Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 25 May 2015 15:47:53 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at HERCULE_SAVINIEN BARNEY FRANKS SPILLS THE BEANS[Footholds to be Strengthened]Massachusetts Democrat, U.S. Representative Barney Frank the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, has spilled the beans, there can no longer be any doubt that the American-Israeli Empire has since the era of President Dwight David Eisenhower, been building a nuclear cage around the former [USSR] Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, now the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China, and we quote; Frank says. He says Washington’s been plotting and planning for decades to move Futenma to northern Okinawa, along with new military port facilities, to [STRENGTHEN] the U.S. military footprint. Unquote [Source: www.JapanUpdate.Com.] from an interview given by Frank on [NPR] National Public Radio. And to believe that the same plan does not extend to Foothold Europe and Germany considering the past plans concerning the placement of missiles in Poland, and the American-Israeli Military involvements in the Republic Georgia, it is not a hard connection to make.[John D. Rockefeller to Ike]The base for the plan goes back to the time of John D. Rockefeller (120) one-Hundred and twenty year ago, who (PREDICTED), Russia will soon be in a position to tell anyone, "We can do without you, but you can't do without us." A man of really unusual vision, and here we now are, by (2011) Twenty-Eleven, the Nordstream Pipeline which will move gas under the Baltic from Russia to Germany, and the Blue Stream Pipeline which will move gas under the Black Sea from Russia to Turkey, are both scheduled to be completed, in (2011), and now South Stream! But, the plan came into full bloom under one Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Father of International Terrorism, and the Grand Chessboard Game Theory, for the domination of the world by the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, a plan that was in the offing during the Presidency of Dwight David Eisenhower, who warned of what was coming and we quote; In his January 17, 1961 farewell message to the nation, Dwight Eisenhower said: "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex." Ike was persuaded by advisors to leave “congress” off his famed “military-industrial complex.” But that would be the very definition of fascism in the “national security” state: the unbreakable amalgam of the military might of the State within the corporate structure to manage it and profit from it, and the congressional complicity in the name of “jobs back home.” The National Defense Highway system started in the 1950’s by Dwight David Eisenhower was funded through the Defense Department. Military spending does not have to be on toys for the brass. "The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist," unquote.[Ike to [911]]The time to implement the Zingier Brzezinski, Grand Chessboard Game Theory strategy, came with the Bush Senior Administration, and was carried forward to his son Bush the minor, and [911], it is clear that those in the twin towers on that day were not innocents for many reasons, the first of having been willing participants by their See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Know nothing attitude, allowing the Military Industrial Complex to draw upon them both for financial support but manpower for its machine, but as unwitting pawns in the Grand Chessboard Strategy. The [19] nineteen individuals who gave their lives as martyrs too their own personal believes, did so willingly this was not some staged wag the dogs tail movie event. But, was the American-Israeli Military Complex fully aware that the attack was to happen, and that answer is YES! How do we know this, it is common knowledge that those workers of the Jewish Religion did not show up for work on that day and this from the poet laurite of New Jersey, and reports that had been given to the [FBI] Federal Bureau of Investigation, that Arab citizens on Visas were taking flight lessons but were not interested in how to land the aircraft in small flight training courses, and the local office of the [FBI] both in Los Angles and San Diego, The Republic of California were in surveillance of two of the cells that either had members of the [19] nineteen living there or had connection to these cells, this is all common knowledge.[[911] to the Caspian Sea Basin] It is now crystal clear what the end game is, to substantially increase the size of the Footholds Europe and Far-East, too take control of the Caspian Sea Basin with its [20%] twenty- percent of the worlds crude oil deposits, and all shipping lanes, pipelines, and processing facilities connects to that area the reason for taking control of ownership and cutting present ones, is to force the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China to its knees, holding a lions share of the Military Industrial Complex debt, and having to purchase its only present energy source from the American-Israeli Complex which would than control that asset. The Russian Federation would for its part have the resources but not the ability to benefit from them without having to move those assets thru facilities controlled by the American-Israeli Military Complex systems, with American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, [WMD’s] Weapons of Mass Destruction, Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear, within minutes of any targets within the Russian Federation, its not about entering Russia with the closed fist of war its about putting the Russian Bear into a Complex Cage, talk about spilling the beans Franks opened a can of worms and threw them in for good measure.HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Tue 14 Sep 2010 18:32:04 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN ENDING FOOTHOLD FAR-EAST JAPAN[Judith Purse Not Barneys’ Wallet] Now, we have tried to keep up with the issue of ending the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex Foothold Far-East and Europe, as both Japan and Germany struggle to break the Foothold upon their necks that have been in place for now going over [65] sixty-five years, and we were pleased to see that there is now concrete evidence to suggest those Footholds are in fact beginning to slip, and its about time. Japan has announced that Massachusetts Democrat, U.S. Representative Barney Frank is calling for the withdrawal of all American Empire Military Industrial Complex troops of occupation from the soil of the Japanese Empire. We are not talking about a relocation to the island of Guam, at a cost of [€1.6B/$2B] One-Point-Six Billion Euros/Two-Billion-Dollars, a sum that the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee is not willing to pay, so we should expect a showdown between, Guam’s Senator Judith P. Guthertz, who is the chair of the Committee on Military Buildup and Homeland Security in the Senate, a supporter of the Grand Chessboard Game Theory of Zbigniew Brzezinski the Father of International Terrorism, who supports that relocated from Japan to Guam, at taxpayer expense, but considering that the American Empire’s [EPA] Environmental Protection Agency announced ruling was the Islands infrastructure could not handle, and no one knows just were the money would come from, without cuts coming within the Pentagon structure, Judith will have to come up with the money out of her own purse, its not coming out of Barneys’ wallet, and not on his dime or at his expense. [V-SHAPED RUN WAY]In [2006] the American-Israeli Empire had agreed to the building of [2] two [1km] One-Thousand Meter long runways in a V-shaped configuration on the coastal area of Nago, on the Prefecture of Okinawa, near the American-Israeli Camp Schwab, and with the transfer of military flights of [C-130] aircraft and helicopters to Tokunosima and other unspecified location, Kadena Air Base has long been a serious noise pollution problem caused by being the home base to [60] sixty [F-15] fighters and [15] fifteen [KC-135] air refueling tankers, as well as a set of[P-3] Orion Navy reconnaissance aircraft and many visiting aircraft missions, on the Okinawa Prefecture. Both the Japanese Empire [EPA], and the U.S. Representative agree that there was no real chance of the projects either abating or reducing noise pollution. In fiscal [2008], the government of Japan registered [39,357] occasions in which American-Israeli Empire aircraft exceeded the upper limit set by the Japanese national government standards, plus the lack of any real chance of enhancing the safety issue’s of flight training over heavily populated areas, as mother nature will have her way in this area.[Ending the Grand Chessboard Game] The Congressman admitted openly that in fact the American-Israeli Empire has been for decades been planning to move Camp Futenma to the Northern part of Okinawa, building new military port facilities , shifting other military operations to the Japanese Mainland from the Aomori Prefecture and Iwakuni Marine Corps air base in Yamaguchi Prefecture to [6] six Japanese air self defense bases on the mainland of Japan, which is already in progress with the first [6] six [F-15’s] from Kadena having been relocated to Hyakuri base in Ibaraki Prefecture on the Japanese mainland at the same time while sticking it to the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China Sphere of Influence positioning [59] Fifty-Nine [Empire] carrier Fighter Aircraft, which the Nationalist Chinese Island of Taipei says its not going to accept or put up with as the Japanese are extending its [ADIZ] Air Defense Identification Zone, a line that a military aircraft must first provide flight details to the national airspace into which it is entering or will meet with prompt interception by military means, in other words they could use what ever means to take it down. Now, for those of you who can’t quite grasp the concept, Israeli-American Empire fighter aircraft become legal targets of the Nationalist Chinese, but that also means the Red Chinese, mainland government has that right, as they consider the Nationalist Chinese Island as their territory, including its airspace, beginning the strengthening of the American-Israeli Empires Footprint in the Far-East at the expense of both Empires tax base, while increasing tensions in the area, and we can assume that this same strategy is one that can be applied to the Foothold Europe in Germany, not a plan to withdraw either nuclear weapons or other military assets but to increase, while increasing tensions along the Russian Federations Boarders with Europe, all this under the Grand Chessboard Game Theory of Zbigniew Brzezinski the Father of International Terrorism, The (FSWD) Full Spectrum World Domination Strategy, Preparing the Battlefield, Clear, Hold, and Rebuild the World in the mirror image of the American-Israeli Empire, the problem is that Massachusetts Democrat, U.S. Representative Barney Frank, is basically saying he’s no longer willing to fund the Grand Chessboard Game it’s too expensive and it’s a new millennium it’s the [21st] Century. HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Mon 13 Sep 2010 19:05:52 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN THE AMERICAN MILITARY COMPLEX WAR ON ISLAM[Just Keep the Bennie’s Coming] Now we have been reading all the lies that are being repeated again and again coming from the very peak of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, out of the mouth of the individual seating in the oval office, of that Complex, and it is all lies. The fact is that it is a War Against Islam, the two systems are in direct conflict ideologically, neither can co-exist with each other, Islam is about the family, were as the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex is about greed, and power for the few, its about the greed of Wall St., with the backing of the crooks and criminals of Washington D. C., backed up by the Military Complex of the Pentagon, paid for and supported by American Public who want the benefits of the crimes they commit but want to know nothing about how those benefits came to be gotten, We See Nothing, We Hear Nothing, We Know Nothing, just keep the Bennie’s/benefits coming.[No Beliefs, Honor, Principles, or Values] Burning Books, just were have we seen this before in history, and how many times has it been at the hands of power groups that have their own agendas, this group against the other group, rent the [BBC] British Broadcasting Company series the Tudors a you can see the Protestant Reformation, Henry the VIII, for personal gain burning Catholic Bibles replacing them with those Protestant Saint James Bibles not written by hand but now printed on the Guttenberg Printing Press, or you can get the move Triumph of The Will, about the rise to power of Der Furer Adolph Hitler, and see as Nazis [SS], burned Jewish Torahs, but these are not the only incidents in the history of the world. The crooks and criminals of Washington, D. C., take theirs so called oaths of office upon a what, you guessed it a Bible, were upon they cross their fingers doing what no person with any faith of any nature would do, there are no principles, beliefs, values, or honor even among thieves within the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex. As much as the Protestant Reformation Church of King Henry the VII, prostituted itself to the will of the King, so to has the Faithless American-Israeli Military Industry Complex Citizenry and so called Christian Churches sold them selves to that very Complex.[Saying the words don’t make it so] The Temple, Church, or Mosques of the Faithless Citizenry of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex is Wall St, its Rabbis, Ministers, Priests, Imams’, or so called religious leaders are the crooks and criminals of Washington, D. C. and there Saints or protectors are the Pentagon, and all arms of government that serve to protect the myth of the Shining Beacon of Freedom, a shinning light that is kept burning at the expense of other than they them selves. Make no mistake this is in fact a WAR ON ISLAM, it is a War Between to opposing belief systems, value systems, cultural systems, one idiot in the seat of power after another idiot can repeat the same lines of the script that this is not a WAR ON ISLAM, but it don’t make it so. HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Sun 12 Sep 2010 21:00:57 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN THE REAL MESSAGE OF 911[Beware the American Israeli Military Industrial Complex]The real message of 9/11, is one that will not be understood nor will it accepted by the American Empire, the real message of 9/11 is that the world will no longer standby as the American Empires Military Industrial Complex, continues to undermined the Freedoms of the Community of Nations. The American Empire and its News Media will continue to cry of Terrorism and the terrible loss of life committed upon innocent civilians by crazed Islamic Terrorist as around the American Empire Korans are burned in protest. The problem is that these very American Empire Citizens were in fact not innocent, they were part of the problem, and the entire citizenry of the American Empire are the problem, the problem of they See Nothing, Hear Nothing and Know Nothing, they sit silent at crimes against humanity are committed on a daily basis in their names around the world. And, when any news organization dares to publish any reports of actions that are proven crimes against humanity there is an immediate outcry or innocents, the act was an accident or they claim no knowledge of any such incidents, they learned quickly after live pictures were being put on then Know Nothing, See Nothing, Hear Nothing Empire Citizens, when well its time you Knew, See and Hear for Yourselves, of public executions of Viet Cong prisoners, and actual fire fights in Vietnam. The Real Message is Beware the American Israeli Military Industrial Complex.[Blind Eyes, Deaf Ears, and Closed Minds]The act of 911, served as a Tolling of the Bell, Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls, It Tolls for Thee. It’s not a wake up call that the World should take up arms against Islam or Islamic Terrorists’, but to Open the World Eyes, Ears, and Minds to the real terrorist, the one that was predicted by President Dwight David Eisenhower, the Terrorism of the American Empires Military Industrial Complex, the wake up call to the world to take action against the [CIA] Central Intelligence Agency working with the Israeli Mossad in country after country, to the Black Ops operations so frequently used around the world but most used in South American Countries, the snatch and grabs from country after country, the prisons were so many innocents have been taken abused and murdered by the true terrorist the [CIA] & Black Ops Operatives, of the American Military Industrial Complex. It is time to open those Blind Eyes, Deaf ears, and closed minds][Limit and/or Shut down American Empire Terrorism]A new era has been opened by [911], one that must end the American Industrial Complex, Europe must call for the ending of the [Foothold] Europe by the American Industrial Complex, the withdrawal of its troops and nuclear weapons from European territory, Japan must demand the end to [Foothold] Far East, and the immediate withdrawal of all American Troops from Japanese Territory, along with its covert stash of nuclear weapons, all nations providing bases for troops of the American Industrial Complex troops must demand that those troops leave their territory. No Ships of the American Industrial Complex that will not allow inspection for nuclear weapons aboard should be denied access to ports of call, all American Industrial Complex aircraft should be denied access to air space or landing rights. The [CIA] and Mossad must be viewed as agencies operating against the interests of other than those of the American and Israel Military Industrial Complex. Wall St., Washington D. C., the [CIA], Black Ops, and Mossad are not working in anyone’s interests beyond those of the American Israeli Industrial Complex, and it is time by what ever methods to limit their continued operations or shut them down, the biggest Terrorist in the World Today is the American Israeli Industrial Complex. The Real Message is to open your eyes, ears and mind to the true terrorism of the American Israeli Complex, and begin to place sever restrictions upon or totally end those operations, or face the consequences, world domination under that Complex. HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Sat 11 Sep 2010 21:25:16 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN MOBILE HOME PARK UNIT WARSPOOR TO VERY POORNow, in the present economic conditions, POOR TO VERY POOR, nothing is moving, and this is especially true in the Mobile Home Park Industry, no mobile home park owner in his right mind should even consider the idea of purchasing a modular mobile home and placing it in their parks for sale at a cost of [€70k-78k/$90k-$100k] Seventy to Seventy Eight Thousand Euros /Ninety to One Hundred thousand Dollars just to have them sit not for short periods of time but for years, yes, years, we have seen just such [2] two units sit just that long before the owner gave up and simply rented them out, and the best individuals to rent such units out to in this non-economy is in fact Section 8, renters as the government is picking up most of the tab, and that means the taxpayer is picking up the tab on the rental of such units, which is not in itself a bad thing at all, but just goes to show just how bad things have really gotten, the government is getting into renting properties. THE OLD MEETS THE NEWThe Mobile Home Park Owners are really in a serious bind, and that bind in fact is tightening up with each passing day, older units, which were hot items in the [70’s-80-s] Seventies and the Eighties, which a serviceable are increasing hard to find in this economy and the purchase of newer units for sale and even rent beyond government assisted renting is out of the realm of reality in the non-economy that is in play. The fact is that the older Mobile Home Owners are dying off, and units are available but that does not mean that the owners of parks are really interested in their purchase, as these owners grew older they were both physically and economically unable to maintain themselves let along a Mobile Home Unit. May such units are in fact becoming increasing available to the Mobile Home Park Owners for purchase from the family estates. But that does not mean that a Mobile Home Park Owner will be interested beyond offering a rock bottom offer, and why should that be so, the modern renter is spoiled the idea of not having a dish washer in the kitchen, central heating and air conditioning, a washer and dryer in the unit is below modern day standards, and the majority of units of the past decades do not in fact have such items, and the owners have to make sure that the unit can in fact support such modern day items with their old wiring systems, having to install such modern items is up and beyond the replacement of carpets, painting, replacing grass around such units with rock in areas were water conservation is becoming a great and great issue in many areas where Mobile Home Parks still exist. Just as a side note the past era sported French Doors and they were nice looking and all but are heat sinks, allowing cold in during the winter months and heat in during the summer, and using aluminum tin foil over them not only looks bad but really serves little or no purpose, even if they had been made with polarized glass, it would only have served to keep out a small percentage of [U/V] Ultra Violet Rays, the over all fact is past era is past era, and they aren’t passing muster with the present era generation, they are not going to wash dishes by hand, walk to the nearest launder mat, they expect the temperature to be what they want when they want for the rent they are paying, and for what it cost to rent such a unit, well its nice to have the tax payer picking up the cost. In the end the Old Ways are Meeting the New Ways.BACKDOOR GOVERNMENT SUPPORTSo, basically the Mobile Home Park Owners are becoming strapped and are in a cut throat war to obtain units that are both serviceable and have the possibility to bring up to modern era renter requirements, and in the Southwestern part of the Israeli American Empire the War Is On, we watched as one owner out bid another owner of a unit in the unit owners park. The park owner was to angry he gave the purchasing owner [24hrs] twenty-four hours to get it off his property, the winning park owner had to pay some over-time to his staff that weekend. The point is Mobile Home Parks are a Microcosm of just what is going on in the economy, nothing is moving except down to Old Mexico, units that cost to much to bring up to modern day standards in the Empire, you talk large cast outputs and no one has that kind of liquid cash flow available and with the value of assets in steep decline, what a Mobile Home Park or its owners value for tax purpose may not be in fact his or its true value in this failing economy. It’s a matter of rentals yes, but don’t expect that modern day era standards will apply any where, will you have a dish washer and dryer or are you going to do it the old fashion way by hand, are you going to have a washer and dryer hook up and units within your unit or apartment, or are you going to chug on down to the nearest launder mat, are you going to have central heating and air-conditioning, or will it be electric fans sitting in your [BVD’s/Undies] in the heat or layering up with heating elements, in the winter? In Mobile Home Parks renters are now the norm, owners are dying off, and are no longer the fall back in hard time’s they once were, in fact they are become and increasing cost item forming Mobile Home Park Renter/Owners Associations [Communist Style Movements] spying upon your neighbors, and threats to little old ladies, taking Mobile Home Park Owners to court costing the loss of Insurance Coverage, and thousands of dollars in additional costs, and the Mobile Park Owners are being forced to seek a new way, of NO OWNERS, short leases, month to month, and look to the government for increasing allowances for Section 8, rental, guaranteed government support thru the back door. HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Mon 23 Aug 2010 21:08:44 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN MOBILE HOME PARK GRANNY DUMPSGRANNY DUMP SIGHTSSenior Citizen Mobile Home Parks [SCMHP] are used as Granny Dump sites across the nation, this is not to say that it is done out of some malice to Granny by the offspring it is just that Granny like so many women was younger that her husband who pasted away and Granny loved her children and grand-children and on and on, but Granny has no intention of moving in with the kids, Granny has got her stuff and she has had her independence for a long time and is not ready to give it up, she pretty much figures that when she is ready to go into assisted living that will be a different thing, then she can divide her stuff up among the kids if they really want old stuff to add to their stuff. It is a sad but true fact that sometimes Granny goes to sleep one night and never again wakes up.GRANNYS STUFFSo what can happen to Granny’s Stuff and the answer to that is make someone a quick buck. Some child who has had a bad relationship with Granny has been estranged for decades, may show up get the car, clean out the bank account, and any other valuables they can find, let the landlord how that the unit is his, for whatever price he is willing to pay, just sent the check to them, and anything in the unit is his to do with as he pleases. Other times individuals claiming to be representatives or connected to some charitable organization, but charity begins with them, they generally pick thru Granny’s Stuff, looking for what can be sold on line or elsewhere, that’s free cold hard cash in their pockets, then what’s left over either may or may not end up going to a charitable organization, but the lions share will end up in the local landfill. SENIOR CITIZEN MOBILE HOME PARK LIVINGNow, we know that it sounds terrible that [SCMHP’S] are Granny Dumps, but it is what it is, the up side is Granny is around individuals of her generation and era, and that counts for a whole lot along with no kids under her feet or wild parties going on in the unit next to hers, the owners and others in the Park know and understand the process of both aging and death that are a daily fact of life living in a [SCMHP], tours can be arranged for residents, special reductions in utility bill, etc. are arranged by many [SCMHP] owners for their residents. It is that those who are going to place/dump Granny in an [SCMHP], understand that it is best NOT TO OWN A UNIT, renters in [SCMHP’S] are generally not unable to purchase their own units it is that it is recommended that Senior Citizens seek only to be on month to month rental agreements or leases as you wish to call them. The main reason for this is that a long term lease could come to be a problem in estate settlement if the Senior Citizen was to pass away with a long period remaining on their lease agreement, and then there is the question of if they do in fact owners of their own unit, which must by some local laws be upon a mobile home site and can not be upon privately owned land, unless it is in a Mobile Home Park that is owned by the residents, a total Association Park. In today’s economy there is a glut of foreclosed homes let alone Mobile Homes in Mobile Home Parks, and nothing is moving, so Granny pass’s away leaving a long term lease agreement and her Mobile Home, the grieving relatives are now stuck with a unit that will not sell, and the month up keep, yard, water, gas, etc. too continue to have to fork out the cash plus the lease payment on unit sight. At this point the relatives make the decision that it would be best in this economy to sell the unit to the park owner or the landlord. HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Fri 20 Aug 2010 23:18:51 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN This post has been Removed Thu 19 Aug 2010 23:48:03 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN NON-RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP[Food or Pets?]Now, to upfront about matters we are not a pet person, as far as we are concerned dogs and cats are [4] four legged meals on paws and feet, having gone thru combat survival training, if it can be eaten eat it dogs, cats, rats, snakes its all the same food to keep you alive behind enemy lines, and having traveled the globe, following the prime directive, observe but do not intervene, or when in Rome do and eat what the Romans do and eat, well, we see these critters in a whole difference view. So, when we came upon an article by Karen Pearlman, a staff writer for the Union-Tribune [], entitled Groups Work to Curb Explosion of Feral Cats, well it just caught our interest, especially when the figure of [80 GBP/ 121 USD] to humanly do away with [150K] One-hundred and fifty thousand cats last year out of my tax dollar, well that sort of grabbed me in the pocket book area that is a total of [1.2 GBP], WHAT?[One Million Cats] Now, were not against pet ownership, and some pets are not only pets they are partners such as seeing eye dogs, and companions to the elderly, but come on, there are limits, Karen in her article estimated that there are almost [1M] One-million feral/wild cats running lose just in the county/parish of San Diego County, Southern California, The Israeli-American Empire, able to have [3] Three liters [1] One liter each [4] four months or every [120] One-hundred and Twenty days of [5] kitten each year, or as Karen tallied up over [7] years [420K] Four-Hundred and Twenty Thousand cats, and at a friendly kill rate cost of [80 GBP] per cat, you have got to be kidding.[Ringworm to Rabies]We live in what Bill Clinton calls trailer park trash, at a [75K GBP] Seventy-Five Thousand Pounds Sterling per mobile home unit, well that's expensive trash, but in one we like to be referred to as mobile home parks, in El Cajon, San Diego County, California [100] One-Hundred of these cats were captured and they are still in the process of cleaning out that part of the pests, and they have gotten to be sever pests. In the Mobile Home Park we live in there are an estimated [36] Thirty-Six minimum Wild cats, running lose, with many having become aggressive, attacking the residents, and having caused a Ringworm breakout within the Park itself, and what can be expected next, distemper, and then rabies.[Non-Responsible Pet Owner Wing-Nuts] Non-Responsible Pet Ownership / Animal Rights and Rescue Wing nuts, combined with lack of Control by State, County, City and local officials, have created a situation where an individual can have as many not only cats but any pet they so choose in their homes, and in our Mobile Home Park, one such person has [12] twelve cats, [1] one dozen in an enclosed porch, and how many people want to live to person with that many animals next door to them, and to insist this somehow this is not a health hazard risk, to the common community is absurd. But, it is those taxpayers who are tired of footing the cost that are the bad guys, not the Non-Responsible Pet Owners / Animal Rights and Wing Nuts, feeding wild cats, living in Noah's Arks, in modern societies, what type of cat is on the menu for tonight? Cats in a Musical are one thing, Cats in the real world are another. HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Sun 04 Jul 2010 18:36:02 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN [99] GENERALS CAREERS ON THE WALL[OLD SOLDIERS NEVER DIE]Now, as we have stated we are in the moving process and things are in a state of turmoil along with not really having time to keep up with world shaking events, with normal life shaking personal upheaval the daily fare, so we will have misspelled, shorter unorganized taught and comment. But that being said we caught sight of the various articles about General Stanley McChrystal, and the new buck stops here [21st] Century Media Messiah Imperial Presidential go get'em Harry moment, we will be looking for his moment in the sun when he too will go to West Point and make his speech about [Old Soldiers Never Die They Just Fade Away]. [99 BOTTLES]Now, the truth of the matter is Afganistan is just one theater in the War of Economic Stimulus on the Islamic Crescent, a never ending war, Stanley is just another bottle of beer on the wall, [99] ninty-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer, take one down and pass it around, [98] bottles of beer on the wall. Stanley is just another bottle of beer on the wall, Afganistan is not only the grave yard of Empires, it is the grave yard of military careers, thru the centuries, how many careers have been ended, how many British, Soviet, and Israeli American Empire careers has it already cost, McChrystal's career will be yet another on that long, long list.[MARSHALL TO SAVINIEN]Just as Peter Marshall closed his blogs, with the exception of this the last opening in the set, to be replaced by Hercule Triathlon Savinien, so too will the opening left by McChrystal be fill, vacuumes always seek to be filled, and as Old Soldiers Die, they are replaced by younger soldiers, the monster of war has an unending taste for blood and careers. But, looking at the policy of McChrystal he had it correct in the end, the more the civilian death count rises, the more the troops in the conflict death count will rise, the longer the war will last, and last, and last and last, Stanley came to understand its a matter of an eye for an eye, and high tech warfare is not cost effective when your getting a low tech wipping. Stanley had seen the light, set up a government or make it appear you had, just like in Vietnam, claim victory, and get out of there, while keeping the death count down on both sides, and maybe after the war, normal relationships could then be reached faster, the Empire gets most of its rice from Vietnam, along with other trade. McChrystal was the last chance to pull the Empire's Chestnuts out of the fire, while saving face, now its burnt fingers and mud on it face.HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Wed 23 Jun 2010 15:38:55 GMT+1 HERCULE_SAVINIEN MOVINGNow, we have been unable to keep up with world events as personal events have become of higher priority in life, She Who Must Be Obeyed has granted permission to use Her computer too post with, its just not the same but life goes on. The reason we have been unable to post is were upgrading to a new unit within our Clinton declared Trailer Park Trash, Mobile Home Park, now when the Mobile Home Units go for [$100+K] One-Hundred Plus Thousand Dollars, well you have to come to the conclusion that maybe someone doesn't know what they are talking about, but that being said we are in the process of self move with a little help from our neighbors, were simply moving about [40M] Forty Meters.Now, moving has its plus and negative sides, Peter moved on and left his blog wide open for posting and we simply moved in and set up shop, its the same with moving into a new place. So what should you do in a move? Get box's, but first look around and see what you can use as a box, drawers, why take things out of a drawer simply to put it back into the same drawer, cut up a box and tape it over the drawer leaving what is in the drawer, leave it out of what the draw came out of making it less heavy to move.Pre-stage everything, plants, things you would not like to loose but if you did, and those things that you are keeping your eye's on. In the end all you need is your computer, telephone, bed, and louve/bathroom, you can get chinese take home or pizza [with Pineapple], and use paper plates and cups. We don't have pets any longer, but they don't adjust to moving very well, this from when we did have pets, deciding to not have pets any longer to the rising cost of having them, and every pet owner must be a responsible one, pets including cats should be in the control of their owners at all times, in the modern society, pets are not someone other than the owners, at any time. More and more areas are not pet friendly, no pet allowed, or you pay a very high pet fee to have the pet. During your move get rid of all those items that you haven't used in a Deity knows when, if you haven't used it take it to a group that put things to use for individuals who have come upon hard times, that's a good use for things that are just taking up space, for more stuff, and you will have more stuff, we average a move every [8] eight years and you can not being to believe how much stuff you gather in just that short period of time, so get rid of the old stuff and make way for the new stuff.Repairs this is the time too make those repairs that you have been putting off, on your stuff, the drawer handles, the book shelves, the lights, all those little things that have been but off, pull out the screw drivers, pliars, hammer, and lots of GLUE, it works on almost everything, those drawer knobs, wrap some string around them put some glue on them and screw them in, repair done. You also want to repair those items that will prevent you from getting back that security deposit.Rugs and Tapestry's have them picked up in the old address and delivered to the new address, you don't have to move them and its time they were cleaned, thats throw rugs, if you have an apartment they change the rugs every [3] three years or when the occupant moves after [3] three years, if less than [3] Three years they have the carpet cleaned. This is the time get those now smelly things cleaned.The [BBC]British Broadcasting Company, is a must to sit down too in the evenings to relax, [Dr. Who] not as good as it was but still a viewing must, Merlin, Second Sight, Torchwood, Being Human, Prime Evil, and of course, the Newsnight's blogs.Well, we have to sign off She Who Must Be Obeyed has commanded our immediant audience, So Movin, Movin, Movin Rawhide, so keep those doggies moving, thow there disapproving Rawhide.HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN Tue 22 Jun 2010 23:48:45 GMT+1 Bloofs Shame. Wed 07 Oct 2009 20:46:22 GMT+1