Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 23 Aug 2014 16:49:03 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Big Sister Happy Easter, Sequin, from Monty and me! May all your chocolate dreams come true! Sat 03 Apr 2010 11:07:36 GMT+1 baytrees On the day that Hamas set aside their dignity, a sure sign of human desperation, and made an impassioned plea for international intervention, you chose not cover it. Why?Your guest Daniel Levy (sp?) was a worthwhile contributor to the long-standing Israel/Palestine issue and seemed to provide reasonably objective answers to the questions put to him, but the interview was terminated prematurely - in order to cover the superfluous story about scanning post in a remote country. Moreover, it was only a trial and only involved 120 houses. It was a non-story. It was followed by a similar non-story; a friendly chat with Paddy O'Connell serving no purpose at all, followed by another equally bland piece about Wallace and Grommitt. Somebody should have let the Daniel Levy interview roll - and questioned him on the significance of the Hamas appeal - almost begging - for international intervention.One and half million people facing another bombing campaign, their dignity no longer of value to them, seems far more important to me than a one year temporary postal trial for 120 houses. Fri 02 Apr 2010 17:55:46 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Oh and, chuffed to be read out. I didn't sound the least Oz. Fri 02 Apr 2010 17:55:28 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Enjoyed the programme Sequin. Lovely to have your refreshing tones and manner. Simply can not believe the gall of Peter Robinson! A 'smear campaign'? The BBC couldn't make up how badly behaved he has been. Time for him to go! Fri 02 Apr 2010 17:54:49 GMT+1 davmcn Nice Easter box... Fri 02 Apr 2010 16:51:20 GMT+1