Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 23 Aug 2014 19:53:55 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Claire This post has been Removed Wed 13 Jul 2011 21:05:10 GMT+1 Marina Hi friends!To Pawel: I'm glad you liked that topic and thank you for sharing my point of view!To Marcos: Of course it happens everywhere and is quite sad. But this is our life and only we ourselves could change it.See you friends,Marina Tue 07 Sep 2010 06:50:09 GMT+1 Marcos Umberto Marina, I totally agree with you. Life is bigger than only working. there's no sense in only making money, buying things, living in competition without any reason. It's interesting for me reading in your blog that it happens in your country, your city...cause it happens here too. And I fell so tired of lifestyle Sun 29 Aug 2010 13:14:12 GMT+1 toleslawek Hey Marina. I am Pawel from Poland and I agree with you entirely.Recently I thought about this subject which you moved.In Poland most of people work too hard, for example my friends and my family. I can't think about that sometimes.this phrase should accompany with people."I'm sure we should catch every moment and live it for ourselves not for job" exaclty like "carpe diem"I am really glad that I am hear and I am reading your blog.Have a good day!toleslawek Sun 29 Aug 2010 10:09:59 GMT+1 Marina Hi Hien! I think you took the right decision! Well done! There is nothing more important than our life and family. Take care,Marina Fri 27 Aug 2010 18:23:37 GMT+1 Thu Hien Hello Marina, I'm Hien, from Paris. I've juste discovered your blog. Congratulation for your very interesting posts. I totally do agree with your point of view. I used to work as a crazy too, especially in my first job. I wanted to prove myself indispensable. I only though about getting a higher position in the company and earning more money. Everything has changed since the day I had a baby. He is my priority and nothing else. I've managed to come home before 6 p.m. I've not brought work home any more. I prefer to play with him rather than look at the cold and unemotional computer screen with plenty of figures. You know, I really feel to LIVE my life since then. Take care. Hien Fri 27 Aug 2010 14:01:53 GMT+1 siyec hi Marina My names Siyec from in Turkey I am learning new english so alot write wrong for sory I think your country very guikly change economical try very soon time grow up product and earn to a lot of money so very sort time work and easy life condition I hopefull Kazakistan very powerfull middle asian country googluck Sun 15 Aug 2010 14:07:54 GMT+1 Marina Hi Israel! Thanks and good luck in learning English!Marina Sat 14 Aug 2010 05:38:02 GMT+1 Israel Hi Marina, my name is Israel and I am from Brazil... I have just read your blog and that is the first time I did it. I think your point of view is great. I'm tired to work so hard and as you said: I've been totally "lost" for the rest of society.I have not much to say now because I was trying to find something intersting to learn english but I think I have found it.I will put my comments about the subject as soon as possible.Thanks,Israel Wed 11 Aug 2010 13:02:31 GMT+1 Marina Hi everyone! To caio felipe menezes: Wow!! You're really the lucky one! I found it very romantic to be a pilot :)To Ashish: of course there are people in Kazakhstan who in the same position that you've described in your comment. I used to work as asocial worker with such groups of people as well as with drug-users and HIV-positive. All of them are really "sufferers" as you've said. And to be honest I'm not sure whether we'd be able to change that situation completely. Wed 11 Aug 2010 12:39:01 GMT+1 Ashish Hi Marina,I think the photograph has been taken outside somewhere, probably at your workplace. And, I guess, the workplace is a Souvenir shop.Look forward to your reply.Ashish. Wed 11 Aug 2010 09:28:59 GMT+1 Ashish Hi Marina,Thanks for another interesting piece.'There is enough for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed'. It’s an ingenious statement by Mahatma Gandhi. You mentioned someone with ‘addiction’. I don’t know how you’ll classify them. Where does the group really belong to: Needy or Greedy?I do agree with your view. It’s fantastic that you’ve come out of a ‘robotic work-life’ and are enjoying a new job now. I believe that the attitude ‘Earning and spending’ simply makes people crazy, but nothing. And, undoubtedly, the thinking of ‘learning and opening new things every moment’ results into opening a new horizon for everyone. However, I’d like to share a different view herewith.Well, we all in the world are divided into two groups: 85% and 15%. One is poor, other is rich. The minor group always thinks of enjoying life in a different way while others are struggling for life. Yes, I stress they’re struggling for lives; they’re fighting each and every moment for their existence. They can’t think of ‘material things’ as they hardly can meet their basic needs. For instance, most garment workers in Bangladesh can’t enjoy the sunlight (Yes, it’s fact) as they start before sunrise and come back after dusk. They’ve no opportunity to think of counting hours. In stead, they receive a poor amount, which is quite surprising. The government recently has declared a minimum monthly wage of BDT 3,000 for each worker, which is around to 30 GBP or 42 dollars and the order is yet to be effective. And, it’s also true that there’s queue with no end even for such type of job as the jobseekers have no alternative.I don’t disagree with your view, In fact. I not only think but also believe that we should lead our life such a way you think. But, what will they do, who are bound to spoil their lives in a vicious cycle of employer and employee? What can they do who are victims of the greedy class? I know there’re lots of evidences to debate upon this issue as there’re many reasons behind this scenario. I know you’ll say that they’re victims of existing system. But, I only request to think about the sufferers here. I’d like to say to all just to consider the terms like "cost of living" and "price of life". I’m really in doubt how much they’ll be shocked if the distressed class (the 85%) hears these terms.Thanks.Ashish, Bangladesh. Wed 11 Aug 2010 09:15:23 GMT+1 caio felipe menezes Hi Mariana I'm from Brazil and i have read your blog and i agree with you "here is your life, enjoy" I believe we ought live intensely every moment.and i agree with you "job=hobby", I use your formula all days, I'm pilot of airplane and I can say: I don't work becouse I enjoy a lot what I do!! thank you Tue 10 Aug 2010 19:23:37 GMT+1 Marina Hi dear friends! Thank you for sharing your opinion. It's a very great pleasure to know that there are like-minded people. To Kira: thanks for your question! I liked that expression of "eastern man" you wrote and those words are really "gold". I'll tell about my job in one of my next posts. Just follow them and share your point of view! To Pary: Thanks a lot again!! :)To Prince Deng: There is my favotite expression of Mary Engelbreit: "If you don't like something, change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it". Everything's in our hands. Good luck! To Sabrina-gan: You're really the lucky one! Thanks!To Danny: I totally understand your mixed reaction to my photo. Don't worry animals are protected in Kazakhstan. I'll try to explane the meaning of that picture in my next post. Tue 10 Aug 2010 18:17:03 GMT+1 danny Hey beautyful MarinaI find you adopt a very mature approach concerning the way we live our life. I myself discovered my needs for free quality time when I was much older than you.I Think that in the long run you'll see how right is your decision to quit the "showing-off-competition".Greediness is destructive.I would like to tell you that I don't like the stuffed animals in your picture. It looks like a private colection...What is the state and the public attitude towards wild animals and nature? Are they protected?All the bestDanny Tue 10 Aug 2010 10:22:25 GMT+1 Sabrina-gan Hi,Marine,I totally agree with you on that. life is limited for everyone,so during our life.We should enjoy our life. enjoy today and live in today.exactly speaking.different people have the different value of life.some person just get a lot of joy from the work, such as these kinds of person,they never regard the work only as work,never regard it only as earning the money, they just regard it as joy, so theynever feel tired even they spend a lot of time to work. Just like me.I really like my work, i just work with my passion. so after the whole day work,i never feel tired, And after the work,i insist on learning and improving myself.reading some books i have the interest.So for everyone,if have the possibility,just choose the work you have interest.we can't use the words"right or wrong" to measure others' value of will be happy if you work very hard everyday,then just do it,you will be very happy if you take all your time for fun, just do it,the most important is doing the things you like to do. that's only viewpoint. Tue 10 Aug 2010 08:15:59 GMT+1 Prince Deng Hello,Marine.Happiness is the most important thing in our life,but after we have a job,our lifetime is occupied by the job.We have no choice,only obey.Perhaps we need to change this situation. Tue 10 Aug 2010 01:16:00 GMT+1 Pary Hi dear Marina ! What a grteat surprise you give me today :)I absoloutly agree with you and thank you for your provoking Blog .You look like a beautiful angle who wants us to live better ! As a mother of two kids who works 8 hour , 5 days a week ,I think it 's too much really but that's the life .... we say in persain " Work for live not live for work " . By the way You are so photogenic ! cheers Pary from Iran Mon 09 Aug 2010 05:08:17 GMT+1 RodinaKira Hello, Marina! My name is Keira (Кира), I’m from Russia. Excuse me for mistakes, my English isn’t good. It would be nice if you will correct my words.I have some questions to you: 1) Where did you work? It’s awful to work 14-16 hours a day! 2) What specialty do you have? Do you like your profession?My own specialty is an architect. It is artistic one, that’s why my projects bring me satisfaction. Though I have to work all day without raising sometimes. This is my studying. I don’t know about future.And eastern wise men speak: “Try to minimize your wishes. It is a way to happiness.” In my opinion, so-called ”using society” is a closed circle of our life. Mon 09 Aug 2010 04:39:09 GMT+1 Marina Hi Edu! :) First of all thank you for your words in Spanish :) I'm so pleased. As to your question, sometimes (let's say rarely :) we have a simple formula "job=hobby". If you have it, you're the happy person then :)Best wishes, Marina Mon 09 Aug 2010 03:00:53 GMT+1 Edu Flamante Hi, Marina. My name is Edu (Edward) from Mexico City. My little daughter and I, have been checking youre blog, and we are so interested about it. You're doing it well.Ok, talking about this topic, I am so agree with your point of view. I'am that kind of person that work so many hours. But unfortunately I do not earn so much money, jajaja. What I wish to say is that I'd like to work so less hours a day, and enjoy the live as you said, but the reason why I don't, is cause I've got my own little bussines, and I have a commitment with custumers to bring them the service as possible as they need.What could you suggest to me to enjoy the live in my case?It is all from me for this time, mmm... no, not at all; before I'd like to say in Spanish: -Eres muy linda, me encantas!- Figure it out, jijiji. Best wishes Sun 08 Aug 2010 20:26:45 GMT+1