Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 07 May 2015 03:17:07 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Marcello I like this test. It's fun!My name is Marcello and I'm a man and I'm really happy with it. I 'prefer' fauna so I If I was an animal I would be a blak panther.My favourite English word is definitely. Definitely!Having a perfect english pronunciation, wouldn't it be magic enough ?!?! Wed 15 Sep 2010 21:51:25 GMT+1 HuongTran Hi Dominique and everybody!Your entry is so exciting. Would you show me some methods of your, used to learning English better than?Thanks so much! ;-D Wed 15 Sep 2010 11:58:16 GMT+1 Svetlana Dear Elisa! Thanks for being so kind! I hope I'll be fine soon! Best wishes to everybody!Svetlana, Russia, Ivanovo Wed 15 Sep 2010 08:27:42 GMT+1 Pary Hi dear Domenique and other lovely readers , Wow….. What a fruitful Blog you all have made ! It 's going to change a new FB ….just kidding Well done to you all ! it 's a great Job which I haven't before here . All guys are keen on commenting although it take their time ! It is too nice to read eagerly all BBC LE fans , dreams .I try to know more about loyal readers via their comments .It 's quite interesting !@ Thank you dear Ashish for your Eid mobarak message . We haven't long holiday in Eid feast in Iran , because we have many other bank holidays .The Eid was on Friday ( our weekly off day ) and we had just Saturday off but it was too nice to spend with family free of work stresses ! By the way like you I love to explore nature when it 's new green in spring ! @ Aliozturk , meaningful and thoughtful story ! @Dear Nastiasia 24 four hour isn't enough for me , too ;)@ Dear Danni I really like your dream , a conference between three world big prophet and yahh my city in on the silver path . I hope you will be some day BBC bloger , you know there are many wrong stereotype about Israil in my people mind , really sorry about that but I really want to know the truth …..@ dear Elisa , like you I love weeping willow . it 's too beautiful ! by the way what wrong about my dream ! don't you believe to another lives for us ? @ dear Marina it 's too nice to see your comments here so we don't miss you ! sorry If I have dropped som of you dears was really interesting to read all friends thought...I will be back on Saturday ( you may know my country off days is a bit different ….) Waiting for Saturday Cheers Pary from Iran ( Ardebil ) Wed 15 Sep 2010 06:20:57 GMT+1 Ashish Hi Elisa,To my mind, Rabindranath Tagore is one of the greatest poets especially in Bengali literature. It's my pleasure that you've liked the lines posted. I'm not really surprised that you've been affected by his deep words as my experience matches with yours. I observe it in most cases.As you're interested, I think it would be a good idea to start with Wikipedia. There're a lot of link pages which, I believe, will open a new horizon in front of you.Thanks.Ashish, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Wed 15 Sep 2010 05:12:03 GMT+1 Rose Araujo Here I go:My name is Rosemary. My parents gave me this name to homage my two grandmas, Rosa and Maria. As they din't want that in Portuguese, they translated. At that time it was a fashion name, but now... only an herb.Every time I die I beg God permits me to come back to Earth again as a worderful woman that I am. I'll never, ever want to be a man.For people that study English in Brazil, words like: think, thought, through and others like them, are strange at first pronounciation, but they can get accustomed to them since they train them. We don't have the phonological sound TH, but it isn't so difficult to produce, besides some people that pronounce it in Portuguese words have to participate of phonotherapy to leave it out. Crazy, isn't it?I'd like to be a baobab. Some years ago the school where I work at presented a play on the square whose theme was "The seeds that came from Africa", and one of the scenes was about the story of the baobab. It was great!Finally, if I had the power I'd like to fly, so that I could visit all the fantastic places of the world.It was very good to write about all of this.Rose from Brazil Tue 14 Sep 2010 21:39:37 GMT+1 Elisa Dear Dommi,thanks for the beautiful blog you set up! I enjoyed reading all the answers of other, it's a kind of window to the world! I have a world map at home (my sister's gift to lower my geographical ignorance...), well I've turned the eyes to this map more in the last days than in the last year. Great! :)@Natanael, you're too kind, I don't see myself as particular educated, and I struggle restless with my words. Anyway thanks.@Marina, I never wrote in your blog, I really had a busy August. But I read eagerly your posts and I hope to read from you again!@Ashish, thanks for the beatiful poem you posted. To tell you the truth, I had never heard of Tagore before, but his simple and yet deep words affected me. @Svetlana, may you recover soon!@Pari, so long you're alive you can cerntainly live in this world! At least, I cannot imagine the contrarykeep writing you allElisa, Italy (close to Pesaro) Tue 14 Sep 2010 21:23:20 GMT+1 danny Dominique you are great! It's so fascinating to read yours and all the other thoughts (I'm sorry but this is a fantastic English word...).Well, concerning me, the word GOD is the word that I like most.It has a uniqe sound and structure and power as well. I belong to the dog's fan party here.You don't believe me but you made me think about the idea of gender change...wwow I decided to remain male!I wish I would have the dream power to attend a meeting of the three great personalities that changed our world :Moses ,Jesus Christ and Mouhamad- to let them talk between them and to listen.Dominiqe tell your sister please that her wish to fly is absolutely astonishing. Pary your city is on the silk road isn't it?All the bestDanny (close to Nazareth)Israel Tue 14 Sep 2010 12:57:14 GMT+1 Svetlana Hi everybody! Dominique thank you for being so creative! Highly interesting topic! I promise I'll do my best to keep your rules of the game. - As you've already known my name is Svetlana. I'm a young woman and I'm OK with it. But sometimes I think being in men's shoes (just for a little while) would be rather interesting. The knowledge of what's really going on in their minds would have helped Women to understand Men better. What are they really like? Is it true that Men are from Mars and Women from somewhere else? (Venus it seems). Are Men and Women that different? Yes, I would definitely like to know what being a man is like. As to your assertion that women are the only ones with broken hearts...oh come on! Girl you aren't serious, are you? - Your baobab looks great. As for me, I don't think I want to choose for I adore both flora and fauna. I love mountains, waterfalls, forests, lakes, and so on. My favorite animals are horses, but I also like dogs and cats and many others. (By the way Nastya is absolutely right, I guess many Russians can't do without seeing birches through their windows.)- As to English words, I don't really know, I mean, they all sound good for me, apart from may be the word "through" (I'm sure Russian speakers will get my point). On the whole English is a very beautiful language, it sounds like a melody to my ears. That's why I came to learn it in the first place. As to pronounciations all th-words can be a matter of some difficulty for me as well.- As to having some super power... well, I would really like to be able to travel through time. Being a historian I'm interested in the past. I'm keen on history of the ancient civilizations such as ancient Rome and Greece and the others of course, so I'd like to see everything through my own eyes as an outside observer.Bye for now, take care!Svetlana, Russia, Ivanovo Tue 14 Sep 2010 12:44:10 GMT+1 Ashish Hi Dommi,Rapid response from all the friends proves that your entry today isn’t stupid but interesting. It’s really a scope of learning through fun, I think. I appreciate your versatility. Thanks a lot.Anyway, let me come to the point. - I’m Ashish Barua. I’ll agree with you for being a man only if you consider natural difference. But, I think you’re ‘endlessly broken heart’ due to man-made difference and discrimination rather than the natural one. If it is, then I must discourage you and I strongly say that you’re thinking wrong. I’m sure that all the barriers are reducing day after day. And, I believe, it’s you who can play a vital role in ensuring more and rapid change. I encourage you changing the odd situation rather than changing the ‘female gender’.- I prefer nature as you do. I’ll also go for ‘Flora’ but not specifically one. I enjoy traveling to calm mountains and green hills. I really enjoy visiting countryside immediately after the rainy season, when the nature gets colored ‘Bottle Green’. (If you don’t have an idea about the color, you may find the national flag of Bangladesh). It’s quite amazing!- There’re many words in English, I like the most. But, instantly, the words ‘Brilliant’, ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Beautiful’ come to me. On the other hand, I really hate ‘Costs’ (Can you try pronouncing it?)- I do agree with Beatriz and Marina. And, really I’m fond of ‘Love’, which I believe, is the best treatment against ‘Power’.Thanks again for this interesting piece.Ashish, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tue 14 Sep 2010 11:20:16 GMT+1 aliozturk I have recently read a story written by japanese writter Hoshi-shin-ichi.In this story, when a man who was retuning to home from work had seen another man as dropping someting to street. The men who was returning to home from work picked up this thing as noticing that thing was a black sheet on which was written some silver coloured letters. This man had started to run after the men for return this sheet to men. After returning this thing to the man, the man told this sheet is very precios and in return of this action, promised to give to money which is enough to live without working till end of life. After saying this, he had disappeared. The foolowing day when the men opened his eyes, he saw a box beside his pillow in which there was a huge amount of money and numerous precious jewellery. The men quit his jop and started to a new life. In his new life, he started to drink and eat high quality meal and gambling. But after a few days, he had started to think that I have a alot of money, even if it is finished, I can sell my precios stone, and there is no trouble, but actually it is finite noticing that spending this money means approeching my death becouse that men told him this money enouhg untill he die. Therefore, beeing aware of approuching his own death started to poisining his enjoying life. From that time, he couldn't enjoy with his money as he could before. Because he had become awere of that gambling whith this money means gambling whit his own life. The reason why I narrated this story is knowing future can not be not good thing as someone think. Similirly, if we were able to read mind of peaople, we couldn't have hade any friend. Becaouse, why, I don't know, but I suppose so.I believe we have got everything to be happy, and supernatural thing doesn't give hapeness to human beeing, doesn't it. Human shouldn't desire more than what was given. My loving word is 'comprehensible'. I love its pornouncation and meaning. Tue 14 Sep 2010 10:09:40 GMT+1 Pary Hi dear Dominique ! What hard questions ! I ' m a female but I think if I was a man , it won't suit me and now i 'm more happy , but of course when I see some injustice towards women it drives me angree and crazy and I wish women situation wasn't so bad ! But I think the situation get better day by day .... I love nature a lot so I think I will prefer Flora By the way the tree is so beautiful . I wish I could visit there . and I 'm a bit curious about Africa 's weatehr . It 's some thing that I 'm afraid about it :(that 's all my poor knowledge sorry ) . I wish I could live in the world again ! Yahh I have made so many mistakes in my life and now I regret about them . about the most favorite English word ...It 's really hard for but I like to learn slang and idiom , how much I can . I love them and using them in our talk our writng make them more fluent . By the way do you know my country ? please don't think about it 's political issues just about other things , culture , nature , tourist traps ... have fun and keep Bloging cheers Pary from Iran ( Ardebil ) Tue 14 Sep 2010 09:29:10 GMT+1 talha thanks for your first comment .ı ve just noticed it.the answer about me is very satisfying.ıt s ok.see you. Tue 14 Sep 2010 09:24:27 GMT+1 nastya Hi everybody! First of all I'd like to thank our dear Dominique once again for giving us this opportunity to look inside ourselves and have a great time reading the answers of the others. Dominique, you're the best ;-)And now I'm going to indulge Natanael's curiosity, just a little :) Yes, Natanael, you're absolutely right: "Nastya" is a short name for "Anastascia" (though I don't associate myself with the princess ;)). And thanks a lot for your warm words about my country and people. I admire your enthusiasm to watch an educational programme at this time in the evening. All I have strength for in the evening is to check my mail, visit BBCLE and maybe listen to an audiobook in English. Yes, you're amazing! By the way, I like the name "Sense and sensibility" and if I'm not mistaken the movie is based on Jane Austen's novel.I one hundred per cent agree with Elisa that weeping willow is a very beautiful tree but I prefer weeping birch as, I think, many Russians do.Best wishes,Nastya, Russia, Lubertsy Tue 14 Sep 2010 07:38:01 GMT+1 Elisabeth Hello, Dominique,What a brilliant idea, this little questionnaire. So, here I go:- My name is Elisabeth and I am female. I've never really wanted to be of the opposite sex although sometimes I'm painfully aware that women are still treated as inferior in many respects.- I love my garden and I love plants in general. So, if I had to choose, I'd rather opt for a tree as well. My cherry tree maybe. (I like those baobabs in your photo, by the way. They are very impressive!)- One of my favourite English words has been "brilliant" ever since I heard it pronounced by an actor in one of the Harry Potter movies. Words I don't like so much are those I find hard to pronounce, like "clothes", or those I never know where to put the stress on, like "adversary" or "kilometre" and the like. - If I could have a power, I wish I could convince narrow-minded, stupid people to assume responsible, humane, peace-loving, ecological attitudes.All the best,Elisabeth (Austria, near Vienna) Tue 14 Sep 2010 06:38:39 GMT+1 Marina Hi Dommi! Natanael!!! And everybody! :)) I miss you too, guys! :)Well, I like this entry Dommi! Well done! You know, there's something philosophical in it. We (at least 50 per cent, I suppose) always question ourselves whether we're happy or what happiness is, whatever. And, I must say, those questions are very hard to answer :). But, Dommi, I'll try to answer yours :).- my name is Marina. I always think whether I'd like to be a male. Honestly, it comes to my mind when something really bad happens - there are some moments in my life that I'm just not able to change, but if I were a man I guess I could. But! I'm a female and quite happy with this :)). As to "endlessly broken heart", Dommi, you are so young and pretty! What are you talking about!!? :) - you see, I like animals, but I rather prefer nature like you do :) I really enjoy quietness in the mountains and I like sound of waterfalls - it makes me feel better. Elisa, I adore dogs as well! They are true friends. - as to English words I always like saying “actually” when I speak as I really like arguing ;)). It also concerns Russian language :)). I agree with you guys about the difficulty of “through - though” pronunciation. But there’s nothing as hard as to pronounce “both”!!! - I agree with Beatriz about the “power” question. You see, I think everything should be balanced in our life. I love my life and enjoy every its moment! Thanks for sharing us your thoughts. I like open and kind people like you are. Take care,Marina the Pocahontas, Kazakhstan-Almaty :) Tue 14 Sep 2010 06:00:41 GMT+1 talha commments are great.and thank you for compliment natalia. Tue 14 Sep 2010 03:37:14 GMT+1 梁小敏 Dear Dommi, I'm Liangxiaomin, from China.Do you remember me? If you forgot, I'll be quite sad.(^_^) And for the "baobab"refered in your post reminds me of the Little Prince, and only by this lovely noval, do I know in the world there is a kind of tree named "baobab". So, when I saw the picture of "baobab" in your post, I 'm very happy.However,I don't know why.^_^ Thank you .By the way, do you know how to write my name? Best regards!小敏 Tue 14 Sep 2010 03:04:50 GMT+1 Natanael Hi Dominique, and dear friends,Take it easy Domni ! We're here...Well, Dominique you're a beatiful girl, believe that... and in fact i prefer you like a female (^_^).Nastya, your country, your culture your people are very interesting and beatiful. I like your history very much. We have a Brazil tv program called JÔ SOARES(at 11:30 p.m. usually) and two weeks ago, aproximatelly, there was a man that cross the Siberia by motocicle, it was amazing. The subway of Moscow is amazing (beautiful) i saw some pictures (photos)...... and yes, i'm little bit curious. Is Nastya from Anatascia (your princess)?Eliza is a very educate woman, always the right words, Congratulations Eliza. I'm your fan.And Domni, don't worry. You're very good guy. Take care, man.I miss Marina, our last blogger. Where is she? Take care people,Cheers - Natanael - Rio de Janeiro - BrazilBy the way, my favortes names in english are "sense and sensibility" like a movie.God bless you ! Mon 13 Sep 2010 21:35:05 GMT+1 beatriz Hi, Dominique: Well supervisor I am ready to answer your request. Let me say and please accept that I am an elderly woman, so: I'm happy to belong to the female gender. 2° My favourite English word could be BEST. It's the best, you are the best, the best for you....3°To choose between fauna or flora I immediatelly I like the "baobab". It looks simple, peaceful and attractive. And finally and talking about power, I´m not interested at all in having any kind of power. Love, Dominique. Beatriz.Buenos Aires.Argentina. Mon 13 Sep 2010 21:34:13 GMT+1 talha hi again ı just made a jog .ı think ı did not read entry clearly.ı read it very fast do this is normal also you re getting nervous immediately.are you serious girl?by the way ı prefer being human .never fauna or flora at all.ı ll write more when ı feel good.lets get along well anymore.bye Mon 13 Sep 2010 21:33:30 GMT+1 Elisa OK, let's play...- Elisa is my real first name, I belong to female gender and I'm right with it, it fits to me- I can't choose between flora and fauna... I love both. My favorite tree is WILLOW TREE even called WEEPING WILLOW (look, look up in the dictionary...come on,:-)) I like this tree because it looks so sad and full of dignity at the same time, I like its small leaves and its flexibility. Dogs are my favorite pets. I know someone else could think I'm completely stupid and superficial and so on and so forth, but I have always had a dog at home since my childhood and so I developed a particular empathy with dogs. I speak with my dog and I'm sure he understands. -I have many English favorite words... most of all I like false friends. I mean I like those words I really struggle to learn and remember (does it make any sense? O.o) Words like EDUCATION, SENSITIVE, PARENTS...all these words are very close to italian words, but they exert a misleading power on me. - concerning supernatural power I'm a bit indecisive.first of all I would like being immortal, but even foreseeing the future could be a useful skill...furthermore I would like being like Eros, do you know him? In the ancient Greek mythology he was the god of love. (Romans called him Cupid). People stung by Eros's arrows fell immediately in love with the first person they met. I wish I owned such arraws...that's it from me, see you Elisa, Italy Mon 13 Sep 2010 20:57:16 GMT+1 nastya Hi Dominique!Don't be angry with us - we're just trying to think something up (^_^).Besides your entry's taken my breath away, it's astonishing, it's just ... WOW! So, let's get it started (^_"):- My name is Nastya and actually I like being female. And I hope you're mistaken about "an endleesly broken heart".- I'd like to be a mountain river, a violent one. Or just a mountain surrounded by profuse vegetation (I love green, I'm obsessive about it). And I don't mind being surrounded by a few baobabs (^_*).- My favourite English words are "absolutely" and "exactly". They just sound beautifully, don't you think?- If I had a supernatural power, I wish it enabled me to do without sleeping (really, twenty-four hours is not enough) or to be in different places at the same time.Thanks a lot for this little questionnaire, Dominique. I realy enjoyed answering it :) When I read that you wanted to be a baobab, at first I thought it was very strange and maybe even boring but then I found that there was something about it: a thousand years of quietness and peace. Yes, there is certainly something about it (^_^)I'm looking forward to your next posts and comments.Best wishes,Nastya, Russia, Lubertsy (a city that borders on Moscow - specially for very curious and active Natanael :)) Mon 13 Sep 2010 20:26:01 GMT+1 Dommi Nooooot at all! it's just a way to make fun,everybody has the right to say anything he wants, i just want to take myself as a supervisor,but once again it's just a way to play (^^). Have you seen what i was talking about? you didn't answer as i did! fauna or flora? which kind of power? i'm waiting for your answer Talha! don't run away!!! (^,^) Mon 13 Sep 2010 19:41:50 GMT+1 talha hello ı think this recent entry contains answer my question in previous topics.thats why you write me shorter answer than anyone else in the blog.actually you re dont wanna talk about other things.and also you want everybody to comment only about your topics that contains your personal opinions.anyway.. secondly ı agree with you that those words(think through thought and though)could be confused by us as well.ı think it is just a little hard to sound through the mouth.but again ı like the word of through))). by the way ı ve never wished to be born as an opposite know ı m male.this is not given to choose which of sex you wanna be creatured.therefore we have to agree what we re . see you later .this time please write me moooreeee. Mon 13 Sep 2010 19:22:30 GMT+1 Dommi hello! How could i be the one who is going to make the first comment! where i you guys!!!Anyway! Talha you don't have to feel upset my friend (",") my answer to you was quite short i know, but it's just because i realize that my comment was getting too long. But don't worry this isn't the last entry! just stay around! (^_") Mon 13 Sep 2010 19:17:23 GMT+1