Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 17 Apr 2014 02:12:28 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at cleverbillsmith i think the series will be physical and bvoth sides will bemtached in the forwarsd but i think the Boks will have the edge in the backs if they decide to ran the ball Wed 27 May 2009 16:38:00 GMT+1 KenilworthSlipstream I don't suppose the BBC have still got the camper van they used during the World Cup, and are willing to loan it to a couple of fans to drive around SA, in return for regular blogs and the occasional scoop? Wed 27 May 2009 11:42:13 GMT+1 Springbokvel This will be tough. Remember, SA are facing the might of 4 rugby nations put together. The player depth of that Lions side is immense. Lions will be a hard nut to crack. It`s very seldom that you see a really poor Lions team (like the previous 1 to NZ). Boks to edge it 2-1. Tue 26 May 2009 18:33:57 GMT+1 Gunners_Warriors-Fan Surely the fact that Scotland lost to the Boks very narrowly (16-20 I believe)in the Autumn gives us hope. After all, the Lions have a better team (on paper) so shold win. I live in hope... Tue 26 May 2009 15:20:08 GMT+1 sirlionfan Please can somebody confirm the rules for the tour matches. I am unsure if the penalty or the free kick is given. Super14 play free kicks. I think the internationals are penalties only.What about the midweek games? Are there any other rule changes that will be different to current northern hemisphere rules.Surely if it is back to penalties for the tour/internationals it is a disadvantage to the SA teams currently organized around different rules.The sooner this is cleaned up and uniformity established with the rules the better.This tour is going to be tough. Come on Lions! Tue 26 May 2009 08:47:32 GMT+1 BullsBok considering that the NH was beaten 19 out 20 games by the Southern hemisphere i'm pretty confident,though i'm not underestimating the in particualr lost 3 times against the bokke last year.The other day i read a column about how worsely was planning on man marking Jean de villiers i got one rply to tht ,>if he marks JDv whose gonna prtocet him from Schalk burger???? Mon 25 May 2009 19:59:09 GMT+1 akaTommySmith Good blog.When does Martyn Williams start his column then? Mon 25 May 2009 19:09:45 GMT+1 Simon Austin That's a fair point KiaRose...we'll make a change to the storyCheers Mon 25 May 2009 13:50:18 GMT+1 eddyembers To be honest, everyone says the lions are always under-dogs but when you think about it they should be able to easily beat teams like South Africa considering they do have the best players from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The lions should win every time Mon 25 May 2009 11:55:50 GMT+1 KiaRose Simon,In your story on the Sports pages, can you please correct the impression as to who led Leinster on Saturday? It was Leo Cullen, not BOD.As this is to be moderated, I don't expect it to be posted - it's just that Leo's captaincy is frequently put in the shade ny members of the media who see BOD as the only "leader" in Leinster's team. Cullen has done a very good job as captain this year and I think it has given BOD the space to recapture his form. Credit where credit is due! Mon 25 May 2009 10:51:53 GMT+1 U8246122 As much as i would like to, just cant see the Lions pulling this off. The Boks are sharp and all their big guns have been firing in the super 14's. They will win it in the pack... too big, too athletic, too fast too game savvy! Mon 25 May 2009 10:23:56 GMT+1 theswissjob Was in Heathrow yesterday waiting for my flight to Switzerland. Went for a few noodles and was put next to Ronan O'Gara, Ugo Monye, Joe Wrosley and David Wallace! They all seemed to be getting on well, looked relaxed and ready to go. Come on the lions! Mon 25 May 2009 09:15:04 GMT+1 andy4Lions If you were a Bok you might be feeling pretty confident right now, knowing that we have sent down a party of tired, walking wounded! However, I think the Bok's underestimate the British (and Irish) Bulldog spirit and we won't give an inch in any quarter. This tour will be won and lost in the back-row and I think we can edge it.. Mon 25 May 2009 08:46:29 GMT+1 Betsenbell Interesting what M Williams mentioned about things not being right off the pitch on the last two tours. Only managed to get the 2nd test off and i'm working the other two!Heres hoping thats the one that the lions secure the series with:) Mon 25 May 2009 08:39:19 GMT+1 du4128liv AS a proud South African, I know that the Boks will stuff up the lions Mon 25 May 2009 08:22:25 GMT+1 SwannyWilkinson It's time to forget about the boks. The Lions have to focus on themselves. Stuff Spies and Schalk Burger the only performace that will matter is the ones in those tests.South Africa is confidenent as they should be. But as an Atheist I'm going to use a word that is rare to I think these boys can do it thats is part of the the reason the Lions are so amazing. Is because they are aways aganst the odds! Mon 25 May 2009 01:17:50 GMT+1 ScarletIeu Awesome task ahead, then.. But we knew that! Whoever we think should or should not be there, we should support the Lions 100%. This is a chance to show that we have NH players who can not only compete, but beat their SH equivalents (in this case, the Boks) on their home turf. We've all argued who should go, but they've arrived and I'm looking forward to a super-tough series. Lions 2-1! Mon 25 May 2009 00:19:52 GMT+1