Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 02 Jun 2015 10:50:26 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at U14392874 So much hype around 3D bt I'm not sure this is the same 3D that films are demonstrating Sat 27 Mar 2010 13:06:38 GMT+1 Lee It's interesting but I preferred watching the show all the way through rather than jumping back and forth between pages and clips. This would be more useful if each clip was only loosely related to the others before/after it, rather than part of the same show. However, this makes it very similar to watching clips on a site like youtube.Watching video on PC allows you to pause at any time and load a webpage to read about the subject in more detail, but this typically involves searching for the content yourself. So maybe rather than splitting the programme into clips with webpages viewable in-between, it'd be better to present some sort of non-intrusive link to the viewer, that can be clicked on at anytime and will open in a new window. This wouldn't pause the video but the viewers can do that themselves anyway. Wed 17 Mar 2010 00:01:59 GMT+1 cluesis I really like the way of exploring (the making of) a documentary. And in reply to Paul: it also makes it accessible outside UK (Netherlands in my case), which is really great also. I hope episodes 3 and 4 will be posted on the 3D platform as well? As I did not see episode 3 there yet? Tue 16 Feb 2010 12:51:11 GMT+1 Paul Blackburn Welcome the 3D Documentary Explorer.It is especially useful to be able to "jump around" in a non-linear way to access content.I am still waiting to hear from friends outside UK if this makes "The Virtual Revolution" accessible outside UK (I hope it does).A couple of things that would be useful:a) A way to generate a link (URL) into a specific starting pointb) Translation to other languagesCongratulations on most interesting documentary series.Apart from some "glossing over" of some technical points it is generally informative and thought provoking.Idea: make programme 5 based on input and feedback from "users" during airing of parts 1-4. Sun 07 Feb 2010 11:30:46 GMT+1