Comments for en-gb 30 Fri 25 Jul 2014 07:21:39 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at martinmjv As a parochial Aussie I am obviously hoping Webber takes the championship. It would be great for Australia to have its third world champion especially after so many have written Webber off - even our own pathetic media here cannot seem to recognise his achievements of just being a grands prix winner. The way in which he has handled the pressure on and off the track is a credit to him, in particular Dr Marko's obscene fawning over Vettel - I've never seen any of that for Webber. Interesting comments here praise Webber for being a straight talker - we think he is a bit tame given what hes put up with. I would like to see him take the championship and take the #1 to another team and then beat Vettel again. That would be justice. Mon 25 Oct 2010 10:29:13 GMT+1 Nickynak @Walid, Vettel can still win the Championship, your comment is premature and wrong. If he is in a position not to win it, then he should support Webber. I saw Horners interview and you have turned what he said completely out of proportion. Sun 24 Oct 2010 17:18:13 GMT+1 Walid Hi,Please check this link and comment on it please: you think this should be the comments of an effective team manager? For not the first time this year Horner is trying to break Webber mentally to favour Vettel's chances for the championship and his timing could not be worse this time with the season three races away from its end!!Horner should be motivating his lead driver who was 14 points in the lead of the drivers championship before the start of the Korean race but instead he is de-motivating Webber by his unfortunate comments. Even if you think Vettel is your future, do not say it when your other driver is the championship leader and is three races away from winning the championship!! What was he thinking?!!Look what happened in the Korean race today. Webber and Vettel did not finish. It maybe that Horner finally could break Webber a little mentally but by doing this he did not count on Vettel's engine failure. In the end the RBR team lost the championship lead to Alonso!Horner should be fired. It was not the first time his comments came out at the wrong time to dis-favor Webber. This is not the actions of a good manager who should be working for the team and not for one of its drivers. He has the future with Vettel, that is totally true. But at this moment in time, Webber is RBR's best chance to win the championship.Encourage him! Motivate him! Show your faith in him! Push him to do better! Definitely, do not tell him you are in the autumn of your career!!If RBR ends up losing the championship, Horner will have only himself to blame.-Walid Ismail Sun 24 Oct 2010 09:59:22 GMT+1 U14523379 Wasn't my day either !! after travelling from the east of Korea I got within 20 miles of the track, before road accidents and tail backs stopped me getting any further !!! please pass on my disappointment to Jonathan L and Jake as we sat together on the same flight to Seoul !! Sun 24 Oct 2010 08:59:09 GMT+1 HS125 WHAT A LOT OF OVERPAID WOMEN. I THINK I'LL WATCH THE 1976 FUJI G.P INSTEAD THIS MORNING.PERHAPS THEY ARE ALL RELATED TO WAYNE ROONEY. Sun 24 Oct 2010 06:34:42 GMT+1 Fighting for a DOG and Banner free BBC I wouldn't have found this blog unless I had been directed here from a link on PistonHeads and I find it interesting that Mr Legard does not impart his knowledge and in depth analysis here during the race. Sat 23 Oct 2010 19:42:02 GMT+1 fedrafafan I for one back Mark Webber to win. He came from nowhere to produce the fast and consistent performances to put him where he is in the F1 championship. I have learned over the years that the fastest driver does not always win championships. The great drivers that have won 2 or more world championships have a great sense of strategy and are fast:they consistently sign the right contract at the right time, they know when to go all out and at which stage of races to do that, and they know when to back off a little to save themselves till the right part of the race, and are also great at handling the situation when things don't go their way.I think Mark Webber has these qualities to a greater extent than Vettel or even Hamilton, and deserves to win the Championship. And do not count Button out, who has a great sense of strategy and can stay cool under pressure. Alonso though has proven he has what it takes to win 2 championships, and will gave the biggest challenge to Webber. Sat 23 Oct 2010 16:56:52 GMT+1 lexieanne This post has been Removed Sat 23 Oct 2010 15:00:49 GMT+1 Belgarion1 Didn't Hamilton break his gearbox in Japan??? and why hasn't he had a 5 place penalty for having to change it before doing 4 races?????? Sat 23 Oct 2010 13:37:59 GMT+1 Kai FT "It means that Webber has lost the little edge over his team-mate that he'd previously enjoyed when it was more driver-reliant."Ridiculous conclusion you take there just to prove that webber is better. The only thing you prove is that you support him. Sat 23 Oct 2010 08:30:06 GMT+1 buttonftw Personally I think there is only 1 driver who deserves the title this year. Kubica. But as thats not possible then im going to have to say i think Webber or Button deserves it. Button was wrote off by so many people at the beginning of the season, they said he would get whipped by Hamilton. Yet he has come into a new team adapted brilliantly and shown the world Hamilton is not the new unbeatable, i seriously hope he is beating Hamilton when all is said and done due to his superior attitude,the safety car incident and his lack of any severe mistakes. Im expecting even more apce from him next year. Webber deserves it however for everything he has had to put up with and just taking it like a proper bloke without throwing his toys out the pram, and lets not forget hes been EXTREMELY quick!Best moment of the season : "Not bad for a number 2 driver"Absolutely priceless. Sat 23 Oct 2010 06:52:57 GMT+1 Teflonso the King of Motorsport Mark Webber is a top person, he has a very positive attitude towards just about everything, very down to Earth, honest and knowledgeable. An excellent role model not only for kids but for everyone. Good luck to him in South Korea, one cool dude. Sat 23 Oct 2010 00:28:44 GMT+1 eddyozman And it's a great book, btw. Fri 22 Oct 2010 22:42:22 GMT+1 eddyozman You've got the title of Wayne Bennett's book wrong. It's "Don't Die With The Music In You" not "....With The Music On". Fri 22 Oct 2010 22:41:53 GMT+1 MacauBlue RondoTheMagician wrote:@ MacauBlue - the crash at Singapore was Hamilton's error. Hamilton knows that, McLaren know that, the general concensus after the incident was that Hamilton tried to outbrake Webber when there wasn't enough space to do so. Webber left space and was entitled to defend his line. Hamilton was too fast into the corner and ploughed into him. End of.Same applies to the Webber / Vettel collision in Istanbul - everyone outside of Seba himself and Christian Horner (fast becoming the Arsene Wenger of Formula One for rose-tinted tunnel vision of some incidents) agreed that Webber was not at fault for that.––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––I said that the crash in Turkey was Vettel's fault but that Webber certainly did nothing to prevent it by squeezing him within millimetres of the grass and knowing how rash Vettel can be.As for the Hamilton crash, that it was his fault is the general concensus of those who don't like the guy. He got blamed for Monza, correctly, and for Singapore, incorrectly. As someone who has competed in motorsport and followed F1 since the late 60s, I'm just staggered that people blame Hamilton for that incident when he got a good run at Webber and he was on the racing line – and was ahead turing into the corner – it is not one's divine right to keep one's foot in it and defend on the dirty inside (off the racing line) as Webber clearly did (and admitted afterwards "You don't want to do that too often"). And just where do you get that McLaren know it was Hamilton's fault? MW was being diplomatic when he said that "Hamilton was clearly not to blame – he didn't make a rash move"… whereas the PR disaster that is Christian Horner – who can barely handle his own drivers – was ever so quick to simply point the finger as usual. Please don't give me that arrogant "end of" rubbish. Hamilton knew, particularly after Webber's brain fade in Australia, that he perhaps shouldn't have attempted a move on Webber simply because the guy never concedes, not because he thought he he'd made a rash move.I'm not one to get all defensive about a driver because I rate him but it seems to be fashionable, particularly on these forums, to view certain incidents completely devoid of objectivity depending on who's involved. Either you're one of them or you know little about racing etiquette. Fri 22 Oct 2010 22:29:59 GMT+1 Piggin_Tea_Break @robbieo79Vettel does have the same car, but he's still very young and still learning his trade (compared to the experienced Webber) and we see this when he makes these silly little mistakes eg. attempting to overtake Button at Spa. With regards to the Turkey crash, I don't think it was Webber's fault so to speak, I just think that he was up against his team mate and some common sense should have been used on his part. The Singapore incident was, in my eyes, more Webber's fault. Hamilton was almost a car length in front and Webber just didn't attempt to play fair. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but was it Kubica who overtook Sutil in the exact same way at the same corner(?) and there was no contact because Sutil was smart enough to realise that if he dived for the inside as Webber did, there was going to be contact. Of course, at the end of the day this is all my opinion so take it with a pinch of salt, I don't intend to be rude :) Fri 22 Oct 2010 21:28:33 GMT+1 vicweir I am so fed up with hearing that if Alonso wins by 7 or fewer points there will be hell to pay from F1 fans.1. Massa has not in any race this season threatened the superiority of his team mate.This may not please everyone, but it is the case. He was slow in front of Alonso in Germany and the team indicated that Massa should let the faster of the two past rather than have a Webber/ Vettel crash. Sensible if clumsily executed. 2. It was not the end of the race and Alonso had to complete many more laps before he won it,unchallenged by anyone else, either inside or outside his team.3. If Hamilton wins by less than 12 points he should consider himself extremely lucky since he took second position in Valencia (18 points) after receiving a non-punitive drive -through penalty, instead of the 6 points he would have collected, by remaining in 7th place, had he not illegally overtaken the safety car.WDCs have been won by one point on more than one occasion in the past, and if that's not 'luck' I don't know what is. But these are the rules and the facts and a year later no-one will give a damn about how the win was achieved.Bernie has suggested that it should be based on medals awarded for 1st place - and few people were in favour of that. So, points it is and personally I hope,it will remain. Fri 22 Oct 2010 20:15:22 GMT+1 sportmadgav Equally important is the vote for silliest jawline in F1. He's right in the hunt for that one too......but faces stiff competition from Alonso and Schumacher! Fri 22 Oct 2010 19:36:41 GMT+1 Nickynak I'm not a Webber fan but if he gets the most points during the season then he deserves to be Champion. I think he has been quite lucky to survive racing incidents with Vettel and Hamilton unscathed this season. Like an F1 driver should he wins from the front, but on the balance of it I prefer racers like Alonso and Hamilton who have a bit more quality, especially when they are not on pole with a clear track in front of them. I think one downside of the BBC's coverage this season has been a sort of bias towards Webber because he is a 'good guy', this shows up pretty much in Legards article above. Fri 22 Oct 2010 18:01:47 GMT+1 Emma @ Kubica_for_a_prancing_horseI agree with what your saying :D Fri 22 Oct 2010 16:45:59 GMT+1 Marantz @Mik,I think Alonso has made more mistakes this season than he has in any other season - perhaps even compared to each of his other seasons combined. I'm a big Hamilton fan so my view of Alonso as a person will always be a little distorted by the 2007 season. However, Alonso is supremely gifted and I respect his talent deeply. But whilst he has shone a few times this season he has also made glaring errors. If Alonso is to win a title again I'd prefer he did so off a vintage season as befitting his talent rather than the mixed bag of 2010.And I suppose Button hasn't made many mistakes either but he has been too slow in qualifying on too many occasions. I'm not sure if that constitutes "mistakes" or not but it suggests he hasn't been fast enough, enough times.@iammate484,No, you're not the only one who finds Vettel's "No.1" gesture deeply irritating. It's arrogant, petulant, presumptious and childish. But based on the evidence of this season so far it is perhaps then a fitting gesture!?@Pigging Tea Break,You say that "Webber is only winning the Championship because of an exceptional car" yet also back Vettel who when all is said and done is behind Mark Webber in the Championship in the very same "exceptional car." Quite damning about Vettel, don't you think?On this season's mistakes. Turkey...all I can say is that you are in a very, very small minority who thinks Webber was to blame for the Red Bull collision. And I'm a massive Hamilton fan but in terms of Singapore, at best it was a racing incident but at worst, entirely Hamilton's fault. The only out and out Webber error I can remember was him ploughing into Hamilton in Australia, which he admitted and apologised for. Fri 22 Oct 2010 16:32:03 GMT+1 CultofHandsome RondoTheMagician: I'm questioning how much you actually know about F1. First, can you explain how Schumacher was garbage in the Jordan? From my eyes he raced less than one lap (due to a clutch failure) after qualifying 7th, 4 places infront of veteran Andrea de Cesaris. He made such an impressive debut that he snapped up by Benetton to drive next to Nelson Piquet.Also you claim that "Hamilton was too fast into the corner and ploughed into him. End of." That's not quite good enough for me, you only are going too fast into a corner if you a) overshoot the corner or b) barge into someone on the outside. Clearly Hamilton did neither of these things, saying Hamilton turned in on Webber would be far more valid, you my opinion (and of the stewards) Singapore was a racing incident, Webber was very naughty attempting to defend his line like that seeing as Hamilton had 3/4 of his car ahead of Webber. There were serious discussions by the stewards about penialising Webber but they deemed it a racing incident for a number of reasons.As for the rest of your posts they are very anti-Hamilton and clearly biased so I have trouble taking anything you say that seriously. Don't let your prejudice screw up your reputation... Fri 22 Oct 2010 15:58:52 GMT+1 Piggin_Tea_Break I don't know why, but I just really don't click with Mark Webber. He is my least favourite of the 5 title contenders this year, although Alonso is very very close to that honour. I wanted either Hamilton or Vettel to be champion in 2010, but I respect Button and to a lesser extent Alonso as very good drivers - Webber just doesn't fit into this whole equation. It's all well and good saying "oh but he's been very unlucky in the past and he deserves the title this year", but Formula 1 doesn't remember the last race. He's only still winning the championship because of an exceptional car and getting away with his mistakes compared to his rivals, not to mention him taking out his competition (Hamilton at Singapore, Vettel at Turkey). If he won the title this year, I would be disappointed. Fri 22 Oct 2010 15:52:51 GMT+1 iammatt484 I think that if Vettel was in Mark's position, Red Bull would be right behind him, claiming that if they didn't support one driver they would be risking losing everything. There is undoubtedly favouritism at Red Bull.I feel sorry for the driver who will be partnering Vettel when Mark retires.Does anybody else find Vettel's one-finger celebration excruciatingly annoying?I would love to see Webber win the title. Fri 22 Oct 2010 15:33:57 GMT+1 SwiftRyu I've liked Webber for a while and saw something in his form last year that hinted he could be on for bigger things this year. I did put money on the table for him at the start of the season and even when his chances took a slight knock after the first 2 rounds, I still remained strong in my belief he could take the title. He's looking in fantastic form and would be the worthiest champion this year. Fri 22 Oct 2010 15:28:52 GMT+1 Mik To echo RondoTheMagician, perhaps I should have re-phrased my point slightly. Hamilton and Vettel have made errors and they have been, in my opinion, huge errors in the context of the season. I agree no-one has been impeccable, but when you look at what will become the "pivotal" races of the season, Webber has kept his nose pretty clean, as have Alonso and Button.Vettel's big moments for me were obviously Turkey, and then ploughing into the side of Button at Spa. Spa was impetuous and foolish especially. Hamilton was obviously at fault in Monza, but was also at fault in Singapore. It's exciting to see a driver go for a brave move, but World Champions have to have just a little but more brains about them than both Vettel and Hamilton seem to have shown at big moments in this years title race.So yes, maybe there have been more individual errors from other drivers, it will always be up for debate. But the manner, magnitude and significance of the mistakes from Hamilton and Vettel mean I would rather see one of the other three contenders win it.In any case, I think it's still great that not only are five drivers still in it, next up is a track when there seems to be little to choose between them. I'd stick my neck out and say there will only be three, or more likely two proper contenders left after Sunday. Could be the crucial race of the season. Fri 22 Oct 2010 15:12:40 GMT+1 RondoTheMagician @ MacauBlue - the crash at Singapore was Hamilton's error. Hamilton knows that, McLaren know that, the general concensus after the incident was that Hamilton tried to outbrake Webber when there wasn't enough space to do so. Webber left space and was entitled to defend his line. Hamilton was too fast into the corner and ploughed into him. End of.Same applies to the Webber / Vettel collision in Istanbul - everyone outside of Seba himself and Christian Horner (fast becoming the Arsene Wenger of Formula One for rose-tinted tunnel vision of some incidents) agreed that Webber was not at fault for that. Fri 22 Oct 2010 14:25:08 GMT+1 Marantz The best of luck to Mark Webber. I'm English, so obviously would love to see another Hamilton/Button title triumph but for a number of reasons I'd almost prefer Webber to win the F1 title this year.1) He deservedly leads the Championship. In my eyes, he is both the most improved driver and has made fewest mistakes.2) He has had to put up with some shoddy treatment from his team. It isn't Webber's fault that he has outshone the "Golden Boy" Vettel so Red Bull should have come to terms with that some time ago. Instead, the petualant and spoilt Vettel (more hand gesturing from Vettel in S.Korea practice) has enjoyed the favourtism of the Red Bull team.3) He's 34 and won't have as many chances in the future as Button and Hamilton.4) He comes across as an all-round good guy. No-nonsense and straight-talking are his trademarks and this down-to-earth approach has made him very popular in Britain. Fri 22 Oct 2010 14:19:47 GMT+1 U14474051 Ive never found any of Legard's comments to be of any value or significance. Fri 22 Oct 2010 14:19:36 GMT+1 RondoTheMagician @ BennyHillario - on what basis do you rate MW as being the 8th best driver on the grid? Hardly fair to base it on performances earlier in his career while with weaker teams & weaker cars - Schumacher was garbage in the Jordan, did he just fluke those 7 world championships??? Also struggling to figure out the 7 drivers in this years championship who are supposedly better than him...@Kubica_for_a_prancing_horse - THANK YOU MATE! Wonderfully myopic of some to conveniently forget the crazy stewards decisions which have gone against Alonso this season, the most outrageous being the 'non-penalty' Hamilton received for passing the safety car. I would feel far more hard done by, as an F1 fan, if Hamilton were to win the title by a margin of less than 18 points given that incident, over whathappened in Hockenheim.Often makes me wonder why people are so shocked & stunned when a team's no. 1 driver passes the number 2 - do you honestly think that, if Hamilton was 50 points clear of Button in the standings and Button was leading a race with Hamilton in 2nd place, that somehow one McLaren wouldn't magically contract 'throttle problems' or 'lose a gear' to enable the overtake to happen? Don't be so naive!! Fri 22 Oct 2010 13:51:55 GMT+1 Ryushinku Outside of Hamilton, he's probably the guy I'd like to see winning the 2010 crown the most (and then Button). Best wishes to the guy. Fri 22 Oct 2010 13:32:16 GMT+1 BennyHillario @MikI do agree with you that Webber has been very good in terms of his consistency, while others have made too many mistakes. I can't really begrudge him the title if he takes it...But it just doesn't feel right to me if he does...I know that may sound contradictory and unfair...maybe someone more eloquent than me can put it better.It's like when Greece won the Euro Championship a few years ago. I supported their quest but, after they won it, I was left feeling a bit flat. It just didn't sit right. I dunno. They won, they deserved to win...but I felt conned.And I think I'll feel the same if MW takes the title. Fri 22 Oct 2010 13:16:25 GMT+1 30_Gilles27 The Hamilton safety car incident has been nicely swept under the carpet by some of you too I see, deduct 18 points for that as would've been the most likely outcome if that had been enforced properly like all of Alonso and Vettel's penalties. As for the championship being sullied if Alonso wins by less than 7 points, I'll repeat it whether you like it or not but Hockenheim is how F1 has been run since the beginning, you don't like it don't watch. I'd bet my house if it was Hamilton instead of Alonso many of you would be sitting here saying how it was the right thing to do.Webber seems to be at the point where he's mentally going to go one way or the other now, finish the job or lose it. Button went through the same process, overly cautious driving sapped his confidence. Webber needs to keep the Silverstone mentality going or the two with nothing to lose will edge in front. Fri 22 Oct 2010 13:11:24 GMT+1 hackerjack The vast majority of people had Webber down as "being in with a shout", in the same way that they had Button as being. Fri 22 Oct 2010 13:11:05 GMT+1 srrt105 @ mikyou claim Hamilton has made too many mistakes to deserve the title this year. Please enlighten us to the mistakes you are refering to as I can only really think of 1 possibly 2 that he has made. Even Mark Webber (of whome I am a massive fan) who has been probably the most consistant of the other 4 title contenders has made 3 or 4 and Alonso at least that number! Fri 22 Oct 2010 13:10:58 GMT+1 Gavelaa If any driver of the top 5 wins the last three races, they will be world champion. Might mean nothing right now, but if someone can find that form providing all the cars are on a level playing field, then now it will be decisive. Would be happy to see Webber win it. Can't see him being in Formula 1 much longer. God help anyone if Alonso wins it by less than 7 points though. Fri 22 Oct 2010 12:58:05 GMT+1 Andrew Benson Hi all,I edit the F1 blogs, as some of you may know.A couple of you have pointed out that Bernie Ecclestone was mentioned in the caption to the picture of the five title contenders. This was down to a production error, for which we apologise. Thanks very much for pointing it out; it has now been corrected. Fri 22 Oct 2010 12:45:19 GMT+1 Mik @ BennyHillario.I take your point, but have to disagree. Formula One is about a balance between driver and car in the modern era. Webber has been the most consistent driver in the best car thus far. I certainly doubt many people begrudged Jenson his World Title last year, and let's face it he basically won the title on the fact that he was ultra consistent in the first part of the season in a car that was 6 months ahead of everything else on the grid. But when the dust settled, he'd still done more than enough to take the title, so fair play.Personally, I'd like to see Alonso win it as Germany aside, he had bad luck in the first half of the season, and he is the most complete driver out there. But I certainly wouldn't begrudge Webber (or even Jenson) the title due to the consitency and reliability they've shown.I would, however, offer that for my money, both Hamilton and Vettel have made too many silly mistakes for me to say that either of them are truly deserving of the title. Both have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous at times this year. Fri 22 Oct 2010 12:35:37 GMT+1 f1tevaldo At Silverstone Red Bull backed Vettel because he was leading the championship. Now Webber is in front they want fair play. Can't stand RedBull/Vettel so I hope Button or Hamilton win although Webber winning would be sweet justice. Anyway when are one of the big three teams going to wake up, stop messing around and SIGN ROBERT KUBICA?? He could be better than Alonso in my opinion. Similar driving style but I honestly think the pole is better on track although perhaps not of it. Fri 22 Oct 2010 12:21:07 GMT+1 StopPoliticalCorrectness I know Bernie is small, but where is he in the picture ? Is he the one Vettel is reaching out for ? It would explain a few things. Fri 22 Oct 2010 12:16:23 GMT+1 saudisafc Unless Alonso wins by 7 points or less, whoever wins the championship deserves it. I personally hope Jenson Button wins, though I know that's unlikely as he is only in the third best car and chasing down a large gap with only 3 races to go. If he doen't win, I think it would be fantastic if Mark Webber does it. It would be great for F1 just like it was when Button won last year with Brawn.Red Bull have treat Webber appalingly this year, Christian Horner in particular, and his recent comments about favouring Vettel in the future have came at a ridicolous time and show where his allegiances lie. Mark has not only had to fight his own team, but also Alonso, Vettel, Button and Hamilton individually, and he has done a remarkable job (excuse the pun). His drives in Spain, Monaco and Britain where breathtaking. On top of that, he has done it the hard way coming through the ranks on talent and hard work, serving his time at the back end of the field and kept believing until the chance arose to go for glory, unlike the path of his team mate and Lewis Hamilton. All that remains to see is whether he has the mental strength to close out the title, as there is no doubt he has the car to do it. Red Bull have got to be at least treating him equal to Vettel at this stage too, which will no doubt be a help.His realistic challengers are Vettel and Alonso now. We know how incredible Fernando is, and we also know how good- or not so good- Vettel is. Button and Hamilton have to much to do I feel considering those top three and Massa are all in the mix for top points. I think this weekend will see at least one of the five lose the plot, most likely to be Hamilton, Vettel or Webber. Fri 22 Oct 2010 11:34:13 GMT+1 MacauBlue "Apart from that terrifying high-flying accident in Valencia when he misjudged his distance to Heikki Kovalainen - his only retirement this year - he's made none of the errors that have afflicted Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton."Jonathan, only a couple of paragraphs earlier you mention Webber's error in Australia… that makes it two. I would also argue that while the brunt of the blame for the inter-team crash in Turkey lay with Vettel, Webber not giving him a millimetre was instrumental in the shunt. Whether one would count that as an error is open to debate but I bet he wishes he hadn't squeezed Vettel quite so much… second-place would have been better than what he ended up with.When Webber made another error, at Singapore – refusing to concede a corner already lost to Hamilton – he was a very, very lucky boy to emerge unscathed. That's three errors in races. Hamilton has made one, at Monza. He made another mistake in practice at Japan but still would have qualified third were it not for his gearbox change – courtesy of the Webber, Singapore incident. I would therefore conclude that not only has Hamilton been less error-prone than Webber this year but if you count the potential points that Hamilton has lost thanks to Webber, they'd be a lot closer now… but that's just the way Formula One goes.However, now that Hamilton's title aspirations have almost evaporated, I actually hope Webber wins the title, as he has been (slightly) less error-prone than Vettel or Alonso. Fri 22 Oct 2010 11:26:12 GMT+1 srrt105 I am a big fan of Mark Webber in this article you seem to make out that all the other drivers have made lots of mistakes and that is why they are behind. The fact is Lewis made a mistake at Monza and arguably he was slightly in the wrong in Singapore but other than that hasnt really put a foot wrong. He and Button have generally had a slower car. I think Vettel has made the most mistakes this year but has had the consistantly faster car so can make up for it. Slightly rose tinted article this one, sorry Fri 22 Oct 2010 11:21:28 GMT+1 BennyHillario I, for one, hope Webber doesn't win the championship, as it will be a bad day for F1.He's not close (in terms of quality) to a whole host of racers.His triumph this year has been his consistency. Others have tripped up, and that's bad on their part.But do we really want to see a guy who is, at best, the 8th best driver on the grid, win the championship?I don't. Fri 22 Oct 2010 11:20:15 GMT+1 tiggerspp Well Mr. Legard I was in fact tipping Mark for the title before the season started so much so I put a £50 bet on him so seems some of us atleast can spot the right combination of driver/car.As for Mark's hopes I think the only thing that will derail them is the fact that Ferrrari are backing Alonso alone and even trying to get Massa to help (not to mention Alonos's 7 extra illegally obtained points) whereas Red Bull are still treating their drivers equally.While the latter approach is to be admired up against the might of Ferrari and the fact that it costs them just $100K if they wish to implement team orders it might just be where Red Bull come unstuck.BTW if Mark loses the championship to Alonso by less than seven points..... I think I may mount a legal challenge to have my bet paid out ;-) Fri 22 Oct 2010 11:04:15 GMT+1 Tim "You never saw Jenson on the podium in the second half of the season," Horner said. @Christian Horner: Button was on the podium in Italy and Abu Dhabi 2009, and apart from poor qualifying in Valencia and a DNF in Spa, didn't have the car to be on the podium the rest of the second half of the season. The Brawn car lost its technical advantage after Turkey, and was terrible in the last four races.Mark Webber is in a different situation in 2010 - he still has the fastest car on the grid right now. Fri 22 Oct 2010 11:02:04 GMT+1 TB Having given up on Lewis and Jenson winning (hopefully prematurely) I can't think of anyone I'd prefer to win the championship.He's make a great champion, it's nice to see good guys having some success as opposed to morally questionable tyrants that we witness so often in other sports and in F1 past. Fri 22 Oct 2010 10:58:13 GMT+1 Bad-Mick Where is Bernie in that picture..?I know he is tiny but...I hope Webber does win the World Title. Red Bull seem only interested in Vettel. Was it after his British Grand Prix victory, he said 'not bad for a number 2 driver'Go Webber Fri 22 Oct 2010 10:46:58 GMT+1 Zoot Aussie Grit will pull him through...although I think that it's very unwise and unprofessional of Red Bull to not favour Mark with three races to go...if they had of done, Mark would have wrapped the title up by now; as it stands, Ferrari or McLaren just might sneek in and take the title from and learn. Fri 22 Oct 2010 10:46:19 GMT+1