Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 28 Jul 2014 05:00:38 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at davmcn LS 6, If I cooked a dog's dinner, I'd have tearful moments. Wasn't last years winner a female as well? What is this, Wimmins Hour? Sun 03 Jan 2010 09:36:51 GMT+1 annasee We were in the car on the M62 but Eddie & Jennifer were welcome company in the snow. That lady who lost her daughter in the London bombings was so dignified & positive. What a great example. Humbling. Sat 02 Jan 2010 22:22:45 GMT+1 Lady_Sue dav, I know how fond you are of iPM but... I was cooking the dogs dinner and there were some very tearful moments. However, as last year, I don't necessarily agree with the selected winner. In fact, I don't at all but I am merely a tiny voice in the wilderness. Sat 02 Jan 2010 18:04:07 GMT+1 davmcn Sorry, I had it on, but was emailing and missed most of it. Sat 02 Jan 2010 17:57:42 GMT+1 Lady_Sue How brilliant she has it on her answerphone! Bet that gets played till it is worn out. Sat 02 Jan 2010 17:54:51 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Was anyone else in tears? Such a lovely programme. Sat 02 Jan 2010 17:52:44 GMT+1 Eddie Miller We Wish You, We Wish You, A Happy New Year. Free backtrack for listeners of BBC. Download freely at (last song on page)BBC is welcome to play it as a sing along backtrack so listeners can sing as they listen. Words are "We Wish You, We Wish You, A Happy New Year" Sat 02 Jan 2010 08:23:46 GMT+1 steelpulse Guess Editor on Today today was Shirley Williams. See thought for the moment below and no offence Ms Williams. I mean myself OF(f) Course - I was mentioning the children of the famous to my wife yesterday. I was not kind in the seeming yearly honours heaped on their heads.Nice surprise - has Wimbledon etc started - Ms Clare Balding on FiveLive too. It is hats and woolly gloves = Love data Whistling Yo lossThank you Tomasz – I thought. More cold weather. Tomasz Schafernaker but I had already been astonished by the threat of a Tobin Tax was it. You are now to be charged for watching Laura I thought. No offence but you can retain your Dixie chicks. But thank goodness it was another Tobin – In the banking field was it - and so – who cares?Thought of the Moment:All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother. -Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President (1809-1865) Sat 02 Jan 2010 08:18:37 GMT+1