Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 04 May 2015 13:29:42 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at DickensonFanClub PDV's initial gave the lie to the Saffa approach to rugby. Thankfully he recanted later on and should be roundly congratulated for that. Now the series is over I urge the Boks reconsider their approach to rugby. Otherwise it will be reduced to a series of cheap shots, concerted appeals to the ref, and deliberate injuries to opposition who are playing too well. The Lions may have lost the series but should be applauded for not losing their sporting reputation. Please think about it Boks. Sun 05 Jul 2009 12:50:06 GMT+1 Simon Austin #42 brazirugger... I think you sum De Villiers up perfectly - rough around the edges.And I am inclined to agree with Stuart Barnes' assessment of his team selection for today's game - progressive thinking which England have lacked since 2003.De Villiers has kept an eye on 2011 and picked promising young players like Ryan Kankowski. He has also picked on form, with guys like Wynand Olivier and Morne Steyn.This selection shows the impressive strength in depth that South Africa have. Sat 04 Jul 2009 08:25:30 GMT+1 newtraditionalhaka DeVilliers is a product of SA rugby. It has many proud traditions & some less so proud - one of which being the 'cheap shot' disguised as manliness & courage. The Golden Lions revealed that hand just prior to the test series with several instances deserving of bans if Bakkies charge is considered reckless. The Golden Lions coach's post match interview celebrating those hits was as close to a disgrace as anything PdeV came out with. PdeV may struggle with the English language making him look more foolish but more eloquent elements of SA rugby are just as foolish when you really examine what they say & don't say. And before anyone points the finger at Sheridans 'low blow', I don't condone it but do point to the Golden Lions game & the first test for indisputable evidence that it was, as it always is, the South Africans who took the game to that level, forcing an eventual response in kind from their opponents. Sat 04 Jul 2009 01:07:16 GMT+1 HCBrain re 41 Cardiff TaffyAs for coaches making irresponsible comments how about these latest offerings reported from Warren 'Foot in Mouth' Gatland.[Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]I think that it is disrespectful to the players and opposition, to make these comments.Thus, it is surely hypopcritical to complain about PdeV lack of ability regarding media.Isn't it about time that these people, whom are paid to deliver excellence on the pitch, engage there brain (shut there mouths) and let the players do the talking. Sat 04 Jul 2009 00:20:14 GMT+1 brazilrugger lets not forget the guy was the main coach when SA U21 won the owrld cup and i think the U19 as well? Not sure about the last one, but i think he's a good coach. What i like is that he doesnt come forth with pc language or trot out the usual nonsense. He tries to say exactly what he thinks, albeit a bit jumbled up. He's a bit rough around the edges, thats fine, and i think he deserves way more credit than he receives. He's not of the nice-speak "say what you think people want to hear" kind of guy, and i like him for it. Fri 03 Jul 2009 21:32:32 GMT+1 Cardiff Taffy deVilliers is an absolute fool and that's being generous. The Saffers deserve better as they have a truly World class team.Firstly his coaching skills are questionable, why was Burger picked in th first place? Brussow is in a much richer vien of form and he dropped him - Stupid decision. The same question could be asked of his midfield, what have Jean deVilliers and Jacobs actually done?Then when it comes to how he handles the media I have never read or seen anything like it. The guy is out of control. His handling of the whole thing has left me with some sympathy for the Saffers. They should have been celebrating this week yet they spent the whole thing in the embarrassed wake of his comments. That's not our fault, it's PDV's fault.Very bizarre week. The facts are that despite one terrible incident it's been an extremely close series. Much closer than many, including me, thought it would be. However the news has been dominated by talk of Rugby's players wearing Tutu's! Fri 03 Jul 2009 13:24:18 GMT+1 CapeTownSaffer With regard to the Bakkies Botha citing, I don't think it would have taken place had the injury not been so serious. Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured by this type of play. Just take a look at how effectively the All Blacks do it. Fri 03 Jul 2009 12:30:40 GMT+1 CapeTownSaffer More comments from a South African Springbok supporter: In my view Burger was lucky to get away as lightly as he did with such an obvious attempt to [possibly seriously] damage his opponent illegally. Any effective changes to the laws or punishments that result from the outcry will be welcomed by most SA rugby fans and I suspect even the coach. There is no place for such behaviour in the game. I also hope that scrutiny of these situations by the TV [or other] cameras increases so that other perpetrators [and lets not forget that there are probably many] are caught and punished.P de V is an enigma. He has not yet had enough time to prove himself as a good Springbok coach [he has had great success elsewhere], but I have seen many encouraging signs. The greater attacking flair shown by the Boks under his tutelage requires the coach to take risks and he is enough of his own man to take them - relatively successfully so far. If he is successful in this, the Boks power and toughness game combined with attacking finesse would make them very hard to beat. He has many rough edges around his implementation of on field strategies, but has escaped thus far without too much damage when they have gone wrong. In order to succeed and become a great coach, he will have to learn from these mistakes very quickly. If he does he will become a great coach but if he doesn't, I can see the calls for his head becoming a deafening roar. I for one would love to see him succeed and become a great coach. I believe he has it in him if his energies are channeled in the right direction. Unfortunately, he has already become the darling of the media guys desperate for a story both here in SA and now from the foreign contingent. Just bait him and he will give you a story. SA Rugby has to fix this urgently. Either by gagging him completely [my preferred option since he can then concentrate on his coaching of the team and be judged on that] or by giving him a PR crash course [sadly I think this is being tried behind the scenes with little success so far].I am looking forward to the last test. It seems as though it could be a bit of a damp squib with so many changes in the Bok team, but I think it is PdeV experimenting and I will be watching very closely how the new team performs. The Lions have given a good account of themselves at times and I would like to see them play at the same level throughout the 80 minutes. May the best team win! Fri 03 Jul 2009 12:23:50 GMT+1 marinemarty1 My Granny is a better coach than PDV - cos' she would just sit on the side and let the assistant coaches who are properly qualified for the job get on with it!. marty Fri 03 Jul 2009 11:57:38 GMT+1 cobber1234 @KamikaziBok From looking at it myself I saw a player line up , take a run and drive his shoulder down in to his opponent. A more effective cleanout would have been coming straight though. Borderline but definitely reckless. As to PDV well he really needs to back away from the media. Those who are almost guaranteed to come out with controversial comments will always get a hearing and a lot of the same questions and almost as inevitably made to look like complete idiots. As posted earlier this is like an unreconstructed version of what Gatland has a habit of doing. Even to me the mere mention of PDV and press conference makes me immediately wonder what he's said now. Fri 03 Jul 2009 10:45:38 GMT+1 gringo Loco This post has been Removed Fri 03 Jul 2009 10:14:15 GMT+1 harrowrfcsven I remain amazed that the Boks are such a good side when they are so obviously handicapped by the worst head coach in World rugby. Not just for his imbecilic on camera ramblings, but also for his idiotic decision making, illustrated by his crazy substition policy in both the tests. (Too early in one nearly too late in the other.) Fri 03 Jul 2009 09:58:20 GMT+1 KamikaziBok Can anyone shed some light on the most innocuous citing I've ever seen in a rugby match - I'm amazed that Bakkies Botha's appeal was unsuccessful. There were so many worse offenses in this 1 game that you could only feel that Bakkies were targeted. I fear for the future of our beloved game, I really do. As for PDV, all I can say is I think he's great value for the media but unfortunately also an easy target, anyone who the great Jake White rated must be worth his 'salt' though. Fri 03 Jul 2009 09:46:01 GMT+1 Ryushinku Problem is this issue will always end up clouded by patriotism and siege mentality.De Villiers does, at the very least, badly need to get some PR lessons. Fri 03 Jul 2009 09:28:03 GMT+1 frontroomcoach As a South African I am at a loss for words around PdV. He is quickly becoming our version of George Dubbya with totally incoherent statements and comments. And for the record:Every SA rugby supporter I know thinks the Burger incident was a disgrace and leaves a bad taste in your mouth after what should have been a sweet victory.Personally, I would have liked to see a heavier penalty imposed. I am sure that it would be very easy to turn to mud slinging on both sides as there were many incidents of less than sportsman like behaviour from both Lions and Boks on the day. This however, does not excuse any form of foul play, provoked or not.On the positive side, I think the test was epic in both physicality and determination of both sides. I am glad to see that the northern hemisphere players are ready to make the physical step up in the sense of playing (clean) hard intense rugby for 80mins, a skill that is essential when regularly playing teams like NZ. This I think may also have been part of the reason the Lions have had so many injuries in the 2nd test. They were up for the challenge but it takes its toll if you are not used to that level of physicality over the entire 80mins.Here's to a great saturday ahead of us and lets hope for a craking 3rd test to match the preceding two. Fri 03 Jul 2009 09:23:06 GMT+1 Simon Austin Thanks for your comments everyone.#27...very valid point. Interesting to note that De Villiers wasn't due to speak to the press on Tuesday, but turned up and insisted on being put forward. So he's been before the press on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week...and has put his foot in it several time.Oregan Hoskins says there is "a plan in place" to help De Villiers deal better with the press and that he has emphasised to him how important it is that he improve in this area. Fri 03 Jul 2009 08:45:15 GMT+1 robmac123 I'm currently recruiting through local schools to join our village rugby club U7's mini's section. I wrote on a flier something like " boys and girls will make new friends, learn new skills and above all have fun". Two days later the South African coach condones trying to enflict permanent eye damage on a fellow Rugby player through deliberatly gouging his eye. Do parents reading these comments think the wider rugby community also condone these stupid actions? Are they likely to get thier kids involved in Rugby? No thanks to Peter De Villiers for his help in promoting the game that now provides him with a good living. I, like thousands of others, try to encourage future generations of rugby loving kids and parents, but it's not easy is it! The IRB have to deal with this now, De Villiers needs to understand the impact of his comments and offenders need banning for a year. Fri 03 Jul 2009 08:40:26 GMT+1 ctmanbok For all those Lions that claim Botha is a thug....please read the link below Fri 03 Jul 2009 08:27:05 GMT+1 Gronagor Burger tried to contact Fitzgerald several times, but he refused to talk to Burger. Probably understandable, since he sees what the media is currently making of the incident and refuses to be dragged into it.Burger apologized to the public.Now... can we get back to the brits condoning intentional low blows? Fri 03 Jul 2009 07:44:34 GMT+1 Pierredelot You'd think South Africa would realise that De Villiers does not have the wherewithall to talk to the press. They should just shut him up. It's quite amazing in modern times to find someone left to comment on rugby who either doesn't understand or has not the ability to understand that his words will be digested throughout the rugby world. Any South African mother thinking of putting her son through the game would look at his opinions and choose another sport. Wrong man, wrong job. Simple as that. Just what is he trying to prove ?? Fri 03 Jul 2009 07:27:26 GMT+1 thomthepom i like the way someone writes 'end of story' at the conclusion of their first line and then prattles on for paragraph after paragraph.i don't know pdv, never met him, never mind been coached by him. but from all the evidence available so far, he's an utter clown, and as soon as SA lose a few games he'll be through the door. end of story. Fri 03 Jul 2009 06:38:55 GMT+1 xpat73 Burger did not apologise to Fitzgerald....noted.I find it odd the citing commissioner did not find any "intent" on the part of Burger.Obviously, like most crimes or transgressions we cannot get inside Burger's head, and of course I am sure Burger testified that he did not intent to do it.So how do we figure out if there is intent? By the actions on the tape. This was clearly not an accidental finger in the eye but a prolonged pressing of the fingers in the eye. Thus I think it is clear that Burger's actions as displayed on tape do evidence "intent." The judicial officer is wrong on this count.Also, I don't see how the fact that "Burger is clearly a fine rugby player with fifty test caps and many national and international accolades" is a mitigating factor. It should not matter if he playes for a local under 16 club side or the Boks and is a top world class player. It is irrelevant. Fri 03 Jul 2009 02:32:10 GMT+1 HCBrain Coaches in general are not known (or appointed) for there eliquence. Whilst I abhour eye gouging, PdV has received a poor responce for his comments, as reported in the UK, because he didn't state that it is wrong. He has been around the game long enough to know that this is not acceptable, he has been reported as trying to defend Burger, whom has been an outstanding player, reknown for his aggresive approach rather than foul play.This is probably in line with the representation of other comments reported from southern hemisphere (SH) coaches in the UK press, a common language with different interpretation. As an example I recall reading the comments attributed to be from Warren Gatland prior to the Wales vs Ireland match, these were from a coach familiar with (SH) technique of using the proverbial 'pre-match wind up', I am sure that he regrets those comments now as they acheived the complete opposite responce. Some of the reported comments that he made prior to the first lions test match could generously be interpretated as misguided.The point of this comment is that in the UK we are not used to rugby coaches achieving high enough profile to be news worthy, the tabloid press generally does not understand our game and will only latch on when the most stupid of comments are made (or taken out of context), so sometime coaches would make 'stupid comments' to get press coverage.Congratulations to SA for an outstanding fight back which outlined why you are world champions. Come on the B&I Lions, one final match, we are so proud of all the squad and are all behind you and believe that you can achieve, . Fri 03 Jul 2009 00:57:02 GMT+1 rufeus @Darth_Blader"...and can't even speak English properly to boot."Um, this is rubbish. And anyway, since when does this make a difference to coaching top level sport?two words:Fabio Capello. Thu 02 Jul 2009 23:56:03 GMT+1 robmac123 This post has been Removed Thu 02 Jul 2009 23:32:58 GMT+1 ScarletIeu Burger: gouged.Yellow card.PDV: defended him.Cited. 8 weeks.Worldwide consternation.PDV: partial apology.Burger: no apology, or have I missed it? Thu 02 Jul 2009 23:29:27 GMT+1 paulcsuper Austin hits the nail right on the head when he point out that De Villiers was not appointed purely because of his ability as a coach. "Transformation" - one of the reasons cited for his appointment - is just a euphemism for racism and this explains why he commands zero respect in the rugby fraternity. No further analysis is really necessary. No-one cares what color his skin is; you just have to listen to PdV to see that he is way out of his depth and would be hard put to nail down a club position in any other major rugby playing country. The real irony, though, is that anyone criticising him is accused of being a "racist" while his own appointment is just that! Thu 02 Jul 2009 22:24:52 GMT+1 ScarletIeu This post has been Removed Thu 02 Jul 2009 21:58:49 GMT+1 SportsCrazi This post has been Removed Thu 02 Jul 2009 21:50:05 GMT+1 chegorts Mr. FordingbridgeFlyer thanks for making my point and ignoring it at the same time. Simple fact of the matter is no matter who the SA coach is/was the British press will find something negative to highlight about him. On this De Villers has a point.About his skin colour read what I the man what he is, your idea of what is black and/or white might not be what he is. If you do know anything about South Africa and it's races you'd know what I'm on about.End of the day Boks won that all that matters Thu 02 Jul 2009 21:02:14 GMT+1 bigmrt1 Interesting reading. Does not excuse Burger from doing this. He was silly and an idiot. My this be a lesson for him. On De Villiers....... What can we say...... forget his color...... It has nothing to do with it. He is surrounded by excellent players that makes him look good. I am a proud South African living in the UK, but PDV makes you want to distance yourself at time due to his comments...... Rugby is about making friend not enemies and i am sure that all rugby lovers dont like each other during the game but we do have a pint afterwards!!!!!!!!! Good luck to the Lions you have made your countries proud.......Up the BOKKE!!!!!!`Statement on Burger below that is interestig, not from SA camp.....Johannesburg - Judicial officer Alan Hudson has cleared Springbok flank Schalk Burger of eye gouging. But Burger was found guilty of committing an act contrary to good sportsmanship by making contact with the face in the eye area of Lions wing Luke Fitzgerald in the first minute of the second Test of the 2009 British and Irish Lions Series.Schalk Burger's statement:"As a proud South African and Springbok Rugby player I only have the utmost respect for the traditions of the wonderful game of rugby. Through my life and career I have always approached the game with the intention only of playing it hard and fair. I am not a rugby thug and will never intentionally engage in eye gouging or similar illegal actions. This was also the case in the second Test against the Lions."I am therefore grateful that the judicial officer confirmed my stance with his conclusion that there was no deliberate eye gouging as charged by the citing official. I will always play the game as hard as possible within the rules. I apologise to my supporters and fellow team-mates for the fact that I have been absent for the first ten minutes of the second test. I look forward to returning with zest in due course."Judicial officer Alan Hudson's findings:4.1. I am required by Regulation 17.14.2 to undertake an assessment of the seriousness of the conduct in question in order to identify the appropriate entry point pursuant to Appendix 1 of Regulation 17. I have considered the factors enumerated in Regulation 17.14.2 and have concluded:a. I do not find this to be an intentional act on the part of Burger. I accept Burger's evidence that he did not intend to make contact with the eye area of Lions No 11.b. In my view his actions were clearly reckless. That is he knew or should have known that there was a risk that his actions could result in an act of foul play that is contact with the eye area of Lions No 11.c. While there was no significant injury to the eye of Lions No 11, the contact could not be described as simply trivial. It is clear on the report of the Lions doctor that there was initially redness and swelling about the left eyelid and there was some short lived tearing and blurred vision.d. I am unable to conclude that there was eye gouging in the sense of a ripping or aggressive intrusion of the eye area, but I do conclude that there was contact in the left eye area which while not serious in the result, cannot be described as insignificant.e. Contact with an opponent's eye area is a serious matter because of the vulnerability of the human eye and the potential of a permanent injury to one of the key sensory organs of the body.4.2. I have been referred by Mr (Gerrie) Swart to the reasons of the Judicial Officer in the case of Bismarck du Plessis dated July 2008 (Tri-Nations test series 2008 SA vs NZ). The use of the judicial officers' reports are of interest in cases involving similar facts and offences and can be instructive. I find the circumstances in the Du Plessis matter different from this case, and in particular in that case there was no contact with the eye itself. That is not the situation here.4.3. I find that in this case the appropriate entry level for the determination of sanction is the lower end. In such circumstances Appendix 1 of Regulation 17 provides for a suspension of 12 weeks.4.4. I must next consider any relevant aggravating factors, which might add an additional period of suspension. I find that there are none applicable in this case.4.5. I must then turn to an identification of any relevant mitigating factors which could reduce the period of suspension. I find there are some as follows:a. Burger is clearly a fine rugby player with fifty test caps and many national and international accolades.b. I have heard a great deal of Burger's fine character off the field. I accept the evidence of Mr (Arthob) Petersen, manager of the Springboks and Mr (Dick) Muir, assistant Springbok coach in this regard.c. Burger's record is quite good for a player of his experience. Importantly he has never been disciplined for any offence related to the face of any player.d. Burger expressed remorse for these events at the hearing and conducted himself appropriately throughout the hearing.4.6. The above all constitute mitigating factors which I have concluded will apply to reduce the period of suspension. Burger's suspension will be reduced from 12 weeks to 8 weeks. He is suspended from playing rugby until midnight 22 August 2009.4.7. The parties were made aware of the right to appeal. Thu 02 Jul 2009 20:46:18 GMT+1 marinemarty1 Graham Henry, Ian McGeechan, Robbie Deans, Jake White, Clive Woodward, Eddie Jones - these are coaches who bring out the best of their players, who understand what it takes to mould players into professionals. The boks are lumped with a third rate coach fighting with the press, making incomprehensible statements, acting like a clown - a general embarrasment to SA. No other current national coach behaves like this!I simply cannot see a coach like this being employed in the UK,France, Australia or New Zealand! Thu 02 Jul 2009 20:34:04 GMT+1 rugby_scot Gavin_AMHe didn't directly condone eye-gouging. However, what he said was that the incident "didn't even deserve a card", which it did, and that "it is part of the game", which is is not.Hardly the words of someone condoning eye-gouging.However I do feel that there is a bit of a witch hunt against him which is unwarranted. The only people whose opinion you should take any notice of is the players who play under him.Darth_Bladers comments about his grasp of English are an example of this. From what I've heard he has an excellent grasp of English. But regardless why should he speak perfect English when his native tongue is Africaan? How is your French, Korean, Dutch etc? Thu 02 Jul 2009 20:32:09 GMT+1 Mark_MWFC The Saffers I know don't care - he wins test matches. That's all that matters. Thu 02 Jul 2009 19:53:55 GMT+1 Gavin_AM If anybody bothered to read the full transcript you will see that he in no way condoned eye-gouging, in fact he unequivocally spoke out against any form of foul play in rugby.He did however try to defend Burger's character. In doing so he refused to comment on the actual incident and admit to what was blatant eye-gouging. He refused media training when it was offered to him on his appointment and it does tell.I am not a fan of his, but there has certainly been a lot of mischief making with respect to taking his words out of context, in particular the comment about ballet and tutus - this was completely removed from what he said.It is extremely worrying when the media can make up our minds for us and we see it happen everyday. Hell, I rely on reporting to inform my opinions, but if there is constant misreporting then what are we supposed to do about that?!PS. He is referred to as "black" in South Africa although technically he is of mixed race. I think that anyone who was "previously disadvantaged" (also a South African term) is referred to as "black". Thu 02 Jul 2009 19:47:46 GMT+1 Darth_Blader De Villiers is an idiot, end of story. His relatively good record is entirely down to the fact that he inherited the world's best, world champion team from the best coach in world rugby, Jake White. White took the Boks from the doldrums pre-2003 - hammered 53-3 at Twickenham and even lost to Scotland for god's sake - and made them the best in the world again, and for him to be sacked after winning the world cup. A truly disgraceful affair.Not only is De Villiers an ordinary coach (the Boks would undoubtedly have retained their world number one ranking were White still in charge); he makes foolish gaffes left, right and centre; makes pro-black "racist" comments (imagine the howls of outrage and instant sacking that would accompany a white coach accusing critics of a white player of "racism"); almost cost the Boks the First Test with his insane substitutions; has an embarrassing dogging tape floating about; and can't even speak English properly to boot.Those who dislike South African rugby must be hoping De Villiers has a long reign. Once the great players of the 2007 RWC start to retire, he will doubtless replace them with other affirmative action flunkies like himself, and the team will again decline precipitously.Oh, and incidentally, I distinctly recall after the 2007 World Cup, it was decreed by Mbeki and the SARU that the quota system would be scrapped, and that South African rugby would become a colourblind meritocracy. Er, what happened? Thu 02 Jul 2009 19:46:52 GMT+1 malcolm newbigging Mr Cheghorts seems to have a chip on his shoulder but I'm not sure about what. He seems to have lost the plot, and whether or not the press get his colour right is immaterial, this is not about colour, it's about making irresponsible comments that bring the game into disrepute. This he has done and he should be cernsured accordingly. It's his own fault that his undoubted achievements have been overshadowed by his stupid attitude. Thu 02 Jul 2009 19:44:48 GMT+1 mr_hag PdV was the right appointment at the time. It still is.He cocked up a few times (the boks should have won the Tri-Nations last time around, his substitutions in the first test were suicidal), but his trust in his players, black and white, who do know what they're doing, usually sees him through.He was wrong not condemning eye-gouging first, before, by all means, defending Burger as an honourable man. As a South African friend of mine said, though, anyone with half a brain would have realized what he was trying to say, in his garbled way, instead of jumping on the band wagon of trying to obfuscate the boks achievement.He's right about the British media.He's right about racism prevailing in the white-dominated upper echelons of SA society.Here's to hoping the 3rd test is good. The boks have made 10 changes, but they look like a very exciting team nonetheless.And here's to the Tri-Nations - may at least one game be as briliant as the two Lions tests. Thu 02 Jul 2009 19:04:10 GMT+1 chegorts I'd say there is some validity to his comments concerning the British press. Secondly look at the picture supplied in the blog, the man ain't black. Can no-body in the press get this right? If anything he looks more like a Cape Coloured of Indian/Malay extraction. I suggest you find out what he is referred to as in his native South Africa and apply it appropriately Thu 02 Jul 2009 18:53:27 GMT+1 U14036238 People who believe that one player's attempt to blind another is 'part of the game' should be permanently excluded from the sport.De Villiers is one of those people and he clearly only backed down after he was ordered to by his board. Thu 02 Jul 2009 18:06:35 GMT+1 Bogey15 I find it curious that he's from a teaching background yet seems unable to stop making gaffes infront of the media. Woodward was the same to a degree and maybe we should give these guys some leeway, they're not politicians after all.However, he deserves to be punnished for coming out in support of Berger this week. I was ashamed that parents and friends, who are considering their views on rugby and thinking about consenting to let their kids play it, now have a reason to turn their backs on rugby all together. The incident was a stain on the character of the sport and De Villiers needs to be taught this lesson.Still, you have to acknowledge his record and he usurped McGeechan in this series, especially by taking action at the right times in order to change the course of the 2nd test. Thu 02 Jul 2009 18:01:51 GMT+1 smellslikesalmon His record is reasonable, his comments are not.He seems a proud, stubborn man, but I hope he eventually realises that he represents SA when speaking to the international media and his comments reflect on the whole country. He just needs to tone some of them down a bit. Thu 02 Jul 2009 17:55:15 GMT+1 hackerjack If he was appointed due to his colour then the team should once again be banned from World Rugby, racism is racism either way.As for the man himself, I dont care if he is black or white, he is an arrogant, selfish, attention seeking pile of manure who should have been sacked on the spot for embarrassing a proud nation. Thu 02 Jul 2009 17:41:37 GMT+1 bigmrt1 This post has been Removed Thu 02 Jul 2009 17:40:55 GMT+1 waldovski For all his faults, Peter de Villiers is absolutely right about "the "negativity" and "superiority" of the British media". I would have also added "irresponsible".I think the British media is on a witch hunt, whose only aim is to devalue the Springboks' series win. Thu 02 Jul 2009 17:40:10 GMT+1 generaltrout This is an interesting angle on the guy. Perhaps because of the way he was appointed he might be damned to be seen as a nothing more than a passenger when SA win and the cause whenever SA lose. Neither of which is fair. His achievements and results would suggest that he is a better coach than he is being given credit.However his comments this week make any balanced debate about his reputation fairly redundant in the northen hemisphere especially, as his stupid remarks about Burger have painted him as nothing more than a misguided fool.It is a pity because he seems to be able to offer something to the Boks and judging by the comments of his players he seems to be well respected.An interesting read. Thu 02 Jul 2009 16:33:08 GMT+1