Comments for en-gb 30 Fri 31 Jul 2015 16:20:42 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at saralee wow this is a great series-i reckon its better than the little britain seriesvery well dun matt n david Sat 15 Oct 2011 18:28:36 GMT+1 cheekymonkey_22 OH MY GOD! I can't wait for this new series, it's amazing, does anyone know when it'll be on? And also, will taaj come back? He was amazing you get me? Because here's my top 3 gave characters in reversalogical order isnit, Precious Little, Moses Beacon, and my number one favourite of all time is Taaj Manzoa.. (don't know how u sPell that) innit :) HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT TAAJ AND MOSES? Mon 29 Aug 2011 21:58:15 GMT+1 Mandyfab I love Ian the customs officer, drawing on the chap's 'tache with black marker was ridiculously silly but funny! Look forward to more silliness soon. Fri 25 Feb 2011 17:43:49 GMT+1 jazzflyer Absolutely brilliant! Even though I always found 'Little Britain' a bit hit and miss, I reckon Matt and David have hit the jackpot with 'Come Fly With Me' It is fantastic. Everyone I work with who has seen the series, no matter their race, has had nothing but high praise for the series!I lose patience with all the people who describe it as unfunny or racist. I think political correctness has gone completely mad in our society, and people seem to have lost the ability to laugh at themselves or anything else for that matter. Racial stereotypes will always exist. I'm black myself and find nothing racist about the portrayal of Precious or anyone else in the series. I really get fed up with people getting offended at every ridiculously minor thing these days. To those people, I say, LIGHTEN UP! Life's too short. The characters Matt and David have created are absolutely brilliant and I can't say enough for their talent at bringing all these disparate characters to life so convincingly. I look forward to Series 2. Pure genius! Fri 18 Feb 2011 14:49:36 GMT+1 Nina Fabulous!! I cannot wait for the second series. I would like to make a complaint to the BBC about all those silly people who have made complaints about this series for being racist. It is not, they are jokes hence comedy. They are trying to spoil everyone's fun but thank goodness the BBC has not taken any notice. It is a comedy and of course some people will not like it. Well my view is to just not watch it. If they take the micky out of the British and Irish only there would be no racism complaints. They take the micky out of everyone. That is why it is comedy. If some people had there way there would be no comedy. If you do not like it then don't watch it. Wed 16 Feb 2011 10:59:03 GMT+1 AngleseyKev Sorry the first series was enough. They are very funny but their characters become boring very quickly. Repetitive, just like little Britain. Sat 05 Feb 2011 01:59:41 GMT+1 U14604938 @KirstieKeely and the maternity leave woman SHOULD be there. Because they were still working and/or didn't strike..>I hope they don't all go. I loved them characters, although it does give a fresh new slate for newer even funnier characters.I hope to see the return of Peter & Judith, my personal favourites! :D Mon 31 Jan 2011 21:45:56 GMT+1 Kirstie I hope the Japanese girls come back in the second series. I loved them! They love Martin Clunes!Oh, and loulou, Taaj isn't there anymore because Omar Baba sacked his entire staffload. So not even the girls will be there. Mon 31 Jan 2011 18:32:30 GMT+1 Colin The Sock This post has been Removed Mon 31 Jan 2011 13:38:14 GMT+1 louloub0 Fabulous!!! :) Where's Taaj in the above pic? He's my favourite by far. Ya get me? Good, innit? Sat 29 Jan 2011 16:27:29 GMT+1