Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 22 Sep 2014 00:50:43 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Ashish Hi Emilio,Google is set as home page in my desktop, so you can understand how frequently I use it. Moreover, Facebook always keeps me in touch with my family, friends, relations and so on. But, twitter and others are really unknown to me till now. So, thanks a lot for opening this new horizon in front of my view.Ashish, Bangladesh. Mon 26 Apr 2010 18:32:09 GMT+1 ssa I always use to Google and face book as have a good connection. I think Google is more important to find every thing we need, also its really interesting that every thing we want we can find in internet(direction, medicine, whether, movies, music, etc). about face book that its a good way to connect with family or friends who they are far from us, and we miss them as long time. Tue 23 Mar 2010 14:14:19 GMT+1 Nuala Hi Emilio,You did really well on this last homework task. Well done! I've made a few comments below, with 'Nuala says:' before them.USING CONTRACTIONS1. Today I am going to speak about how I use some internet resources.[Emilio's response]: Today I'm going to speak about how I use some internet resources.2. I don't mean I will speak about ...[Emilio's response]: I don't mean I'll speak about ...3. If you do not have to write a blog ...[Emilio's response]: If you don't have to write a blog ...4. And I would like to listen to your feedback...[Emilio's response]: And I'd like to listen to your feedback...5. I hope you will enjoy reading it.[Emilio's response]: I hope you'll enjoy reading it.Nuala says: Perfect, all of these sentences read much better now. They read and sound much more chatty, and that makes them just right for an informal blog.USING CAPITAL OR LOWERCASE LETTERS6. How I use the Internet ...[Emilio's response]: How I use the Internet(in this sentence I have doubts because "internet" sometimes is written with capital letteres and sometines with lowercase. Nuala says: That is the tricky thing about language Emilio – it keeps changing! You're right, the word 'internet' sometimes does have a capital letter and sometimes doesn't. A general rule about English is that when a new word comes into the language (email, tv, for example) it often starts its life with a capital letter (Email, TV). But then, as it becomes more and more common (in life and in language), the capital letters fades and the lowercase ones take over. I think in general, I'd put 'internet' in the lowercase category now. 7 In order to practise english ...[Emilio's response]: In order to practise English ...8 ... you could write in twitter.[Emilio's response]: ... You could write in twitter.9. ... got get help with english and Spanish vocabulary.[Emilio's response]: got get help with English and Spanish vocabulary.Nuala says: 7 and 9 are fine, but number 8 'twitter' is a bit controversial. It's brand name is spelt with a small t ('twitter'), like the small e on 'ebay' but when you see it written in a piece of text (I did a bit of a search on pages from the BBC News website) it's written as 'Twitter', with a capital letter. So, in sentence number 8, I'd go for:You could write in Twitter PUNCTUATION10. ".... it's what Google says it is.".[Emilio's response]: it's what Google says it is."11. Then write about it!.[Emilio's response]: Then write about it.!Nuala says: Number 10 is perfect but number 11 still has two final punctuation marks, (even though you changed them around) when it only needs one. I think the enthusiasm is the aspect you want to highlight in this sentence, so I'd drop the full stop and keep the exclamation mark, like this:Then write about it!All the best,Nuala Thu 18 Mar 2010 14:34:40 GMT+1 Naheed Hello Emilio,Thanks for another interesting post. I liked the picture of a dog using the computer in your previous post. Which social network website you like the most on the internet? I like Facebook but I think it still needs to be more secured in terms of privacy of its users. Talking of your next post, how about food?Best wishes,Naheed (Pakistan) Wed 17 Mar 2010 06:56:55 GMT+1 Harry The BBC learning english it has his own FAQ sectionHi Emilio, I couldn't resist correcting this sentence Correction: The BBC learning English has its own FAQ section.Suggestion: There's a FAQ section in the BBC Learning English website.By the way, whatever you learn we learn with you so thanks to you and of course the brilliant team that is teaching all of us. Tue 16 Mar 2010 11:43:58 GMT+1 negin Hi Emilio,I saw your blog that you use what technologies you use like face book, Google, twitter, and you tub. I really like Google, face book, you tub. I believe that Google is best source for internet search, multinational, and corporation. If we want to find a map place that we need we really do with Google and we can really access to soft wares. I like face book especially when I came to U. S.A, I miss my friends in my country. I think face book is as good tool for accessing and contacting with my friends.Good luck Emilio. Tue 16 Mar 2010 02:34:35 GMT+1