Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 20 Oct 2014 11:58:20 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at thomasgalvin Thanks for sharing this information in advance. This is very useful for me and my business(!!:-) Sat 16 Oct 2010 07:08:11 GMT+1 jr4412 BobRocket #4."I quite like David Icke's site.."I may give it a try, I was lent on of his books a few years ago and found it entertaining (what little I remember :-)).also, I second knowles2's comment, your idea of donating the payload space to third parties is pretty cool. Thu 26 Aug 2010 23:18:12 GMT+1 knowles2 BobRocket wrote:I agree, any satelite space that is not sold out should be gifted to schools an universities, not just in there respect countries but any university in the world that have a bright idea or a package that they want to launch. Thu 26 Aug 2010 13:27:10 GMT+1 BobRocket 66 satellites in a shell around the earth 780km high, if one of them gets hit by a bit of space debris and breaks up won't that pollute that region of space and make it more hazardous for the rest ? Any unsold payload space should be gifted to schools/colleges in Virginia and in the regions that Thales Alenia Space operate as both these companies will require scientists/engineers in the future and utilising what is essentially free capacity in this way will give them potential employees who already have experience in the field. It might also inspire a whole new generation into the possibilities of space.#2 jr4412I quite like David Icke's site, it gives links to some mad survivalist sites in the US, some of the conspiracy theorists posters are barking, it becomes little worrying when you realise that the Americans posting have access to guns, it becomes even more worrying when you realise that some of the postings originate on this side of the pond :) Thu 26 Aug 2010 09:31:57 GMT+1 John_from_Hendon #1. A BluesBerry wrote: "Of the two I believe most in the “a”. [(a) the United States, and possibly other countries, know something the rest of us don’t know (What's new?), possibly the approach of alien spacecraft, and they want to keep the general citizenry calm by pre-explaining all those strange reflections - you know off satellites. ]"Come on. aren't you being the slightest bit paranoid!!!!For your preference to be at all rational you need to explain away the manifest incompetence of the USA and the rest of the worlds countries. These are represented by an organisation (the Pentagon/CIA etc.) that can't win wars - because it has failed to realise the blindingly obvious - that wars end. They appoint people that say such daft things as 'We do not do nation building'. Yet you believe in the skill and competence of these people - I find that your position is just incredible. They are chumps at best and incompetents at worst - you seem to think that this is all an act to cover up their machiavellian manipulations - I do not find it credible - to achieve this they would have to be competent yet they are not mostly being unable to organise a p.... up in a brewery.I subscribe to the idea that we (the general public) know quite a bit more than "the United States, and possibly other countries" - they do not fool many people much of the time - they carry on doing the daft things that they do be cause they are in power - not because they know what they are doing. We are simply stuck with these amateurs and in a sense that is the way it should be for if they actually knew much then they might be really dangerous - rather than just a pathetic note in the margin of history. They all need to reminded regularly that all lives end in failure - from the most insignificant to the most powerful - death is the great leveller. ( See for example - Shelly P.B. - Ozymandias aka. Ramesses the Great (about 1300 BCE to 1213 BCE): "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!") Those in power are mostly pompous and witless buffoons - that goes for scientists, engineers, economists right through to generals in the army - luckily we have developed a system of checks and balances that ensures that both that almost anyone could do and does do the job and the person least dangerous actually does the job and then only until someone even less dangerous has his/her turn!!!!Mostly the Military/Industrial complex is about conning joe public out of their hard earned money and this is just the latest scam! Wed 25 Aug 2010 22:07:12 GMT+1 jr4412 BluesBerry #1."Huge Spherical Objects in the Corona of the Sun - Shot by NASA's Stereo Spacecraft"well, I plugged this sentence into a well-known search engine and every hit was a reference to some blog (prominent among them: David Icke's) but not a single credible about you add (good) references to the "Headlines of interest" you mentioned. Wed 25 Aug 2010 21:34:59 GMT+1 BluesBerry I think most people have seen solar flares recently. Photographs are all over the net. The question is: Are these typical satellite flares?What do WE humans have up there amidst all of our space-junk that could reflect such pretty colors? Reflections of light from satellites? Photographs really worth looking at:taken by Per-Arne Mikalsen Jan. 20, 2010. These show shows a vast aurora erupting over the northern Norwegian town of Andenes.In one of Mikalsen’s photographs is an object, one photograph showing a mysterious green mushroom-like object. This was proven not to be a lens flare or a defect on the camera lens. Also, Mikalsen, having worked on Andøya Rocket Range for several years, has seen aurorae of all shapes and sizes; he’s never seen anything like this!The network of Iridium communication satellites are best known for their flares; they have huge antennae that act as orbital mirrors. Concern: I can’t visualize an Iridium satellite amplifying auroral light as much as I saw in Mikalsen's photos. Sure, it’s possible that Per-Arne Mikalsen took a photograph of a satellite flare (possibly an Iridium satellite).Headlines of interest:Mysterious glowing aurora over Saturn confounds scientists Big Auroras on Jupiter Yesterday's X3-flare expected to spark a geomagnetic storm Strange Formation seen on radar by thousands over Australia Huge Spherical Objects in the Corona of the Sun - Shot by NASA's Stereo Spacecraft So what’s REALLY going on?No country, under current economic conditions, is going to spend billions and billions of dollars to put Iridium satellites into space, especially on speculation and “ideas” like GPS radio occultation, ocean and land colour imaging, etc. We already have this tecchnology.I could believe the “persistent surveillance capability” because we all know how much the United States like to keep track of “intelligence”, which it may or may not enact.As for “persistent sensing of fast-changing circumstances”, whose fast-changing circumstances? The clue that something is amiss is this:Some of the big agencies like the European Space Agency (Esa) have already said the proposition is not for them. NOT FOR THEM? Interesting.The European Space Agency (ESA) already has Envisat Earth remote-sensing spacecraft. Maybe that's why this Iridium thing is not for them.Why is time so important? Why must Iridium and Thales Alenia lock the deadline as 2012 (the end). Here’s what I think:a) the United States, and possibly other countries, know something the rest of us don’t know (What's new?), possibly the approach of alien spacecraft, and they want to keep the general citizenry calm by pre-explaining all those strange reflections - you know off satellites. b) the intent of the Iridium system is not as benign as we think; it is highly militaristic and desgined to spot and target “enemies”. Dear God, don't we have enough of those?Of the two I believe most in the “a”. Wed 25 Aug 2010 13:37:51 GMT+1