I 'm afraid of thunderstorms - particularly when I'm outdoors. Thank goodness it's nothing but blue skies here ;o) Tue 29 Apr 2008 12:38:26 GMT+1 Sid Welcome to beach 101 ... Tue 29 Apr 2008 10:56:45 GMT+1 Deepthought Aperitif (97),You well know that there is a restraining order concerning Grumpy.I'm not allowed to feel Grumpy at any time. Tue 29 Apr 2008 09:30:01 GMT+1 U10783173 Sid (98) - He's now working as a DJ in Ibiza under the name of Could-Lose-a-Few-Pounds Scrabble. Tue 29 Apr 2008 09:17:39 GMT+1 Sid ... and what did become of Podgy Chess? Tue 29 Apr 2008 07:29:21 GMT+1 Aperitif Hmm, DeepJohn (95), Does that mean you're feeling grumpy now? Mon 28 Apr 2008 22:25:35 GMT+1 nikki noodle Even-ning!!!Ahhh, ha!!! (did you guess?)(It is I, in disguise!!!) - (good, innit?!!!)I feel a song (or two) coming on: "Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensationDarkness stirs and wakes imaginationSilently the senses abandon thier defences...""..thunderbolt and lightning-very very frightening-me!-Galileo,Galileo,Galileo GalileoGalileo figaro-Magnifico-""I never made promises lightlyAnd there have been some that I've brokenBut I swear in the days still leftWe'll walk in fields of gold"dmmmm de daaaa di dumdiddle di dumdee doobop a loo bop...n-nxx Mon 28 Apr 2008 21:20:19 GMT+1 Deepthought Whoops!Silly's just stormed off in a huff. Mon 28 Apr 2008 20:04:25 GMT+1 Deepthought VariousYes, I know, opposites in political views can get along famously - I almost proposed to someone of my almost exact political opposite. And it was not politics that stopped me. But was just commenting that a leftish-leaning "toff" (Humph) was having his memorial programme hosted by a right-ish leaning "prol" (Ken Clarke), perhaps I should have explained that a little more in the previous post.Anyway, difficult day in RL, so feeling silly. Mon 28 Apr 2008 20:00:52 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Well, I was trying to tie it in with the 'Austrian' reference, hence horse - Austria - Lippizaner [sp?],and then I thought - the only Austrian story I can think of at the moment is too horrific for jokes (for me, anyway; there will be jokes, of course) and I sort of let it go...but I think an occasional gee-gee, wearing a fetching shade of lippy and an enigmatic smile, might attract not just Fra Lippo Lippi but other Italian painters. Mon 28 Apr 2008 18:25:16 GMT+1 annasee Sorry Horsey, I didn't quite get that. Something about an enema? Mon 28 Apr 2008 17:41:17 GMT+1 David_McNickle Frances O 84,Fra Lippo Lippi? Mon 28 Apr 2008 16:06:10 GMT+1 U10783173 Annasee (89) - ennemm mm nrrhh hmm mmrrrn nnnehhh! Mon 28 Apr 2008 15:10:27 GMT+1 annasee Horsey - your lips are sealed? You want to get your money back from that tattooist, mate. You were robbed! Unless it's some sort of extreme diet, of course. Are you living on liquidised oats for a few weeks to try & shed the pounds?WR - "It IS possible to find a common meeting place with people whom one would not otherwise associate with, for whatever reason." You are so right, my friend. That would be this blog, surely? Mon 28 Apr 2008 14:59:17 GMT+1 U10783173 My lips are sealed! Mon 28 Apr 2008 14:38:53 GMT+1 Gillianian I'm sure Horsey has a lip tattoo, since he's a pure thoroughbred. ;o) Mon 28 Apr 2008 14:26:03 GMT+1 Simon Deep (66);HL and Clarke may not have seen eye-to-eye on their respective political leanings. Thankfully friendships between man and man are not dependent on ones political viewpoint.HL was one of our foremost jazzmen. Clarke is a serious aficianado of jazz, having been asked to present an entire series about the genre on BBC radio a while back. Apparently it goes with the Hush Puppies?It IS possible to find a common meeting place with people whom one would not otherwise associate with, for whatever reason. The ability to transcend otherwise serious differences for the sake of that which unites us is surely a mark of civilised society?I did not share a political view with HL, but my love for ISIHAC was unstinted and I thought the man a genius.WR. Mon 28 Apr 2008 14:21:50 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Ah, but what *shade* of lippy?:p Mon 28 Apr 2008 14:14:15 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Is he getting a bit lippy? Mon 28 Apr 2008 13:57:56 GMT+1 Aperitif I'll have a nibble Fearless :-)Mind your fingers everyone, especially the Austrians among us -- that Horse is on the rampage again... Mon 28 Apr 2008 11:52:08 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Gillianian, TIH, your goodies are on the bar. I've also got a platter of assorted danish and french pastries for anyone to nibble on... Mon 28 Apr 2008 10:49:57 GMT+1 Gillianian Ta, Ffred - I'll have a maple and pecan Danish, please ;o) Mon 28 Apr 2008 09:02:52 GMT+1 U10783173 Get me a few Viennese Fingers Fred! Mon 28 Apr 2008 08:43:15 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Morning all froggers. I see someone's been throwing doughnuts around the beach. And not just *any* doughnuts either. The bag proclaims that they came from Krispy Kreme, no less, so I hope our avian friends appreciated them.Now, I've made coffee and tea for the hot beverage crowd, and there are carafes of different juices on the bar for the cold drinks mob. I'm off in a pedalo to the pastry stall on the next island over, so who wants what? Mon 28 Apr 2008 08:22:55 GMT+1 Stewart_M Missed the classic episode. It'll have to be on my listen again list. Mr Littleton will be sadly missed.ANyhow there is some Bread and Butter pudding on the bar. Sun 27 Apr 2008 22:51:58 GMT+1 Big Sister Quick wave to regulars before I drift off into the shallow end of the swimming pool ...... glug glug glug.See you soon! Sun 27 Apr 2008 22:43:51 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Sorry. One too many ows in line 4. Sun 27 Apr 2008 21:58:24 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Me, too, I enjoyed the Humph tribute, and hearing Willie Rushton again.The Lord's my shepHerd, I-I-I'll not want He makes me do-ow-ownDow-ow-own to lie Sun 27 Apr 2008 21:57:48 GMT+1 Sid I enjoyed hearing Humph with Willie Rushton. I thought the singing in the style of Chas n Dave was particularly good. Miss them both. (No, not Chas n Dave - Humph n Willie!) Sun 27 Apr 2008 19:37:19 GMT+1 Fifi Ratty... I have tears of mirth running down my cheeks. Oh, what a miss dear Humph L is going to be! Sun 27 Apr 2008 17:06:19 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Dear Mr A c Gull, 1...........2.............3..........and hup we go......well caught! Sun 27 Apr 2008 16:54:38 GMT+1 U11204129 Last summer doughnuts were widely available at British resorts at 5 for £1.Early indications, on the East Coast and in Wales, suggest prices of 4 for £1 already, and that well before the summer season and before the full impact of rising sugar, grain and fuel costs.This can only be a source of great worry to us all here at the Beach (avian division). At these prices some of us who have lived happily for many years as doughnut beggars and thieves may be forced back to the depressing life of shore line patrol scavengers or even, perish the thought, as sea fishers. (We have been warned that life at city refuse dumps has become so crowded its strictly wing tip to wing tip there already).We therefore ask that Beachers still buy their usual quantities this year. After all 20 is still only a fiver. THEN, and only then, think about the waist line and please give generously. Ground level, cafe table or airborne gifts are all equally acceptable and as my old mother used to say, 'A little bit of sand in your nuts never hurt anybody'. Yours sincerely,A. C. Gull. Sun 27 Apr 2008 15:12:38 GMT+1 nikki noodle ahhhhh peeps!!! Thank goodness you are all here!!! Each and Every One!!!"OK now we're going to play a round called One Song To The Tune Of Another, but don't worry teams, despite the title this really couldn't be much simpler. Our first requirement for this is lots of songs, and we find these by popping along to the nearest record library. Now I should explain when I say 'record library', I don't mean a library that's 'a record' in that it's, say, the smallest or largest in the world. The smallest would be no good anyway, because presumably it has very little in it, and the largest library in the world is in Sao Paulo, so that's out under the 'nearest' rule. That is unless, of course, you happen to live in Sao Paulo, in which case it could be on your doorstep. Who knows, you might even work at the library and already play this game in the staff room during your break, in which case it could hardly be nearer. In passing, may I also congratulate you on your command of English language songs. Now I can guess what you're about to ask teams, as per usual you're thinking: "Where are we going to find a bilingual Brazilian librarian in Guildford at this time of night?" Well we don't have to, because anyone can play One Song to the Tune of Another - you really don't need to be a musical genius, and to prove the point all too graphically, we have Colin Sell at the piano..." Sun 27 Apr 2008 12:28:03 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Well the last 1/2 hour of R4 has left my ribs aching.......bye.... Humph with 'n LDiy Sun 27 Apr 2008 11:34:14 GMT+1 Selkius_Piscinus Deepthought @ 66, I am not quite convinced: the first s-t-t-o-a today pushed that almost beyond its limits, didn't it? The church choir today rather enjoyed themselves deciding *which* tune for 'The Lord's My Shepherd' they ought to try; I think that would have amused Humph L. Sun 27 Apr 2008 11:21:07 GMT+1 Gillianian Ah, Deepthought - but Ken is a jazz officianado, and had an excellent series on R4 recently talking about the development of jazz. I'm sure there'll be other tribute programmes, to reflect Humph's many talents. Sun 27 Apr 2008 09:23:33 GMT+1 Deepthought Someone (Humph L ?) ensured that one song to the tune of another more-or-less fitted. As a failed musician (and therefore a scientist), "Abide with me" does not fit with "The Lord's my Shepheard". Try it. 2 1/2 lines of Abide before you get to the end of the first line of Lord's. Sadly, I have recent experience in this.Which is not to say he would approve, just of looking down at Colin Sell trying his best... without a word.. {I enjoyed the "pick up song" when Colin had to pick up Rack IV}.For some reason, the Weds programme on HL is by non other than former Chancellor of the E. Ken Clarke. That goes against HL's politics, for a start... Sat 26 Apr 2008 23:01:10 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat Selkius (62):I wish I could. I tried to track it back, but it lost its attribution before it got to me. Sat 26 Apr 2008 22:35:24 GMT+1 U10783173 And Again:If you think about it, a milk bottle is almost exactly like a song. It is wide at the base but tapers to small diameter opening at the top which is sealed with a foil cap to prevent spillage. But that is not what makes it like a song. No, because the bottle contains milk which is exactly like the words, the milk (or words) may be poured from the bottle (or song) and the bottle can be returned to the milkman to be refilled with different milk (or words) - just like singing one song to the tune of another. But, what about garden birds? Yes there is the danger that as your milk milk sits on the doorstep the foil cap might have holes pecked in it allowing the ingress of contaminant making the milk unpalatable. Sadly things are liable to go sour due to an unwelcome little tit. At the piano is Colin Sell. Sat 26 Apr 2008 21:36:13 GMT+1 U10783173 One Song to the Tune of Another.We take a selection of songs and switch the words around between them - it might be help to think of the songs as Grand Prix racing cars and their drivers; all the drivers could easily get out and swap cars in any combination and it wouldn’t matter which car with which driver. You would still have the unrivalled spectacle of grown men dressed in romper suits driving mobile fag packets round in circles for two hours.But what about Murray Walker? Surely this would not be complete without a constant stream of mistakes made by some incompetent banging on incomprehensibly in the background. At the piano is Colin Sell. Sat 26 Apr 2008 21:33:09 GMT+1 Selkius_Piscinus SSC @ 47, I love that. Are you able to give it an attribution, so that if I quote it I can give genius the credit that it's due? Sat 26 Apr 2008 19:57:09 GMT+1 DI_Wyman DM 60....You can hear a classic edition of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 27 April at 1200 BST. There will also be a special programme in tribute to Humphrey Lyttleton on Wednesday 30 April at 0900 BST.........DiY Sat 26 Apr 2008 16:51:01 GMT+1 David_McNickle They are playing an old ISIHAC on Radio 4 some time tomorrow. Sat 26 Apr 2008 16:47:18 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Raticus Blanc........sums him all up doesn't it?LOL......Thanks for sharing that with us! Sat 26 Apr 2008 16:40:24 GMT+1 Simon Re: Humphrey L and ISIHAC. These ripped directly from the Times website, they had me in fits;“Samantha’s just started keeping bees and already has three dozen or so. She says she’s got an expert handler coming round to give a demonstration. He’ll carefully take out her 38 bees and soon have them flying round his head” “Samantha has to nip off to the National Opera, where she’s been giving private tuition to the singers. Having seen what she did to the baritone, the director is keen to see what she might do for a tenor” “Samantha has to nip off to a Welsh Conservative Association dinner for their most senior MP, whose name is said to be almost impossible to pronounce. She’s certainly found the longest standing Welsh member a bit of a mouthful” “Samantha has to go now as she’s off to meet her Italian gentleman friend who’s taking her out for an ice-cream. She says she likes to spend the evening licking the nuts off a large Neapolitan” “Samantha does a few chores for an elderly gentleman who lives nearby. She shows him how to use the washing machine and then prunes his fruit trees. Later he’ll hang out his pyjamas as he watches her beaver away up the ladder” “After tasting the meat pies, Samantha said she liked Mr Dewhurst’s beef in ale; although she preferred his tongue in cider”WR. Sat 26 Apr 2008 15:40:45 GMT+1 DI_Wyman at the request of sons #2 & #3, I am 'doing' a blisteringly 'hot' beef and veggy curry for tea tonight. There will be enough leftover for late nibbles at NC's.Just be warned though it has the same effect as colonic irrigation but with added discomfort so it is not for the faint hearted.Also, you may want to get in several litres of ice cold lager! (other chilled beverages are also suitable) Sat 26 Apr 2008 15:18:09 GMT+1 RJMolesworth What can I say? You've said it all. On Newsnight they showed a wonderful clip of him playing the trumpet with Colin at the piano after a ISIHAC recording. He finished playing and broke into a wonderful smile. He'll be greatly missed. Sat 26 Apr 2008 12:43:13 GMT+1 David_McNickle SSC 47,Sorry, I prefer Chris Barber. No sense of humor to speak of, but I prefer trombone. Sat 26 Apr 2008 11:45:11 GMT+1 David_McNickle DI 53,I just finished delivering 500 Lib Dem leaflets (waste of time). I'll have some. Sat 26 Apr 2008 11:43:16 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Elevenses anyone?Just back from the bakers with a big bag full of still warm cheese straws and some sausage rolls........... Sat 26 Apr 2008 09:56:14 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Oh - fresh coffee just brewed, btw, and toast coming up, with comb honey - all I can manage after a yuckily sleepless night. Kettle's singing, if anyone wants to make tea. Sat 26 Apr 2008 07:53:50 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Thanks, Scat!I hope someone does that at his memorial service Sat 26 Apr 2008 07:50:52 GMT+1 DI_Wyman Humph with 'n L, bye and thanks for making a lotta Froggers and Peeps very happy over the will be sadly missed.DiY Sat 26 Apr 2008 06:50:36 GMT+1 pmmolly Music, humour, naughtiness, style- he was great!Keep stomping, Humph.....mollyxx Sat 26 Apr 2008 06:49:31 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Like SSC, I heard this morning when I turned on the TV and saw Humph playing. Here's to Humph L. Sat 26 Apr 2008 06:06:43 GMT+1 The Stainless Steel Cat Frances_O (46):Indeed. The radio alarm woke me up this morning with a snatch of "Bad Penny Blues" and I correctly feared the worst. I've been in a misery all morning until I found this someone wrote in Another Place:"For the funeral, could we have "Abide with me" to the tune of "The Lord's my shepherd"?"I think he'd have liked that. Sat 26 Apr 2008 05:50:55 GMT+1 needsanewnickname Ugh, up with insomnia and so just to say: dear Humph L, I'll miss you so much. But the seemingly dead still contact us from beyond the grave, and so - welcome Snolin Cell at the piano. Samantha's in the library looking for the floppies for a tribute programme, but so far she's only found hard drives.(Don't mean to upset anyone; but how on earth else to say goodbye to someone I've loved to listen to for such a long time?) Sat 26 Apr 2008 01:55:32 GMT+1