Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 28 Aug 2014 09:49:11 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at tim_bid What's happened to Shane Geraghty? He emerged at a similar time to Toby Flood and played quite well. He came on, got yellow-carded, and then disappeared. I hope Jonny can get fit and stay fit, because Toby Flood has made great strides in this tournament and Jonny's presence would be much-welcomed. I would leave Andy Goode by the wayside, if I'm honest. I can't find any true justification for his selection, except by default, and he offers nothing more in the face of people like Geraghty and Olly Barkley. Danny Cipriani needs a kick up the backside and some tackling practice. He's like a dog chasing cars at a time when England need direction, T-CUP, and a platform. Tue 24 Mar 2009 14:48:05 GMT+1 captainRowdy Corkit,Maybe I was harsh on Goode - he certainly was our better fly half in the first 3 games. But yes, he show little imagination in getting the backs away; his default seems to be either the kick into the corner for Cueto or Sackey to latch onto, or the clearance downtown. Cips hasn't been playing that well, but I'd still rather he was there, as he is a genuine link man for our improving (I hope !) backs. With Tait in for Trundle, the ball may actually get passed beyond 13 as well.Terry,I know Flutey's passed all the requirements, but I'd just like to see someone who wants to play for England in there, not someone who just wants to play international rugby. Although that seems to apply to Armitage as well. But it's inevitable, given migration patterns of the 100 years or so, so I don't seriously mind (I'm sure that'll be a great comfort to Riki). Tue 17 Mar 2009 13:15:23 GMT+1 hammer63 No Simon they can't, Goode is hopeless, slow, average with boot, lacks vision and guile. Half time with Flood 29-0, second half with Goode 5-10. Surely the proof in the pudding is last minute, England winning phase after phase, 5 metres out, clock about to stop, no threat of losing, no threat of France scoring, what does Goode do, kick it straight to a Frenchman with 3-4 players on the overlap. Please Johnno put Cipriani on the bench, Flood is at the helm for the time being and I'm fine with that. Overall it has been a poor 6 nations, France v Welsh the best game but Ireland overall will deserve the title, but perhaps the Welsh will have the final say. Tue 17 Mar 2009 12:17:34 GMT+1 Simon Austin It will be very interesting to see whether Cipriani makes the bench when the team for the Scotland game is named on Wednesday.I thought England's attacking fluency suffered when Goode came on for Flood on Sunday. The ex-Leicester man just doesn't have the speed of thought or execution with ball in hand that Flood or Cipriani does. Or am I being harsh?England are clearly trying to play a fast, fluid game. Can they do that with Goode at 10? Tue 17 Mar 2009 09:16:31 GMT+1 Chris Duran It's pretty obvious that England fan's are pretty level headed about this win, it's just one win but it does show signs of the improvement. If we beat Scotland we will finnish this tournament with three wins, the same as last year and the same as most of us probably expected.It seems to me it's mostly ex players trying to establish their outspoken cedentials so they can get media commentator careers who are mostly to blame.However the improved number of tries is obvious, and I thik we have been fitter this year and usually finnished matches on top.On the other hand the discipline is the worst it's ever been, and we wee lucky to escape yellow cads against France.It was the gloom and doom before the win that was overhyped. Tue 17 Mar 2009 08:33:31 GMT+1 taff09 Credit where credits due, an imprved England performance, gradually building throughout the tournament. But lets be honest, the French team didnt turn up, and put together the worst performance i've seen of any French team for the last 5 years, not a reliable gauge of Englands ability.So maybe a consistent repeat performance in the coming internationals and more successful tests agains Southern hemisphere sides will give a more accurate picture of where they are in World rugby right now, and ranked 8 in the world is, im afriad, an accurate and maybe generous description. Tue 17 Mar 2009 00:35:13 GMT+1 tim_bid A lot of interesting points. I enjoy terms such as 'over-hyped' and 'getting carried away' being exclusively reserved for the England media and press, in the face of much the same from our Celtic counterparts. I think you'll find this is the very nature of the press: to find a story. England are the same team that lost in Ireland and Wales and beat France with better discipline and greater ruthlessness employed this weekend.Only the fool underestimates the value of these last two factors. No Northern hemisphere team can go to Croke Park and the Millenium Stadium and play 60 minutes with 14 men to play either the defending champions or the current favourites. And yes, nobody to blame but England. However, since 2003, all I've heard as an England fan is the lack of centres in England; forward-dominated play, boring kicking for points, negative and bad for rugby. How the tables have turned, and yet this seems to have been washed over. We've scored the most tries by a long shot, and we conceded our first 5 pointers this weekend with 15 men on the field. Ireland have resorted to beating Scotland with penalties, drop goals and territory (and the English are labelled old-fashioned?), struggled to a win over Italy and have all-in-all offered very little international nous since beating the French (but nobody cares about that, because even England can beat the French). You're only as good as your last game, right?Should Ireland clinch the grand slam, and England beat Scotland, then England shall finish second in the tournament. So what then for the Lions? England's 20 point win over Italy doesn't look quite so pathetic, and the close-fought losses in tough stadia are not too shabby.As for the backs? All it takes is for a team to find one or two key players for things to look brighter. Delon Armitage is the outstanding 15 for the tournament, whilst Rikki Flutey has overshadowed Henson, Roberts, Jauzion, Darcy for that 12 berth. Not English enough? Then the All-Blacks should be disbanded. A whole host of young players that will still be at the top of their game come 2011 are forming a potent England back line.Ireland will be deserved winners of the championship. They've perhaps deserved it more in recent years than this year so it's all swings and roundabouts. Two good wins will be enough to herald them champions of the northern hemisphere and Bok beaters. Wales have been found out, with a one-off 'cup' game this weekend to prove a point. But any Welsh dominance has severely diminished in their inability to field different players against Italy. England deserve little credit beyond this French capitulation. They've let themselves down this tournament and, without childish indiscipline, they could be Ireland right now sitting on the back of two close wins against Ireland and Wales followed up by a convincing win against France vying for the Grand Slam. But they're not. I still think they are a better team than Wales, on a positive curve of progression whilst Ireland's strength lies in experience and consistency. Leave English players out of the Lions at the team's peril. Tue 17 Mar 2009 00:14:47 GMT+1 Chris Duran We're probably overhyping the win, just as we over indulged the grief after two narrow awy defeats, but it's hardly a uniquely English fault. Discipline is clearly still a problem when we come under pressure, even when there's really no need for worry.On the other hand, just how awful are France? this is the same team who lost narrowly to Ireland and beat Wales, so maybe England contributed to their poor perforance by putting them under pressure.Two encouraging points, obviously the try count will be the best since 2003, and better than most of our more entertaining opponents; secondly, I think we look fitter this year, we've finnished most of our strongly, despite having lost so many players to the sin bin, even yesterday England came back to life and got back on top in the last few minutes. Mon 16 Mar 2009 22:54:37 GMT+1 CryTerryCry 22.Flutey has served his time and gained citizenship with accordance to the Home Office ruling. He has not made up that he had a distant grandparent. After all, the latest AB team, only had a few true NZ born players - take out their ringers from the Pacific Isles and they would be in dire straights. Mon 16 Mar 2009 22:41:55 GMT+1 fergusslattery Yes the English press have always overhyped the team,possibly based on the fact that they have contested 3 out of the last 5 RWC finals. That does not mean that the team or management have done the same. The Welsh and Irish press are guilty too lately, but without any real record to justify such claims. I cannot remember the last time either beat a Southern Hemisphere side. That has to be the aim of England, to start competing down South and we will then go back to beating the Gaelic Warriors consistently by a fair margin.Based on the last round of the 6 nations the idea that the Lions (as claimed in some quarters) will be exclusively Welsh and Irish with a token Scot in the front row seems far from the mark.England have been very poor since the RWC 2003, but I have not noticed any other Northern Hemisphere side performing in their place on the world stage. Mon 16 Mar 2009 22:41:43 GMT+1 Corkit Captain rowdy, you say drop Goode because his place kicking was poor, you are a bit harsh, he only had one shot at goal and ok he missed it but ... As for his other kicking, I reckon that at least two or three of his grubbers wern't far away from being try scoring passes. He also doesn't seem to get caught into the ping pong kicking game very often, and he is also pretty robust in defence. If you were to say that he lacks imagination on occasion, I would probably agree. Or if you said that he doesn't release the backs often enough, then that might be valid.As for replacing him with the Messaih Cipriani, then I think you need to get out more! Cipriani need to get his head right, get back to playing rugby for his club and to improve on some of his weaker areas, he really needs to improve in the contact area, as fly-halfs do get tackled and do have to tackle a lotYou also want to drop Mears, what did he do wrong? England won all of their own lineouts, so he must be throwing all right, I don't remeber England having too many prolems in the scrum (when everyone bound on!) and in the loose he semed to cary the ball ok and get to and contribute to the breakdown. Keep him in until there is a reason to drop him. Injury or loss of form will give Hartley a chance sooner or later.Wit Tait you might have a point, I haven't seen enough of him recently to have a valid opinion.Still I think you would agree that England are going in the right direction, what they need now is a run of games with minimal changes to the team - as long as fitness and form allows - and to continue to focus on this more "all-court" game. All I ask is that Johno keeps talking and demanding that the discipline improves 13 penalties against the Blacks or Safers would yield a different result to Saturday's. Mon 16 Mar 2009 22:00:19 GMT+1 Stargazer It's good to see posters demonstrating the art of the cliché (#19 and #20 who use the same one in consecutive posts). But gentlemen, have you never been told: "one cliché deoes not an analysis make", even when it is so stale as to be almost rancid?I don't think that any serious England fan sees this as a new era, any more than beating the Pacific Islanders heralded a great season of victories. However, there were some good signs: England's try count rose still further in the Championship; the discipline was better; we saw some real attacking flare, however poor the opposition was; and, glory be, once the side got ahead they stayed ahead.Hopefully we will follow this up with a solid win over Scotland, but I am not holding my breath. I suggest that the usual critics who can't bear any England win stop getting so excited just because England have won one match. In the World Cup you were getting upset because we converted possesion into penalties and drop goals, now you are happy because we are scoring tries by the bucketload, but losing to sides who score penalties (no talk about reducing the value of the penalty and the drop goal now, is there?). Martin Johnson still has a lot of work to do, but there are signs of progress. Mon 16 Mar 2009 20:09:02 GMT+1 groovydriftwood I'd like to say first of all that England completely outclassed France in the first half. The French selection was supposed to out muscle the English but instead left England looking nimble and elusive. Selection is about balance. I think you can only afford one of Seabass or Harry Ordinary in your back row. This was highlighted by Flutey's break where Seabass was left looking like a second row out of position which is what he is. I don't think Flutey would have passed wallace, parisse or martyn williams as easily. You can't hide 4 second rowers in an international defence and expect to not be punished. The lack of pace as support runners and also to the breakdown let England turnover at will (although lots of times illegally) and left the French backs with little or no room as the english back row flooded accross the field. I felt the referee failed to spot a number of infringements around the tackle as he was concentrating on whether the French were off side or not. Everybody knows if you look for something hard enough you will inevitably find it. The problem is he missed numerous other infringements. In a 25 minute period in the 1st half France were pinged again and again when the decision could have gone either way. By the end of that period the game was over. Even Brian Moore spotted the bias in decisions.Mr Dickinson also failed to referee the scrummage negating the selection of the big French back row. He pinged the sides in turn and the scrum became a non contest. Blame should have been apportioned and a yellow card should have been given and it would have probably been Mr Vickery in the bin again. The touch judge and ref also missed a blatent deliberate knock on which should have seen yellow for Armitage but the fat lady had already sung by that stage.In conclusion England punished the French selection and had the luck and decisions go their way which to be fair they deserved. They picked a team to win not stop the other team from winning. This and the home advantage worth at least 10 points to any 6 nations team led to the right result by the right margin and good on them.As a Scotsman England have nothing to fear at Twickenham next week. They have enough firepower to beat Scotland. Their only possible means to defeat will be complacency. If the game had been at Murrayfield, however, it would be a completely different story. England by 10 points. Mon 16 Mar 2009 19:20:15 GMT+1 england2003- why oh why isn't anyone writing an article about the effects of HOME ADVANTAGE in this god awfull tournament????????????The 6 Nations is pretty mutch decided when the draw is made as to who gets to go away to Scotland and Italy, this year.........IRELAND, who's top??? IRELAND!!!If you take out the away games at Scotland and Italy NOBODY HAS WON AWAY FROM HOME.There is very little between France/Wales/England/Ireland difference is Wales & Ireland actually think they have good teams!!So over-hyped it's unbelievable!!when of course we all know it's because england & france are in transition.Even having said that we all know what happens when the crowd aren't their AKA: World cup timeJust look at the depth of talent england can call on:Example:Wingers:EnglandSackeyMonyeCuetoStrettleSimpson-DanielBanahanVoyceVarndellVainokoloTaitArmittage(naturally a winger)Foden(played wing for Sale last season)HaughtonKeitoAll except the last two have caps for EnglandWales:WilliamsHalfpennyJonesThat's of course just one position but when you look at the wealth and depth of talent we have in the majority of positions, compared to the celts who are picking from 2/3 players for each position as there are only 3/4 teams to pick from, then we really should be wiping the floor.I just think the English don't care as much about the 6N's as the Celts as we'd rather have a world cupP.S. HATS OFF TO FRANCE FOR HAVING THE FORSIGHT TO REALISE A WORLD CUP IS WHAT'S IMPORTANT AND BUILDING FOR THAT, I GUARANTEE WHEN THE IRISH/WELSH ARE ON THE PLANE HOME FOR PUTTING ALL THEIR TIME INTO A 'GRAND SLAM' THE FRENCH WIL STILL BE IN THE COMPETITION Mon 16 Mar 2009 19:07:24 GMT+1 JoshDibbs Shaw had a stinker! He gave away a couple of penalties and knocked a few balls on! Hes definitley not the future.Flutey was world class, setting up one and scoring two tries. He deserves to be taken on the lions tour definitley more than Henson!Great result for England and it was so nice to chat with mates about a good England performance for a change.Were by no means the finished article, but its a start. If we can beat the scottish next week then i think it will have been a good 6 nations for us. Building HQ into a fortress again is a good starting point.Lastly people talk about the England players not being world class, however Lee Byrne didnt even get a sniff at the Welsh world cup team 2007. Just shows you that having world class coaches and a good set up can make the difference. I just hope that is what is starting to happen with Johnsons set up now. Mon 16 Mar 2009 18:27:37 GMT+1 mickey_love Quite right about the hype, it is usually media-driven and here they go again.Couple of points though, penalty count was quite high but could someone tell that referee how to control the scrums. So much time wasted and too much pinging - for BOTH teams, helping each team to their 13/12 penalty counts. I suppose at least he was consistent in his inconsistency!Also, maybe a little more credit to the England defence for the poor French display. Just a little though, les Bleus were abject - and the team they selected? Let's pick a big team to bully the English. Weird! Mon 16 Mar 2009 16:54:44 GMT+1 captainRowdy I doubt there will be any changes, but there ought to be couple: Goode was hopeless - back to pointless kicking and his place-kicking was poor, under no pressure at all; Mears is still too small - Hartley looked a lot more of a handful around the pitch when he came on; Trundle really has to go - imagine if Tait had been on from the start, with his pace - do people still think of him as the 10-stone weakling of 5 years ago ?So I'd drop Goode, Tindall and Mears and start Cips, Tait and Hartley.I'm also still not happy about Flutey, just because his 'Englishness' is so obviously sham. Perhaps Cips 10, Flood 12 ? Mon 16 Mar 2009 16:24:14 GMT+1 hermannredux England won't hammer Scotland as some are suggesting/hoping.France was the "ideal" team to play this sort of game against because their own style of play does leave holes in defence if and when they lose the ball, which they did a lot yesterday.Scotland are a different proposition - they prefer route one, down the middle and around the fringes, pick and go with quick release to the next runner coming straight down the middle.Johnson will adapt England's playing style to Scotland - it's "playing what's in front of you", something Ashton was always trying to hammer into his players without success. I've a feeling Johnson is finally getting the message through.I predict England to beat Scotland by 10. No more. Mon 16 Mar 2009 15:44:01 GMT+1 londonturbonutter Much better from England.... but one swallow, a summer does not make. I'd take the victory, the fact it went well and use it to grow the confidence of the team. Remember, a shaky start against scotland and that fragile confidence will be instantly shattered. Mon 16 Mar 2009 15:30:23 GMT+1 yazbod God, you English do love over-hyping your teams don't you? I remember last year, when England beat Ireland in Twickenham with Cipriani playing, the rave reviews about his skills and abilities - best No. 10 in the world blah blah blah - and these days, he can't even get in the team, rightly so. Now, again, we have the inevitable media driven hype. Credit where credit is due, you did very well - yesterday's performance showed an England side that took their chances in punishing the mistakes made by what most neutral commentators would say was one of the worst performing French sides in recent memory.But, lets be clear on this - one swallow doesn't make a summer. You would do your team and fans a big favour and enjoy the good win and then cool expectations a lot, rather than going down the route of the England football team, where the expectations generated by the media bear little resemblance to the reality of what is achievable on the field. Mon 16 Mar 2009 14:48:47 GMT+1 Simon Austin England's final game is against Scotland at Twickenham... apologies for my error, which has now been changed...Do you think there will be any changes to the England team for that game? Mon 16 Mar 2009 14:38:37 GMT+1 legrandblue66 I could never understand how so many good players could play so badly as England have been doing, now we've seen them do the business once we want to see a repeat performance. Then we can pass judgement. I want to see England rout Scotland to prove a point Mon 16 Mar 2009 13:44:31 GMT+1 howitreallyis No, the new era started last summer. It's only now that things could finally be looking up. But let's not get to carried away as of yet. If we lose to Scotland then the critics will undoubtably be out in force again. You're only as good as your last match remember! Mon 16 Mar 2009 13:34:20 GMT+1 darkvalleysboy1978 One victory and already a new dawn?? Last week the media were unanimous in calling for Johnson's head! A good victory without doubt, but a new dawn is a bit premature. Lets see if they can remain consistent as England's penalty count was still quite high Mon 16 Mar 2009 13:18:08 GMT+1 unionoracle Hat's off to England for taking full advantage of a dismal French first half display. Steve Borthwick has answered his critics well but it is very easy to shine when things are going well. The second half was slightly different however. The French won the second half and elements of indiscipline started to creep through again. I must admit that England did well to maintain a healthy lead as it's easy to become complacent. I look forward to see how England perform next week against a fired up Scottish side. I fear that old habits could resurface when the going gets tough..... Thanks for all the quality entertainment from this years competition! It has been fantastic to watch. Mon 16 Mar 2009 12:44:26 GMT+1 Tinoflyer We would have scored more points in the second half, but instead of shots at goal we took quick pens - rather excitedly, and perhaps a little a naive knowing the game was won. I would have preferred a more ruthless edge and gone for posts. There were still signs of a lack of direction in the second half which tarnished the great result. Alot of ball from the base of the rugby was taken by a stationary forward, and we often fought hard for quick ball on the back foot. And France's second try was about as basic as you get.There is still a lot of work to do, and I honestly believe Scotland next week will be a much tougher test.France were awful - lets not forget that.On top of that, Shaw, White (off the bench), Vickery are not the long term answers, and its slightly upsetting to see the 35 year old White come off the bench for 15minutes. Strength in depth?That said, there were so many positives. For the first time in a long while, we can take hope from a game. Fluety was lively, Armitage pushed for a Lions place ahead of Byrne and Kearney and Flood established himself as clear first choice 10 (for the time being). Mon 16 Mar 2009 12:36:29 GMT+1 Inquitus England still have the same fairly untalented bunch of players at their disposal, to get carried away after this French implosion, would be delusional. I can't see them losing to Scotland next week, but the irrational English exuberance at the bookies will certainly give me a Scottish handicap I can make a few bob off of.England will still be lucky to get a starting lion, Vickery is in with a shout, as is armitage, forget the rest. Mon 16 Mar 2009 12:36:26 GMT+1 Kevin Wright Great performance from England. The critics have been slamming them up until now, but Johnson stuck to his guns and the potential, which has always been there, was realised. Well done, Johno!Let's have more of the same and put 40+ over the Scots.On another note - Italy deserve to get more credit. They're a tough side. Englands victory in the first match was no walkover. Mon 16 Mar 2009 12:25:10 GMT+1 Manos_de_Piedra Between the basic factual errors in this piece and in the piece about Ireland's Grand Slam hopes you have to wonder do these guys bother doing any research at all before they write an article. Mon 16 Mar 2009 12:22:02 GMT+1 brillers just because england won a game doesn't mean they've overcome the problems. Mon 16 Mar 2009 11:13:50 GMT+1 ellfromgavenny Congratulations to England. I thought that they were excellent from the moment the ref blew his whistle to start the game. ok, they had a bit of a wobble in the second half for a short while but to dominate a game as well as they did against a team who beat tournament favourites Wales two weeks earlier deserves a lot of credit.And i'm a Welshman!!!I thought there were several players for England who really put their hands up for a Lions spot, inparticular Flutey and Armitage. Whilst Borthwick, who has been poor throughout the 6n, finally had a fantastic game.I'm glad that the England players are starting to play to their potential as it will make selection for the Lions squad that more competitive and can only benefit the team long term.Well played England, thank god Wales haven't got to play you again this 6nations. Mon 16 Mar 2009 11:11:51 GMT+1 Stomalomalus I have been able to find them, but does anyone know the penalty count before and after the 60th minute?I can remember about 4 or 5 before hand, and then it seemed like a flood in the last twenty! I can't believe that the papers are saying that Haskells dropping is to do with his moving to France. The simple fact is that he and Vickery give away the bulk of Englands penalties, and Vickery isn't easily replacable... so Haskell has to be dropped until he can show he can add something to the game rather than the penalty count. Mon 16 Mar 2009 11:10:22 GMT+1 aitchw OK, so the win was great and I, along with 1000s of others was happy to see the improvement and the result, but lets not get carried away with it.These are the first sparks of a revival that needs a lot of nurturing. The test against Scotland will be stern and I hope the guys can give a repeat performance of the best of it and further diminish the worst of it. Mon 16 Mar 2009 11:07:03 GMT+1 vinotackler Very pleased to see England play some rugby in the first half and it's not their fault that France were as bad this week as they were good the week before. Why can't they travel? Now, if Johnson had started out with a group of players largely made up by many that are in the Saxons or left playing for their clubs we would now be in a position to kick on and we'd all be looking forward to the autumn.His choice now - stick with this team and hope that many of the old sometimes reliables keep going for another few years or bring in the up-and-comings and go back to square one because it takes many games to build an international player and a team. Foden has had ten minutes, is he going to be out of his depth aganst a top side - yes, whereas if he'd had ten gammes...Grat to beat the French but what's next? Mon 16 Mar 2009 10:50:03 GMT+1 DavidBeckhamsBeard I think the result is a combination of Englands excellent performance and french mistakes. I think that the majority of Englands tries were down to excellent execution of the moves that were planned. While Frances downfall was the amount of times the ball was turned over and their appalling efforts to keep possession, this was pretty evident with England's last two tries.Riki Flutey has been excellent for the whole series, and Flood has started to look a good international player, its a shame he got injured! And the more games Armitage gets at this level the better he will become.England have been getting better throughout the tournament, and now we've managed to keep a full team out for the whole match, we've finally got a result our performance on the field merits. Mon 16 Mar 2009 10:47:20 GMT+1 Expatde Brilliant! lets have more of that please. Always good to beat the French. Attacking play was brilliant and Strettle would have been good to have running against such a weak defence. Still a bit iffy out wide defensively in the second half and I am not convinced that he defence would still hold out against South Africa, but still a huge improvement from the Italy game. Mon 16 Mar 2009 10:30:27 GMT+1 Ricopunchup Aren't England are playing at HQ rather than Murrayfield? As for yesterday; it was great to have something to shout about for a change. My family thought i'd lost it and my hangover is not quite so heavy as it would've been otherwise. Tidy!! Mon 16 Mar 2009 10:21:57 GMT+1 rmaynard England's match against Scotland is at Twickenham not Murrayfield. Mon 16 Mar 2009 09:55:55 GMT+1