Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 03 May 2015 10:41:10 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Chris Ghoti When you look at some of them, a comment from Willie Garvin comes to mind:"My life, you'd 'ave to be bleedin' lucky, Princess."Go-faster stripes in sharp form. Wed 19 Aug 2009 19:39:55 GMT+1 David_McNickle I've got knives like some of those in the kitchen, in the garden shed, and in my tool box. I'll bet lots of posters do. Wed 19 Aug 2009 16:47:36 GMT+1 Big Sister Questions questions ;o) Wed 19 Aug 2009 11:35:55 GMT+1 mittfh Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but:a) How many parents leave credit cards lying around the house rather than in a wallet/purse?b) How many teenagers would be tempted to use their parents' credit card(s) to buy a knife?c) If the parents read their credit card statements, might they be a little suspicious of an online transaction they don't remember making?d) Most courier firms deliver during the daytime, so assuming the teens were at school and the parents at work, it's fairly likely the package would either be delivered to a neighbour and brought round to the house when the parents were back home, or a note would be left advising the teen to collect it from the courier company's distribution centre (probably several miles away!) - either of which would probably alert the parents to something suspicious happening...e) What proportion of knife crime is carried out using such knives?f) Do knife amnesties have any effect on crime? Wed 19 Aug 2009 11:33:03 GMT+1 Big Sister They're appalling.There's a shop near my mother's which sells similar stuff. Now, how can anybody really need any of that stuff without having some kind of menace in mind? Wed 19 Aug 2009 11:00:08 GMT+1