Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 18 Apr 2015 04:34:46 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Lady_Sue Well, that's an interesting one. I hope someone can help you Ali. Fri 25 Dec 2009 16:53:30 GMT+1 alikarabulut Hello,I need any contact information for Al Ethar Foundation or Hana Badrani herself, email address or phone number.The writer of the above article or any reader, I'd be much appreciated if you can help.[Personal details removed by Moderator] Fri 25 Dec 2009 10:13:10 GMT+1 needsanewnickname As ever, thank you, Hugh.The impression I get is that these children might want a father figure in their lives.Maybe the women want a bit of love life. I don't know how easy this is outside marriage; my guess would be not that easy.But if there are women who don't need to be married again (if they don't want to be) to be able to survive, then that's surely to the good. Wed 30 Sep 2009 15:27:50 GMT+1 Richard_SM "Under Saddam Hussein, Iran-Iraq War widows received a pension, and often free homes." "But that safety net has disappeared."What? These facts don't fit the western characterisation we've been given.Where's that Hugh Sykes - get him in line. Wed 30 Sep 2009 12:20:14 GMT+1 Big Sister It was great, wasn't it, Gill? Unfortunately, it was interrupted (for me) halfway through, so I shall have to Listen Again when things quieten down. Wed 30 Sep 2009 11:52:07 GMT+1 Gillianian is Hugh's programme ''Calling Hereford'', on Radio 4 at the moment. Wed 30 Sep 2009 10:14:14 GMT+1 Sid This is such good stuff ... Wed 30 Sep 2009 09:45:22 GMT+1 Big Sister One word: Poignant. Tue 29 Sep 2009 22:44:09 GMT+1 dennisjunior1 Eddie:Hugh...Thanks, for the excellent reportage and helping out as a match-maker....=Dennis Junior= Tue 29 Sep 2009 16:47:27 GMT+1