Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 23 Nov 2014 02:14:18 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Ye Shiwei Hi,carrie,do u remember ysw502320030,I apply for a student blogger,the very mail you've replied is my first mail received from forginers!!!Ha,ha.Thank you very much.~_~I really admire your courage that you're so brave to take these adventurous activities in such age.You're excellent!!!But in my country,it is almost impossible for women who are above 25 years old to go to fairground.Because people in our country are relatively shy and fogyish.All the best Sat 08 Jan 2011 14:15:07 GMT+1 Anita Dear Carrie, I have missed you too. Nice to hear from you after so long. And what a nice topic again.Summer 2002 was the last time I was in a theme park in Spain, approximately an hour south of Barcelona. The park is called PortAventura. My children were small and they enjoyed it a lot. It was a perfect family program and without a shadow of a doubt we had a ball. My village does not offer a lot of shopping and entertainment facilities but has some cultural tradition. Every summer there is a fun fair, village days or sport days. At the fun fairs there are machines for riding on and games that can be played for prices. When I was a child I enjoyed taking a ride on boat swing so much.And talking about going up and down and cleaning windows... hmmm... I think, this job is not for me, really. One of the house chores I do not like doing is cleaning windows. But I do appreciate everyone who does it. Have a nice day! Take care,Anita from Slovakia Tue 14 Dec 2010 14:47:41 GMT+1 Naheed Hello Carrie!It's really good to read from you. You have written about the theme parks at the right time. A visit to the theme park makes it more fun in winter especially, when you are on a water ride. It's been quite a long since I visited a theme park. I like a number of rides like cup cattle, bus which is similar to log flume however merry-go-round makes me feel a bit queasy. It's so fun on bumper car which is called dodging car here and when I am with my cousins, it's absolute fun to dodge them:).I wish you and the whole team of BBC Le a great festive month!Naheed Wed 08 Dec 2010 06:56:34 GMT+1 hadjer hii thank dear carrie i m from algeria (mascara city)very far from algiers the capital for about 365! waiting for more blogs see you Mon 06 Dec 2010 19:17:36 GMT+1 Carrie4 Hi there!Carota: Welcome to the staff blog! Of course, it's open to everyone - the more the merrier! It's a chance for you to see what we are up to at BBC LE when we are not working (of course we work most of the time ;-) ). Tomorrow there should be a blog from Rob - he lives in the country and has had 3 snow days!Hadjer: which country do you come from? I wish I wasn't a scaredy cat - but I think I'm too old to change my ways now!Filippo: yes, our theme parks are closed now too - the one I went to closed at the beginning of November, right after Halloween. They had a special event at Halloween, where the staff dressed up as ghosts and witches and jumped out of bushes and from behind buildings to frighten the visitors!Carossi: what a great thought about high places. I feel the same when I'm sitting on a beach watching the waves.Pary: it's nice to be back. I don't know why I left it so long! In England we seem to have the reverse of your weather - in the south we haven't had heavy snow for years. But last year and now this year it's been bad. However, today the snow has more or less melted in London - so no snow day tomorrow! Sun 05 Dec 2010 19:15:18 GMT+1 Pary Hi dear Carrie How long no see no hear ! I really had missed you . Thank you so much for your this recent Blog about theme parks .At least we benefit from your snow in . I live in a city which used to had heavy snow falls in winters but in recent few years we have been experienced mild weather In autumn and less and less snow falls in winter :( I hadn't been to any of theme parks yet but I must confess I 'm a bit scaredy cat , too . I have the same feeling for roller coasters as well but Riding boat in artificial river seems so amazing ! About the tall building it seems too scary for me . I never wish to have such a stressful Job . Please keep going the good Job of Blogging . It 's always too nice to read your entries . Take care Pary from Iran Sun 05 Dec 2010 12:13:32 GMT+1 Carossi Dear Carrie,Nice to meet you.As it is said than one image is worth more than a thousand words. Your photos show how scary some games in theme parks could be, but at the same time it shows how wonderful experiences we can have there.I love high places because there you can feel that you are above everything and problems and hardship seem too small. Warm regards,Carossi Sun 05 Dec 2010 02:28:27 GMT+1 Filippo Hi Carrie! How have you been? It is so good to hear from you again. I have not been to an amusement park in a while. I think they are mainly closed over here now cause daylights are shorter and it is pretty cold. Bye for now!! Sat 04 Dec 2010 12:52:07 GMT+1 hadjer hi Carrie frankly i have no idea about these rides coz here in our country we don t have such rides and activities perhaps other towns have but i ve never seen they looks wonderful i hope to visit them one day i m keen on such places i m sure i ll not be of scaredy cat nor feel queasy!amazing building that if i come in and see the street from up i ll feel queasy hehe Fri 03 Dec 2010 20:53:22 GMT+1 Carota Hi Carrie, I'm Carota from Italy. I was looking arount the bbc site and the other blog sites when I came across your post. How nice it is! I don't know if this blog is for students too, anyway we are here to learn, so I decided to reply. I was in London at the beginning of this can't imagine how lucky I had been when I arrived on monday in the middle of the Tube strike(//ironic). On tuesday I had a job appointment but when I woke up in the morning, it was snowing! Fortunately the Tube was working regularly despite the bad weather and I reached Pimlico with no effort. On the way back (I left on tuesday evening)I had just the time to take off before they decided to close Gatwick airport! During my stay I was hosted by a friend of mine who has been living in London for years. She lives near London Bridge, so I saw the building you were writing about! How tall it is!Finally a few lines about fairground rides: here in Italy we have to main theme parks that are Gardaland (near Milan) and Mirabilandia (near Rimini). I've never been to none of them, but I went to Disneyland Paris some (to tell you the truth...more than some! ;-) ) years ago. I'm not really interested in this kind of entertainment, but in that occasion I went with a group of friends, so I couldn't avoid trying some rides. I surprisingly enjoyed so much! I felt just a little bit stupid (at my age...I'm not a kid any more) but as soon as I realized that it was quite a common feeling in place like that I let myself go and I had a very great time! Amazing! It's all for today, I hope to read about you soon, you seem very nice.Have a good day.C. Fri 03 Dec 2010 16:36:46 GMT+1