Comments for en-gb 30 Wed 23 Jul 2014 13:01:16 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Andrew Bowden Nope! That was a decision made internally. Tue 05 May 2009 22:35:43 GMT+1 Brekkie Were these the same people who thought "BBC Red Button" rolled off the tongue far better than "BBCi" then? Tue 05 May 2009 15:13:21 GMT+1 Andrew Bowden Hi Brekkie. One of the reasons we stopped doing the old rollover text you mention because we found that people didn't always notice that the text and the highlighted menu item were connected at all, especially on lower down menu items. I guess one reason for that is because the eye focus is in the wrong place. Tue 05 May 2009 09:22:34 GMT+1 Brekkie Frankly I preferred it in the old days where the headline would change as you went up and down the menu, something which I think the old BBCi Bridge did Teletext certainly used to do this, and still do on some pages where it enables a brief headline to be explained in more details, though they seem to be fazing this out with their unwise move to fullscreen pages. Fri 01 May 2009 13:57:34 GMT+1