Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 31 Aug 2015 11:30:38 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Redheylin This post has been Removed Tue 19 Jan 2010 21:52:09 GMT+1 Lepus_Madidus I don't care about the marriage policies. They just need to stop kids from having babies to facilitate getting council accommodation. Having met a few obnoxious teens I know that isn't the majority of the cause of the problem in my area. It seems more that kids think they can do what they want, when they want and nobody else, or their property matters. Tue 19 Jan 2010 17:39:30 GMT+1 Lepus_Madidus 50, Crataegus Monogyna - Saldy the upper age limit for the US Marines wasn't extended quite enough for me. I'm a bit sweaty having run and briskly walked the shops and back in 30 minutes.Having visited the US twice, and had bullying rubbish from the associates of the teenage girls that live either side being able to live in the US via donning a US Marine uniform has some appeal. Being left eye dominant, a consequence of looking permanently concussed and right handed I am an abyssmal shot though. I end up putting my chin over the stock to aim with my left eye, a good way of getting a broken jaw.The topography of Iran? Quite early on in Afghanistan, the US Marines stopped some offensive as the US 6th Mountain Army, or some such outfit needed to get involved to ensure that the US Army didn't lose out in future funding rounds. They withdrew claiming the wrong sort of mountains. So the Royal Marines took over from them. It's like the Iranian hostage seige rescue attempt. Too many Cooks......The Royal Marines? We have Snowden and Ben Nevis. 'The wrong sort of mountains'? We send the Royal Marines to Norway. I'm sure the Americans must have some mountains that look like those in Afghanistan?My thought from the brisk walk. Rather than banning Buckies, the UK should be banned from having weapons rather like the Germans were after WW1. Tue 19 Jan 2010 17:21:53 GMT+1 Redheylin Besides, when will Iran stop deliberately flouting the three principles of the worldwide 1968 treaty?:1 non-proliferation,2 complete nuclear disarmament, and3 the right to peaceful nuclear technology. It's a disgrace. The West has completely disarmed and is perfectly ready to let the Iranians have nuclear power so long as we run it for them. They want to rule the world, that's what it is. Tue 19 Jan 2010 17:07:01 GMT+1 Redheylin "perhaps the Iranians would have defended themselves" No. Most Iranians would have lined the streets, thrown manna and shouted hosanna. After a quick democratic regime change we could have gone home and everything would be roses.Just the same as here, really. Everybody says they hate the government. I bet they'd love it if the Iranian army invaded and installed a better government of the type preferred by their own. Stands to reason dunnit? Do not believe the weak appeasers of the loony left! Enforced freedom now! Tue 19 Jan 2010 16:47:56 GMT+1 Crataegus Monogyna Lepus, "We should have invaded Iran. We could have then glared at Saddam over the border and told him to stop being so nasty..."Have you looked at a topographical map of Iran? Have you studied the FACTS? A huge and well-equipped, well-motivated armed force, impossible terrain, huge area - bigger than Afghanistan and Iraq put together, neither of which we seem able to master.I'll see you in the queue to sign up for active service.... Tue 19 Jan 2010 16:31:50 GMT+1 Lepus_Madidus Hoon's letter or view that Iran represented more of a threat?Cheyney was told that toppling Saddam would increase the power of Iran in that region.We went for the wrong country? We should have invaded Iran. We could have then glared at Saddam over the border and told him to stop being so nasty and to play nicely, and give democracy a chance. Saddam persecuted the Kurds? Well the Turks hardly love them do they?But we've not managed to install democracy in Afghanistan have we.I think invading Iran would have made more sense strategically, but really should have been done by both the Americans and the Russians or Chinese if it was about making the world a safer place for us all rather than some sort of land grab.Invading Iran would have allowed us to peer at Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as Iraq? But then again perhaps the Iranians would have defended themselves and not run to the hills whilst discarding their uniforms? Tue 19 Jan 2010 15:52:05 GMT+1 GeeDeeSea When will Obama realise he has a golden opportunity to fulfill his election promise? CLOSE THE GITMO DETENTION CENTRE - OPEN THE GITMO MEDICAL CENTRE. Only around 200 detainees left. Just do it.Or is he frightened of the 'intolerants' - the crazies? "We don't want those terrorists in our gaols." Tue 19 Jan 2010 14:38:05 GMT+1 Crataegus Monogyna Looter, "It looks like this situation is going to improve."Ever the optimist, eh? Tue 19 Jan 2010 14:16:50 GMT+1 Looternite #45. SidThanks for the link.It looks like this situation is going to improve. Tue 19 Jan 2010 14:00:50 GMT+1 Sindy"Until relatively recently there was a widespread reluctance to conduct studies of medicines used in the treatment of children. This was due to a number of factors including ethical concerns about, and the practical difficulties of, conducting trials in children, together with commercial considerations. As a result, most medicines have only been tested for safe and effective use in the adult population and there are comparatively few medicines on the market which are specifically licensed for the treatment of children. This leads to prescribers having no option but to prescribe unlicensed and off-label medications, often in unsuitable formulations. This may result in reluctance to use newly introduced drugs, medication errors, inappropriate dosing (both too high and too low), inadequate efficacy and unforeseen adverse events." Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:50:13 GMT+1 Sindy Looternite - yes, I think that's probably the problem. But in terms of the lesser of two evils, I'd rather get parental consent and test on children than pretend that children are pint-sized adults. Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:44:26 GMT+1 Crataegus Monogyna Unless prescribing is considered de-facto testing? Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:40:09 GMT+1 Looternite #41. SidI think there is problem regarding medical ethics, it is dificult getting approval as the volunteers at the clinical testing stage are expected to give informed consent.Children are not adults and so cannot give this consent.That's what I have been told anyway. Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:37:51 GMT+1 Sindy Many medicines which are prescribed for children have not been tested on children. Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:32:08 GMT+1 BradyGray mmm... bars of... Kraftdbury's Dairy Milkywaxy...Only the crumbiest flakiest chocolateTastes like chocolate never tasted beforeuuurgh!on the other hand maybe the flavour will improve... silence tumbleweed... Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:26:21 GMT+1 DoctorDolots 37. GeeDeeSea'As far as I recollect' his favourite phrase. Obviously thinks it will stand up in any possible prosecutions. Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:13:52 GMT+1 DoctorDolots 5. ExpectingtheEndI'd have thought Blair had more to fear from Islamists than Tatchell. Bet the security is top notch on that day. Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:11:15 GMT+1 GeeDeeSea Iraq War InquiryQuestioning Geoff Hoon this morning, Sir Roderick Lyne says military witnesses have said that "effectively we had to make this up as we went along".Geoff Hoon says he does not accept that. It had been planned.Sir Roderick Lyne says the Foreign Office only set up the Iraq planning unit in February 2003, the month before the invasion. Lyne says the planning started very late. Hoon accepts this.Geoff Hoon must be relying on his fallback position – to plead sheer incompetence. Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:06:55 GMT+1 DoctorDolots 18. cassandrina Of course your instinctive feeling is to reach for a gun, you're American. I guess everyone with a brain is a loony leftie to you. FYI the Labour Party don't put forward anything on this site, it's all individuals expressing their viewpoints however aberated, that's why you're allowed to post here. Tolerant aren't we? Tue 19 Jan 2010 13:04:51 GMT+1 newlach How do you become a Spanish air traffic controller? I know how to say: "You are free to land" in English. I do not know what the tax rates are in Spain, but the one who earns £800,000 a year might even give the BBC DG ideas. Ah, but there is the stress! Tue 19 Jan 2010 12:26:24 GMT+1 Looternite #33. Big SisterThat's an idea, will need davmcn's permission of course.There could be a change in his Glass box creations in future. Tue 19 Jan 2010 12:14:49 GMT+1 Big Sister Looternite (28) Will you be taking a camera? I feel a record of this event is required, especially in the light of the haircut ;o) Tue 19 Jan 2010 12:08:50 GMT+1 Looternite #30. DoctorDolotsWell since this is past the 11am watershed, therefore we can open up the discusion to other topics. Tue 19 Jan 2010 12:08:48 GMT+1 Looternite #18. cassandrinaMe a "myopic loony leftie" I think not! You have the wrong definition there my friend.Others maybe. Tue 19 Jan 2010 12:06:21 GMT+1 DoctorDolots 28. Is this a 'social club in drab disguise'? ;-) Tue 19 Jan 2010 12:04:42 GMT+1 DoctorDolots Or rather [for the pedants] 'Jesus rifles' Tue 19 Jan 2010 12:03:24 GMT+1 Looternite Just got back from giving blood sample. The previous blood test was 6.5 mmol glucose so borderline apparently.After the 12 hour fasting now I can get some food.I also got my hair cut, will need to smarten up before I meet davmcn tomorrow. Tue 19 Jan 2010 12:03:15 GMT+1 DoctorDolots So US troops are killing Taliban with 'Jesus bullets'!,news-comment,news-politics,us-troops-take-on-taliban-with-secret-jesus-rifles-in-afghanistan-bibleI feel JC 'I say turn the other cheek' would be disappointed. Tue 19 Jan 2010 11:56:52 GMT+1 GeeDeeSea A study of five hospitals found 13% of medical prescriptions for children had an error. And a 20% of drugs given to children in the hospitals examined were administered incorrectly. That might be worth PM looking into. Tue 19 Jan 2010 11:50:26 GMT+1 Crataegus Monogyna Thought for today:"A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures. -Daniel Webster";-) Tue 19 Jan 2010 11:23:59 GMT+1 mittfh Cassandrina (18): The current government does appear to stumble from crisis to crisis, but many of their economic policies, which the Blue Party are blaming for the recession, were actively supported by them.So if the current government are "incompetent", would the Blue Party be any more competent, given that we still don't have any clear idea of what they'd do in charge? Their current leader used to work in PR, so is doing a rather good job of promoting himself and denigrating Gordon; but without much success in deciding on firm policies. Tue 19 Jan 2010 11:10:51 GMT+1 BradyGray that's the reason Sid... dark and a little bit waxy... Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:54:49 GMT+1 Big Sister Cassandrina (18) You may defend the right to free speech (which I applaud), but you are very offensive, which I deplore. Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:50:47 GMT+1 Big Sister It's strange, this Cadburys thing. The company has moved a long way from its roots already, and I for one felt a sinking of the heart when it bought out Green and Blacks five years ago. Now it, in its turn, is being gobbled up by a global giant. Yet, like most Brits, the taste of Cadburys has defined the taste of chocolate for me. I know it isn't the 'best' chocolate in the world, but it is pleasant and smooth and satisfying, without being expensive. I did wonder, this morning, whether it isn't too late for a little consumer protest? Perhaps we could start Lent early and all give up chocolate until the declining sales force Kraft to lose interest? Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:49:29 GMT+1 BradyGray gonna stock pile chocolate... wait a year... then hang around outside weight watchers... "ello darling you're lookin good... errr I got a nice line in flakes or maybe yah fancy three to four chunks?" Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:48:00 GMT+1 Sindy You've eaten the candle? No wonder it's so dark in here. Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:45:46 GMT+1 cassandrina I suppose that now we are in an election year the myopic loony lefties, like Lutenite, will try to stem the growing tide of public discontent and contempt with this incompetent government. It is truly tiresome to hear the excuses and attacks on others after this last 10 years of Labor ineptitude that they put forward on blogs like this one. Still I defend their right to do so, in spite of the instinctive feeling of reaching for a gun. Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:43:09 GMT+1 BradyGray It is the end of chocolate as we know it...I spent four months in the states last year...It's like eating candles...actually no candles taste better...yes I have eaten a candle... Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:43:07 GMT+1 mittfh RIP Cadbury PLCKraft are paying £11.5bn for the company, of which £7bn is borrowed.So 61% of the money for the deal is coming from banks...Oh dear. Especially as Kraft apparently already owes the banks a significant amount of money - nearly $14bn back in 2007, according to Wikipedia. But I suppose as long as Kraft remains the biggest food manufacturer in the US, and second biggest in the world (beaten only by Nestlé), the banks will continue to throw money at it... Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:33:44 GMT+1 davmcn Sid 13, What about the Lib Dem tax on houses over one million pounds? Or is it two? Three? And the 2.4 million donated by a fraudster? I say give it to charity or return it regardless of what the commission says. It's dirty money. (Just got my new membership card last week.) Tue 19 Jan 2010 09:24:21 GMT+1 davmcn Ln 12, I knew a Cora Apple. Tue 19 Jan 2010 09:20:05 GMT+1 Sindy Of course they are, Looternite:Marriage tax fundamentally unfair – AlexanderCommenting on today’s report on the Tories’ marriage tax proposals from Iain Duncan Smith’s think tank, The Centre for Social Justice, Nick Clegg’s Chief of Staff, Danny Alexander said:“Iain Duncan Smith’s proposals on marriage tax do not address the fundamental unfairness of the Tories’ policy.“Giving tax breaks to married couples where one person can afford to stay at home, but doing nothing for couples who both work is unfair. “And penalising a woman whose husband has left her with a tax hike is unfair.“This policy ultimately takes money out of the pockets of the poorest families and gives it to rich ones.“The Tories’ first instinct is to help those at the top, that’s why they can’t be trusted to make this country fairer.” Tue 19 Jan 2010 09:16:33 GMT+1 Looternite 10. davmcnEnough, enough, you are making me wince, I think all the men are now sitting cross legged now. Tue 19 Jan 2010 09:15:51 GMT+1 Looternite So the Tories are still having a problem with their Marriage Tax relief plan.Article here: Tue 19 Jan 2010 09:14:02 GMT+1 davmcn Ln 9, I just got to thinking, the nurse said it will be like coring an apple, I have an apple corer in the kitchen, and my wife was a nurse... Tue 19 Jan 2010 09:10:53 GMT+1 Looternite Fingers crossed and wishing you well for today davmcn. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening. Tue 19 Jan 2010 09:08:53 GMT+1 davmcn I see where France is accusing the US of invading Haiti. Tue 19 Jan 2010 09:02:07 GMT+1 davmcn fJd 2, 1 - I can make an appointment whenever I want Of course, they set the time.2 - Probably never.3 - Take your mobile.4 - ThanksLn 6, OK Tue 19 Jan 2010 08:56:43 GMT+1 Looternite #1. davmcn I'm hoping to make it around 7ish. Tue 19 Jan 2010 08:42:31 GMT+1 GotToTheEnd Has Peter Tatchell got a seat for the Blair, hearing from the ballot?If not, who will be making the citizen's arrest for war crimes? Tue 19 Jan 2010 08:32:52 GMT+1 funnyJoedunn Yes Sid, I heard that too about the phone calls....but when? Tue 19 Jan 2010 08:29:59 GMT+1 Sindy fJd: I thought this practice had been banned - or perhaps it's due to be banned: Tue 19 Jan 2010 08:24:47 GMT+1 funnyJoedunn 1, Talking of the health service; Can someone (perhaps Eddie could do something on the show) tell me when my surgery will have to stop charging me premium rates to make an appointment. We are told we can only make an appointment within a fifteen minute window between 8.00 - 8.15 am. after that all appointments are taken. So they have a ready made cue of people held on the blower biting their nails about how long they are kept waiting as they pay their premium rates. 2, When are car-parking charges at hospitals expected to come to an end?3, When are the hotel cost of phone charges for patients in hospitals going to be iradicated?4, hope all goes well McNickle. Tue 19 Jan 2010 08:00:40 GMT+1 davmcn Ln, Better make it 7-7:30. I don't want you getting thrown out just as you arrive. Or maybe I do... Tue 19 Jan 2010 07:33:43 GMT+1