Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 30 May 2015 04:37:24 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Big Sister 6: That's a worrying thought. One of my best friends, incidentally, is also from NZ and I've never heard her express similar concerns, although she has lived here for many years.I suppose we're all prone to having an idea of different countries. Italy has a pretty poor international image when it comes to politics, the police, and their television output and, if I was asked to comment on these, I suspect I'd be saying something similar about that country as your New Zealand friends have said about the UK.I know we have some bloggers with NZ links - I wonder what their thoughts are on this? Tue 02 Mar 2010 10:06:57 GMT+1 Sindy I thought it was an obscure reference to Das Kapital ... Tue 02 Mar 2010 09:46:43 GMT+1 Sindy EtE @ 13 - I copied that from your 8!!! Mon 01 Mar 2010 22:53:37 GMT+1 thtone Well here we go again: Local Authorities can only make budget savings by cutting jobs and thereby reducing or curtailing services to those most dependent upon them.Can you feel the vibrations emanating from the 'Town Halls'? By putting pressures on the public where they are most vulnerable we cause reverberations back to Government so they will increase the central funding budget. Oh yes; the case now becomes obvious for increases in community charges.It is not the fault of the Local Authority management but the Government and its economy. It is always the same no matter what the flavour of Government.Now where do we ever hear or see statements such as," We have budget problems and reduced resources."" We have an experienced and professional management team with proven track records of successful budget control."" We will endeavour where ever possible to maintain and even expand services by close monitoring of every aspect of our operations and resources."" If we should falter in anyway in our management of your finances and services we will hold ourselves personally responsible and publicly accountable."" There will be regular public statements made of our progress and any failures presented publicly at the earliest possible time."" All remuneration packages, pensions, salaries and expenses will be closely examined immediately beginning with those highest paid and published for public scrutiny."Idealistic clap trap I hear you say. Of course it is, winners keep their heads below the parapet and only losers stand up to be counted and accept responsibilities.Perhaps, if such statements were offered today no one would believe them? Mon 01 Mar 2010 21:13:15 GMT+1 GotToTheEnd 12 Party, not PArty. Mon 01 Mar 2010 19:45:00 GMT+1 Sindy Oh no, please, EtE - stop! No, please, oh my aching sides, I can't take any more!! I'm laughing myself sick, here!!! Please, no more ... it's the way you tell them."Every decent left wing thing the Labour PArty come up with ..." - go on, name one. Mon 01 Mar 2010 19:36:24 GMT+1 IMOORE "Did the donation of £11 million by the unite union too keep labour from going bankrupt "Labour has had the tax payer fund the Union Modernisation fund to the tune of £10 million. Seems like a money merry-go-round, Labour gets the tax payer to give the unions money, and the unions give money to the Labour party. Some might call that washing tax payers money through the Unions into Labour party coffers. Mon 01 Mar 2010 19:22:40 GMT+1 DiY Call yerself a current affairs prog? Mon 01 Mar 2010 19:14:14 GMT+1 Allan Did the donation of £11 million by the unite union too keep labour from going bankrupt have any influence on Gordon mentioning the london living wage just before the Election. Mon 01 Mar 2010 19:14:01 GMT+1 GotToTheEnd A hung Parliament, what a nightmare!The Tories and Labour agree on war.Every decent left wing thing the Labour PArty come up with, the Lib Dems denounce.The road back to socialism is via a large Labour majority with left wing working and under class socialists holding the balance.(In fact so many of them, that they could form a majority on their own, so there'd be no anti-Islamic wars either).This is the stuff dreams are made of. Mon 01 Mar 2010 19:13:05 GMT+1 GotToTheEnd This is the photograph that appeared on the front of the Guardian today.(The Guardian on-line has cut his wife out): suggest we invent cartoon bubble words for them both.I've got two:1. David: 'Now, whatever was it I was scripted to say next?'Samantha: 'Something about Gordopn Brown, dear?'2. Just Samantha saying:'Oh, saintly David, doubt not thyself now!' Mon 01 Mar 2010 19:06:42 GMT+1 funnyJoedunn I was talking to someone from New Zealand this morning. Apparently they seemed to have a different view of Britain. They said the British police are seen as corrupt, the BBC news is nothing more than propaganda, and the lid is kept on things by inoculating the population with strictly come extra factoring to choose me as your big fat girlfriend with unruly thin kids who want to look good naked whilst coming to dine with me celebrity on ice...programs. For the others I guess theres nondescript wildlife and volcano programs served on a bed of pot noodle.Lord Ashtoff Whose he? Does any of it matter as long as we have Vernon Kay?What is frightening is, as long as the population are sedated by such crap. It keeps their minds off what the politians and forces of oppression and repression are doing to them.Plant some seeds this spring was what my New Zealand friend advised me. Grow some flowers. I think I will. Mon 01 Mar 2010 18:42:10 GMT+1 Looternite Since Haiti seems to be OK now (no longer mentioned) then all they have to do is ship the emergency stuff to Chile. Mon 01 Mar 2010 18:15:12 GMT+1 Adam Did I mishear the lead in to the South Africa World Cup item?"A tiger? In Africa?"A Mon 01 Mar 2010 18:14:12 GMT+1 Anne P How great to have two interviews with younger contributors. Mon 01 Mar 2010 18:11:01 GMT+1 Rod Hine Am I the only person who has never, ever heard of Rose Gray? Why do we have to have so much time devoted to so-called celebrities anyway? Please devote air-time to news and events that really matter. Mon 01 Mar 2010 18:07:39 GMT+1 Ellis P Otter Woohoo, your keyboard has been fixed sequin, that's grand... except now it has a slight stutter ter ;-)It was lovely to hear the human interest piece on the Grandad fellow getting back into his home after the floods but I was distracted by the picture of his spin sryer being found in his oven. I must have mis-heard.I didn't realise that the non-dom revelation was all related to FoI and peerage offers. That's worrying. Mon 01 Mar 2010 18:06:16 GMT+1