Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 30 Sep 2014 13:56:15 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at gossipmistress Amazing the camera still worked! Thank you for the obvious risks you were taking in order to show us this, and keep safe. Tue 30 Jun 2009 12:49:37 GMT+1 Blogarooney Hugh, I hope the BBC have an up to date risk assessment on you. I admire your bravery. There aren't many of us sat here who would be in your shoes. Take care. It doesn't feel like anyone knows how this is going to pan out. Mon 29 Jun 2009 18:56:28 GMT+1 normanmugabe Three years ago Angela Merkel compared Ahmadinejad with Hitler. The Germans have invested a lot of money in Iran. The Iranians are right to suspect foreigners of wanting to see regime change. But it isn't going to happen. Mon 29 Jun 2009 17:09:26 GMT+1 Chris Ghoti Hugh, thank you for that.I'm so glad you're safe -- I was quite worried when things seemed to be being especially dire, and your name wasn't being mentioned at all, because I feared you might have been disappeared and everyone was keeping quiet and hoping not to draw attention to you. Delighted that my worry was unfounded. Have a gorilla! Mon 29 Jun 2009 12:59:35 GMT+1 Richard_SM Hugh"It also shows, I hope, that the protests were not caused by the BBC as some of the Iranian authorities have claimed - I filmed a protest that was already taking place,..."Ahh - but what have the BBC Persian Service been broadcasting for the last six months? And why is there a BBC Persian Service? And why, around 18 months ago, did George Bush seek $400 million from Congress for opposition groups in Iran? Mon 29 Jun 2009 11:51:48 GMT+1 Peej02 Hugh - how do you feel when you run the risks that you do, and then you get a glimpse into the lifestyle enjoyed by BBC executives who are only in danger of getting a paper cut? It's probably of little consolation, but there are a lot of people on this blog (and elsewhere I'm sure) who really appreciate the quality of your reporting from some horrendously dangerous spots. Mon 29 Jun 2009 11:34:50 GMT+1 Big Sister Thank you, Hugh. And you were very brave. We hope you're now safely home. I gather Jeremy's visa runs out (is it today?). How will we get impartial reports here, I wonder?By the way, I'm very impressed by that running. Mon 29 Jun 2009 10:09:16 GMT+1 Gillianian Thank you, Hugh - thank goodness it was only the camera that ended up in the ditch, and not yourself. Mon 29 Jun 2009 10:02:21 GMT+1