Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 25 Dec 2014 09:01:48 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at izak I find it a bit odd with my Indian friends being so conservative outside (US Movies on tv with even cleavage shots are not shown infront of their kids!)and at the same time spend time taking part in these surveys. Mon 04 Jan 2010 18:47:57 GMT+1 johhsmith I really commend Soutik(and BBC) for his brave stand on a very important issue here. The issue here is not the Sex Survey itself but about the minimum ethics within the Fourth Estate.How many of us have the guts to take on the 'out of order' within? In a coutry like India you would be bullied and put out of business for speaking against the brethren.I have always bought magazines. I remember when I was a teenager believing these sex surveys but as I grew up I realised that these articles(generally mentioned in the cover page) are completely manufactured.I understand that end of the day the Media is a business and so it has to have a motive/view but when it comes to 'minimum ethics' there should be no compromise. The Media to any society is like a fence to a house. If the fence let's itself down I am worried. Wed 23 Dec 2009 22:00:41 GMT+1 andrian007 These surveys are all fine and good and even entertaining, but what worries me is that people are starting to see the west as the model for sexual habits. If the sex is responsible, by all means do it, but if it could potentially break up marriages, cause unintended pregnancies and diseases or hurt other people's feelings in anyway, then this type of sex should be avoided at all costs. Tue 22 Dec 2009 15:40:36 GMT+1 Arthur Brede Tomsu - you have a Freudian finger 'a sacred act. It is not just a "drink" when we have thrust' is just delicious.As for the blog, it is, as usual, super: superfluous, supercilious, superficial and super-boring. In a country where every second city lamp-post advertises sexual quackery and everybody lies about everything, what price a sex-survey.All that can be deduced from the article is that Biswas is definitely from Patna and there's a one in four chance that he participates in surveys. Sat 19 Dec 2009 19:56:22 GMT+1 David no. 19, That is a very insightful comment. (this observation is from a gay person such as I--not "coming out" here, as I've been out for 500 years lol---but consider myself a human with a mind first:) Sat 19 Dec 2009 02:40:26 GMT+1 uninstall I bet they didn't find out how many men are gay, but got married because they're scared of their relatives. Fri 18 Dec 2009 22:19:17 GMT+1 David It is a subject that is without context unless the author here spells out whether this is a survey of differences between "others" (Westerners, etc.) and the people from India.And is it sex or romance here -- the true subject? Or is sex looked at as if romance is just it's by-product? I guess being from the USA, I'm confused by this kind of humor ("flock of turtles flying over my head"):) Thu 17 Dec 2009 23:46:14 GMT+1 deep22 Seriously? Are we running out of topics for this Blog? Thu 17 Dec 2009 12:01:54 GMT+1 Maria Ashot I am very impressed by the men who have stepped forward in India and offered to marry sex workers in order to free them from exploitation.What an inspiring example! I hope this is an idea that spreads... So many women deserve to be rescued!God would certainly bless such a selfless person.Kudos! Wed 16 Dec 2009 22:56:21 GMT+1 ghostofsichuan Over a billion people didn't just appear. The British Colonial period bought attitudes that were not a part of the past. Historical Indian literature is as sexual as any in the world, if not more so. A silly subject that draws attention as we imagine looking in the bedroom windows of others or wonder about that person we pass every day on the street or in a shop. The nature of the human is to continue the species, as with every other life form. What we do know is that sex and knowledge have caused many more problems than joys. Wed 16 Dec 2009 19:30:05 GMT+1 johhsmith 'Sex Sells'; and very much in a taboo country like India. Media and other businesses are very aware of this; especially magazines and the biggest culprits are magazines like **'Outlook'**'The Week' etc and tabloids like **'Times of India'.** Wed 16 Dec 2009 18:07:44 GMT+1 A3 Soutik - Is it that you have to write a blog? Please, we expect better topics from you or at least better depth in the article. Wed 16 Dec 2009 17:15:15 GMT+1 uk2001 Soutik- Thanks for another interesting blog. You know, I think we Indians by heart and soul love to live a double life. We love to see anonymous emails containing soft touch of vulgarity in private. However if we are in a group our behaviour changes completely. Recently I posted a link in my classmates yahoo group. This was related to a BBC news article on a story where a boy painted a huge penis on top his family home, you know, they all jump up to express their dissatisfaction about such posting in the group! When I send same thing through individual email (obviously under BCC, so that nobody sees the other recipients) I didn't get any compliant at all. Isn't it a strange state of mind? In public, we go that far to say that middle class mindset can't accept it! One more point is there any correlation of this survey result with local economy, job prospects, education, working in MNC or Govt. sector, rural area or urban area etc? Lastly what if a person shifts from Mumbai to Chandigarh? Is he going to have same answers or change himself to suit at Chandigarh? Wed 16 Dec 2009 13:05:23 GMT+1 nitin Mr. Biswas I feel sorry for you. Wed 16 Dec 2009 11:47:10 GMT+1 nitin Well your blog sucks man Wed 16 Dec 2009 11:43:19 GMT+1 sasidhar Indians are always kinky, otherwise how can we produce 1.2 Billion people, We are always open minded as the proof can be found in Khajaroho, Kamasutra etc., only Muslim and European invasions made us a closed society. Wed 16 Dec 2009 11:40:57 GMT+1 shindevikrant Mr. Biswas I feel sorry for you. Wed 16 Dec 2009 10:31:13 GMT+1 Gandoo Your blog's as boring as the survey! And please take that picture off.... Wed 16 Dec 2009 09:36:17 GMT+1 Ronald Almeida Indians originally never had any problems with sex. The temples of Khajuraho, Konarak and Kamasuthra show it. It's the Victorian double-standard British Raj that confused them. As in most other aspects of life. Example businessmen wearing suits, ties, sox and shoes in the sultry heat of Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai. The Raymond's suiting slogan ought to be,'The complete stuffed shirt!' Wed 16 Dec 2009 08:28:07 GMT+1 Felix I always wondered the origin of conflicting images of sexuality from olden and modern India. Look Kamasutra, Khajuraho and so on; forms of sexuality - some of them depicted in there are best of its times that include bestiality, orgy, gay etc are now considered promiscuous and taboo in traditional Indian society beyond any doubt. Any connection with Arab traders and spread of Islam in 7th century AD? Wed 16 Dec 2009 08:16:11 GMT+1 tomsu Traditionally Indians consider sex as a sacred act. It is not just a "drink" when we have thrust. But the changing global outlook about life is pushing the indian to sexual promiscuity to which the western world is a prime model . It all leads to a moral anarchy. Sex is very good and unavoidable but it should be used in the proper place and to the proper person. Inappropriate use of it may give apparent happiness but surely it gives long-lasting sadness. Wed 16 Dec 2009 07:50:32 GMT+1 Suresh Ramaswamy Very funny post. The cold statistics section made me crack up :)! Wed 16 Dec 2009 07:40:13 GMT+1 shikari shambu This post has been Removed Wed 16 Dec 2009 04:05:20 GMT+1 Ananya78 Very, very funny. This one made me laugh aloud. Why are sex surveys so daft? Tue 15 Dec 2009 18:21:04 GMT+1