Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 28 Jul 2015 16:33:37 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Sindy annasee - is that the P McC one? He wrote some fabulous tunes ... but that wasn't one of them. (Nor was Mull of Kintyre.) Thu 17 Dec 2009 23:04:45 GMT+1 annasee Every shop round here seems to be playing "Merry Christmas everyone". In fact in TKMaxx the other day that seemed to be the ONLY piece they were playing. Endlessly. I had to get out of the shop in the end. Couldn't stand it. Are they trying to drive customers away? Thu 17 Dec 2009 22:44:43 GMT+1 Stewart_M We have been upgraded to "grandma got run over by a reindeer" Thu 17 Dec 2009 22:10:09 GMT+1 Gillianian If I hear one more rendition of "When Santa got stuck up the Chimney" I'll shove the perpetrator up the flue and see how they like it!Time for Carols from Kings, I think, to restore my sanity ;o)Winter Pimms, anyone? Thu 17 Dec 2009 20:56:49 GMT+1 GotToTheEnd 134, 148Does this mean that every pod in the London Eye (at 443 feet) will have a sprinkling on its roof? Thu 17 Dec 2009 20:55:29 GMT+1 Sindy There is a small hillock in the north of Essex, know to the locals as Mount Bumpstead ..."The highest point of the county of Essex is Chrishall Common near the village of Langley, close to the Hertfordshire border, which reaches 482 feet (147 m)." Thu 17 Dec 2009 19:52:30 GMT+1 Fifi Not long after we moved here, there was a big article in the local rag about the Fenland Mountain Rescue Team. What brave lads they are.It was the April 1 edition of course. We didn't twig for ages! Thu 17 Dec 2009 18:03:04 GMT+1 gossipmistress Lady Sue - clearly I had a mouthful of doughnut when I wrote that! Thu 17 Dec 2009 13:48:43 GMT+1 U14250170 It's at times like this that you wish you hadn't eaten those two big sausage rolls at 11a.m. Thu 17 Dec 2009 13:24:39 GMT+1 Wonko Stonking idea Stewart! Sounds just the ticket for a Facebook app, in the mould of Farmville or CafeWorld. Copyright on that idea is mine! ;o)Reminds me of the episode of Hyperspace where the crew of HMS Camden Lock confiscates a "Dreamgate" and enter Officer Vine's "Pubconscious".;o) [] Thu 17 Dec 2009 13:22:04 GMT+1 Stewart_M Wonko, there's the making of a computer game there. Sim pub. You choose to have a gastro pub. City center pub, council estate etc and you have to manage the running. Prevent fights etc etc. Copywright is mine. Thu 17 Dec 2009 10:43:19 GMT+1 Big Sister Pease pudding a kind of porridge? I think not, Lady Sue! It is made with split peas, not oats! Thu 17 Dec 2009 10:41:36 GMT+1 davmcn W 138, J Oliver did a nice selection of roasted veg all cooked in one tray on his program last night. He said a couple of each would feed 20 people. Thu 17 Dec 2009 10:08:41 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Big Sis, isn't pease pudding a sort of porridge? GM "shose that foot"? Behind you on the strike to bring back Sprouty. Wasn't there a petition for Fearless a while back? Could a clever-cloggs mount the same? Or should we just bombard the PM team with mindless emails? *snicker* dav, I don't know that anyone knows what he did, do they? Wonko, I'm with you on the multi-veg selection and do the same - though your menu sounded rather more exotic than mine.Sindy, I doubt whether you'll still want that G&T this morning. Coffee with an aspirin chaser? Thu 17 Dec 2009 10:02:22 GMT+1 davmcn LS 128, Yes, it was a repeat. But they say sprouts make you, er, pass wind as well.Sprouty outey? Wotdiddydo? Thu 17 Dec 2009 09:40:40 GMT+1 Wonko What ho!Kettle's on. Bacon geralds all round?davmcn - no, don't run a pub (at least in reality). As to the veg, well I have found that it's best to offer a wide selection because there's always something someone doesn't like. I prefer a wide variety, but smaller portions, keeps it interesting and allows you to mix in more flavours.;o) [] Thu 17 Dec 2009 09:17:34 GMT+1 gossipmistress Oh no! I wonder shose that foot is sticking out from under that huge green landslide? Rescue services quick! Thu 17 Dec 2009 08:17:57 GMT+1 lucien desgai Now what would happen if I pulled out just one of these sprouts from the bottom of the sprout mountain? Here goes .... Thu 17 Dec 2009 07:07:39 GMT+1 annasee Those aren't hills. They're sprout mountains. Stockpiled in case of shortage nearer the time. Wed 16 Dec 2009 23:49:54 GMT+1 Sindy "Up to 10cm of snow may fall on low ground and 20cm over hills in Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and parts of East Anglia, forecasters say."Hills? In Essex? Wed 16 Dec 2009 23:29:55 GMT+1 Sindy If someone could fix me a large G&T ... I'd be eternally grateful ... Wed 16 Dec 2009 23:27:15 GMT+1 Big Sister I cannot agree about mushy peas - but do confess to a liking for pease pudding, especially with gammon or boiled bacon. I may well do some for Christmas when I cook the gammon .... Wed 16 Dec 2009 23:17:30 GMT+1 gossipmistress I think we should go on strike until SProuty is reinstated! Wed 16 Dec 2009 22:54:17 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Sprouty can't possibly have been "outed". Do you mean, forever? Can't he come back as Sprouty-Ghost-Ghost or something? Whatever did he do wrong? Wed 16 Dec 2009 22:17:02 GMT+1 Fifi Bad news: Sprouty been outed!:o(Good news: I am now fully dressed. I swapped my pyjamas for proper clothes rather than the birthday suit. Not just because of the cold weather, but partly influenced by the knowledge that my proper clothes look less in need of ironing.;oDHalloumi on bacon, anyone? I'm sorry I can't think of a vegetarian variant ... perhaps a bag of prawn cocktail crisps, which I'm reliably informed contains no animal ingredials at all (unlike the cheese & onion ones). Wed 16 Dec 2009 21:24:35 GMT+1 Lady_Sue I'm so happy to be amongst mushy pea lovers. My son despairs and says he can not understand how I, of all "fresh veg only" people, can abide them. There's something just so "mwwaaahhh" about the taste hitting the back/inside of your cheeks. [Realises that last comment is open to misinterpretation but decides to let it lie]dav, was it? I didn't see the first one or is that by way of a little joke on your part? Wonko, King of the Veg. All sounds divine. You missed out the strong tea in your mulled wine though - best thing for diluting it and therefore ensuring you don't have wall-to-wall guest-carpet. Perhaps another of us should help you out by doing starters and pudding options. Anyone? Where is Sprouty? The Beach is not the same without him. Bring back Sprouty! Wed 16 Dec 2009 18:50:17 GMT+1 davmcn Gotta go soak my marraowfats. Wed 16 Dec 2009 17:52:10 GMT+1 gossipmistress Wonko - please do! Your menu looks really enticing!Stewart (98) you should see what we see! Wed 16 Dec 2009 17:08:01 GMT+1 davmcn LS 85, Huge Farmers-Marketstall's sprout thing was a repeat... Wed 16 Dec 2009 17:06:44 GMT+1 davmcn W 100, What with all of that and the 1,000 veg for your meal, you really are a glutton for punishment. Haven't you ever seen those little bags of spices for mulled wine? Wed 16 Dec 2009 17:04:26 GMT+1 davmcn W 119, Toooooo many veg. Do you run a pub? Wed 16 Dec 2009 17:00:52 GMT+1 davmcn IG 120, Do 'marraowfat' peas come from cats? Wed 16 Dec 2009 16:59:32 GMT+1 Wonko Ivor - Alas, I'll be doing the real thing in RL! Perhaps I can prepare it beforehand...Of course now I have to give some thought to starters and pudding options...Hmmmm.;o) [] Wed 16 Dec 2009 16:11:43 GMT+1 U14250170 Gossipmistress - Mushy or non-mushy, as long as they are processed marraowfats out of a tin, I'm happy.Wonko - You have just volunteered to prepare The Beach Christmas Dinner! Wed 16 Dec 2009 15:20:56 GMT+1 Wonko I like tinned processed peas too, but not mushy, just the big fat processed peas. Much to Mrs Wonko's despair I might add.Presuming this vegetable request is to be served alongside the traditional turkey I would have the following:- Roast potatoes (in goose fat, of course)- Steamed new potatoes with mint- Honey roast carrots and parsnips with carroway seeds, crushed garlic and bay leaves- Balsamc vinegar roast red onions- Mixed peas and sweetcorn- Seared green beans- Wilted spinach and watercress with walnut oil and lemon dressingI would also be serving two kinds of stuffing (sage and onion, sausagemeat and apple) and chipolatas wrapped in crispy streaky bacon. And gravy, naturally.;o) [] Wed 16 Dec 2009 14:54:01 GMT+1 GotToTheEnd Mushy peas and faggots.The food of the Lower Gornal GodsCooked for 3 days.Eaten in 3 munutes.More delicious than Christmas pud. Wed 16 Dec 2009 14:45:18 GMT+1 gossipmistress I LOVE mushy peas Ivor! I'll share a tin with you on Christmas day. I'll hide them down behind the dunes so they're not confiscated.... Wed 16 Dec 2009 12:20:05 GMT+1 Big Sister No no no no no - No mushy peas! But I'll allow some sugar snaps, which are a healthy alternative, Ivor. Wed 16 Dec 2009 11:54:45 GMT+1 U14250170 Big Sister - Have you got a Brassica fixation? Can we not have something tasty like carrots & parsnips? Or even processed marrowfat peas out a tin, like nature intended? Wed 16 Dec 2009 11:53:27 GMT+1 Stewart_M Kale is high in anti-oxidants = good for you. As are sprouts. (honest) I am determined to try sprout Bahjis. HAs Sprouty tried this yet? Wed 16 Dec 2009 11:51:39 GMT+1 Big Sister Ivor, will you settle for mulled red cabbage? It goes down a treat. But not cooked in a vat, you understand. Alternatively, how about curly kale? Wed 16 Dec 2009 11:44:47 GMT+1 U14250170 Good Morning Beachers. I would have brought some beverages to share with you all, but I found that the falling-down water on sale in the 'duty-free' at Faro Airport is considerably dearer than in my local Tesburysda. Anyway, Sid's tab is still running I see.And now to the real issue. For those of us who still have working tastebuds and can't stand sprouts, what is the alternative vegetable for The Beach Christmas dinner this year? Wed 16 Dec 2009 11:42:15 GMT+1 Wonko What ho!I've just had a fantastic, World beating idea...Sprouts in mulled wine!Or even mulled wine in sprouts, whichever takes your fancy. What could possibly go wrong?;o) [] Wed 16 Dec 2009 10:47:03 GMT+1 gossipmistress Oh I wondered what the smell was... I though the camels had been on the curry again! I hope Sprouty is tending to those cauldrons regularly then to prevent drying... Wed 16 Dec 2009 09:38:07 GMT+1 Sindy Don't worry too much Mr Froat - there's a brace of huge cauldrons simmering away behind the naughty step ... I'm sure Sprouty's got it all under control.(These might be next year's, of course, in which case we're in trouble.) Wed 16 Dec 2009 09:15:24 GMT+1 Froggersfroat Tis' the week before Christmas.... no Sprouty... has Copenhagen 'blown' him away??? Tue 15 Dec 2009 21:59:06 GMT+1 The Wrath Is Come Can I have mine without the mulled wine? Tue 15 Dec 2009 20:15:06 GMT+1 lucien desgai To simplify things a little I've merged Wonko's thee batches into one.Does anyone have any vodka? Tue 15 Dec 2009 17:46:58 GMT+1 Wonko I can see how that would work Stewart. I'm turning this mulled wine into three batches: one - just wine, two - with rum, and three - with brandy.Cups are on the side, help yourselves.I've got to go home in RL now, so I'll say good night.;o) [] Tue 15 Dec 2009 17:33:07 GMT+1 Stewart_M Brandy works well in mulled wine. I now have an urge for some though. Tue 15 Dec 2009 17:04:18 GMT+1 Wonko What did you do with the other half? Or is that why you're leaning at a jaunty angle? ;o)I tend not to add spirits to mulled wine, but feel free to add some to yours.;o) [] Tue 15 Dec 2009 16:48:45 GMT+1 Sindy Wonko - I've got half a bottle of rum here ... Tue 15 Dec 2009 16:24:22 GMT+1 mittfh Nah, for a real booze filled cocktail just head along to a university punch party...IIRC, one of the ones at my hall of residence (Penbryn block 4 (Davies Bryan), Aberystwyth) back in the late '90s utilised a brand new (i.e. unused!) dustbin to hold the concoction. The base alcohol mixture was something like 12 bottles of vodka, 8 bottles of hock and 3 bottles of Malibu. Diluted with 10 bottles of limeade and 3 bottles of green food colouring (I kid you not!), plus a couple of kiwi fruit floating around. The concoction looked horrible, yet people were merrily quaffing it by the pint. Unsurprisingly those who were sensible enough to restrain their intake of the mixture spent the rest of the night checking up on those that hadn't. Needless to say, a few students were escorted a few hundred yards down the hill to Bronglais hospital - and one of the escorters somehow managed to end up being admitted herself after tripping badly en-route back up the hill...Apparently the cost of the ingredients was over £300, all from the voluntary hall "sub" of £25/student, which was supposed to cover replacements for broken gyp room equipment (the hall was considered catered [i.e. students got a small discount on the attached pay as you eat canteen restaurant] but had a small kitchen for those fed up of the canteen diet)... Tue 15 Dec 2009 16:15:12 GMT+1 Wonko Just me then?Oh well, I get to drink it as well then!Now let me check I have everything:Wine - check.Oranges - checkWhole cloves - checkCinnamon sticks - checkNutmegs - checkFresh Ginger - checkPan - checkStove - checkSpice grater - checkWooden spoon - checkAnd so we begin...;o) [] Tue 15 Dec 2009 15:42:05 GMT+1 Wonko Right, that's it. I'm making mulled wine. Anyone care to help?;o) [] Tue 15 Dec 2009 14:54:47 GMT+1 Stewart_M GM why would fifi want to take her pet to the vets in her Silk PJ's?Then again its probably one step better than her birthday suit :-) Tue 15 Dec 2009 13:26:44 GMT+1 gossipmistress You'd fit in here Fifi, in your PJ's. Scousers wear them to go to the shops (or the vets!) Tue 15 Dec 2009 13:22:41 GMT+1 Stewart_M Whilst we don't mind pyjamas on the beach you may get barred from school! Tue 15 Dec 2009 12:27:19 GMT+1 Lady_Sue How can you lot sleep on such a glorious day! Yummy gingerbread cake, thanks Big Sis. Time to gather some driftwood for a beach bonfire later, any help welcome. Tue 15 Dec 2009 12:11:44 GMT+1 Wonko Good idea Feefs, I haven't split and shaped flint for ages... oh, I see. I'll go back to slee... zzzzzzzz|o) [] Tue 15 Dec 2009 11:31:34 GMT+1 Fifi Definitely high time I was out of these pyjamas and into some fit-to-be-seen clothes. I have to be at a primary school Christmas play in 3 hours! (just in the audience, don't worry)Anyone else feel like a nap or is that just me? And Wonko by the looks of it? ;o) Tue 15 Dec 2009 11:17:12 GMT+1 Wonko Backspace.What ho!It's morning again then. Tell me when it's time to go to bed. I'm a little sleep deprived at the mome.... zzzzzzzz|o)[] Tue 15 Dec 2009 11:06:41 GMT+1 Big Sister I've put a gingerbread cake on the Bar in honour of Sid, who is strangely absent yet omnipresent. Tue 15 Dec 2009 09:14:30 GMT+1 gossipmistress Tea! available on the bar! Tue 15 Dec 2009 08:25:44 GMT+1 Sindy Lady Sue - yes, please! Mon 14 Dec 2009 23:24:20 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Lucien, just as well it's not Copenhagen. Anyone for a nightcap? Mon 14 Dec 2009 23:02:58 GMT+1 Gillianian I'm sorry, Trevor(74) I didn't recognise you in that Santa suit! Now I've peeked under your beard, there's no doubt it's you! Here, have another G&T ;o) Mon 14 Dec 2009 20:56:49 GMT+1 lucien desgai 85 Lady_SueI hear he's eloped with NikkiNoo for a steamy weekend in Brussels. Mon 14 Dec 2009 20:02:46 GMT+1 Lady_Sue Oh and... Hugh Fern-Whit's 'River Cottage' this eve has advertised "a recipe for sprouts". Anyone seen Sprouty? Mon 14 Dec 2009 19:55:04 GMT+1 Lady_Sue backspaceThe thing about Bloody Marys is that they are mostly food. All that squished tomato, slice of lemon and stick of celery - hardly an alcoholic beverage, well, except for the bucket of vodka. *hic*nikki - that was rather intriguing! You are a worse tease than Eddie.Wonko - you laundry hero. Jeremy just about to start and sulks if I don't watch, so I'll be off, pen in hand to see how many I get right. Competition, anyone? No cheating, no conferring... pens poised and it's a starter for ten! Mon 14 Dec 2009 19:50:15 GMT+1 Sindy I was quite distressed to hear about all those bombs falling on Hartlepool in the war - I had no idea they'd caused so much damage. £7 worth, eh? Now that's what I call a surgical strike!Just found a case of Rioja under the bar ... come on chaps, let's get stuck in! Mon 14 Dec 2009 19:27:14 GMT+1 lucien desgai It must, Fifi, be one of those things you forgot to remember. Mon 14 Dec 2009 19:25:15 GMT+1 Sindy Astonishing. Jeremy just gets better and better. At this rate he could win X-Factor in ... well, let's say 50 years' time. Mon 14 Dec 2009 19:24:45 GMT+1 Fifi I'm sorry Sindy, I haven't a clue what you're talking about... Mon 14 Dec 2009 18:33:01 GMT+1 Sindy Time to switch on the beach radio again ... Mon 14 Dec 2009 18:30:52 GMT+1 Gillianian Hello Trevor (74) Nice to see you....again? Hope to see you again soon ;o) Mon 14 Dec 2009 18:15:42 GMT+1 davmcn Fifi 70, Dipping your fingers in Bucks Fizz can stop the tingling? Better than Bloody Marys with all that messy tomato juice, I guess. Mon 14 Dec 2009 17:26:02 GMT+1 Wonko Snuggle away Feefs, as long as my G&T doesn't get spilt!;o) [] Mon 14 Dec 2009 16:59:11 GMT+1 Fifi May I please have a snuggle down in any available extra-large hammock with Wonko and Trevor? I think RL is too much for all of us today and a group snuggle is required.;oD Mon 14 Dec 2009 16:23:36 GMT+1 Trevor Mansell Hi folks, I'm still about but RL is getting in the way. Time for a G & T I think. Mon 14 Dec 2009 16:16:29 GMT+1 Wonko It's perfecty true. I can watch television, drink beer and phone for pizza all at the same time!;o) [] Mon 14 Dec 2009 15:48:31 GMT+1 Enzomusic And speaking of wine (and why not?), one of my neighbours always takes a glass of white with him when he walks his dogs, no matter what the weather. See, men can do two things at the same time when its worthwhile! Mon 14 Dec 2009 15:11:30 GMT+1 Wonko Feefs - as one who suffers from chronic back pain I am full of sympathy. Unfortunately that gets a little strained at times! ;o)I should also point out that we split the washing duties very evenly in that we wash our own clothes, due to a couple of small incidents where each of us has washed some things of the other as ended up "ruining" them. At least this way we only have ourselves to blame.;o) [] Mon 14 Dec 2009 14:24:55 GMT+1 Fifi Glad to note, Wonko (65), that you are full of sympathy for Mrs W and not thinking about yourself at all!;o)My guitar fingers are tingling after rather too much guitar playing yesterday. I had thought a large bucks fizz might be just the antidote - have never been tempted by bloody marys as the thought of all that tomato juice makes the inside of my cheeks go all wrinkly. Mon 14 Dec 2009 14:05:07 GMT+1 Wonko mittfh - would those offspring be described as sub-clauses then? ;o)I'll get my coat...;o) [] Mon 14 Dec 2009 13:09:54 GMT+1 davmcn SM 66, Lay off the mulled wine.BS 64, I buy those little bags of spices for mulled wine. Mon 14 Dec 2009 13:01:58 GMT+1 mittfh GM 62: Helicopter? Has he now expanded his transport options?Presumably the deer are still being fitted with their heat resistant shielding in advance of their upcoming journey at the breakneck speed of 650 miles per second (err...2,340,000mph). Here's on explanation of how he might be able to do it:'s another theory that states that since the name Claus suggests a Germanic / Italian origin for the couple, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus have been living up at the North Pole for over a hundred years, then if (like many people of German / Italian descent) they are staunch Catholics, then by now they should have a few generations of junior Clauses to help out... sure NORAD only tracks one sleigh, but who's to say there aren't multiple sleighs? :) Of course, that theory also solves the problem of how he can get organised for the big night AND take last minute gift requests in grottos across the country/world... Mon 14 Dec 2009 12:48:09 GMT+1 Stewart_M backspaceWhilst I was sipping the mulled wine yesterday I found out that Santa was in two places at once. Being at Ogden seeing my kids and seeing my wife's cousins kid in South Shields.How strange! Mon 14 Dec 2009 12:46:23 GMT+1 Wonko What ho!Busy weekend, lots of washing to get through. Another couple of loads and I may be able to see the bottom of the washing basket. Believe me, that hasn't happened in a long time! Honestly, you'd think someone was breaking into our house, wearing our clothes and then dumping them on top of the teetering pile that is the north face of our laundry.This process was not assisted by having to help Mrs W who has done her back in and is in considerable pain.I fancy some elevenses; cherry and almond or raisin flapjacks on the bar at Nick's, together with fresh pots of tea and coffee.;o) [] Mon 14 Dec 2009 11:05:06 GMT+1 Big Sister David, I have spice aplenty to add to your apple wine. Mon 14 Dec 2009 10:10:37 GMT+1 davmcn G 58, Yesssss, it is. Mon 14 Dec 2009 10:04:24 GMT+1 gossipmistress We're Soooo excited here in RL. father Christmas is ariving by helicopter tomorrow! Mon 14 Dec 2009 10:01:11 GMT+1 lucien desgai If you don't come out from hiding, Nikki-Noo, we'll send in a highly trained team of sprout sniffer dogs to find you ... and they never lose a tail. Sun 13 Dec 2009 21:48:58 GMT+1 nikki noodle I am lying low for a bit.Apparently all that Diggles, Marta Hari and whatsit thing has had repercussions. Cant say any more. Wink Wink.After I lost the tail this afternoon, I thought I'd better see how the sprouts were doing, and apparently, they are nearly done. This of course spells disaster. As we all know, simmering on full boil for 9 months is barely enough for the average Christmas sprout fiend, so goodness knows whats been going on.Anyhoo. This message might self destruct in about 48 hours, or, if its anything like me, might just not bother.I shall be lurking behind the fronds, for the foreseeable.tally ho, and outn-nxx Sun 13 Dec 2009 21:39:48 GMT+1 gossipmistress I'll give it a go Lady Sue, yes please - might make the cards go faster (a quarter done so far... yawn yawn!) Sun 13 Dec 2009 20:01:18 GMT+1 Gillianian dav(57) I bet your apple wine is lovely mulled, too......she says, holding out a big cup... Sun 13 Dec 2009 19:17:26 GMT+1 davmcn EtE 51, I collect wood from skips (dumpsters to you Murcans) to burn in our fireplace.My homemade apple wine makes a nice Bloody Mary. Sun 13 Dec 2009 18:21:34 GMT+1 Lady_Sue GM, I've moved on to Bloody Marys actually - I watched 'Gosford Park' the other evening and got a bit of a taste for them. Would you like one? Sun 13 Dec 2009 18:10:00 GMT+1 gossipmistress Is that Bucks fizz still fizzing Lady Sue? May I have some while I laze here and write some Christmas cards? Sun 13 Dec 2009 16:17:01 GMT+1 GotToTheEnd Lazy Sunday afternoonGot no time for worriesNow that I am RUBBISH RESISTANT -Cos I went to the auction preview and resisted noting down any of the 'interesting job lot' numbers.In fact I'm not going to the auction. The only thing I'm interested in will go for 250 no doubt. (I would have started the bidding off with a fiver) Sun 13 Dec 2009 14:29:08 GMT+1