Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 13 Jul 2014 15:07:19 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at BluesBerry UKCMRI, true cost:The choice –a) social housing and community facilities (none of which would be built if the research centre goes ahead) orb) UKCMRI.While this is the surface debate, there is whispering debate going on beneath the surface debate. The whispering debate speaks the same battle in different words:a) urban planning for the sake of the common welfare orb) a beautiful (in fact awesome) show-off piece for the sake of medicine & science. The supporters have already1. bought the site (from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport DCMS) for God knows how much money,2. sunk additional money into architectural design and3. apparently walked all over Camden Council’s local plans for area - a social mix including ‘community’ spaces and housing.Seems to me like the powers that be have established facts on the ground (or maybe I should say money on the ground). Money makes it sticky to backstep.Seems to me that Camden's overcrowded, often sickly throw-away people will have to…well…get out of the way. Sat 19 Jun 2010 11:17:33 GMT+1