Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 18 Dec 2014 03:21:40 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Curmy I'm surprised the worst thing you could think to say about the Lib Con coalition was that Annie Lennox says there aren't enough women in the Cabinet.A bit nit picking on your part ! Thu 13 May 2010 18:33:38 GMT+1 DiY Until quite recently in our village the same family ran an Agricultural machinery business alonside the Funeral Directors.Dangerous things them thar tractors bore. Now get orf my land.:-) Thu 13 May 2010 13:39:56 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Around here the local publicans are very often also morticians, tax collectors, auctioneers, farmers, roofers and a host of other things besides - local heroes all. Thu 13 May 2010 12:29:33 GMT+1 mittfh New Statesman? Argh! No! It was the New Scientist! Thu 13 May 2010 12:21:41 GMT+1 mittfh I once saw a van belonging to a company that specialised in both property management (i.e. residential lettings) and personal injury claims.I couldn't help but wonder... if one of their tenants fell down poorly lit stairs, would they sue themselves?A few years ago, as part of their fixation on "Nominative Determinism", someone sent a photo into the New Statesman of a butcher's shop in Bavaria belonging to a V. Frankenstein. The reader couldn't help but wonder if the proprietor mixed business with pleasure... Thu 13 May 2010 12:18:38 GMT+1 newlach Did he build Boris Karloff? Thu 13 May 2010 11:53:02 GMT+1 Looternite Neville's in Luton have been involved in building, joinery and funeral services since 1875. It may be the joinery and coffin making that is the conexion.Check the link below. Thu 13 May 2010 10:47:38 GMT+1 Anne P Actually I think the combination is quite common, certainly the undertaker for my father's funeral also ran a building business in Somerset. Perhaps it has something to do with digging equipment? Thu 13 May 2010 10:31:36 GMT+1 vagueofgodalming Isn't this traditional Mafia business? Thu 13 May 2010 10:27:50 GMT+1 U14450706 Carpenters (one kind of "builder") have always been coffin-makers. Thu 13 May 2010 10:26:27 GMT+1