Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 23 Oct 2014 20:55:37 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at SteveDJ I cant believe the lack of live or recorded coverage the BBC is giving the Indoor Athletics Championship in Doha. With just over 2 years to go to the London Olympics, all home mainstream television company's should be doing their best to promote athletics. But no, nothing.After scanning the Sky channels I eventually found that ESPN are showing it live and also recorded highlights. Fortunately, I'm in position that I can afford to pay the extra that is required to receive this channel. Not a lot of sports fans can.When the BBC can stay up all night showing the Winter Olympics and give plenty of coverage to the paralympics, so why cant the same be done to the Indoor Athletics Championship in Doha. The Formula one season has started, Cricket, Rugby and football are being shown constantly. Yet the above sports already have a large following. With all the latest technical devices and channels available, there is no excuse for the BBC not to show a major athletics competition when it comes up. The BBC should provide more of a variety in showing all sports and not just the big money earners. Not everyone can afford Sky or ESPN. Sat 13 Mar 2010 08:13:50 GMT+1 U14310449 This post has been Removed Sat 23 Jan 2010 11:54:59 GMT+1 Dave Harris So, only the next fortnight, and basically Darts and Snooker (and skiing highlights). Not very Olympic. Thu 07 Jan 2010 14:41:12 GMT+1 Martin Gough - BBC Sport Good question Dave. Some will be on BBC TV, others will feature on the red button and/or the BBC Sport website. I think it's safe to say more Olympic sports than ever before (outside the Games) will feature.Obviously the entire year isn't set in stone yet but here are a couple of links with coverage coming up: Thu 07 Jan 2010 08:07:00 GMT+1 Dave Harris Silly question, but which of these will actually be on BBC TV? Wed 06 Jan 2010 20:02:30 GMT+1 Paragirl Great that you mentioned the Paralympic World cup - two other big events in the Paralympic sport world that are happening on our shores this year are the Goalball World Championships in Sheffield June 18th - 25th and the Wheelchair Basketball World Champs in Birmingham July 7th - 18th. Go and cheer on GB! Tue 05 Jan 2010 08:06:32 GMT+1 Martin Gough - BBC Sport Ryan6Giigs, All the sailing events run their own World Champs - for instance the 49er ones are this week in the Bahamas and the Star takes place next week in Rio (and we hope to have video highlights on the BBC Sport website). The one part of the calendar they all come together is the World Cup series, and the UK leg of that is the Sail 4 Gold regatta in August. More info here: Tue 05 Jan 2010 06:05:55 GMT+1 Ryan6Giigs What about the Sailing World Championships? How can you have forgotten about this when sailing won Team GB the most medals at Beijing apart from cycling! Mon 04 Jan 2010 19:37:05 GMT+1 Martin Gough - BBC Sport A representative of Medway Council in Kent has been in touch to tell me about the Modern Pentathlon World Cup event, which takes place there in early April.There's a bit more info here:'s one of 64 events in UK Sport's World Class Event Programme - more details here. if you feel I've missed anything or if if there are events that have been given short shrift. Mon 04 Jan 2010 14:47:30 GMT+1 GGAli Although it is nice to see the mention of the London Olympia Horse Show for December, what is far more important in September 25 to October 10 is the World Equestrian Games, in Kentucky, where new world champions will be crowned for all three of the equestrian disciplines that appear in the Olympics, plus paradressage, driving, reining, vaulting and endurance (I don't think that I've missed any. Mon 04 Jan 2010 12:50:27 GMT+1 CapitalDan You need a new pic of Tweddle, she's got the flag the wrong way round. Sun 03 Jan 2010 14:02:08 GMT+1 AccurateChronometer Ooops it's been assembled a year early: the gun a bit.False start!Start again. Sat 02 Jan 2010 19:29:53 GMT+1 AccurateChronometer Some of those athletes who excel in 2010 should certainly qualify for BBC Radio Five Live's revised and GENUINE 'Greatest Sporting Achievements Of The Decade' when the 1st Decade of the 21st Century reaches its last day on December 31st 2010.All the best Martin for a Happy, Prosperous and Accurate 10th and last year of the 1st decade of the 21st Century in 2010. Sat 02 Jan 2010 17:36:27 GMT+1 Martin Gough - BBC Sport Guy S, you're right and as I wrote the report that day I really shouldn't have needed prompting. Changed in the main copy now., it sounds as if there is the political will to make it happen but we haven't seen anything concrete yet. All the focus on 2018 World Cup bid so far. and NeddyNut, both worthy inclusions, and both were on the shortlist. I tried to keep it to one event per month, with a couple of squeezes. Sat 02 Jan 2010 14:54:45 GMT+1 KofiK Is the idea of British participation in Olympic football still feasible? if so what is being done to get a credible team and shape it up for London 2012? Sat 02 Jan 2010 13:57:22 GMT+1 Guy Swarbrick Victoria Pendleton wasn't the only Brit to win Gold at the Worlds last year - or even, as reported elsewher, the only Brit to defend their 2008 World title.Lizzy Armitstead, Wendy Houvenaghel and Jo Rowsell took the 2009 Team Pursuit title that Houvenaghel and Rowsell had won with Rebecca Romero in Manchester the previous year.Pendleton was, however, the only Beijing Gold medal winner to take a 2009 World Title.The French, Germans and Australians, in particular, have responded well to the 9 World and 7 Olympic titles GB took on the track in 2008 but - despite a dominant performance at the World Cup in Manchester in October - it'll be 2011 before you can really start to gauge the strength of the GB team. Sat 02 Jan 2010 10:00:39 GMT+1 NeddyNut Agree with Madge and like her can I also give a mention to another Olympic sport and Olympic hopeful. July 24 / 25th Hyde Park London - free to watch - Alistair Brownlee defend his World Champion status in the ITU Dextro Energy World Championship series in the men's elite race on the 25th. Two other options, watch the race live on the BBC or enter the triathlon event taking place over the weekend and then watch Ali perform. Fri 01 Jan 2010 17:18:03 GMT+1 Madge Great column, Martin. Good to see Olympic sports firmly in the spotlight. One event that's got to be worth a look is the British Swimming Championships at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, from March 29th to April 3rd. This is a generally little-publicised chance to see our top swimmers, such as Rebecca Adlington, in top-class action. It's normally only a couple of quid to get in and the back end of the event coincides with the start of the Easter weekend. A quick look at the timetable for Good Friday shows there are 14 finals in the evening programme... that's got to be worth a trip! Fri 01 Jan 2010 15:49:50 GMT+1