Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 30 Aug 2014 18:58:57 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Teychin This post has been Removed Fri 25 Jun 2010 09:49:55 GMT+1 Nick Also Rosberg is very underrated as well he did a good job for Williams in a mediocre car. Mon 01 Feb 2010 15:40:14 GMT+1 Nick Sorry but Schuey and Alonso aren`t the only guys who can do the business with a mediocre car.Look at what Hamilton did the second half of the season.The Red Bulls and Brawns was clearly the class of the field,but Hamilton in a improved but still not great Mclaren won races and got podiums. Mon 01 Feb 2010 15:35:48 GMT+1 MrColeTrickle I like Schumacher in The Disney film CARS."Rubbin is racing" Harry Hogge Mon 01 Feb 2010 10:23:12 GMT+1 Carlonso REF 47I'm going to call on it right now...the men in white coats who let you out to write something so incomprehensible it actually hurt my brain... Mon 01 Feb 2010 00:25:57 GMT+1 cordas @44 - I think you are forgetting one factor, speed and racing are like drugs for MS they are addictive. Schumi caught the bug when he had his arm lightly massaged to try and step in for Massa, and I would imagine ever since he had to call off his return he has been itching to get back in a car for more fixes, adrenaline and desire to win will add to his experience, knowledge and everything else he has going for him. Its not about money or fame, although I am sure he will enjoy both its about the hunger to get another win another fix.@46 - I would be surprised if the prospective quality of the car didn't play a role in Schumi's decision. He isn't a young man, he hasn't got years to shape and mould a team to develop a front running car. He knows Ross, he has seen what Mercedes have done with engines, he will have talked with all concerned to make sure he getting what they expect to be a front running car.... Will it be.... I dunno, but I expect them to be up there, I have a sneaking suspicion Red Bull might be first out of the box but I expect (hope) it to be hundredths between 8-10 cars and possibly thousandths deciding the 1st 2 rows of the grid. Sun 31 Jan 2010 00:42:14 GMT+1 Dean Cassady It is my belief that most of the Schumacher blow-hards, are superficial brand-parasites; you go for the most prominently branded product, in everything most likely. You lack the imagination and attention to detail to understand things objectively, but then again, objectivity never really gets to be an issue, does it. It more like blind faith, in the place of thinking, isn't it.There is no doubting talent, in his day, and the residual of it is still there, and I don't doubt that he is very fit for the average person, maybe even above the average formula one driver, maybe, but his ability, right now, is not at all proportionate with the hype, right now. Naturally, the hype has been grown for years with the branding (they call it branding for a reason), so it is necessarily historical in nature; it doesn't necessarily reflect right now. A man like that would never come into a situation where based on his extensive experience, he didn't have an unusually strong chance at having the best equipment; prediction 1: the Mercedes is quite likely to be one of the best, if not the best car on the track; nor would he enter a situation where, ultimately, he would have the last word when it came to a'adjusting' the teams resources to favour himself, prediction 2: keen observers will notice how far the team media campaign goes out of its way to insist on parity for the drivers, at the same time, the people who follow closely enough will see how off parity the treatment of the drivers is. Prediction 3: this, at one point, probably past halfway through the season, Schumacher and the team will make obviously absurd comments to the press about it, which will cause a media frenzy, like a scandal. But for those who have been following the sport objectively, for ten years or so, this event will not at all be surprising.Call me on it at the end of the season, if I get it wrong. Sat 30 Jan 2010 18:18:23 GMT+1 nutt3r @15"Hakkinen, Coulthard, Raikkonen and Hamilton are like gods to me"LOL! Hakkinen only won twice, Coulthard never won anything, Raikkonen won once FOR FERRARI and Hamilton was lucky and just about scraped it.By the end of this year Schumacher will have won twice as many titles as all four of your "gods" combined :D Sat 30 Jan 2010 10:16:21 GMT+1 Carlonso nsiREF 42 and 43Michael is not less unclean than the other drivers on the gridORMichael is not more unclean than the other drivers on the is more or less unclean than the other drivers on the grid...any more ground breaking views that need to be repeated twice - or too much time spent nitpicking word for word the Iraq enquiry? Fri 29 Jan 2010 15:00:39 GMT+1 dhlennon I think the interesting thing about MS' comeback when considering his age is not if he is physically fit enough. Like for example Nadal in tennis, Schumi set new benchmarks for fitness/athleticism in his sport.The natural decline or entropy of a human body can indeed be greatly negated by dedicated training.However, the one critical part of a Driver's arsenal which can't (or at least not significantly) is reaction times. To my mind, that is the only diminished skill that he can't do anything about. Now he may be able to compensate for this partially through experience, cunning, guile, but this imperative skill is declining, and will become more noticable for every further year he chooses to compete.On a pyschological front, there is the issue of "bravery v self-protection". A 40 something with a wife and 2 kids is in general less likely to go for those 50/50 overtake or crash manoeuvres than a young charger (19-24) lad with something to prove. Is MS still up for those?It WILL be fascinating though. Like most F1 fans, at this time of year you hope and anticpate the "best season for ages". Of course that rarely happens. But if no-one has stolen a technical advantage with the car, this time I actually think we may.Good luck to all and may the best man/machine combo win! Fri 29 Jan 2010 14:43:30 GMT+1 nsi I wish to correct my above comment No 42. The corrected one isRef to comment 36.Alonso did not cause Schumacher to retire. Schumacher retired because Ferrari forced him to retire, atleast that's what many of the Articles say.Alonso had direct confrontation, with Schumacher, only in the year 2006. In 2005 it was a direct confrontation between Raikkonen and Alonso.The comment about Alonso beating Michael in a Superior Ferrari has been repeated ( even in Andrew Bensons's Blog ) before and the fact is that Renault was too superior to any car on the grid. Had Michael been driving the Renault, which Alonso was driving, Michael would have repeated his performance of 2002 and 2004. Probably Michael would have bettered his performance of 2002 and 2004.There is too much of a reference to the Monoca Qualifying incident. This incident was not proved with any telemetry data but deemed to be deliberate. He was demoted 21 places. Having said that Alonso also blocked Hamilton Deliberately in Hungary and he was demoted only 5 places.Michael is not more unclean than the other drivers on the grid. Thu 28 Jan 2010 10:59:42 GMT+1 nsi Ref to comment 36.Alonso did not cause Schumacher to retire. Schumacher retired because Ferrari forced him to retire, atleast that's what many of the Articles say.Alonso had direct confrontation, with Schumacher, only in the year 2006. In 2005 it was a direct confrontation between Raikkonen and Alonso.The comment about Alonso beating Michael in a Superior Ferrari has been repeated ( even in Andrew Bensons's Blog ) before and the fact is that Renault was too superior to any car on the grid. Had Michael been driving the world championship would have been a repeat of 2002 and 2004 by Michael. Probably Michael would have bettered his performance of 2002 and 2004.There is too much of a reference to the Monoca Qualifying incident. This incident was not proved with any telemetry data but deemed to be deliberate. He was demoted 21 places. Having said that Alonso also blocked Hamilton Deliberately in Hungary and he was demoted only 5 places.Michael is not less unclean than the other drivers on the grid. Thu 28 Jan 2010 10:30:58 GMT+1 cordas @38 ;-) I really wonder if Mercedes long term plans are Vettel or not... I have yet to hear anything actually from Vettel himself or Mercedes to say that they are interested in a partnership down the road. All that Vettel has said was early last season when he signed on at Red Bull for 2 more years was that he was happy in the team and wanted to continue to drive there. All that anyone representing Mercedes has said is yes Vettel is a fast young driver and that they have been looking at their options.... I haven't been able to see anything directly linking them.As for the Top Gear challenge, definitely! Thu 28 Jan 2010 09:15:53 GMT+1 glenn The Top Gear challenge. Great Idea. If everybody was a fan of one car and one driver then it would all get a bit booring wouldnt it? and everybody except Mclaren/Hamilton could go home, because obviously they are the best:-)I'm no Ferrari fan and less a Shumi fan but if you consider that it IS a Team sport and to be the best driver you HAVE to have the best car,then the fact that Shumi has MADE himself the best Team (to make him the best car) MAY make him the best driver????? maybe.... Thu 28 Jan 2010 00:42:46 GMT+1 Daninho @ Dean Cassady:sorry for my english, i will try to explain it to you. The 1997 Williams was a dominating car, almost everybody would have won the title in it. ON the other hand the 1997 Ferrari wasnt so good and Schumacher still nearly got the title with it, his team mate was down the list.Schumacher always managed to fight for the title in every year except 1999 cause of a broken leg, regardless how bad the car was. Ferrari "flexed" the rules not more then other teams, in the others flexed it more. Schumachers team never hired a "number2", Schumacher made him look like a number 2 and towards the end of a season it is clear that the team supports the driver with the most points but before every driver had the same material! Do you honestly think that the team give Schumachers team mates kind of older,slower or broken material? It is surprinsing that everybody think about team strategy when they hear Ferrari, the fact is that Schumacher never benefitted from a team strategy in his career, the points they won with team strategy were absolutely useless for the title, in fact Schumacher gifted this point back to Barichello later. I also dont like it when ppl saying that Schumacher cheated his titles, in fact you can only say that he cheated one title in 1994 with a questionable move, in the other 2 moves, 1997 against Hill and the "parking" move in Monaco some years ago, he got penalised. The rest of his over 200 races in his F1 career and MOtorsport career he didnt cheat, so 3 out of 240 is an acceptable atatistic and other drivers did also such moves like Damon Hill,Montoya,Alonso,Hamilton... they arent sheeps either. So the bottom line is that Schumacher fought for the title in every season he raced and many times he had not the fastest car. Montoya,Villeneuve or Hill are only good in the best cars and thats the difference. I hope you understand my english. For me Hamilton is the favourite still and what surprises me is that in the BBC articles they never mention Red Bull and Vettel as title contenders, you always read Hamilton,Alonso,Schumacher,Button? I think the cuts in team budgets make Red Bull even stronger, Adrian Newey is great and Red Bull was fighting for the title last season. Thu 28 Jan 2010 00:31:56 GMT+1 Carlonso CORDASref 37Nico is a smoke screen..the real future in Mercedes lies with Vettel if, going to plan, he moves there after his contract expires with Red Bull. I hope not and Nico really takes advantage of his move at Mercedes - he has no choice but to really put Schumacher to pasture, otherwise he'll just end up as a Barrichello,Fiscichella,Irvine,Massa - a supporting cast.A swallow doth not make a summer and we'll have to wait and see how Newey's magic can wield itself against that of Brawn for this season - Red Bull potentially had the best car, but it was fragile - reminiscent of MacLaren/Raikkonen versus Alonso's Renault...I just look at the Lotus line up...dear me, it's just so ...Steptoe and Son....ooooooh get you and your Alonso the F1 road show back on then? upset that Hamilton is without his Pussy? ;-)just a thought - but they should make it mandatory for every F1 driver to take the the Top Gear challenge in the reasonably priced car... Wed 27 Jan 2010 22:42:53 GMT+1 cordas @35, how do you know that it will be abundantly clear at Bahrain that Merc will have a no1 and no2 driver (where the no2 driver will be obviously penalised to the benefit of the no1 driver)? Have you got some magic ball that lets you see the future? If so how about telling me next weeks lottery numbers?Personally I think Mercedes will operate very differently this season than Ferrari did in previous seasons. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ross is a very different man now to those days, I also think he will have learned from having both Rubens and Jenson driving competitively for the title. Nevermind the fact that Nico is the future of the team, he has another 10-15 years in the sport were as MS' days are numbered. (That's not to say that the team won't push 1 driver later in the season if they have a chance of the Championship.)@36 In your dreams, just admit it Alonso is going to be racing against Lotus and Virgin at the back of the grid ;-) Wed 27 Jan 2010 19:35:03 GMT+1 Carlonso Ref 32What happened? A bit of woeful poetry to describe aptly a woeful driver in J. Villeneuve??and how did this blog end up being all about him?Gilles on the other hand - pure class act.Ref 33"Ppl make also the mistake to rate Alonso to(o) high..."er - because he's been the only man to beat the Schumacher/Brawn/Todd Ferrari dominating Juggernaut twice over which in effect forced him to retire...multiple world champions get very tetchy when they don't get their own way...Schumacher says he'll enjoy it...I hope he'll enjoy the back end of a Ferrari - it'll remind him very quickly the reason why he left in the first place... Wed 27 Jan 2010 16:03:01 GMT+1 Dean Cassady Okay #33 RubensSchumacher , you couldn't be biased, could you?You illustrate classic attribution theory, as documented in most first year university text books, look it up if you don't believe me. In attribution theory, people tend to attribute the successes of others to the circumstances, and their own successes to their personal contribution.By framing both the victories of Fernando Alonso and Jacques Villeneuve to their machinery (and team?) but failing to acknowledge the many, and well documented episodes of Ferrari machinery domination and flexible interpretations of the rules, and political posturing, you are applying a different measure to these drivers. Also, as already mentioned, Ross Brawn is the best strategist in Formula One (and more than likely beyond).I am not saying that Michael is not an extremely talented driver, I've already acknowledged that, above at #22.You consideration of Michael is as a classic 'halo effect', which is to say, you just mention the good, and not the other stuff about him.Now in the news, we see that the it won't be Nico alone in the first test of the year, Michael will be there also.The point is this, he is getting extra special treatment. Again, I'd like to stress that I am not making a judgement on a seven-time world champion getting 'extra' attention and privileges, just that it is a fact that he is getting extra attention and privileges!So can he be objectively assessed in isolation of that fact?It is going to be a bumpy ride for Nico this year; mark these words well, there is a number one and number two driver at Mercedes this year, and ego will not allow it to be disguised. By the opening race of the season, it will be apparent to any objective fans who follows this sport that there is a discr4epancy in the treatment of the two Mercedes drivers, and Michael has never, and will never be the number two on a team.It is for these reasons that I would have preferred him to have stayed retired. Wed 27 Jan 2010 13:14:35 GMT+1 formulaoneman seems more unlikely that Campos will be in Bahrain. Anyone agree? Wed 27 Jan 2010 11:01:22 GMT+1 Daninho "Villeneuve beat Michael Schumacher, that's how he can be compared to him"We all know that the Williams was miles ahead 1997 and Micheal Schumacher had to drive his socks off to keep in distance with them. I rate Villeneuve not even in the top 10 list of F1 drivers, the Newey Williams was so good and dominating that nearly everybody would have won the title. Ppl make also the mistake to rate Alonso to high, in 2005 and 2006 he had by far the best car, designed around a mass damper system. The year before and after that he wasnt so good anymore. Michael managed GP wins in weak cars like the 1996 Ferrari. Raikkonen failed at Ferrari and Massa outshined him, i also remember a very even fight in his Sauber Days with Heidfeld, he wasnt so good and his title was also a bit lucky. For me the best driver except Schu is Hamilton. Wed 27 Jan 2010 10:45:53 GMT+1 Carlonso This post has been Removed Wed 27 Jan 2010 02:09:03 GMT+1 Dean Cassady rejoinder to #26 joe strummer and #27 poolshark_rockstar - about Villeneuve:"How can Jacques Villeneuve be compared to Schumacher?" and "...Villeneuve who would get lapped around 4 times."Villeneuve beat Michael Schumacher, that's how he can be compared to him. And we will never know if he would be lapped 4 times, in exactly the same machinery, right now, because it is so unlikely to happen that they race in the same machinery right now. By the end of the 1997 season (won by Villeneuve), at Jerez, the MacLaren had become as good as anything, and the Ferrari was probably as good, or almost as good, as the Williams; who won? (Hakkinen's first) But most on this site know the infamous move, by Schumacher, to take Villeneuve out! It was clearly in bad taste, dangerous, and unsportsmanlike; but he lost, and Villeneuve won the championship.Anyways, Kimi would win the "...Kimi, Alonso, Lewis, and Jacques Villeneuve in exactly the same equipment as Micheal for a grand prix weekend." But I'd want Villeneuve to win; Canadian, eh? Tue 26 Jan 2010 21:35:13 GMT+1 Fredalo Apologies #26I'll be sure to be serious in future and learn to use my adenoids when speaking. Tue 26 Jan 2010 20:11:34 GMT+1 brendanstallard Sarah,Nicely written, with a good study of the history.I'm looking forward to this season as much as any previous, with the return of the Schu, he will put the cat among the pigeons to be sure.I'll add to that fizz, the enjoyment of your writing, be nice to see another lass in this male infested environment:)brendan Tue 26 Jan 2010 16:17:47 GMT+1 chucksavage7 The England vs. Germany comments are un-called for! Utter nonsense and inappropriate!Should be a cracking season, it’s a pity that Kimi Raikonnen will not be competing among the other fine drivers. Tue 26 Jan 2010 12:44:51 GMT+1 poolshark_rockstar Good blog Sarah - thanks. I don't really understand where some of the contributors are gathering their information from? How can Jacques Villeneuve be compared to Schumacher? I am an F1 fan, not some blinded-by-team-or-driver-love fan! Michael has proven he can win in the wet/dry/excellent car and not so excellent car. That makes him a very good driver. Yes he has done some stupid things in his life, but (and it's crucial this), that makes him a very good driver who has done stupid things. It doesn't make him a bad driver. There are so many drivers who could be criticised for their idiotic moves (Montoya on Raikkonen, Kobayashi on Button, Raikkonnen on Sutil, our beloved Damon Hill running into the back of Schumacher (everyone conveniently forgets that one, preferring to remember Schumacher hitting Hill in Australia) The list is absolutely endless. The fact is, unless you know all the info about all the cars and their development, you can't really make an accurate judgement. To say Alonso was not that good in last Renault is probably true. That's because Renault did not develop it. He still dragged some incredible result out of it. Fisichella is a genius one day at Spa, and the next week - he is suddenly hopeless is he? The only truly average ones are the ones who are consistently average are the ones who are (wait for it) consisistently average. Trulli gets a lot of stick for not showing race pace, but which one of his team mates has consistently beaten him?. You could blame him for not pushing the team to develop the car, but maybe (just maybe) he has been unlucky? It would be an fool who suggest that Hamilton, Raikkonen, Button Schumacher, Hakkinen, Alonso etc are not all excellent drivers. Age means nothing. Michael is in excellent shape and if Juan Manuel was able to win at his age, can anyone explain to me how Michael would not be able to? Good luck to him. I am sure Hamilton, Button etc will be all over him like a bad suit, so it should be cracking season. Tue 26 Jan 2010 12:27:34 GMT+1 joe strummer #22Bottom line: I'd like to see Kimi, Alonso, Lewis, and Jacques Villeneuve in exactly the same equipment as Micheal for a grand prix weekend; now that would be interesting!------------------------------------------------------------------It would be exciting for everyone apart from Villeneuve who would get lapped around 4 times. - mature argument from comment 25 as well Tue 26 Jan 2010 11:53:32 GMT+1 Fredalo He's 41 for heaven's sake. Has no-one factored in the time lost when he has to stop to go to the loo half way through the race? As men get older, the visits get more frequent - I speak from experience. Tue 26 Jan 2010 09:41:23 GMT+1 formulaoneman It's good to see Michael Schumacher back. It's hope Nico gets a chance but it will be all about testing where we found out who has the fastest car. USF1 have signed their first driver. Hopefully all 13 teams on the grid. Tue 26 Jan 2010 08:53:30 GMT+1 A Al Mutawa Ref # 4 LABSAB9I meant Ross Brawn,it was a typo mistake. Tue 26 Jan 2010 04:40:51 GMT+1 Dean Cassady As I feared with the return of the red baron, now white baron?, the excessive media circus and focus upon him is distracting and irritating. I must concede, he is a master. But the real question is, master at what?Where Michael has excelled above all others is in motivation and management of the team's resources and media attention to his benefit, regardless of the costs to all others. He has been very successful.There is also no denying his remarkable talent driving a car, this is not only obvious to a spectator, but the numbers show it well; all here are aware of them. But it seems likely that he is not the best pure racer, now, and I don't know if he is good for formula one, or not. Surely he is good for revenues, into the sport as a whole, and specifically into Mercedes Racing and himself. But what about for the sport? His record of sportsmanship, is, well, a little spotted to say the least. Is he good for the spectacle, I mean, aside from the media frenzy, is he really? The last few years without his gravity well, has been, well, refreshing; two seasons down to the wire, with multiple potential champions across multiple teams, and the steep rise to dominance of a new championship team from the ashes of Formula One legend, failed. They've been great years!It wouldn't bother me that Schumacher is back, if Kimi and Jacques were there in comparable machinery to contest it. But I hope he has successful competition: Lewis should be very tough, I expect McLaren to be back with a very strong package, and if Alonso can find the 0.6sec a lap at Ferrari, then he could be very dominant; Alonso shares Michael's ability to motivate and manage a team, and I expect him to prosper well at the prancing horse, despite the obvious weakness in the top spot on the team. It's nothing personal there, just the facts speak loudly, it's a make or break year from Steffano; good luck! I hope for great things from Nico; I've never been cheering for him more than I am now, and he might just have the stuff. I'll be keeping an eye on the internal Mercedes environment; who could doubt the special relationship between Ross Brawn, clearly the best there is at what he does, right now, and Michael? Bottom line: I'd like to see Kimi, Alonso, Lewis, and Jacques Villeneuve in exactly the same equipment as Micheal for a grand prix weekend; now that would be interesting! Tue 26 Jan 2010 04:22:14 GMT+1 glenn I agree. I just dont think it will be the first year. Tue 26 Jan 2010 01:51:36 GMT+1 Carlonso my pet hate is my typo mistakes... Tue 26 Jan 2010 01:51:29 GMT+1 Carlonso ref 18Ross holds all the cards. That's why I believe Schumacher, a man that I hold in high esteem in having an encounter on the second working day of the week (Tuesday), can pull it off. Ross Brawn is a genius, and Schumacher would not waste his time in coming out of retireent just to make up the numbers whether they'd be odd or even...he is serious in his intent on winnig another world championship...and there are a very select few that can thwart it..Alonso and Hamilton... Tue 26 Jan 2010 01:42:30 GMT+1 glenn AND Ross holding all the other strings Tue 26 Jan 2010 01:30:19 GMT+1 Carlonso In the photos, why does Rosberg look like a Thunderbird puppet, with Schumacher holding the strings?? Tue 26 Jan 2010 00:57:02 GMT+1 glenn What I find hard to believe is that people have forgotten that this is a HONDA made with honda money and expertise by people who Ross Brawn took leadership of FROM Honda.Sure it has a Merc engine but i wonder what Honda think of it being painted siver?And sure it will be changed a bit for next year but will it be a merc?just my two cents worth. Tue 26 Jan 2010 00:52:43 GMT+1 JMH Always had a deep-seated hatred of Schumacher when he was racing (Ive been a McLaren man since I was born, and Hakkinen, Coulthard, Raikkonen and Hamilton are like gods to me), but I'm genuinely pleased that hes decided to make his return. Certainly should be a good season, Button, Hamilton, Schumacher, Vettel, Webber, Rosberg, Alonso (who I still think is an over-rated driver), Massa and possibly even Kubica have a shot at the championship.And I finally get my all-British, non-Mercedes team back. Yay. Tue 26 Jan 2010 00:31:58 GMT+1 speedfreek Great Blog Sarah, I hope there's more from you soon!It was an itch he just had to scratch! MS is back I think it can only be good for the sport. His return has brought good/upbeat publicity to the sport we all love, which for the past 6 months (singapore crash gate)has been lacking. Following on from his genuine disapointment at not being able to come back last season, it is the perfect fit for Schumacher, the combination of driver/team management & backing is mouth-watering for any fan that wants to watch racing. I do however hope that the whole England v Germany story, is not over-played through this seasons coverage and instead the coverage focuses on what is important - the competition itself, between the drivers and teams whatever their nationality. Whatever happens this season, I think it will live long in the memory, and I for one cannot wait for it to start! Tue 26 Jan 2010 00:20:55 GMT+1 Carlonso REF 11You're right ..I'm sure Alonso can at least satisfy himself to a hatrick of beating Schumacher to the world title if he was after all curtailed at a hatrick of world championships when joining MacLaren... Tue 26 Jan 2010 00:01:34 GMT+1 Ginger The pictures that I have seen of the launch show a nervous looking Rosberg as if he is sat with the best F1 driver of all time......just a minute he is!It would be very impressed if he gave a good fight this season but I suspect that he will be a number 2 just like Rubens, Irvine, Massa......Shame as I think it will be the breaking of him.As for MSC is suspect that he will be fighting for the WDC but it will be so so close......47 days and counting. Mon 25 Jan 2010 23:03:22 GMT+1 cordas Great blog.@8 I don't think its the money, I think last season when he was asked to step in for Massa and couldn't the old habit kicked back in and he wants his speed fix. I very much doubt he is returning for anything other than racing and winning. That said I don't think he is going to have it all his own way, there are too many other good drivers and a couple of great drivers about who are going to want to make their mark by beating him. Bring on Bahrain! Mon 25 Jan 2010 22:19:49 GMT+1 NEIL P HARVEY To see Schumacher come back and Challenge other teams in F1 will be a huge draw for the competition, but we are already seeing Shumi try and put his stamp on the team by him bullying the team into giving him the racing number 3 even though he has not been in the competition for 3 years. Poor Nico has absolutely no chance of equal resources within the team. I am certainly waiting for "team orders" to let Schumi pass. I hope their car is more competitive than at the end of last season so that we we see some good racing, but ultimately I am cheering for Lewis. Good effort Michael, but no cigar. Mon 25 Jan 2010 22:09:28 GMT+1 GreyoTG @8I doubt a seven-time world champion who was being paid bundles of money before and after racing for Ferrari, would have his bank account running low. It's not as if he's majorly affected by the recession.Anyway, I am absolutely ecstatic about all the driver line-ups this year, epiecially Alonso & Massa. Reflections of the 2007 Alonso & Hamilton at Mclaren... who knows. By the way, is anyone forgetting Force India? They may produce a field-leading car (Pariculary at Belguim), and with no KERS next year, they certainly will be having an advantage on the fast-open tracks towards the end of the season. Mon 25 Jan 2010 21:40:01 GMT+1 wildlancaster Is Michael Schumacher's bank ballance running a little low and that is the reason he is returning? He has had his day and proved that he is a great racing driving, he should have stayed retired and let the up and comming stars have their day, if he starts winning everything again the sport will again become boaring. Sorry Michael stay off the track. Mon 25 Jan 2010 20:40:59 GMT+1 Lord_Lancashire I can't say how much I am looking forward to this season, and it is all set up to be the best in years - and, don't get me wrong, we've had some crackers this decade.I never was a fan of Michael Schumacher, and at first, when I learned of his return, I was apprehensive. But now, I feel it's injected a new lease of life into the already tantalising season prospects. I'm praying for dear life that McLaren don't produce a duff car - to see the British super team (McLAREN) versus the German super team (MERCEDES) will be almighty. Mon 25 Jan 2010 20:02:15 GMT+1 smifffies @5Nope the brawngp domain is fine, all nice and shiny silver Mercedes Petronas rebranded. Possibly off for update when you tried? But does require reregistering for email updates etc.I think Michael is up to the job and will be very competetive as the car is now properly designed and put together rather than rushed together last year, so I expect Mercedes/MS/NR to feature in either one or both championships as winners.Looks to be the most enthralling season yet, who will triumph? Mon 25 Jan 2010 19:26:00 GMT+1 seisteve So the Domain name is now showing 'dead' after being around a few days ago. The fantasy journey of last year is finally over. This year the pressure will be just as great for Brawn but now with the pressure of Michael and Mercedes...How can anyone say F1 is boring and that it should do it's talking on the track when we have stories as great as this.... Mon 25 Jan 2010 17:23:45 GMT+1 LABSAB9 3. At 4:45pm on 25 Jan 2010, AASchumacher wrote:It will definetly pay off, Because in Michael Mercedes have an allrounder driver both on track and off it. Someone who can work closley with the engineers ( technical knowledge )beside that he well be working with the mastermind Ross Brown.Who's Ross Brown?? Mon 25 Jan 2010 17:20:53 GMT+1 A Al Mutawa It will definetly pay off, Because in Michael Mercedes have an allrounder driver both on track and off it. Someone who can work closley with the engineers ( technical knowledge )beside that he well be working with the mastermind Ross Brown.I believe they will provide him with a very good car. So make no mistake, he will be gunning for the eight title.I’ve read many articles doubting Michael ability and fitness to compete at the front end due to his age. Michael is no ordinary athlete, he kept himself fit all the time & i believe that 80% fit Schumacher better than the majority on the grid.If anyone wants to know how determine MS about his comeback, just watch his press conference when he abadoned his first comeback.His face expressions,his voice tone & body language said it all.No offense , with the current drivers, there are only two who can get a result out of a mediocre car. ( M Schumacher / F Alonso ) & in a good car, they can bag in points.Schumacher will be back with a bang. It will be exciting season & I am looking forward to it. Mon 25 Jan 2010 16:45:12 GMT+1 Carlonso Thanks Sarah. Great blog.Mercedes back as a team in their own right bucks the trend of other large car manufacturers who flirted with the idea of F1 greatness but achieved very little reward (Renault being the exception with Alonso)...The marriage of Schumacher/Brawn/Mercedes engines is an ominous one for the rest of the other F1 teams.Under the guise of Brawn GP it was well into developing the 2010 car before Mercedes took over. They have come in at precisely the right time and have been patient in their pursuit of becoming a fully fledged F1 player, now that economics and lower budgets have made ita far more attractive proposition.They will certainly be amongst the front-runners and I'm intrigued to see how the Mercedes philosophy and racing ideology has shifted from Ron Dennis/MacLaren to now the hands of Ross Brawn and his team.To have an official launch with what was the Brawn car is a statement of intent - The name might have been that of Brawn above the paddock last season, but it was Mercedes that powered it to both the driver's and constructor's championships. Honda's loss was Mercedes' gain and it looks very likely that they'll be right up their competing for honours again. Mon 25 Jan 2010 16:40:37 GMT+1 pmj This is season is shaping up to be one of the best in years. Michael Schumacher racing against the likes of Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel and even his own team mate Nico who I suspect has been vastly underrated and just needs a quick reliable car to show of his talents. I just hope with the new rule changes, the racing lives up to all of this hype! Mon 25 Jan 2010 16:19:05 GMT+1