Comments for en-gb 30 Wed 17 Dec 2014 21:34:40 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Gareth Austin Sheff, great question. i'd say this is one for the scientists to give an exact breakdown.....i'm guessing but with a calculated guess i'd guess around the 10.2.2. mark....however i'd give this to the scientists to correct me on this one....Chris, another great question, i would consider this important, thats why as a green manure i use dwarf french beans.Larksing70, nature at its finest.....very common, just pick and crush as you see them eating away! for next year try some Nasturtiums in a big pot beside yer veg patch. Fri 03 Sep 2010 21:00:08 GMT+1 Tom Looks to be the cabbage white butterfly have got to them.pick them off off look for the wggs to wipe off before they hatch Fri 03 Sep 2010 20:55:37 GMT+1 larksinging70 My winter cabbages are being ravaged by a small black /yellow caterpiller. Does anyone know what I should do and why I have got them? Fri 03 Sep 2010 07:47:27 GMT+1 Chris When planting green manure it important to remember that mustard is a brassica? Thu 02 Sep 2010 20:28:06 GMT+1 Sheff Hello folks,If I remember now, I think it was Chris who mentioned about liquid feeds on the Dig In blogs; especially such things as nettles immersed in water. He said that the feed is diluted down on a 1:10 basis, but my question is, how does liquid nettles compare to the shop bought stuff in bottles and boxes etc? How does it compare when assessing the levels of nutrients (N.P.G.)? Many thanks once agin, Pete Thu 02 Sep 2010 19:28:58 GMT+1