Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 03 May 2015 20:43:31 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at SussexRokx At 72, 574, 575 and various others...You all seem to be advocating a reduction in the population. The worrying question is, how would you carry this out?Deporting anyone not British born? I don't think so...Deporting illegal immigrants? OK but it does have its problems, and it would be unlikely to have much of an impact on congestion...Eliminating undesirables? The worst case scenario somewhat akin to the activities of certain factions in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s...OK, yes we could try to stop people coming into the country, but if you think there are too many here already, then the solutions are those mentioned above. I'm sure you don't really advocate this sort of action.Or do you?!!! Thu 02 Sep 2010 12:21:14 GMT+1 rustle mark_2002 wrote: "Or we could just try building enough roads adequate for the population" Greek mythology, can't be done, everyone wants to use a car it's a status symbol, it's not a question of population size it's to do with bling! Thu 02 Sep 2010 12:18:03 GMT+1 rustle 72. At 1:33pm on 31 Aug 2010, Poddy100 wrote:"By reducing the population you will reduce consumption on roads" Yes and start with him! Consumption killed many, roads too! Thu 02 Sep 2010 11:50:44 GMT+1 KarenZ Congestion on the roads now is just a symptom of far too many people on this small island. Get immigration under control before bashing the beleaguered motorist. Thu 02 Sep 2010 11:14:14 GMT+1 Governement dept4propergander Re post 571 complaining about post 18, see my post 553, Rebuild shopping centres around a rail hub.It would remove an awful lot of lorrys, trucks and vans from the roads and create jobs in the building industry as well.Basically we need to re-engineer our societys inferstructure and make it intigrated and fit for purpose.We should also look at reducing our population Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:56:42 GMT+1 Darren No 491 Coastwalker wrote: "Congestion could be reduced by increasing the price of fuel." All well and good if there is adequate public transport you can use for getting to work (in my case I have no option but to use my car - small hatchback and very good MPG, low carbon emissions). If not, either pay higher fuel costs or simply quit your job and scrounge off the state. Higher taxes are not always the answer ! Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:35:23 GMT+1 Bos Kabouter A bit of SciFi. Introduce autonomous cars that are communicating with other autonomous cars and with traffic lights controllers too. This allows cars to drive much closer to each other and traffic lights controllers can alter the light sequences such it speeds up the traffic.By the way for the petrol nitwits, cyclists pay for roads too. Local roads are paid by council taxes and not by road taxes! Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:30:37 GMT+1 Darren No 18 (Claire Herbert) wrote "Could we not transport godds by rail instead?"One thing you have missed here is......How do the goods get from train station to their final destination? Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:29:32 GMT+1 The_Hess @565I like the idea of staggered tests but it doesn't cover the problem of people in small cars who have poor lane discipline etc. I think retests every few years (5-10) would be far more effective, as most drivers I see on the road would fail a modern driving test. Either that or we adopt the Finnish driving test, which would mean that every driver on the road was a good driver. Finally, although you mention limiting engine size for younger drivers, this point is largely irrelevant since most young drivers are limited purely by the over priced insurance premiums.I agree that there should be tests for caravans etc. but there are many perfectly acceptable reasons for wanting an engine that is bigger than 2.0l. Not least, the smoothness and quiet for longer stretches of motorway driving, the acceleration that it provides for twisting country roads, the ability to maintain all this with a heavier load (say, with 4 passengers and a boot full of luggage) and the simple fact that some people like the cars they drive.I have a suggestion that doesn't really help with rush hour but will make life easier for drivers at night. In Milan, later on the traffic lights simply flash amber. The junction is then treated as unmarked. This would save pointless hanging about at a red light with nothing else around. I think we should use this system, particularly in city centres, where traffic tends to be travelling more slowly anyway.Finally, although undertaking is dangerous, do remember that if there is space to undertake, there was space for the person to pull over in the first place. I think an increase in speed limits to 80 or 90mph would be benificial provided there were rules set for maximum/minimum speeds in different lanes when the traffic is free flowing, and rules regarding HGV usage of lanes. For instance, this morning on the drive in to work, the inside lane was clear of traffic apart from one car doing 50mph. The outside lane had a string of cars all travelling at 51mph because of one driver. The speed limit is 70mph at this point. In my view this is both dangerous and pointless. These drivers clearly do not look in their mirrors as they would see the traffic jam that they are causing, and if they do see it then their lack of reaction shows that they are inconsiderate to other road users. These are the sort of people who will bang on about 'maniac speeders' and yet they cause no end of traffic jams. Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:27:33 GMT+1 DJ1 RPG Launcher strapped to the roof of my car. Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:05:26 GMT+1 ciconia There is no easy solution. Actions will be required to suit local needs and situations.for example:Toll roads just add cost- scrap them.Uninsured, untested and unroadworthy vehicles have no place on the roads and should be removed and scrapped which will also reduce crashes and air pollution.In congested areas business deliveries should be permitted only at times when they will not block traffic flow. To allow people to sleep, impose delivery curfews, and also ban commercial deliveries from Saturday midday until Monday morning in mixed residential/business areas.Where Air Quality Management Areas are in place put a limit on the number of goods vehicles which may transit per day. Notify these areas to all 'O' licence holders and require them to book travel through these areas, similar to the licensing of unusual loads in Europe.Use traffic controls to restrict access of all non-emergency vehicles to areas areas already congested or indicating over limit air pollution. Thu 02 Sep 2010 10:05:01 GMT+1 Davy G Instead of the petty punishments that are applied to illegal motorists today, bring in harder measures any crime that involves Tax evasion, no insurance and the lack of a driving licence. These three crimes must be punished in a harder manner. The seizure and destruction of the felons vehicle is insufficient as cheap cars are easily replaced and the fines applied are laughable. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:59:15 GMT+1 richardjackson99 Long term solution: Road Pricing -Scrap Road Fund Licence, remove all tax, other than VAT, from fuel, then charge per mile driven. This should be weighted, according to the road used and the time of day. Common sense, and ecologically logical.Short term solution: Scrap Road Fund Licence. Increase tax on fuel. Result: those who drive furthest, pay most. Those with heavy right boot, pay most. Both support green policies - polluter pays.If I drive 1000 miles per year in my car, I pay £125 Road Fund Licence and about £125 for my fuel, ie £250. The second (third, fourth . . .) 1000 miles only costs me £125 (ie. half) - where's my incentive to leave the car at home? Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:27:13 GMT+1 AdMeus-CaputFilius There are a couple of things that would work, which if the political will was there, would be easy to create and enforce.Whenever a Vehicle is bought or sold, the DVLA is notified so the details on the Registration document or 'Log Book' can be updated. These are kept on a computer database, now I am assuming that in out current technolically driven world, that all other data such as Tax disc information, MOT information and Insurance information is also kept on a database - so how difficult would it be to link all that information into one integrated system? After all using the Registration Document detalis as a starting point, add MOT details as these have not only the registration number as common data but the Engine and other numbers, the insurance details have will have common elements as well such as registration number (this can also be expanded out to include other VINs) and without either you can't get Road Tax (which also has vehicle details). All you need is legisilation forcing insurance companies to provide the insurance details (a simple vehicles details with insurance and policy holder is sufficient) and you have a workable system. If for any reason one or more of these elapses and is not renewed then a visit from a special car crimes police unit to investigate can be instigated.An added benefit of this would be that any vehicle registered where changes have taken place (i.e Engine number or VIN changes etc.) can immediately invoke an investigation, thereby helping to cut down on car clone and ringing operations.A second measue is to bring in vehicle licencing leves for cars, as operate with Motercycles. These can also be linked to age groups, so a person age 19 or under passing there test will only be alowed to drive a vehicle up to say 1.1L. After 2 yrs they can then take another test (which they pay for) which will qualify the to drive a car up to 1.6L. Another two years later they can then go for a 2.0L car licence. After that you need to give a very good reason for owning a bigger engined car as there is no reason the average person driving requires a car with a bigger engine.There should also be special licences for Larger Vehicles such as Vans, if you are going to tow anything (caravans etc.), Mini busses. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:26:18 GMT+1 The Bloke //502. At 6:45pm on 01 Sep 2010, Robin wrote:I am sorry but you have to improve roads and even build new ones to cut congestion. The argument that new roads simply generate more traffic is disproved by our motorway network. Or are these people saying it should never have been built? It seems to me there are a lot of parochially sentimental people who think the world ends with their pretty little village. Traffic jams are extremely wasteful in fuel, time and resources. They also contribute massively to pollution and health problems.//Interesting.I wonder how many journeys are actually necessary, though.On the one hand, I don't blame village inhabitants who don't want their villages wrecked by traffic which consists largely of people and lorries making unnecessary journeys.On the other hand, many of the complaining villagers are big city incomers, who are quite happy to 'Escape to the Country', and impose their presence on the locals, who they price out of the market.Much of the traffic they complain about is caused by the likes of them, commuting back to the big cities, or just pootling about the countryside.Maybe what's really needed is a thorough re-evaluation of how much road transport is really necessary? Many car journeys are caused bacically by leisure and laziness. Many are made necessary by poor planning.We should be planning to ensure that people can work close to where they live, and encouraging people to stay in the big cities, and move around more by foot and bike. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:23:51 GMT+1 Kickstart 537. At 11:38pm on 01 Sep 2010, edna teevee wrote:Tell you what I'll make a deal with you; pay me £500 in cash and I promise to travel at 70 for the next 12 months.How many miles are you doing to save £500 from the small saving in fuel from going a bit slower? Being generous and saying you are getting an extra 10mpg and getting 60mpg rather than 50mpg that works out at about 25000 miles a year of slow motorway driving. If you are not getting that good fuel consumption then you would probably be better changing to one of the small cars that will do that well. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:09:04 GMT+1 I_amStGeorge Message 543 NewMrMeRE garding the point about nothing in the Highway Code about Minimum Speed.Blue Disc with a White 30 inside denotes MINIMUM speed of 30 MPH unless this has changed. Also the TORY govt previously proposed a law to allow overtaking on the left hand side of vehicles in front. This as I remember caused a lot of confusion and many accidents as it was not MADE law only proposed. Simple memory prompt passing a vehicle on its left hand side is NOT overtaking it is UNDERTAKING. If that dosent focus the mind maybe its time for another test. Thu 02 Sep 2010 09:08:44 GMT+1 Jack Frost Most city and town centres have exactly the same shops & supermarkets, almost the same banks & building societies etc etc Why not employ people that live withing the same town/city to fill those places. Instead of the daily population commute swap of people from one town/city travelling to another and vice versa. Thu 02 Sep 2010 08:29:25 GMT+1 recrec Provide a reliable public transport service at a realistic cost. I went to Birmingham by train recently and could have travelled more cheaply by car! It is cheaper to go to my local towns by car provided you have a parking space costing less than £2. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:58:14 GMT+1 richardgh 499. At 6:34pm on 01 Sep 2010, BLACK_PEARL wrote: What about the '6 litre' engined buses that drive around all afternoon with only 3 or 4 passengers on them at a time.These are a total waste and take up huge amounts of road space and they're not even a 4x4...Restrict these to peak use times only.= = = = = = = = == Yet another "I'm all right Jack" post.There are a LARGE number of people like pensioners can ONLY travel outside of peak hours - Buses are a PUBLIC service - ROADS are a public utility - pensioners use those public facilities - therefore what should happen is to ban single use cars unless a public service does not exist. Where I work the nearest public transport is just over 3 miles away - However you try carrying 50 kgs of tools 3 miles even if you could get it on a bus which you normally can't.= = = = = = = == In fact what should happen is the income from motoring charges and taxes should have BEEN spent and should BE spent on roads as an investment. Not used as a top up for deficit payments.In the 50s I never paid road tax for my motorcycle BECAUSE so little was spent on roads. I was forced to do so for my cars as the MOT and insurance laws changed as did the charge for not paying the road tax.The toll charge of £5 is too much for many - reduce it to £1 and probably five times more traffic would pay the toll. I wouldn't pay £5 to use the road Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:40:08 GMT+1 FH I disagree with the negative comments about 4x4 drivers. While I agree that they are generally unnecessary and they are merely status symbols for those that drive them, the people that do choose to drive such vehicles are very heavily taxed already and should not be punished further. I do agree with the comments about high sided vehicles with tinted windows though - they are a pain at junctions as you can't see round them or through them!I personally would support a congestion charge within all cities. The public transport in most cities is excellent and I would definitely use it over car travel if I lived within reach. The sad thing is that the public transport links TO the cities from the smaller towns and villages are pretty awful. I don't live near a train station and buses to the nearest city only run once an hour at best - if they turn up at all. This means that people who work in the city and live in my area have to drive to work, which would mean them paying a congestion charge unless they parked outside the city and got a bus, which would sort of defeat the object. If there was adequate public transport in ALL areas, then people would have the choice and then I would have little or no sympathy for those who had to pay congestion fees. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:09:19 GMT+1 mocambique1 Stop all the parents dropping their children off at school, walking to and from school or college would help the young, reduce the numbers of vehicles blocking roads, r3educing exhaust fumes near these establishments. Jail and an extremely heavy fine, crush the vehicle regardless of reasons, stop all foreign drivers using our roads who do not and cannot understand our road signs - with exception for those that have applied and received international documents. Have proper road side checks, make it a legal requirement for drivers to carry their licence and insurance papers when driving. Instant court free fine and jail terms. Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:07:15 GMT+1 emily radetsk This post has been Removed Thu 02 Sep 2010 07:04:31 GMT+1 Name Required In the morning we queue to get out of our town on to the motorways heading towards either the next major town or up to London... Likewise queues build up in the opposite direction with folks heading into our town to work. I often wonder what it would be like if we all did a job swap and everyone worked locally. And to top it off, a ban on driving kids to school if they live less than a mile from it, heck we though nothing of our 2.5 mile stroll or bike ride back in the day :-) Thu 02 Sep 2010 06:54:09 GMT+1 Name Required Please, all this wailing and gnashing of teeth at 4X4 drivers - many of the smaller ones are less polluting than some of the mini cars out there on the roads. Thu 02 Sep 2010 06:45:23 GMT+1 Governement dept4propergander 1.rebuild all shopping centres around a rail hub2.put the mail back on the rail3.put bus operation back into local council operation and intergrate it with the rail hubs and run to local needs4.source and produse as many goods and products locally as where you liveor screw a mobile phone to the engine managment system of every car.The driver pays dvlc as an example £20 a month which allows 20hrs of engine running time, should the driver run the engine for longer they get charged appropriately.The bill could be posted out everymonth, just like your phone bill.Because a phone can be tracked, the location of every car would be known, so no more stolen cars. And because the location of a phone can be plotted the speed of the car would be known and a speeding ticket could be added to the monthly bill, this would reduce speeding, road accidents, fuel consumption etc.I wrote to every mp with this idea back in 1987 but it wasn't a vote winner so 20 or more years later we still have the same problem and the same policial to be us. Thu 02 Sep 2010 06:39:27 GMT+1 Stephanni Snape This post has been Removed Thu 02 Sep 2010 06:36:36 GMT+1 David The big problem is that whilst most of us would like to live within a couple of miles from work, a lot of us don't and end up travelling miles to work with other people living close to our work travelling the other way to a job near our homes. Even if we wanted to move closer to work we cann't because of the enormous cost of relocating, and the fact that no job is guaranteed.Another problem is because Britain is a relatively small Island Employers expect employees to be able to get into a car and travel to business meetings throughout the UK. I lived in the North Midlands and have been regularly expected to travel to meetings in Say Newcastle and Bristol etc. If the Roads are clear both can be done in 2 to 3 hours. Thu 02 Sep 2010 06:32:07 GMT+1 Will Bungay Those banging endlessly on about 4x4s as if they're solely responsible for all congestion really need to stop. It reeks of jealousy and is a stupid argument. An off-roader isn't significantly longer than any standard family car, which misses the point anyway because it isn't the problem.A far bigger problem is idiocy. A moron who can't drive properly is just as able to cause a jam in a Smart Car as he is in a Range Rover. Thu 02 Sep 2010 06:28:37 GMT+1 Will Bungay Wow, there are a lot of insane and hate fuelled comments on this board.Road capacity could be greatly increased without laying a single yard of tarmac if everyone would just learn how to drive properly. On the motorways, the middle lanes are infested with people, who no doubt consider themselves safe drivers, doing 50mph and overtaking nothing. They are oblivious to the misery, frustration and danger they create when they enact their rolling road-blocks. I honestly believe this is a far greater menace on the road than speeding, yet goes unpunished. Either lane discipline needs to be enforced, or undertaking needs to be allowed so we can just go round these idiots.Then there are those who join a fast moving carriageway at 30mph with astonishing displays of incompetence. Oh, and please, please, please please, PLEASE stop dithering around on single carriageway roads. I had the utter misfortune to be stuck in the massive queue caused by an extremely slow Volvo for 20 miles yesterday.So, do something about people who don't know how to use the roads and can't hit 40mph without crashing and we'll all be a lot happier. Thu 02 Sep 2010 06:22:52 GMT+1 Stephanni Snape This post has been Removed Thu 02 Sep 2010 05:57:08 GMT+1 chrislabiff Tarmac the entire county and install speed-cameras every 30 Metres. Welcome home. Thu 02 Sep 2010 05:45:36 GMT+1 Clive of India 1. Some HGV's now continually roam our roads, essentially as mobile warehouses, as despite their costs, its still much cheaper than having lots of satellite warehouses around the country which large firms used to have. This should be stopped.2. The railways do provide part of a potential freight solution - in conjunction, not competition with roads, but investment is needed to enable larger containers to be taken over the older parts of the network. As an example, the M62 is crammed full of HGV's many travelling from Hull to Manchester or Liverpool (for Ireland). This is an ideal rail opportunity, but there is no cash to widen the tunnels, increase capacity, electrify etc, so the M62 remains full. The costs of widening etc would be maybe £300-500 Million, but this is chicken feed compared to cost of new roads. No additional land take would be necessary either, so its a green solution. Thu 02 Sep 2010 00:03:44 GMT+1 OfficinaSans I’d maintain public sector transport options whilst putting fingerprint biosecurity on petrol forecourts and inside too at POS Thu 02 Sep 2010 00:01:59 GMT+1 Cobbett_Rides_Again Like every other developed country, we should take our railways and most bus services into public ownership and run them to provide a cheap, regular, comprehensive and fully integrated public transpor system - not merely a way to make yet more corporate profit. Wed 01 Sep 2010 23:39:45 GMT+1 NMM edna teevee,You are correct that the highway code does not say anything about minimum speeds, however you can fail a driving test for driving too slowly. If on a test the road and traffic conditions were such that it would be safe to drive at the speed limit the examiner would expect you to do so. Wed 01 Sep 2010 23:13:48 GMT+1 John easy - stop all the little roadworks and assign the roadworkers to completing one lot of roadworks quickly rather than taking ages to do lots.Also, get accidents cleared quicker, don't stop in the middle of the road if there's only a scratch. Everyone has camera phones these days so evidence can be collected quicker than ever before yet accidents seem to take longer to clear than ever before.Stop idiots driving around just because they've got nothing else to do at night Wed 01 Sep 2010 23:09:09 GMT+1 kevin Double the national road tax and introduce a regional or devolved goverment local road tax .Use the money to reopen as many of the dr beeching rail branch lines that he closed.Get all cities to have a tram system like manchesters.Have dedicated bicycle lanes on all roads making it possible to cycle safely anywhere in the country without fear of getting knocked off your bike. Wed 01 Sep 2010 23:07:40 GMT+1 edna teevee Encourage working from home, and the use of video/phone conferences. A lot of business journeys are not really necessary. I have often had to drive 2 hours to a meeting that lasted a couple of hours, then drive 2 hours back, in many cases I could have easierly have attended virtually using technology.==============================================================================I don't know how I would work from home, I am a Teaching Assistant in a primary school.--------He's not saying you should, not everyone can obviously. But there are many, many people who can - audio conferencing is cheap and easy for employers to set up freephone numbers for their workers to call in to conferences so no need to set up separate phone lines for business costs. It all comes down to trust and management, and a change in philosophy that's all. I work from home whenever I can; free from the office distractions, able to do everything I can in the office except be in someone's immediate presence. There should be tax incentives to work from home, but there won't be because the government relies too heavily on fuel duty - it likes the roads being congested, to a point. Wed 01 Sep 2010 23:01:33 GMT+1 LordSaveus This post has been Removed Wed 01 Sep 2010 23:00:22 GMT+1 Bobby I start with the assumption that there are far too many cars on UK roads. How to reduce this number? Here are some ideas which may seem extreme but which will eventually--for environmental and road safety reasons--need to be considered: (1) anyone convicted of drunken or dangerous driving should lose their license permanently. (2) anyone who through negligence or foolhardiness has caused death or serious injury to another road user should have their license permanently removed. (3) Anyone exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph should have their license removed permanently. (4) institute tests drivers must take every five years. (4) raise the minimum driving age to 20, and the maximum to 65. (5) set up an integrated transport system, including trains, buses and trams. (6) provide incentives for people to buy local food and other goods. (7) ban car advertising. I realise that these are unrealistic suggestions at the moment. But there are just too many cars on the roads for the health of people and the nation. And who wants to spend a proportion of their life sitting in a traffic jam? Wed 01 Sep 2010 22:48:38 GMT+1 edna teevee "I've got some bad news for you Edna, it's your duty as a competent motorist to reach and travel at the road speed as soon as and as long as it's safe to do so. Piddling about on a motorway at 55 mph just to save a few bob isn't acceptable. Get a copy of the highway code or any publication from the DSA (Driving standards agency), and it makes it quite clear what is and is not acceptable on our roads.Maximum speed motorways and dual carriageways 70 mphAll other roads unless signposted different, maximum speed 60 mphPeople that piddle about are the very people that cause accidents as do overtaking lane hoggers. I bet most regular motorway users (blokes in particular)will agree with me on that one."Fast does not imply competent. 55 is the "road speed"; 70 is the max not the min. Nowhere in the Highway Code does it say that you have to travel at 70 on motorways; some vehicles are limited to speeds around 55 and it is perfectly legal for them to drive on motorways. The speed limit on dual carriageways is not universally 70; it depends on the road and the vehicle. "People that piddle about are the very people that cause accidents" really? Are you sure about that. Tell you what I'll make a deal with you; pay me £500 in cash and I promise to travel at 70 for the next 12 months. Wed 01 Sep 2010 22:38:42 GMT+1 NMM The public transport system we have is deteriorating year by year.Three years ago when I moved house I decided to buy somewhere within walking distance of a train station so I could commute to work without my car (a 15 minute walk to the local station, 15 minute train journey on a local stopping service and a 10 minute walk to work).At first it was great, 2 local services an hour, plenty of space on the train, etc. A couple of years ago the service was cut to one train per hour. It then became touch and go whether or not I would get a seat. Earlier this year the train was reduced from 4 carriages to 2. It is now jam-packed with no chance of getting a seat. To make it even worse, whenever the faster trains are delayed, which seems to be once a fortnight, people from the larger towns then catch the local service instead. It is then so busy by the time it gets to my station it is physically impossible to get on it so I end up having to drive in anyway. Wed 01 Sep 2010 22:35:16 GMT+1 chris ivory Caravans and trailers to be subject to annual RFL, based on size and MoT's on an annual basis. They use the roads, contribute to congestion, but get away scot free at the moment. Wed 01 Sep 2010 22:32:58 GMT+1 andy1305 1, Persuading parents that they don't really need to ferry their children to school every day and back removes a significant bottleneck at rush hour times. Promote the use of public transport - especially for those on the school run. Even better - at the same time, remove the obligation for parents to go on a school lottery to find education for their children. There should be a right to go to a school within walking distance (especially in urban areas). With this the school run situation would not occur. 2, Invest in public transport in urban areas and between urban areas. Reduce the cost of park and ride schemes, now being used by many councils as a revenue maker rather than a congestion beater. At the same time, invest in car parks in urban areas for those that live there, thus freeing up road space taken up by roadside parking. 3, Change policy to promote the use of rail freight and other means of transport for commercial use. A single train can carry may lorry loads of freight. I learned this at primary school 30 years ago. Why then are we adopting a policy that encourages haulage by road?There is no single answer. Much of the UK congestion problems have been caused as a result of decades of policy making on seemingly unconnected issues without thought or care to the impact this may have. Wed 01 Sep 2010 22:25:16 GMT+1 Bluemoaner1966 491. At 5:58pm on 01 Sep 2010, coastwalker wrote:Congestion could be reduced by increasing the price of fuel.==============================================================================Absolute rubbish! Not everyone lives close to their place of work either, how are they going to afford to get to work to earn the money to pay extortinate prices? Don't think of asking us to move house either to be near work, we have school and college age kids. I walk my child to school and my college student daughter uses 4 buses to get to Manchester and back. Wed 01 Sep 2010 21:58:55 GMT+1 Bluemoaner1966 Encourage working from home, and the use of video/phone conferences. A lot of business journeys are not really necessary. I have often had to drive 2 hours to a meeting that lasted a couple of hours, then drive 2 hours back, in many cases I could have easierly have attended virtually using technology.==============================================================================I don't know how I would work from home, I am a Teaching Assistant in a primary school. Wed 01 Sep 2010 21:50:51 GMT+1 I_amStGeorge Message 505 Phosgene GashIt is precisley the likes of Tesco's and Sainsburys that. like the strangle hold they have on other suppliers in the market place, That the lorry is king despite the benefits to the population if they were removed. It is the same with the Road Hauliers Association that is powerfully supported by the Tory govt, that preservation railways have to move rolling stock by road instead of the rails they were purpose built to run on. Unfortunatly, it is no longer a case of what is best for the country or the population it is a case of what is best for the more powerful vested interests which makes this Question and all others irrelevant. Wed 01 Sep 2010 21:21:17 GMT+1 Denisleeds It is noticeable that during school holidays the congestion on our local inner city roads is massively reduced. In fact there is barely any congestion at all. Clearly teachers, classroom assistants, school admin and catering staff,and parents ferrying pupils are a significant element in the early morning logjams (except during school holidays). These people all have as much right as the rest of us to use their cars but if solutions are being sought then this "school effect" is an element that needs to be part of the thinking. Wed 01 Sep 2010 21:12:42 GMT+1 J Workerbee 524. At 9:38pm on 01 Sep 2010, norman bates wrote:speed limits on our motorways needs to be increased to at least 80mph, this will keep things moving quicker.------------would people stick to 80? sadly Norman there are a lot of drivers who dont have 40mph brains let alone 80mph, Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:53:40 GMT+1 Peter Bridgemont This post has been Removed Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:53:21 GMT+1 Rachel Ban all motorised vehicles except mobility scooters. Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:45:48 GMT+1 J Workerbee 521. At 9:27pm on 01 Sep 2010, GorraSay wrote:Make the transportation of goods a night time affair thus removing the goods vehicles from the roads during the day or use more trains to transport goods. --------------Caught up in this consumerist society, we transport far too much junk around, take a step back and ask what you really need to live?A lot of goods lorries do run at night because it makes sense to the operators not to have them stuck in traffic, and it also means you get your early morning paper, milk, bread etc...going to volunteer for night driving are you? Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:40:30 GMT+1 hypocracyrules It's amazing how much quieter the roads are during school holidays. Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:39:42 GMT+1 norman bates I agree with some comments for reducing congestion, but any tax that is designed to reduce the amount of cars is not the way to go. people buy a car to use and will pay if they want to use it.road tolls are a bad case too as the news this week has seen with the losses the M6toll has reported. and i can comment from personal experience it has not reduced congestion on the M6 at all. i my oppinion it will end up being nationalised and opened up to all motorists (free)speed limits on our motorways needs to be increased to at least 80mph, this will keep things moving quicker. roadworks on motorways should be done at night and speed limits restored during daytime hours. some of us on here remember the 70's and the mandatory 50mph speed limit to save fuel?. i drive a large family diesel and it rund more efficiently over 70mph then at lower speeds and if the mpg is higher the polution must be less.speed cameras should be banned as they cause hold ups and accidents, people are taking more time looking at the speedometer to try to avoid a ticket when they see a camera. they break hard and cause the following car to need to do the same (the catapillar effect)trains are too over priced and they will never bring the prices in line with the cost of using the car. i travel from Stoke on trent to Salisbury every day for work and costs on average £38 per day in fuel and takes approx 3 hours each way. the train cost is £175 and would mean i would be out of the house an extra 6 hours a day due to timetables. if all the funds raised by taxing the motorist was spent on improving the roads we would have the best roads in the world. there is enough money in the pot from road tax on cars alone to put a new motorway in the length of the M4!!!.more roads less taxes lower fuel cost is the way to go until the government realise that they need to finance better roads Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:38:55 GMT+1 GorraSay Forgot to say improve public transport must be cheap regular and plentiful.Buy off the Northern relief motorway Toll Rd and that would improve the M6 West Mids immeadiately along with the current carriageway improvements on the M6 ... people do not use the Toll Rd because its too expensive who wants to pay £5 as well as Road tax !!!! Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:33:57 GMT+1 George I remember the congestion in Kings Lynn reduced significantly in the early 1990's when one of the major factories shut down. The way theis country is going perhaps there will be many people not driving to work anymore.Congestion is subjective, ask 2 people what is congestion? one from london and one from a shire county and you will get 2 different answers.What you can do about congestion is to increase internet sales, but this just increases the number of white vans,. or you can be a little more creative. for example have difernt school start times and promote flexible working so the roads are used more in off-peak times.Buses, well thanks to deregulation we just have bus companies running popular routes or chrging councils millions to run less busy routes. The best thing to do here is promote quality bus contracts where routes bus, service and price standards are set to benefit people and not shareholders.the other thing that would help is to have multi area agreements on car-parking prices, at the moment it's cheaper for me to drive 18 miles to Yeovil than to shop in my local town or the one next to that, so Yeovil shops get most of my money..and good luck to them.Rail would be a good alternative if the prices for travel and service levels were more suited to the average person, currenlty its cheaper for me to drive or fly to many places in the UK.And lastly there is the highways agency, they have a set number of vehicles allowed on their roads and the contractors get paid a set amount, so they dont want additional cars. If a town wants to divert cars out of it onto a highways agency trunk route it simply wont be allowed to, this means that the congestion in town will just increase. Even is the longer term benefit/forecast is a reduction in vehicle trips due to new bus priority measures or cycle routes etc...yes it's mad I know. Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:32:41 GMT+1 GorraSay Make the transportation of goods a night time affair thus removing the goods vehicles from the roads during the day or use more trains to transport goods. Get firms to start work at different hours of the day by banding companies together.Use the outer two lanes of the motorway with the inner lane reserved for getting on or off especially where motorways merge and busy junctions.Reduce some of the junctions in busy ares such as say removing Wednesbury juction 9 because its on top of juct 10 Walsall and the M5Noticed how busy it gets around schooltimes ? Stop the population growing any more and therefore car ownership.I personally think the short traffic light signals do not help and just another 20-30 secs would be better. Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:27:19 GMT+1 Paul Baker Here's my ideas: 1) Ban all cyclists, 2) Ban all caravans, 3) Have flexible speed limits, 4) Reduce the number of one way streets because if someone gets stuck that makes it a nightmare for everyone else as no-one can to a U-turn and go in another direction, 5) Ban all buses, coaches and anyone else that decides to hold people up. 6) Ban all younger drivers especially those that can't be bothered to pay for insurance. 7) Ban old people as they just get slower with age...erm, thats about it! Sound a bit like Jeremy Clarkson but the guy does have some sense at times. Lets see if any of the above makes it! Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:19:52 GMT+1 kevthebrit 1) Increase ALL public transport fares! 2) Dig up roads as many times as possible! 3) Yellow lines to be increased in to every knook and cranny! 4) Traffic lights to stay 'red' longer! 5) Import MORE vehicles! 6) Increase the use of 'Speed Cameras' to every mile! 7) Install as many road signs as possible! 8) Paint as many white lines, chevrons etc. as possible! 9) Install those 'Jut-Outs' every mile to slow traffic way down!10) Paint the road surface LOTS more funny colours (colors for the USA)! I'm sorry! What did you say? OOOOOOOOH! You Already do ALL the above and it's NOT working! OK! Well Good luck with that then and Have a nice JAM! Wed 01 Sep 2010 20:11:18 GMT+1 Francisco I think there should be multiple strands:-- Speed limits: There should be more ability to change the speed limit to match the conditions of the road. It has been shown that reducing speed limits at rush hour can increase the throughput and the average speed.-- Driving Licences: Driving licences should be assessed the same way aviation licences are: i.e. you get one licence for basic driving (which everyone has to pass), another licence to allow you to drive more powerful/heavy cars, another licence to use motorways, another licence before being allowed to drive in bad weather/at night, etc. This would improve safety and get rid of the drivers who are not prepared to study. Fees could go up to meet the demand so the Government doesn't lose out.-- Only one person in car: Where there are tolls, discounts should be given for cars with 2 or more people in. Where someone needs to drive for their work (e.g. a nurse who makes home visits) then their employer should be able to apply for an exemption to higher charges when travelling alone.-- Public transport: Public transport should be invested in to provide an incentive not use use cars.-- Staggered work times: Whilst it is nice to know that you, like most of your fellows, work similar hours, that is one of the reasons that we have congestion. If a way could be found so that some employees start at 7, some at 8, some at 9, some at 10, etc, then there would be less peaks and troughs in demand (most congestion happens during peak times).I'm sure that there are more ways but those are just the ones that I could think of off the top of my head. Wed 01 Sep 2010 19:56:15 GMT+1 markus_uk The only sensible way is public investment. Put taxes into roads and railway lines, not house prices! Infrastructure pays off! Wed 01 Sep 2010 19:46:57 GMT+1 J Workerbee So 21st century Green Britain where travel will be only for those who are well off? Wed 01 Sep 2010 19:38:49 GMT+1 J Workerbee Public transport should not be for profit, if were subsidising anyone it should be the users not the money grabbing operators.Saw someone at a bus stop outside our house the other week as we set out into town, 50 mins later we were back, got what we went for and guess what, they were still stood in the rain! Car in to town with 5 passengers £2.50, bus £2.80 return each! go figure.traveled on the train from euston a while back and people were sat in the isles, 2 issues, not enough space and safety??? That would be a mess in a crash. Wed 01 Sep 2010 19:26:40 GMT+1 swearydad So many comments on here; I wonder if anyone will bother to read mine. But I'm posting it anyway and here it is:Dig up the unneccesary street furniture, ie. traffic lights and pedestrian crossing lights at places where they are not required. And where I live, pedestrian crossings after the three exits from a roundabout no longer have flashing amber to indicate when it is too late to cross. Instead, they stay red for ages and have a brief spell of green before they go red again. Sometimes green is only long enough to let three cars through before they go red again, which creates a huge tailback. Wed 01 Sep 2010 19:20:35 GMT+1 Absolutely Livid Yet Again Progressive road sense,multi vehicle, multi-part road yesting that is prgressing from able to be a responsible pedestrian, to riding a bicycle, 50cc motorcyles before even been able to been able to be competant enough to be tested to drive even a miro sized small four wheeled vechicle.Better lane discipline on motorways would increase motorway capacity paticulary in M25 land. The inside lane is the one you use unless you are need to and are have the capabilty to ovetake a vehicle quickly and efficiently. If you are been overtaken on the inside then you are driving too slowly. Driving any other way, particulary in a stupid, selfish, too slow, too fast. hindering manner particulary if it hinders my journey should be a capital offence. Wed 01 Sep 2010 19:03:45 GMT+1 Bogota Bob Increase the driving age to 21. Controversial yes but it would get rid of some of the senseless drugged youngsters from behind the wheel and yes I do know that some will just break the law but they do that now anyway. Wed 01 Sep 2010 19:01:22 GMT+1 fastbowler What a lot of jealousy from the "Can't afford the safety of a 4x4 brigade"! Get a life guys 'n gals; just look at the boxes on the roads and you'll see considerably more lethally fast hatchbacks, high performance saloons and outrageously powered sports cars in the hands of wannabe Jackie Stewarts, Stigs and Hamiltons. Add in the trucks that successive governments have forced onto the roads by closing freight-carrying railways, and the non-farming 4x4 becomes a very rare sighting indeed (except, I grant, in West London, the Home Counties and outside every primary school in Britain at 08:30 and 15:45 five days a week).These drivers can afford the punitive tolls suggested by HYS respondents but what about the pensioners, the disabled or people living in the real countryside and earning far less than the minimum wage?And why single out the "get you home safely, whatever the weather" 4x4 for special punishment? When conditions make roads impassable to ambulances, it's usually a 4x4 owner who turns out to get the patient to hospital. Stop the jealousy, and stop giving government the green light to tax motorists even more for services that we don't receive. Wed 01 Sep 2010 18:57:58 GMT+1 briblogg Oh yes and buses. Another major hold-up on my regular route is buses stopping in the road to pick up & drop off passengers holding up tens of cars for minutes on end. This is exacerbated as they are one-manned and the poor driver has to tend to the money etc. Either get conductors back during peak times or make laybys for buses to pull into.Also increase the speed limits, it is daft that we have the same speed limits now (or less in some cases) that were deemed safe 40-odd years ago when cars brake and handling systems were far far worse than they are now.And ban caravans from moving in daylight.Get all uninsured idiots off the road for 6 months minimum when caught. Same for no MOT or tax. Increase it to a year on second offense and another year on the third. Ban 'em forever after that as they are too stupid to be allowed to drive.Change school (or office) hours so they don't clash.Implement MINIMUM speed limits for each lane of a motorway - no more dawdling at 50mph in the middle lane whilst everyone else tries to maneuver themselves to overtake in the one lane. And whilst we are at it allow undertaking too.Phew...thats better Wed 01 Sep 2010 18:41:38 GMT+1 angry_of_garston It seems to me that many new traffic schemes have congestion built in. Wed 01 Sep 2010 18:30:51 GMT+1 briblogg Stop stopping the traffic moving for no good reason. In my locale the only options that traffic managers have when faced with any sort of 'problem'(be it junctions, access to public buildings, joining major thoroughfares or pedestrian movements)ids to put up a set of traffic lights. I am certain that the mangers must have shares in the company that makes tham as no other options are considered. But traffic lights do not aid the flow of traffic, their ONLY purpose is to STOP movement of traffic. Recently the lights were out at a major junction I pass each day going to and from work. Did this cause a major hold-up, did traffic queue for hours in gridlock? No, everyone negotiated the junction with care, awareness and vigilance. I wish that they would break every day.I just wish that the planners would use a little imagination when doing their job instead of the easy option of lights, we'd all be much better off. Wed 01 Sep 2010 18:29:23 GMT+1 Chappie The best traffic management system is something we invented about forty years ago when private motoring started to become affordable to the majority of people - it was called the traffic jam. Basically, you could like it or lump it. You had to balance your new-found freedom to travel to remote places at unearthly hours with the fact that if you drove in busy areas at peak times it was going to be slow.Now the citizen has been replaced by the consumer, who demands that he should be able to go where he wants, whenever he wants, without any compromise in terms of speed or expense, and instead of acknowledging that he himself is part of the problem, simply demands "build me new and wider roads!". Where has this got us? It is as plain as your nose that whatever capacity is added to the road system gets automatically filled up, and the increased volume of traffic on the new motorway from A to B in no time generates demands for another new road to ease the resulting congestion between B and C. Contrast the road-building mentality with the attitude towards railways, where, instead of increasing capacity to meet demand, capacity is capped and the extortionate cost of peak-time fares is partly in order to artificially stifle demand.We need to get away from the mentality that public transport must make a profit. It gets people and goods to workplaces where businesses make the profits, and to holiday places, where the tourist industry makes a profit, and their taxes in return help to maintain the transport system. Freight on the railways also needs big investment. The combination of high-speed passenger services and the scrapping of vast mileages of relief lines and loops greatly restricts the number of services that freight operators can squeeze into the schedules.Finally, because the flexibility of the motor car IS still important, the emphasis on motoring costs should be pushed firmly away from car OWNERSHIP and onto car USE. At the moment, you pay so much a year before your car has even turned a wheel that you feel obliged to clock up a number of miles in order to justify the cost, which is not fair on those who leave their car at home whenever possible but do not live in the major cities where it is realistically possible to do without a car altogether. To this end the road fund license should be free and all the corresponding cost met by fuel tax. Wed 01 Sep 2010 18:14:42 GMT+1 math Another option would be to remove all roads. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:54:28 GMT+1 U14370844 490. At 5:55pm on 01 Sep 2010, I_amStGeorge wrote: Sandwiches do not need rail transport as every little shop in england can make a sandwich.The truth is , any product delivered by road can be delivered by rail more cost effective, fresher and undamaged as they are not subject to every bump in the road or surrounded by petrol /deisel fumes. ..It doesn't matter a jot that you think that 'every little shop can make sandwiches' there is an industry out there that makes sandwiches and they need to get their goods to customers and the fact is that they like 1000's of other businesses find that rail is not a suitable method of transport.Rail freight has it's place, but it is in delivering large bulky loads to coal stations etc.., it is simply not flexible enough these days to be of much use to a lot of industries. Add into the mix the dinosaurs in the rail unions who go on strike at a drop of a hat rail isn't attractive to a lot of companies.If it was such a money saver or time saver as you claim then don't you think that TESCOs, Sainsburys et al beating the government's door down to get the correct investment channelled into rail? Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:51:44 GMT+1 Robin We need to get ahead with building a high speed rail network. Britain is more than 30 years behind France in this respect. We must streamline the planning process and deal more quickly and effectively with obstructive Nimbies. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:49:07 GMT+1 math There are a good few things that could be done to ease congestion on the roads: moving freight onto trains/canals, reducing the number of traffic lights, not allowing parking on corners, giving everyone a decent GPS, to name but a few.Unfortunately the number one thing that causes congestion is something that can't be fixed by politicians - the sheer number of truely dreadful drivers on our roads. And by that I don't just mean people who break the law.- There are the idiots who hang in a lane when there is nothing in the lane to their left. Thank you for being a rolling roadblock.- There are the idiots who try to not let cars in other lanes filter in when the signs say to "because they didn't queue up like we did". Sorry, but if there's carriageway to be used it should be used - just because you didn't that's no one's fault but yours.- And there are the idiots who try to join a traffic queue because they think it's proper even with miles of open road ahead of you in your lane. Look behind you - you're blocking the people who are trying to correctly use the road.There are hundreds of examples of people driving badly but staying within the letter of the law, and I would suggest that there are more of them then there are those who break the law.So if we seriously want to improve congestion, we need to improve drivers awareness of what happens on the road when they do something stupid.And ban all caravans. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:47:16 GMT+1 Robin I am sorry but you have to improve roads and even build new ones to cut congestion. The argument that new roads simply generate more traffic is disproved by our motorway network. Or are these people saying it should never have been built? It seems to me there are a lot of parochially sentimental people who think the world ends with their pretty little village. Traffic jams are extremely wasteful in fuel, time and resources. They also contribute massively to pollution and health problems. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:45:24 GMT+1 Tony G If the companies that built these roads and bridges reduced the cost so that drivers could afford to pay on a daily basis then they might get their money back. The M6 toll should charge a straight £1.00 for cars and motorbikes and £2.50 for lorries. Caravans to cost an extra £1.50 on top of the car price. The road would be swamped.I know people who live next to the toll road and because of the expense of it travel miles more, with costs in time and fuel and still come out with more cash than if they used the toll. The prices are a joke. I have used the toll twice since it opened because the price is so extortionate, The road is normally completely clear with little or no traffic. Lower your prices and people will use it because it is a bloody good road. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:42:13 GMT+1 mark_2002 Such hate at 4x4 drivers!!! Next time it snows you're walking sonny :-DBan buses and make people walk as it's good for them :-DBan cyclists unless they want to pay for dedicated cycle lanes :-DBan lorries completely. I don't use big supermarkets so I don't care if they go broke :-DOr we could just try building enough roads adequate for the population. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:36:47 GMT+1 BLACK_PEARL *************************************************482. At 5:11pm on 01 Sep 2010, Brian Berlin wrote:pb wrote: "What is really funny though is the thought that I'm supposed to be a bogeyman in my 4x4 but my neighbour who drives a large 4wd saloon car with a 3L engine - a car which is slightly longer than and less fuel efficient than my Nissan - berly gets a second glance.This just shows how stupid this argument really is."No no no, they're naff too, honest :-)***********************************************************What about the '6 litre' engined buses that drive around all afternoon with only 3 or 4 passengers on them at a time.These are a total waste and take up huge amounts of road space and they're not even a 4x4... Restrict these to peak use times only. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:34:17 GMT+1 boodnock This post has been Removed Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:33:36 GMT+1 boodnock Allow Lorrys and Caravans to travel only between 7pm and 6am, Build more roads, cut back on Immigration, Jail unlicenced drivers, Road tax dodgers and Insurance avoiders and crush their cars, Introduce a law against those that cause a nuisance by driving to slowly, Up the Speed limit to 70MPH on "A" roads and 80MPH on Motorways.Carry out all road repairs only after 10pm until 6pm, reduce the Millions of useless roadsigns, remove every speed hump in Britain, Remove every Speed camera, and give the average driver some credit for not being so stupid as the Government and the safety groups think we are.That should do it Nicely... Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:25:47 GMT+1 Steve Start switching traffic lights off at 8PM. No HGVs on motorways at weekends say from 6AM Saturday till 2AM Monday morning.Left turns on a red light if road conditions allow. Undertaking on motorways. Stop the use of traffic lights at roadworks where they are not needed. Traffic calming features that where put there for political reasons. Increase motorway speed limits 85-90 in the dry reduce them in the wet. Etc Etc Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:21:16 GMT+1 GUNGHOBUNGADIER To Brian BerlinI mean NO ONE would actually hold beliefs like the above, and publish them in public, to total ridicule from anyone who didn't realise it was a spoof, would they.The clue is in the name Brian; I used to be a considerate and courteous driver until the "perfect drivers" (see HYS), cyclists, environmentalists, gooky planners and local authorities adopted agressive anti-car policies. So I've now become the driver I described in my posting - and guess what if you and others are horrified, sorry about that but as the Aussies say, "get over it", I am that man ! Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:20:05 GMT+1 U14552020 · 463. At 4:11pm on 01 Sep 2010, Khuli wrote: "449. At 2:59pm on 01 Sep 2010, Its all Thatchers Fault wrote:I am not suggesting that they be made “Cheaper”. I am suggesting that all forms of Public transport be Free, trains, Busses, Trams, Coaches all should all be brought into public ownership and run as a public service paid for by general taxation. And of course it would be far more efficient i.e. a far better service because you don’t have to make a profit or pay dividends to shareholders.What is the problem?"---------------------------Not paying shareholders has nothing to do with whether it's efficient. All other things being equal it might make it slightly cheaper. Frankly I would suggest it's more likely to be over-staffed, poorly managed, inefficient, decrepit rolling-stock, and a huge cost to the tax payer - much like it was last time it was publicly owned (and it wasn't free then either!).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~##Take off the Thatcherite blindfold; remove the Thatcherite earplugs, spit out the Thatcherite gag.The whole point is that at the moment we have a transport system that has as its lowest priority the transportation of people, its sole reason for existence is to make as much money as possible for its shareholders and CEO’sWe need a transport system that is designed to move people from one point to another without using a car; we need a transport system that people will use.If as a country we invest in a public transport system that is the best way to get from A to B without using a car, everyone wins.You make the mistake that efficiency = cheapEfficiency should = excellence Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:19:23 GMT+1 The Fickle Finger Anyone who has ever driven during the school holidays can verify that 'congestion' virtually disappears when the schools are off. Be really radical. Change the school hours so they don't clash with 'rush hour' - say 10am - 4pm or 6pm for a school day. And get lorries travelling at night. Reduce the cost of petrol for 'city car club' vehicles so that people are encouraged to use them. Take vat on bicycles off completely and reduce their cost so that people will try to use them. Have free bike service checks so they are kept in good order. We need to start using carrots instead of sticks to go at people, we really do. I'm sure folk could come up with many more genuine ideas that would ease you out of your car. We just have to get innovative and be bolder. Try something different instead of just tightening the screw all the time. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:17:38 GMT+1 thrill_vermilion luskentyre wrote: Unfortunately most people can't see the elephant in the room that is overpopulation.The Bloke wrote: Actually, the consistent polling showing the vast majority of the population opposes immigration, and regards it the, or one the main issues, suggests most people can see the elephant in the room.Wrong. They only see overpopulation by non-British people. Apparently it's fine to litter up the place with feckless whites. Wed 01 Sep 2010 17:09:06 GMT+1 coastwalker Congestion could be reduced by increasing the price of fuel. Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:58:21 GMT+1 I_amStGeorge message 484 Phosgene GasThe reason people dont use rail is logistical not financialYour comments regarding rail frieght are astounding. Sandwiches do not need rail transport as every little shop in england can make a sandwich and as for only rail being needed for bulky items. How on earth did London manage for fish is there a dock in London that I dont know about that sells fish wholesale and the Wimbledon strawberry straight from field to punnet in under 8 hours My oh my what big straberries you have grandma. The truth is , any product delivered by road can be delivered by rail more cost effective, fresher and undamaged as they are not subject to every bump in the road or surrounded by petrol /deisel fumes. It has been suggested that a new rail waggon can be used to transport the long HGV trailers only, to any part of the country to be collected from the depot by the HGV tractor unit so spending as little time on the road as possible and as I stated previously lowering the reliance on road congestion, NHS, Police and Fire Brigade and giving us all a healthier lifestyle. But one thing I do know is that prevarication and negative attitudes will not get things altered Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:55:00 GMT+1 Kickstart 468. At 4:16pm on 01 Sep 2010, The Ghosts of John Galt wrote:454. At 3:25pm on 01 Sep 2010, Phosgene wrote:429. At 2:10pm on 01 Sep 2010, The Ghosts of John Galt wrote:"Easy solution - tarmac over all the railway networks and turn them into roads!!!!! ;-)"-----But feasibility studies that have looked at this in different decades show this not to be the case...-----I was actually joking - find it quite incredible that any would actually undertake a feasibility study into it! ;-)In flow of traffic a railway converted to a road for buses will have a far higher capacity than it had as a railway. But the buses will virtually never be full (same with the trains) which renders the comparison dubious, and allowing for passengers to get on and off will likely be far slower than with trains. Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:41:38 GMT+1 J Workerbee get rid of stupid bus lanes that cause tail backs for miles, better phasing of traffic signals, allow left turns at intersections. Stop knocking all 4x4 drivers, My 4x4 has 7 seats that are used it does 30mpg around town and takes up no more space than a bmw 5 or 7 series or a big merc. Tell me why we need 3L plus 3 series BMW's? Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:26:04 GMT+1 1L19 439. At 2:21pm on 01 Sep 2010, Peter wrote:Maybe one of the tree-huggers who have posted here could answer the following question .........How can I get between Brentwood, Essex and Canterbury, Kent in an hour or less without using my car? Some of us have mortgages and bills to pay and have to work...... and before you ask, I do not want to work from home, and never would I.I can't think of anything worse than working in isolation with no-one to converse with and pass the time of day……………………………………..You can't! A motorbike has to the solution to your problem, fast, economical and fun. Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:21:58 GMT+1 Rational Viewpoint An easy solution.... make public transport free at the point of use, like roads are. I've no doubt that use of public transport would rocket and objections to extended journey times would evaporate. People only want lower congestion so they can move around easier.... logic would tell you that if its easier to move about, more people will do it so this is a problem that will never go away. How about staggared working hours / staggered school times / an end to the traditional 8.30 - 5 working day. I drive around a lot during the day and in the evening and never have an issue. The only problem is that, like sheep, everyone wants to go places at the same time. Outside of peak hours there is bags of capacity in our transport system. Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:20:17 GMT+1 pb #464 SussexRokx wrote: And where in this country can you get a decent bratwurst with brotchen and senf at the side of the motorway? ;o)Sigh... you make me wish I was there now.... but I'd rather a Leberknödel mit Speckkraut und Kartoffelpüree - I could eat Leberknödel till it came out of my ears... or Schäufala... Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:14:31 GMT+1 U14370844 427. At 1:59pm on 01 Sep 2010, Phosgene wrote:....Quite clearly, road freight handles the journeys to and from the stations....Unfortunately, this isn't how logistic chains in this country works. Things rarely go straight from factories to shops, they go via distribution centres to try to reduce the number of journey made.The simple fact is that rail is only suitable to carry bulky loads long distances. Most suppliers are located within 50 mile of distribution centres, there is simply no point in transporting goods by rail for these distances if you have to factor in a separate road journey.Most producers of goods in this country do not use rail simply because it is unrealistic to put their goods on trains. How could a sandwich maker put their goods on a train to get to a supermarket? How could a mushroom farmer? Or a lipstick manufacturer?The reason that rail is not used is logistical not financial.And people who have to mention which newspapers people read in every one of their posts cannot accuse anyone of not having original thought. Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:14:02 GMT+1 Rational Viewpoint ...Adelaide - 471.... and other truck bashers.... Think what your saying, please!!!! Not sure where you live, but can't think of a major supermarket within 200 miles of me that happens to have a rail connection or canal into the back door..... Presumably you'd also go to the supermarket by train or boat?? Whenever I go shopping its usually the massive queue of cars that clag up the roads in the surrounding area, not the trucks... Maybe people should take the bus and not be quite so idle? The solution... a continued recession and people buying less stuff. I read recently the amount of freight traffic had reduced by 12% simply because of the recession.... a much greater reductions than by any other government intervention!! Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:13:43 GMT+1 Brian Berlin pb wrote: "What is really funny though is the thought that I'm supposed to be a bogeyman in my 4x4 but my neighbour who drives a large 4wd saloon car with a 3L engine - a car which is slightly longer than and less fuel efficient than my Nissan - berly gets a second glance.This just shows how stupid this argument really is."No no no, they're naff too, honest :-) Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:11:41 GMT+1 Count Otto Black I think I have the answer to congestion, simply from reading the HYS comments. What most people seem to want is everyone banned from the roads except for themselves.You know what? That might just work. Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:11:37 GMT+1 Pete Rumour At No. 50 to your assertion that casualties in the uK from road accidents is on the rise, that site will tell you that deaths and injuries continue to fall and we are one of the safest countries in europe!To everyone who extolls the virtue of public transport...Making the public transport infrastructure better will only result in a tiny saving. When you go out shopping, you walk to your car (10mtrs?) you drive to the supermarket and park, then walk into the shop (100 mtrs?) Full of shopping, you get back home in say, 15 minutes!Going to the shop by bus! You walk to the bus stop (ours just over 1Km) You wait for the bus and if you have timed it just right, it arrives just as you do! If not you wait! To get to our nearest Tesco or Morrisons it will take about 60 minutes by bus. Once there, you walk to the supermarket.. (You know how far, ours would be about 3/4km) You shop and do the journey in reverse and this time you have six bags of shopping for the week!Can you seriously see people doing that? Can you seriously see people catching a bus at 5am to get to the warehouse they work in for 6am and then have to catch a bus home after they finish?Can you seriously see people who work out of town catching public transport? Getting up at silly o'clock in the winter to wait at a bus stop to get to the station to stand on a platform waiting toi catch a train?The only real solution to this is making us all drive stupid little cars and be forced to give lifts to others going our way.. To stop people like Royal Mail taking ALL mail off of trains where it was sorted en-route and putting it on HUNDREDS or lorries on the road network only to have to be sorted at journeys end, thereby adding extra time to mail deliveries.Stop lorries overtaking on Dual Carriageways. They are all limited to the same speed, so the difference is no more than one or two MPH. One lorry overtaking another with such a small differential can take 2 minutes or up to 2 miles and if one does not give way and they are evenly matched, could be 10 minutes of Dualing with each other! That reduces the road to 50 MPH, most time even less! Factor in hills...We have to learn to live with what we have and make the best of it. Best way is to make driving a privilage and not a right! Fail 3 times and you are not cut out for driving... And those who take the test more than 5 times... Gonna be crap drivers..... (runs and puts on flack jacket and tin hat!) Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:11:15 GMT+1 pb 467 Iain wrote: Adoption of EU rules which assume guilt of driver when involved in an incident with a cyclist. Driver must automatically prove innocence.Since when has it been righ to assume someone is guilty without evidence to prove to the contrary. This is a dangerous path to tread. It's also open to abuse. An insurance investigator I spoke to told me that there were already many incidemts of people deliiberately stepping in front of cars in towns and cities so that they could make a compensation claim. Cyclists are always having a go at motorists but being a regular pedestrian in London I think that cyclists need to get their own house in order. I've almost been mown down several times at crossings and junctions where a cyclist ignored the red light; I see cyclists go through red lights most days on my way to and from work. I even had a cyclist yesterday overtake me on the outside just as I was about to turn right into a car park (and yes, i was indicating).Hmmm... I know wghere I'd like the EU to stick this stupid, unjust and unreasonable idea. Wed 01 Sep 2010 16:07:38 GMT+1