Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 03 Mar 2015 15:10:37 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at unkownunkown Hi Sum, I really agree with you. The World Cup is not only a match, but also a media to remind us of some values like sportsmanship, fair play, etc. I also find that the World Cup has really linked people together from all around the world, because each team in the match is not only back by its own country but also back by thousands of fans from all over the world. Apart from World Cup, lots of things have become more and more commercialized. What a shame! I heard a saying that "People comsume so that new job vacancies are produced". It means the behavior of buying and selling things creats new job vacancies. Maybe it is a characteristics of Modern City. I do not dislike the commercialization things, but I'm disappointed that some people make profit without doing it in a more humanized way.Anyway, as the great event comes to an end, life seems back to the ordinary way.Best wishes Wed 14 Jul 2010 14:52:34 GMT+1 Marcelo Soares Hi Sum, I'm from Brazil, site of the World Cup in 2014. And in a globalized world we are seeing this opportunity as a great opportunity to put our home and receive visitors todo.Queremos show the world that we are no longer a banana republic and, through democracy and education, we become a power not only economic, but also sports, cultural and intellectual. Our cities are racing against time. I am not political. Sun 11 Jul 2010 05:34:02 GMT+1 sum I think other football leagues have become commodities in the modern world, but I think World Cup is not just simply a commodity for many of us.I think the world cup should also be a medium to share positive values to the people in this world, such as sportsmanship, fighting spirit, fair play, enjoying the beauty of football, a hot topic of each other, etc. I think the world cup could perform as a modern ritual in our would, in an attempt to remind such values to us in every four years.If your country could luckly qualify, it is a very good chance for you to love your nation, when you are supporting the team that belongs to your nation, it is a very good chance to unite people in your community.It is upset for me to know that the world cup has been monopolized by a pay-TV channel in HK, it becomes merely a commercial activity, some of the goals that i have mentioned could not be achieved.i think the world cup has changed the communities in this world deeply, it is not just a commercial activity, besides considering the profit, the event also has sociological meanings to our world, we need to think about them. Thu 08 Jul 2010 16:30:43 GMT+1 unkownunkown Hi Sum, Thanks for your sharing. Actually, I'm not a football fan. I know World Cup is now a very hot topic in HK. It's very amazing that so many people get togather in pubs, "Cha chann tens", or shoping malls and watch the match! I believe it would be very exciting! You said people have to pay to watch the WC match on TV, and I think they also have to pay to watch the match in resturants, pubs and cinemas etc. It is a good chance for those businessmen to make more profit during big events like WC, isn't it? Of course, to enjoy the match is important. You must have much fun in watching it, don't you? I really want to know why football is so popular in the world. There are many worldwide sport events like World Cup, European Cup, Primier League, and national football matches held in lots of countries including Brazil, UK etc. It seems people play football everywhere in the world. Do you know the reason? Thu 08 Jul 2010 14:15:56 GMT+1 Tienhoa Hi Sum,Unlike Hong Kong, everyone can watch the world cup football matches free of charge in my country Vietnam. Similar to Hong Kong, although Vietnam has not qualified for 2010 World Cup, Vietnamese people are very interested in football and they are more likely to gather at cafe and beer shops to watch and comment the matches among their friends and relatives. Thu 08 Jul 2010 10:11:28 GMT+1