Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 13 Jul 2014 04:24:11 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at MoC Looternite / Big Sis - I noted Max Clifford's comments at the end of Today this morning. Clearly, Hague committed the cardinal sin of not enlisting Max's help and Max was careful to mention Coulson as the source of what he thought was poor advice to Hague. Often it is in the interest of colleagues from the same party to try to shift attention from some stories to others. Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:05:01 GMT+1 CarolineOfBrunswick Possibly related to a news story? Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:02:16 GMT+1 Ellis P Otter Well if the Clangers were lefties then Captain Pugwash was most certainly sufficiently right wing to balance them.And then the box suddenly vanished... Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:58:20 GMT+1 Grande Noix 40. Looternite"The fact that the makers of "Noggin the Nog", "Ivor the Engine" and "The Clangers" were lefties made no difference to political opinion."Really? Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:49:17 GMT+1 davmcn I want to hear more about beekeeping from the lovely Martha Kearney. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:44:48 GMT+1 davmcn This post has been Removed Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:42:55 GMT+1 Fearless Fred Mr Shouty: Why did you leave out the fact that the full quote shows that the current DG was talking about the state of the BBC when he joined, 30 years ago. Trying to prove a current bias based on comments about the BBC of the early eighties is just plain wrong. Just because they don't flood the news with anti-EU stories that you bleat on about ad nauseum more shows a bias in your position as a Little Englander Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:42:06 GMT+1 Looternite 38. Grande Noix"The departments that matter" I meant that bias has more impact.The fact that the makers of "Noggin the Nog", "Ivor the Engine" and "The Clangers" were lefties made no difference to political opinion. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:42:03 GMT+1 Ritchy I think it's fair to say Blair is in complete denial. He really can't see that the relationship with Bush was a complete disaster. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:39:09 GMT+1 Grande Noix 24. Looternite"the departments that matter, News and economics"A strange opinion of what matters, considering the views of the holder.... Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:34:50 GMT+1 Looternite Anybody been watching the Channel 4 series on sex slavery.I was wondering what happens to the victims of this disgusting trade after the police raids. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:34:16 GMT+1 Big Sister Quote from a circular sent by David Miliband today:"I respect both Tony and Gordon deeply. But their time has passed. Their names do not appear on the leadership ballots. And now we need to stop their achievements being sidelined and their failings holding us back."He goes on to say that he's sick and tired of "the caricature that this leadership election is a choice between rejecting or retaining New Labour". I interprete this as an attempt to distance himself from his mentor following the controversial launch of Mr. Blair's memoirs.Perhaps he feels the Blair brand is now somewhat toxic? Something for PM to pursue, perhaps? Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:28:14 GMT+1 newlach Disturbing evidence obtained secretly reveals the truth about community punishment - a "holiday camp for offenders"! I don't think the victims of crime will be overjoyed when they hear that criminals just sit around drinking tea, watching TV and smoking illegal drugs. work behind bars for criminals is required. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:23:47 GMT+1 Lady_Sue I heard an excellent suggestion by a teacher involved in such matters, that it would make more sense for children to learn French (or another language) while still in primary school rather than starting when they go up to secondary school and are dealing with all sorts of self-consciousness and peer-pressure matters.Is there a reason this is not done, apart from historically? Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:18:06 GMT+1 Ritchy Seems a lot of BBC bashing here. Why? Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:16:44 GMT+1 Big Sister Sometimes I wish I had a soundproof box ... Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:15:56 GMT+1 Looternite 26. edwardjecleI expect analysis on programmes that are meant for the purpose ie. "Newsnight" etc. Not as part of WATO or 6 O'Clock news. Too much analysis crowds out other news. Robinson unfortunately crosses the line and adds his thoughts and this is not always impartial. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:15:08 GMT+1 Anne P 29 - No. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:14:45 GMT+1 IMOORE As the BBC boss has said the BBC was biased, it would imply the BBC was extracting the licence fee under the false pretence of impartiality, as such would the viewer be entitled to sue the BBC for return of their past TV licence fees? Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:05:20 GMT+1 Grande Noix 15. Anne P"Glass Box Alert - It would be interesting for PM to explore the extent to which mainstream media pick up on stories from the twitterdom, or indeed feel impelled to do so or miss the boat and be edged out of the news picture."Glass Box Alert !! A very appropriaste subject for a PM Magazine-style item. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:04:45 GMT+1 darkdesign 15 Anne P - I agree. I get far more interesting (and relevant) stories from following certain twitter users than the mainstream media.The flip-side to that, of course, is this Hague nonsense, but I believe that is primarily the work of the blogger, 'Guido Fawkes'. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:03:54 GMT+1 elcej 24, Looternite wrote News is what has happened or what is happening. News is not what a reporter thinks might happen.Oh come on now.Are you really suggesting that senior news editors should just report on what David Cameron says or should they read between the lines and analyse what he is not saying. Politicians have been know to be economical with the truth. Not necessarily lying but not telling the whole story. We need analysis from experienced journalists that have their ear to the ground in the Westminster village.... or are you saying Nick Robinson should just report the news for Labour politicians but analyse the Tories? Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:03:39 GMT+1 Anne P Perhaps PM could get Tim Harford and the More or Less team to tally up the number of cries of BBC bias for whichever side and see if they cancel out. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:59:47 GMT+1 Looternite There may have been left wing bias in the BBC arts output and comedy. However, in the departments that matter, News and economics there is definately a right wing bias. Listen to Nick Robinson's comments like "my guess is that what Gordon Brown is thinking is...." this is not news but personal opinion.News is what has happened or what is happening. News is not what a reporter thinks might happen.Quentin Letts seems to be all over Radio 4 and I think he is rather right-wing. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:45:30 GMT+1 JesseBigg 'Massive' Left-wing bias in the past.'Yep, quite a few childrens' programmes on the beeb from Soviet Russia at one time. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:40:19 GMT+1 Big Sister According tothe Guardian, a story due to be publshed this weekend in the New York Times but already available here raises considerable doubts about the Prime Minister's highly paid media advisor.I appreciate that PM may not wish to cover this yet, but your researchers may want to start looking into it ... Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:38:31 GMT+1 IMOORE 18/All DG's have said the BBC 'was' biased, but as all have come in and said it it has shown they have been unwilling or incapable of sorting out the political bias within the organisation. As I have pointed out here, the BBC has been unwilling to scrutinise the EU, this might be construed as a right issue, so the 'was' still 'is'. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:33:58 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Whatever happened to the British couple captured by Somalian pirates? Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:30:28 GMT+1 JesseBigg Blair v Brown - it's all old hat, as shortly there'll be a new Labour leader. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:29:29 GMT+1 Big Sister 17: I think the key word there is 'was. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:26:55 GMT+1 IMOORE "BBC Director General Mark Thompson has admitted the corporation was guilty of a 'massive' Left-wing bias in the past. The TV chief also admitted there had been a 'struggle' to achieve impartiality"Pretty much every Director General has come out and said the BBC is biased, biased towards to left, as the organisation can't fulfil its remit of impartiality, does it have a right to collect the licence fee? Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:18:15 GMT+1 Looternite 13. Alan_NSome of us remember the previous Tory years when difficult stories about the Tory government had a strange habit of breaking whenever there was a Diana or Fergie revelation dominating the news media.There was so much bad news and goings on by the Tories that even using the cloak of royal stories could not hide them all. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:09:01 GMT+1 Anne P 12 - Politicians are not the only ones who control the news agenda. Glass Box Alert - It would be interesting for PM to explore the extent to which mainstream media pick up on stories from the twitterdom, or indeed feel impelled to do so or miss the boat and be edged out of the news picture. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:06:25 GMT+1 Looternite ConDem plans for the NHS and education will make it easier to privatise these national assets.In the past, Tory big ideas have always had nasty long term consequencies. Will someone from the BBC dare to ask a ConDem minister to roll forward their changes and tell us what the ultimate picture of this country will be like.I know this is difficult for Tories as they are reknowned for their short termist spin but we know that deep down they have a long term view that they do not want us to know. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:03:27 GMT+1 Alan_N 12 - Huh????? Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:57:30 GMT+1 Looternite Interesting how the Hague story breaks when the media are obsessing about Blair's book and now Israel.Is this another example of news managment by the ConDems? Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:54:37 GMT+1 JesseBigg Has Fleet Street gone mad or something re Hague? Because, collectively, the journalists seem to have forgotten that rugby and football players do the same thing, ie, share a hotel bedroom. Get with it Fleet Street. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:49:09 GMT+1 Mindclearly 9. (Alan_N)I do not think this story is tabloid tittle tattle. Look at the cash for honours claims in Blairs book. Westminster cloak and dagger in full action based on some relevance of truth.I am also amazed at how candid the Hagues have been and so quickly to counter the claims. They did not need to defend their marrage for me, thats their business, but Billy obviously wants this story dead within 10 days. Otherwise he will become a casulty/dead man walking, if it does. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:27:29 GMT+1 Alan_N 8 - Well, as the first I knew about it was yesterday, I'd say that the journalists at the top end of the market are treating it with the contempt it deserves. Now the story is the resignation and the letter, neither of which should have been necessary. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:17:08 GMT+1 MoC Alan_N @6 - that hardly explains the extent to which journalists have been telling the story in innuendo without addressing it directly. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:10:55 GMT+1 MoC An interesting question posed by the BBC on how power is concentrated in a few hands: Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:08:56 GMT+1 Alan_N 3 - Nonsense. In the absence of evidence, repeating such stories would about as far from journalism as it is possible to get. The public has a right to know the outcome of a well researched and verified story, not to hear the repetition of prurient gossip. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:08:03 GMT+1 MoC It has been suggested to me that hyper-modding and deletion of AM board comments may be a result of BBC nervousness about any references to other stories doing the rounds at the moment. My colleague suggests that a number of facts concerning those at the heart of power in this country are about to be publicised. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:08:00 GMT+1 Alan_N 2 - Defending his chum from the widely held (but unsubstantiated) belief that Bush is as thick as mince. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:05:19 GMT+1 MoC Given the enthusiastic modding going on, I am afraid I need to make a few posts so that I can understand what, if anything, attracts censorship.Firstly, I have no interest in Hague's sexuality. I hope he finds happiness whatever it is. However, this is another story that has been doing the rounds in the Westminster village for some time and heavily hinted at in various newspapers - not just the blogosphere. I mentioned during the election campaign that there were (other) more material issues about major politicians that were never raised, presumably in accordance with some code of 'honour' among journalists. Voters are entitled to know certain things - especially if they point to double standards in those at the top. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:05:06 GMT+1 Mindclearly What is the point of being a middle east Envoy when you are more interested in publishing a book with your spin of events with in it when there is work needed to be done in America?I also find it quite wierd that Blair feels he needs to disuss areas like how inteligent George Bush is. Pointless rubbish really. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:02:51 GMT+1 MoC Morning all, as is often the case Thought for the Day made me THINK. I was thinking about the praise heaped by the speaker on St. Thomas Aquinas for his confession in later life of how he wrongly implicated a serving girl in a theft. Much was made of the importance of Thomas's relief at having confessed. No mention was made of what became of the servant girl or any attempt to offer her restitution. She has no voice in this story of a "saint". Thu 02 Sep 2010 06:58:24 GMT+1