Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 05 May 2015 14:10:20 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at jezzer1965 I myself work for a large electrical retailer which I cannot mention for obvious reasons and would like to point out that the eu directive does not apply within the uk as we do have the sale of goods act gives greater rights and this I have confirmed with trading standards.Also I do feel for people that have problems and I myself deal with some of these customers as a manager. However I do get frustrated at times with the verbal abuse I am expected to tolerate, in some cases I have had customers demand refunds or replacements that after investigation have suffered accidental damage.The most common thing I see is with pc's where people don't use antivirus software or because someone can't set thier tv up they expect a refund because its faulty when its not. After 6 months the burden of proof is on he consumer to prove an inherent fault or that the product is unfit and not of satisfactory quality and most retailers do offer a sliding scale of repair charges.As an example the company I work for do free repairs up to 18 months if the product is proved to be unfit. I find people pick out what they want to out of the SOGA but don't actually like it when the facts are laid out in front of them.I can actually and honestly say that I will explain rights to customers everytime and even offer where to clarify these rights.I fully support the SOGA but guys don't expect assistance if you are going to be rude or offensive to us who work in this industry as we also have the right to refuse to serve you Wed 18 Nov 2009 23:38:25 GMT+1 Anna HiIn January 2007 I bought Sony Ericsson mobile phone. The phone had stopped working recently:it is no longer possible to turn the phone on even when the charger is plugged in. Therefore, I am now unable to use the phone.I wrote to the O2 store where I bought the phone from, quoting Sale of Goods Act 1979. The manager of the store informed me that he can send my phone off to the manufacture but that it is me who will have to cover all the costs. Is it true?Does Sale of Goods Act not apply to my situation? Wed 18 Nov 2009 19:37:00 GMT+1 primablog re :- my sony laptop.Well it took a while and some negotiations but PC World gave us £434 for a new laptop and refunded £60 for the engineers report we had to provide.Not enough for another sony but still our laptop replaced.Thanks Don. Without your information I would never have known what to do,as Sony didn`t want to know and I was stuck.Thanks again. Sat 14 Nov 2009 17:51:32 GMT+1 Lyn Rogers Can you help. this is not so much about faulty goods but when is a Quotation a Quotation. I recently had a wood burning stove fitted cost based on an agreed quotation (not an estimate) of £3187 plus VAT. The cost included the installation of an oak beam across the new fireplace. The beam they produced was a bit of old warped fence post(!) which was not acceptable. I told them we would source the beam ourselves. I then said the cost of the beam would need to be deducted from the total cost of the work. Unfortunately the quotation I received was not broken down so I don't know what the cost of the beam would have been. Although I was told by the installer about £150 and by the Manager £100. I was then told that they had had to install a concrete lintel and some additional flexible chimney liner (not included in the original quote) and, in their words 'shall we just call it quits on the cost then'. I was going to propose to source a new beam and deduct the cost of that from the quote as they had not itemised the cost.Are they right doing what they have done and should I accept this or not? Thu 05 Nov 2009 12:10:15 GMT+1 Luminita Dawkins Hello,I wonder if you can please help me as my inquiry is more about a service, my mobile contract with O2 (via Carephone Warehouse). When my previous contract expired I wrote them I wasn't happy with their service and I wanted to disconnect; then they offered me a new contract with line discount for 18 months (£10/ month). I have signed that new contract only taking into consideration the offer. In July thinking I'm around the end of the 18 months I tried to call O2, but I wasted my time several times as the menu of the customer service number doesn't have any option for my problem (I did write them an e-mail and the answer was they can't do anything by e-mail, I have to phone them!). I went in person to Carephone Warehouse and I've been told that I can stay on the same tariff if I won't get any sign from them. I didn't get any letter or any other further notice from O2 regarding any increase in my tariff and suddenly at the end of August I got the bill with the tariff put up to £25! I called them and told that surely I was entitled to a warning about this and the operator on the phone kept on repeating that my discounted line rental expired and they went back to the normal tariff and they can't do anything about this bill, but they are willing to offer me as a loyal customer (?!?) another new contract from that month on. I told them I refuse to pay and I want to disconnect my mobile if this is how they treat their loyal customers! I found out that they forced me not only to pay that bill, but if I want to disconnect I have to send in writing a letter and after they notify me they received it I have to give them 30 days notice and pay another month! Incredible! How come only they have rights and I can't do anything to stop this, especially it's not my fault? In the contract it is mentined something regarding their obligation to give me 30 days notice and inform me in writing if they decide to change my tariff. They declined that every time I had mentioned that to the operator. I tried to get in touch with the CAB to see if is there anything they can help me with but they only gave me an advice line number and every time I tried to call either is engaged or if the line is free the phone keeps on ringing and nobody picks it up to answer. Can you please help me or direct me to whom should I get in touch to sort out my problem? Eventually somebody more efficient that the people I'm already trying with not too much success...I have to mention I haven't stopped the direct debit for the payment (and after that bill I got another extra two) as I thought if I do I might then have to pay who knows what other extra charges on top of those increased bills. My e-mail address is you very much. All the best and all done for the great show! Wed 04 Nov 2009 16:43:55 GMT+1 liz41 Please tell me where to go? I bought a plasma tv which came as a package with cinema surround system, in August and already sent the surround system back as stopped working. Endless amounts of emails which never got me any-where and now they are saying, it was free so not getting any-thing in return. Then a few weeks ago one of the pixels have gone in plasma so phoned samsung but did not get any-where, told cdiscount i want them to collect it and have all my money back as ity was terrible they both go wrong in a few months. I am still emailing them but they are not responding? Tue 03 Nov 2009 09:35:56 GMT+1 mrscoco36 I bought a peugeot 407 on hire purchase 2 years ago and have had endless problems from clutch, emmisions, central locking and electrical failure,the list goes on and now the turbo is on its way out. I have got into debt with this car and am at my wits end. I have written to peugeot and they have just ignored me. I have now got hold of the previous owner and he told me the car had been a disaster to him to and he took it back to peugeot and demanded another car!!! The car has now been sold onto me with the same problems. Do i have a leg to stand on as i have £8000 worth of finance on it as well as all the repair bills. Thanks for listening. Do i have a case??? I have tried endlessly to get hold of the citizens advice but they are always engaged!!! :-( Thu 29 Oct 2009 19:54:57 GMT+1 skinnydave75 i went 2 game told them that my ps3 had stop playing game's and told them about the sale's of good's act and gave them the downloadable letter.the manager tryed 2 say that he didn't have 2 repair replace or give me a refund.lucky i got him 2 call head office and now i'm getting it repaired but they said if it can't be repaired they'll give me the trade in price which i'm not happy with that.i would like a replacement so what should i do. Thu 29 Oct 2009 11:11:14 GMT+1 flamedevonlass just read some of the above regarding pc's especially from pc world. I bought my new desktop from pc world on the 28th August 2009 and it stopped working today, only 2 months old. I spent ages on the phone to their repair people who worked out that the motherboard had gone and something else.They said they dont have the parts in stock,and it will take 2 weeks and then an engineer will ring me. What if something else goes wrong with it? Alright its covered with insurance etc but thats not the point.I'm disabled and use my pc to keep in touch with friends up country that i dont often see. Am i within my rights to return it to pc world and ask for a refund or a replacement? We got another identical pc the same day for my husband,luckily his is ok AT the moment. Tue 27 Oct 2009 22:09:16 GMT+1 dataelaine Thanks to the one show and taking Doms advice on getting your money back, I have now successfully won my four month battle with PC World.We have been assured £288 vouchers and it has been well worth pursuing this as I thought all had been lost as we were often sent letters trying to discourage us from taking action. Thank you again Thu 22 Oct 2009 15:16:02 GMT+1 namurt HelloOn the 20th June 2008 I purchased a Philips Streamium WACS7500 Hi Fi package from House of Fraser for �699.99.In September 0f this year the sparinly used CD unit failed which unfortunately was out of warrenty by three months.Tried to get it repaired to no avail. Used Dom's letter and was told the onus was on me to prove manufacturing or other defects.This has been mentioned in other items on this subject.Interestingly I paid for this by Credit Card and got a negative response which maybe of interest. I had tried to make a claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit act.The Credit Card Company rejected the claim because while House of Fraser charged my account a concession within the store supplied them.So purchasers buying goods in a store like House of fraser on a credit card may not be covered under the act unless they buy directly from the store not the concession.So a fat load of good the laws did me.Any comments DOM Sun 18 Oct 2009 14:10:10 GMT+1 JayH1984 I got a new phone from Carphone Warehouse about 11 months ago, within 6 months it started playing up (freezing, not responding to certain buttons etc) I took it back and they said they could send it off for repair which would take 14 days, but they were unable to offer me a temporary replacement phone in the mean time. As I need my phone for work I couldn't take them up on this. The phone has gradually got worse and worse since then and I went back in today and they said the same thing. They said that they're policy is for it to get sent away 3 times for repair before it gets replaced, but I cant afford to keep messing around and going back and forth...whats my best course of action? :-$ Wed 14 Oct 2009 17:35:01 GMT+1 earhanid Hi there I bought some wooden blinds (£250)for my bedroom approximatley over 1 year ago, on line from what happened to be a local seller. The mechanisim (plasic bit) that operates the closure system has snapped off. I contacted the company who advised as it was over six months old there was nothing they could do. Also that it was non repairable. They as a good will gesture (there offer) said I could buy some new ones at 2o% discount. I am not happy with that and feel, what was a quite expensive blind system should last longer. Can I persue this as the goods not being fit for the purpose of they were intended for? and demand replacement or refund.Thanks Wed 14 Oct 2009 16:39:09 GMT+1 nyants Hi- I was wondering if this Act covered goods which came with the purchase of a house eg a microwave which has since broken down, but purchased by the previous owners.Can I use Dom's letter in this way?Thanks for any advice. Wed 07 Oct 2009 15:53:47 GMT+1 rikman808 Hi,I bought a Panasonic Plasma TV from Dixons in August 07. The warranty has expired but it has developed a fault. A line of dead pixels has appeared from the top to the bottom of the screen, right in the middle of the TV. The TV has not been knocked or banged as it is hung on the wall. I have phoned Dixons but they just tell em they can't help me as it is out of warranty. Do I have any rights to demand a repair/replacement form either Dixons or Panasonic as surely 2 years is not an acceptable product life for an £800 television?Many thanks for any advice you can offer.Richard Wed 07 Oct 2009 13:44:42 GMT+1 dawtry I bought a ring from Ideal World and within a week the main stone had fallen out and been lost. I'd not done anything inappropriate while wearing it so therefore know I should be covered by sale of goods act. Ideal world tells me every time I phone that the line is terrible and they can't hear me but no other person has this problem with my phone. They send an automated email in response to mine saying they will contact me within 72 hours and I hear nothing more. My credit card company say they won't help.Any more ideas? Mon 05 Oct 2009 10:27:39 GMT+1 valerin0 Bought a setee 18 months ago from Reid Furniture and the leather has torn over a particularly tight part of the frame, and is getting worse.Reid say they will not look at it unless I pay them £65.00p to have one of their own assessors look at it and I will lose the money if they decide it is wear and tear.I think it is a method of putting people off if they have a complaint.I am not sure what to do but am reluctant to lose a further £65.00p at their assessors decision.Duncan Kirkpatrick Thu 01 Oct 2009 07:20:37 GMT+1 chellebrady I bought a laptop on 23rd January 2009, then it started playing up and crashing so on 29th July i took it back to Currys where it was sent off after failing a hard drive test.They replaced the hard drive but after getting it back still did not seem the same , so it was taken back again 1 month later on August 26th .This also proved to fail a hard drive test and again was replaced as well as the motherboard.We were told if it fails 3 times i would get a refund or a new laptop.Since having problems still for the last month it was taken back today but Currys have said they need to send it away and replace it yet again and if it fails next time i will get a replacement.I have showed them the Sales of Goods act letter to which they said its their policy to send my laptop away,so does this mean i have to wait another 2 weeks before i can find out its not going to work again. Also it is strange how i cannot find anywhere that sells this Laptop anymore its an ADVENT 5611 and i can only find spare parts and have heard its re-badged(different manufacturer just with Advent name).So i refused to have it sent away before i seeked any advice that could be given to me,so any help would be greatly appreciated Thank You . Wed 30 Sep 2009 11:38:22 GMT+1 dogjunkie My son's Tv stopped functioning after 18 months, the shop ( Currys Superstore) refuse to replace or refund us even after sending a copy of Dominic's letter.They now say that the Act states "we have to produce a report detailing the nature of the fault and the exact cause and cost of repair".Surely if we do this they will refuse to fix or replace the TV stating it has been tampered with.Our only other option is to send it to their Service team which will cost us £60.please help , do we have any right to a replacement?? Tue 29 Sep 2009 08:16:05 GMT+1 Windy2606 Thanks for the letter Dom. Originally complained to Sony about a fault with my PS3 blu-ray drive which I had to pay Sony £145 to organise replacement, with no success. But I used your template and sent it to Gamestation who I purchased the ps3 from and they contacted me immediately and refunded me the amount in vouchers immediately with no issues.Thanks. Thu 24 Sep 2009 23:00:24 GMT+1 netsirk27 PLEASE HELP!!I purchased a Sony FZ laptop in June 2008, & in July 2009 (The warrenty had of course expired)I experienced some graphics problems (Fuzzy Blue lines across the screen), and it no longer works (I think this problem has now resulted in futher problems). I contacted Sony who said they would arrange the collection to have it repaired but this could cost me upto £700, the laptop cost me about £900!! After contacting consumer direct they advised me that I had a stong case, as the item is no longer fit for purpose, and it is the supplier who are liable, not the manufacture as 'we' have 6 years legal rights under the sales of goods act 1974. Numerous sales of goods act template letters have been wriiten to the supplier and they refuse to offer any help.Sony have since posted a report on their website about this particular model. They have reported that this model has a graphics chip fault - they have said that they are prepaired to have the reported models repaired. I have contacted them in response to their published report but again they are still wanting to charge me. The report from Sony's website has been sent to the supplier, but again refusing to help!! Has anyone else experinced this problem with a Sony FZ VIAO laptop?Is there anything else I can do? Please help. Tue 22 Sep 2009 22:52:32 GMT+1 datadynamitedave Dom, used your soga letter 2 for goods that had gone faulty after 15 months. The retailer has written back stating their investigations have concluded that it was wear and tear. The part I had to replace was the main PCB from a LCD TV. I didn't think those parts moved? Wear and tear. Now what should I do as I'm not best pleased with that response. Tue 22 Sep 2009 19:04:17 GMT+1 billy1bus over 12 months ago my in-laws bought us a Tevion 42 inch Lcd from Aldi although it was bought in June last year it was given to us at Christmas a few months ago the on off switch failed.After just over a week with an unusable TV an engineer came and repaired it and he told us it was a common fault 6 weeks ago a faint line appeared down the centre of the screen It was collected by an engieer and taken away it has an Aldi 3 year warranty after a couple of weeks we contacted the engineers who informed us the screen was faulty and they were waiting for the insurance company to authorise work.We were then informed the TV cannot be repaired and to send a copy of the receipt to them for a refund.At the time of the fault the TV had only been in use for 8 months but 14 months since purchase are we entitled to a full refund Mon 21 Sep 2009 14:15:08 GMT+1 gudpraktis Dom A great result after adapting your template letter to challenge ARGOS over a faulty Goodmans DVD twin tuner recorder they had sold to me 3½ years ago. After quibbling and wriggling a bit, ARGOS offered to replace the recorder or give me a refund. I went for the replacement option and paid a bit extra on the new one. They also gave me a £10 gift token! ThanksPeter Mon 21 Sep 2009 10:17:24 GMT+1 adamsorrell i got mugged last night and they stole my phone which is on contract but i removed the insurance when i first got the phone. i was wondering if i could be coverd at all by any consumer acts or laws or anything to cover my phone. could u help many thanks adam sorrell Sun 20 Sep 2009 20:53:43 GMT+1 curry4me Ariston washing machines 18 months old and all the drying cycles have stopped working for the last 2 months. Curry’s have asked for an engineers report, after i sent the form from your site implying the goods were faulty. i have also replied to their email implying that they are trying to put obstacles in place to put me off claiming. What is the best thing to do next? Sun 20 Sep 2009 12:17:15 GMT+1 Elvi47 I purchased a Belling Cookcentre Range Cooker in August 2004. Before the year was up I had to have the wok burner, the grill rack, a couple of control knobs and the front fascia replaced (the legend had worn off). The legend is wearing off again, the glass doors on both ovens (one of which is hardly used) have gone misty and are no longer clear, the screws at the side of the oven are rusty, the rubber supports for the glass top have rotted and are sticky, the fan oven does not always light and the control knob for the said fan oven has fallen apart and doesn't always work. I wrote to Belling stating all this, had a telephone call this lunchtime and was told an engineer could come out and write a report, but I would have to pay £88.00+ for this as they only give 1 year's warranty on all goods. This is a cooker for heavens sake! I thought by buying a name like Belling this would last me for a good few years not just 5. I had an old English Electric at my last house, which I left behind. It cleaned up perfectly and was still going strong. What on earth is the matter with all these modern appliances - is it just the "throw-away society"? and why do we have to put up with all this from manufacturers? My cooker cost me almost £2,000 - not something I can replace at the drop of a hat.Is there anything I can do about this as I AM NOT HAPPY!!Elvi47 Fri 18 Sep 2009 14:02:20 GMT+1 Nashwan89 We bought a shower tray that has a curve in the sides that an independent surveyor has confirmed is well outside normal tolerances. The tray was fitted 8 months ago and has been causing leakage. The tray company have offered to replace the tray themselves, after some badgering.Do we have the right to insist that any damage to wall tiles and the wooden floor, that will inevitably be caused when removing the old tray, is put right by the tray company at their expense? Fri 18 Sep 2009 11:31:55 GMT+1 Sharnap I have a camera that I bought from AMazon January 2008, I wrote to them using the tempalte for goods purhcased over 6 months ago, this is the reply I got:-My name is James Brazil and I represent the Executive Customer Relations Group within and in this capacity, your letter to our head office dated 4/9/09 has been brought to my attention.First of all, I would like to apologise for the difficulties with your order for the 'Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX33EB Digital Camera'.Under the Sale of Goods Act, a consumer is granted recourse against a seller of goods if those goods were defective at the time of purchase. This may include,in certain circumstances, repair, refund or replacement but only to the extent that doing so is not disproportionate to the value of the goods, having regard to the use the customer has already had of the goods and the nature of the goods.Your item was dispatched to you on 22/1/08 and, until recently, you have used it successfully and reported no fault with the product. As you used the product satisfactorily for a period of time which exceeded the manufacturer's warranty period, it is not established that the product did not conform to the contract (i.e. was defective) at the time of purchase.Given our obligations to you under the Sale of Goods Act and, taking into consideration that you have used this product, without experiencing problems (to our knowledge), for a substantial period of time we will not be offering you a repair, full refund or replacement. Please note that the manufacturer is often in a better position than the retailer to deal with technical problems affecting their products. We would therefore encourage you to contact the manufacturer to see if they are able to provide you with any further assistance. The manufacturer’s correspondence details are below, should you wish to pursue this matter further:- Manufacturer: Panasonic - Phone: 08705 357357- Email: you for your attention to this email.RegardsJames BrazilExecutive Customer ideas on what I can do next???? Thu 17 Sep 2009 18:15:53 GMT+1 rustillium I sent the letter re SOGA, giving retailer 7days to respond and I have heard nothing. Is there a follow up letter template? Thu 17 Sep 2009 13:58:55 GMT+1 shareblogger I would like to thank Dom for his sales of goods act letter which worked a treat for us. We are a charity working with disabled children and were given an amount of money to buy some furniture for the kids. We purchased 2 leather sofas from Argos and they were delivered in May within a month one of them had broken, I contacted Argos who sent a person to inspect them and we were then told that it was not a manufacturing fault and they would not replace/repair the sofa. I used Dom's letter and within three weeks we have received a replacement sofa. So Thank you so much Dom. Thu 17 Sep 2009 11:56:36 GMT+1 retroone Hi, I am looking for further advice if possible please. On the 28th August I used Dom's "Sale of Goods" template when writing to Jessops regarding a Nikon Camera I purchased which went wrong two weeks after its one year warrenty expired. It is now almost three weeks since I wrote and I have heard nothing. I did e-mail a copy of my letter at the same time as I posted the letter and have subsequently e-mailed again asking for a response. But still nothing!I wonder if you have any advice on the next steps I should take.Many thanks. Wed 16 Sep 2009 16:56:15 GMT+1 Lord Dennis of Bergkamp Re: Laptop batteries!!I wanted to offer anyone hope regarding the replacement of a faulty laptop battery. Most people I have spoken to or emailed regarding a laptop battery have been quite negative about the chances of getting a refund or replacement, as batteries are 'consumable' items.After writing two letters to my local Apple store (the first being the template letter found on this site!) I was given a replacement battery by the store manager. Unfortunately my success was due to a large amount of pressure on my part as Apple had previously tried to argue that the battery had simply been used to its full capacity, something I did not accept and argued that every other laptop I have ever owned has had a battery which had lasted at least four years, where this Apple MacBook battery lasted 1 year and 2 months before dying.The name of the game in my mind is to keep going and do not accept their answer (assuming the answer is no!), persistence is the key. Wed 16 Sep 2009 13:19:33 GMT+1 argent99 After a 3 month battle I finally received a replacement fridge freezer from Comet yesterday. The replaced unit was over 3 years old and I am very grateful to The One Show for alerting me to the possibility of a replacement even though the guarantee expired 2 years ago.As requested, I phoned a number that came with the new fridge to register it for guarantee and was given the hard sell by a man who wanted me to buy 2 years additional guarantee for about £100.This seems to be common practice with electrical goods in general.He said this would also cover the fridge for "accidental damage". In view of the fact that I have just exchanged a 3 year old fridge for a new one and believe that my house contents insurance will cover any accidental damage I turned down his kind offer. Are these people not guilty of a form of mis-selling? There have been many cases of insurance companies getting themselves into trouble by selling inappropriate cover. Surely this kind of extended warranty insurance is inappropriate to many of the people it is offered to. Wed 16 Sep 2009 12:59:43 GMT+1 tripnip87 hello can so one please helpi brought a dvd from asda the other day and it kept on freazing i went to take it back for a refund and they said i was not entitled to a refund as i had opend the pakaging this is from the asda web siteEntertainment Items -Music, film and GamesTo qualify for a refund, products must be returned unopened and sealed. Music, film and games software products are covered by our 28 day ‘Changed Your Mind’ promise but are limited to one exchange only. Faulty products are returnable within 28 days of purchase and will only be swapped like for like, i.e. for the same product only.A receipt or other proof of purchase is required when returning these products, without it returns will not be acceptedGames Consoles and accessories are classed as electrical products.i had not opend the pakaging as it was a box set and the lady who served me had to put the disks in to the case, so how does this effect me???? Tue 15 Sep 2009 22:58:05 GMT+1 alanthebigbadwolf i bought a WHIRLPOOL fridge freezer (£350) from CURRYS in july 2008 , now its stopped working , does anyone know if i'm entitled to a replacement or something ? i feel robbed , it should last more than 14 months surely ! Tue 15 Sep 2009 20:51:41 GMT+1 sparkleicequeen4 hi, i bought a glass dining room table 18mths ago and 1 of the legs which are soldered on fell off, when i rang the company i was told that if i hadn't of moved it it wouldn't have happened. if i had of been told that it wasn't to be moved at the time i would not have bought it. the gentleman in question told me that instead of spending my money ringing him to spend it on a solicitor or better still get the yellow pages out and get it fixed then told me that they no longer make this table, where do i go from here Mon 14 Sep 2009 10:00:20 GMT+1 symcbean Earlier this year I bought a used car, with a 1 month warranty, using my credit card to pay for half of it. It had a fault (confirmed by 2 separate garages). I returned the car to the dealers, who kept it for 3 days then gave it back to me saying there was no fault. So I got in touch with Trading Standards. Based on their advice, I sent a recorded delivery letter based on the template published on the consumer direct website. The dealers never replied.When I complained to my credit card company they refused to do anything about it, on the grounds I couldn't show that I had tried to progress resolution with the vendor myself (even though they had the record of the letter from the post office)!I have since learned that in Scotland used car dealers must be licensed by the Local Authority. But this added protection seems illusory - the representative at Renfrewshire Trading Standards seemed totally unaware of this, and could provide no details on how I could challenge their trading license!! Mon 14 Sep 2009 09:03:17 GMT+1 colnam the letters re soga are ok when a retailer is still trading but if they go out of business what is the best course of action? Thu 10 Sep 2009 20:00:36 GMT+1 Cableguy999 My wife sent the letter to Gamestation's customer service dept. on Saturday regarding my son's PS3. Received a response from them on Monday saying take it back to Lincoln store with receipt for replacement. No quibble at the store and have got 80Gb model as they don't do the 40Gb anymore.The PS3 was 19 months old and had stopped reading DVDs/games. Son very happy with result and spent £70 following day at the store rather than go to nearby supermarket for new games. Thu 10 Sep 2009 19:55:03 GMT+1 jld001 Hi. I purchased a gaggia coffee machine in july 2007 from house of fraser - i have the receipt and the frother dial has just stopped working. i phoned frasers back in july as it has a 2 year warranty from date of receipt (29/07/07) who gave me gaggias number but the phone never answered despite numerous calls. I then found out from house of fraser that gaggia have been bought out recently by philips. I have been phoning philips weekly for about 5 weeks now and every week they tell me they will repair it once the handover has been sorted out. Is there anything i can do. I use the machine daily and its really frustrating to keep calling and getting told to ring back next week. I was told by philips initally that my warranty would be honoured but obviously now its run out. Am I entitled to a replacement machine until they can repair mine? Am I better off going back to House of Fraser to see if they are any more helpful?Thanks Thu 10 Sep 2009 09:43:44 GMT+1 markylovelace Hi 13 months ago we got a trampoline with surround and enclosure from B & Q, after 1 summers use the blue matt padding has all ripped showing the white padding inside and exposing the springs, this is dangerous and also not fit for purpose.. ive complained twice to B & Q and sent them the sale of goods letter but they say no it has to be with the products manufacturer not them!! help what can i do now? i only want replacement matt and padding so our children can play on it without hurting them self!!! Wed 09 Sep 2009 12:40:56 GMT+1 MattHopwell Hi, I purchased a watch a little over 2 years ago by a manufacturer called Suunto. This watch had a serious fault of letting in water through the back casing (the watch is supposed to be waterproof). The company sent me a brand new watch as my original purchase had a 2 year warranty with it. However a year on & this brand new shiny watch is faulty again with what i can only suggest is the same problem (as all problems point this way again). I've sent it back to the Finland service center as instructed last time & on their website, only to be told that my original warranty has expired even though the replacement watch they sent me was only a year ago?. Should you not get a new warranty with the new watch they sent me? This wasn't a cheap purchase by far and I'm most unhappy with them saying it will now cost me to get it repaired. Could you please advise me on what to do next in this situation?Very many thanks Wed 09 Sep 2009 11:33:31 GMT+1 chaz2k1 I own an Apple Intel-based iMac 17" which is out of warranty and the internal cd/dvd drive has recently given up the ghost. I have been quoted by Apple it'll cost around £300 to have it replaced. Having had a look on the official Apple support forum regarding this particular model drive it appears it has a long history of breaking down at various stages and Apple has long known about the problem. Surely if Apple have known about the problem for years then I shouldn't have to pay £300+ in order to fix something which was sold with faulty hardware? Tue 08 Sep 2009 11:50:31 GMT+1 pickerlow indeset say they dont accept this letter and you have got it wrong and we are to take out there extended warranty. mention your name and still told i had it wrong . Mon 07 Sep 2009 15:15:37 GMT+1 dikili I have been complaining about a faulty phone bought through Tesco Mobile and the customer service is appalling. Twice I sent it in and twice they sent it back saying it was working within days the fault reoccurs and it becomes unusable. Finally I sent your template to make a formal complaint and they are still refusing to give me a replacement or a refund quoting there internal policy. Its a joke they obviously feel they can operate outside the law. Customer services are also unwilling to give a surname or ID. I phoned them this morning furious and was unable to speak to a manager I have requested a call back on Monday truly appaling. Sat 05 Sep 2009 10:58:22 GMT+1 primablog We brought a sony viao laptop in november 2007 from PC world. Took out the extended garantee. After 6 months the payment for the garantee went up as they added an extra service that we did not request. Went back to PC world, after lots of talking and explanations the garantee was restarted with the specific request that the extra service would not be added on after 6 months. Guess what! after 6 m9onths the same happened. we phoned every number we could find, went to Pc world in person, this time nobody wanted responsibility. the only way to stop this was to cancel the direct debit. It worked, within a week we had a letter, at last a phone number that should put us in contact with the right people, NO, nobody wanted to know. so now no extended garantee and the warranty 1 week over its expiry.Then the laptop dies, nothing, no power,no screen.Went to pc world,don`t want to know. 3 months later we managed to save enough money to get it fixed. Pc world wanted £230 returnable if it could not be fixed. We decided ti take it to a small independent place to have the problem diagnosed for £40. Diagnosis was mother board has gone, throw it away it will cost as much as the computer to fix.At 14 months old surley the mother board should not have gone. I printed of your letter and sent it to pc world as not being fit for purpose, 2 weeks ago, I have not had a reply. What now? Fri 04 Sep 2009 10:07:14 GMT+1 t111dmb Ok, I bought an electric shower from the seller (reputable company). Just as the guarantee ran out the shower broke. I bought another shower of the same make/model etc. The same thing happened again. I contacted the seller who stated that I should take it up with the manufacture, namely Mira. I informed them that as seller they had responsibility but they kept fobbing me off. I subsequently sent the downloaded letter to which it took 3 letters and a phone call for them to acknowledge my complaint. They are still saying that it is the manufacture and not them the seller who is responsible for resolving this matter. Could you help/advise please. Thu 03 Sep 2009 19:41:19 GMT+1 wantage46 Re whydoiThanks good advice, it just takes lots of time to do this stuff when you have only just researched and bought what you thought were going to be good products (at £499 each not cheap either). HP are ignoring the fact that their hinges are rubbish. Thu 03 Sep 2009 10:37:24 GMT+1 Start spreading the news,He's playing today,I want to see him score today, Sammy Clingan ™ (1987) Re: wantage46If they were mid-range notebooks, then just repair the second one, sell it on ebay and you should be able to buy two better computers for the money from the refund and sell (they are getting cheaper and cheaper). Please bear in mind that you can't require seller to give you a refund - they can just repair the computer. You should check what's the best option - find a reputable computer service (one that will give you warranty on repairs), check how much it will be. If you're not short of money, it may be better to get the 100 GBP in certificates. Oh, and you could also sell notebook as damaged, take 100GB in certificates and buy two new ones at Amazon. Thu 03 Sep 2009 09:43:39 GMT+1 Start spreading the news,He's playing today,I want to see him score today, Sammy Clingan ™ (1987) We need to say that aloud - companies like Game, Argos (same problems with them) are simply scammers. Do you really think that they don't know about Sales of Goods Act? Do you really think that they confuse warranty with conformity to the terms of contract? That's just their way to make more money... I bet that they receive some kind of rebate from manufacturer if they keep number of returns low... so that's why they try to scam people and refer them to warranty in all situations. Wait a moment, maybe they have no contracts with their suppliers regarding returns of goods not conforming to the contract (coz it's would cost them)? That would explain all... Thu 03 Sep 2009 09:30:20 GMT+1 wantage46 Thank you for the very good information about the Sale of Goods Act. We have bought two identical laptops HP Pavilion Notebooks, the first one for one son from Amazon and, because we were so pleased with it, the second one for the other son from Tesco Direct (because they had a special offer with clubcard vouchers not because we were unhappy with Amazon, who we have always been very pleased with). After buying the second one we noticed that the left hinge on the first one was loose ie during the warranty period, but because we didn't know then that this was in fact a general problem with HP Pavilion notebooks, we thought a screw must have been lost and tried to replace the missing screw. This repair lasted for a short while and took us beyond the one-year warranty period, but then the hinge began to become loose again. We also noticed that the left hinge on the other laptop was becoming loose (still during the warranty period) and began to suspect that this was an inherent defect in the design. When I googled, I found several forums on specifically this problem and what to do about it, sources of new hinges, and even Youtube video clips showing you how to replace the hinges.So our argument is that there always was a problem with the laptop but we didn't understand it. The laptop cannot be used because the screen cannot be tilted back so that you can view it. If you do that the casing at the top left hand corner comes away from the keyboard. Eventually this will break off at the weak point altogether.Armed with the information from The One Show I decided to contact both retailers. Although the Tesco direct laptop was still under guarantee they were initially reluctant to give a refund but when I quoted the Sale of Goods Act they offered a full refund which we got the same day from our local store.So we were thrilled with that response.Amazon have not accepted that the product was defective when purchased and have offered 75 GBP towards to the cost of repairs or alternatively 100 GBP in Amazon gift certificates. This leaves one happy son and one unhappy son. What should we do? Thu 03 Sep 2009 08:10:19 GMT+1 spp2408 SUCCESS ! I had previously returned a Samsung Vacuum cleaner to Argos due to a split hose and while it was less than 1 year old, as it was over 6 months after the date I bought it that I would have to contact the manufactuer. I contacted Samsung only to be told that the part was not covered under the warranty and that i would have to go on to their parts website and purchase it online. The Vacuum cleaner was over £125 i was not amused. Luckily I saw the One Show about the consumer act. I downloaded a letter and sent it to Argos. Within a week I was told to return the Vacuum to my nearest store. When I did on presentation of the letter from Argos I was refunded in full for the purchase and was able to buy it again cheaper in the current sale. Success one show...I will be keeping the letter and using when needed in the future. It just goes to show if you persist it pays off !Thank you. Steve Wed 02 Sep 2009 18:50:49 GMT+1 caesar_julius we purchased an electric shower from Argos in March this year, so it is still under guarantee. It has started to develope a fault, whereby the water although running at the same rate has started to either go cold or get really hot, This is quite dangerous. We called Argos who said that they would have to send an engineer to look at it. (bearing in mind it cost £90) It must cost quite bit to call an eningeer out. They also said that if the cause of this was due to the filter needing cleaning then we may have to take the cost of the callout as it should be checked every now and then. We don't know how we are supposed to this. should this be necessary after only five and half months of use by just two people. We are thinking of cancelling the engineer and just getting another shower as by the time I take time off work to wait for him we might just as well get a new one. Mon 31 Aug 2009 19:05:17 GMT+1 smartBobajob I have just returned from Currys in Tamworth Staffordshire having tried to retrun a defective digital tv. They rubbished the Sales of Goods Act and said as we had not taken out an extended warrenty we could not get it repaired or replaced. Its 7 weeks over the 12 months warrenty period. The deputy manger was surprised when I gave him Doms letter, but I have to say the customer service from Currys was very poor. The assistant had obviously been primed by head office and he was very confrontational. I have given them the letter and said I will be back in 7 days. They refused to deal with it in the store and said all such claims were being delat with by head office. Me thinks they have had a few returns and their extended warranties are looking a bit silly. Mon 31 Aug 2009 15:26:52 GMT+1 angryconsumer hi there i recently bought a mobile phone from phones4u which i was unhappy with,i was not given an in store demenstration,got the phone home and found it to be not very impressive.i phoned the help line who told me that i could go into my local store for a refund or exchange at there discretion.i still have the phone no refund no exchange and ended up buying a new mobile please help Mon 31 Aug 2009 11:10:40 GMT+1 bagpuss163 Can you please advise?I have booked 2 nights in a hotel room through Expedia for September 2009. The hotel was chosen because it stated that it was close to the aiport, the City of Boston and it had a complimentary shuttle from the airport. However reading a number of reviews on trip adviser the hotel is quite a distance from the airport, the shuttle even though complimentary is unreliable and is dirty and the hotel is very difficult to get to from Boston centre itself. I would like to cancel this hotel room and am giving almost 3 weeks notice however Expedia are telling me that the room is non refundable and I cannot cancel. Do I have any rights in getting my money back please?Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Sun 30 Aug 2009 17:14:22 GMT+1 davidparfitt1961 Purchased a DVD player/recorder in May of this year from TESCO, took it back and quoted the One Show's claim that it's the seller not the manufacturer that is responsible for the goods and they didn't want to know, in fact the 'help' desk assistant was quite rude!! It took a phone call to the help desk on the original documentation to get results. Sat 29 Aug 2009 16:38:29 GMT+1 frankiefog i bought a leather suite from csl which was delivered in jan/2009.the first fault was the foot stool top was out of line.second fault was the 2 seater had indentations down one side at the front of the suite.third fault was the 3 seater had a screw sticking out of the back.all these faults was put right by the technition.this all happened in the first week of having the suite.a few weeks later the 2seater started creaking badly.technition came out again added bits of wood to the frame to strenghten it .6weeks later the three seater has started to do the same as the two seater.awaiting technition again. have i the right to ask for a new suite from csl.. frank barlow.. Fri 28 Aug 2009 19:59:28 GMT+1 sal_0202 i really just wanted to say thanks for encouraging me to get in touch with my problem!i bought 2 rabbits from pets at home 5 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago one fell ill with what we think was a stroke. we took it to the vets who gave us some medication. this did not seem to make any difference so i took it back yesterday. the vet decided it would be best to put it to sleep.i emailed pets at home last night and i have a reply this afternoon.they said they would refund the vets bills, either refund or replace the rabbit and give us pets at home vouchers.i was very very shocked as it was not thier fault the bunny had a stroke! thank u! Fri 28 Aug 2009 18:08:33 GMT+1 cheeryjuliedyson We brought a new Panasonic tv in December 2005 which came with a retailers 3 years warranty, in June this year the tv developed a 4 inch red line down the left hand side of the screen. We went back to the local Panasonic Shop who sold it to us, and basically they said that it was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. We quoted the Sale of Goods Act and they told us that it only cover somethings, we disagreed. Since then we have left the tv with them for a report to be done for repair. The tv which cost £399, will cost £800 to repair! The shop have been on to the manufacturers who have offer to pay half for the repairs but will not replace the tv. The shop have told us they are willing to give us £50 off of another tv. We are now going to down load the letter and send off in the hope that we get somewhere as at the moment we are all at a mexican stand off and the retailer thinks that it is down to the manufacturers! Fri 28 Aug 2009 15:02:12 GMT+1 HarryStottle_1 I have just gone through the letters on this website, and it seems the main stumbling block people seem to be having when submitting claims is that retailers are now starting to ask customers to pay for, and produce, an independent report if an item is over six months old, to prove that an inherent fault exists, which is practically impossible at a reasonable cost to the customer for a relatively low cost item, even if that cost could be recovered. This seems to me like another ploy by retailers to try and get around their obligations, after selling customers faulty goods with inherent faults, so a way to combat this is going to be needed.The internet is a powerful tool, and it is now easy to search and find similar faults regularly occurring on certain goods and appliances, so it would be a good idea to print out these occurrences if submitting a claim, and include them with the claim to show that it is a common fault, and therefore more likely to be inherent. If the retailers still disagree, then the small claims courts will have to be the next step, and as the small claims courts will be more likely to accept those regular occurrences of faults as proof of being inherent, the chances of success through a small claims court should be much higher, (but I suspect that retailers will not let it get as far as a small claims court if they think the customer is serious).I do have sympathy with the retailers in this matter, it is usually not their fault, but the fault of the manufacturers of the products. It is up to the retailers to either sue, or boycott the manufacturers who leave them carrying the can after supplying them with faulty goods, that way we might get products that will last for a reasonable length of time, and then none of this will be necessary, but there seems to be a long way to go yet. Fri 28 Aug 2009 14:11:16 GMT+1 Louiserylance Hi,I am so angry I've bought a dongle from the carphone warehouse in the last 10 months and have found now that it doesn't work , my partner and I went into the carphone warehouse shop in our town they said we had to top up our phone coz we didn't have a landline and also top up the pay as you go dongle which was for the three network! just so the service could do some trouble shooting on the dongle that is £20 for them to sort it out already we have a twelve month warranty and they know this too!!! we then went to the 3 shop because they were providing the network service.really wish we hadn't, they said oh we can't do anything that's why we don't like third party retailers,we begged for them to do something, we have no money and I am ill so it is a lifeline for me in a lot of ways!!they will only do something when we have paid the twenty pound to top up the phone and dongle and gone through the troubleshooting by phone to them. We know there is something wrong with it what happened to the customer is always right!! what can we do???? Fri 28 Aug 2009 14:04:56 GMT+1 gograhamgo I hope following Dom's advice will resolve the issues i have both now and any in the future. Its good to have someone to help people. Lots of people dont know their consumer rights. I think its fair to say many companys and buisneses suppling services and goods dont know themselves. Fri 28 Aug 2009 13:34:01 GMT+1 mizzaire P.s I did sent the template letter in from this website, which is why the guy agreed to the exhange in the first place. Very frustrating. Fri 28 Aug 2009 11:39:16 GMT+1 mizzaire I brought a freezer from Currys this time last year. It was a cheap and cheerful Matsui (Currys own brand) freezer as we planned on getting a fridge freezer once we had brought a house (which has not happened yet). The freezer broke within a few months and took a very long time to get fixed due to several companies visiting my house to 'assess the situation'. It was finally fixed and 're-gassed' however 6 weeks later, it broke again. I have had several emails from currys about this, and they finally agreed to send an engineer out today to check that it was indeed broken, and then we could get an exchange for a better model. Ive just spoken to the same person who agreed this last week, and told them that the engineer has just left and agreed it is broken, only to be told that as the engineer has said its 'fixable' then they would fix it instead. I am now going to have a rubbish freezer working for a few weeks until the next time it breaks which will be out of the warrenty. As this is the 2nd time it has broken, I thought I would get the exchange i was promised, but looks like thats not going to happen now. I would like to know if I have any legal standing to demand the exchange? Fri 28 Aug 2009 11:30:56 GMT+1 Tina_Thud_Bump Just thought I would post a success on here. I bought a Vodafone mobile through Vodafone's official eBay store on 13 July 2009. Earlier this week (so only 6 weeks after purchase) the phone stopped charging. As I didn't know whether it was the handset, battery or mains charger causing the problem and as I didn't want to be without a phone for ages I contacted the Vodafone eBay store requesting a replacement rather than a repair, which I felt might not identify the actual problem.They responded advising me that I could take the phone into my local Vodafone store for the matter to be dealt with, which I did yesterday. After reading up about the Sale of Goods Act, I was happy that I was within my rights to ask for a replacement but the store would only offer a repair, stating that I was wrong about the Sale of Goods Act and that I wouldn't be able to prove otherwise (can you tell that I wasn't very impressed with their Customer Service!).I therefore e-mailed the eBay store again, quoting the Act chapter and verse and lo & behold I have just received their reply advising that they are sending me a pre-paid Special Delivery returns envelope so that I can send the phone back and they will replace it for me.So although I do not have said replacement phone in my hands as yet, this seems to be ending on a positive note. Keep on getting onto the stores all of you trying to get your rights under the Act acknowledged :-) Fri 28 Aug 2009 10:45:17 GMT+1 tintin_be Is there a form for the following scenario? We ordered carpets fr the om our local Allied Carpets. There was (and still is) a problem with the fitting - which was reported a number of times, still not to our satisfaction! The company has since gone into liquidation! Who should we contact to have to issue resolved? [FWIW, the costs were paid using a credit card.]Thanks. Thu 27 Aug 2009 20:14:45 GMT+1 nettytaylor what do i do,ive had a laptop for 16 months and it has stopped working,it doesnt turn on tesco told me i would have to pay 295 to get it fixed, Thu 27 Aug 2009 18:45:28 GMT+1 Hobby72 Ref distance selling.Dom said covered by English law.Are Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland covered by the same law!? Or, do they have their own regulations!?Sandy Thu 27 Aug 2009 18:37:46 GMT+1 nettytaylor what do i do,ive had a laptop for 16 months and stopped working tesco told me i would have to pay 295 to get it fixed, Thu 27 Aug 2009 18:37:40 GMT+1 Jim Gavin You recently updated your Sale of Goods Act article when you admitted that retailers will normally ask for proof that an item was faulty when it was sold, by way of an independent report, if it was over 6 months old. I believe this is known as 'The reverse burden of proof'. You said that this is not absolutely necessary but then failed to say what the purchaser needs to do if the retailer demands such a report, and the purchaser is not willing to obtain one with no guarantee that the claim will be successful.It seems to me that your original report was put together without sufficient professional research. It smacks of you trying to portray yourselves as the people's champion with scant regard for the facts. If that is correct then you should seek to make amends. And refrain from wasting viewer's time. Wed 26 Aug 2009 19:49:57 GMT+1 Jim Gavin Wed 26 Aug 2009 19:42:11 GMT+1 Angryhelen I paid nearly £50 for a pair of shoes from Clarks in June. The strap went on one today - obviously a manufacturing problem. They won't give me a full refund because the shoes are now in the sale at half price and they say I have to produce a receipt to prove (a) that I bought them in that particular branch and (b) that I paid full price for them. Fortunately I can demonstrate via my credit card bill that I did pay full price for them, but this seems to be sharp practice on their part. They say it's the law. Does anyone know if this is correct? Wed 26 Aug 2009 18:10:26 GMT+1 10mmring Any help please! I bought a Samsung blu ray player from comet on the 24th of july straight away it had problems paying blu ray discs but was fine with normal dvds I spoke to comet they told me I had to make sure i had the newest firmware on the player this would solve the problem for me!! Needless to say it didnt After nearly a month of not been able to play any top rated films I spoke to comet and told them I was not happy wanted it replaced they told me to take it to the store and they would sort it out I told them I did not want a repair as I felt it did not meet the 1979 sale of goods act So when to tje local store were straight away they told me know it must be repaired I cant have a refund or exchange as I have have now had it 33 days??How can this be right? To make matters worse it now wont play anydiscs of anytype What can I do ??I have a £200 papaerweight now I had heard Comet service was BAD But first time I have had to deal with them I did speak to a friend She is a Trading standards officer in kent she bought the same make and model from Tescos Had the samae problems Diffence there is the value customers it was changed straight away without a fuss for a diffrent brand and it works fine Can I take these people to court??? I want my money back Someone please help!! Wed 26 Aug 2009 17:40:25 GMT+1 altonhead Hi our LG LCD has just went on the blink after 18 months two main part have gone and it will cost £500 to fix. It has not been over used as both of us work full time and there are no kids in the house. The warranty was only for 12 months. Will this act cover us? Wed 26 Aug 2009 17:13:39 GMT+1 vcmailer I purchased an iPhone on an O2 contract from an O2 outlet. The day after I had the phone a small crack appeared in the top left hand corner. This has not bothered me and has not affected the phone in any way. It has been 11 months since I purchased the phone and has know stopped working. I have followed the instruction and sent the letter to the outlet. If I don’t get a response from the outlet what do I do next? Wed 26 Aug 2009 14:10:11 GMT+1 Mort-Of-War I find this article very misleading, it makes you think that all goods should last at least six years, when the actual Sale of Goods Act states: (taken from the actual SoG fact-sheet)Q3. Are all goods supposed to last six (or five) years?No, that is the limit for bringing a court case in England and Wales (five years from the time of discovery in Scotland's case). An item only needs to last as long as it is reasonable to expect it to, taking into account all the factors. An oil filter would usually not last longer than a year but that would not mean it was unsatisfactory.So don't expect this "miracle" letter to be the end-all-be-all solution to the problems. Mon 24 Aug 2009 16:02:57 GMT+1 gossythegodd I bought an Epson printer from Comet in March. It has gone wrong and wont feed pape and tells me it is jammed when there is nothing in it. I contacted Epson, who would only offer a refurbished/repaired item because mmine is over three months old. After seeing this item, I contacted Comet, who said they are in collaboration with Epson and therefore could make no other offer. I have now sent them the Sale of Goods Act letter and I await a response! Mon 24 Aug 2009 15:31:50 GMT+1 will9459 Hi,I would like to know if this also covers T-MOBILE WEBSTICKS!!I have had nothing but problems from day one. I have written several letters and emails, the last letter dated 31/07/09 and email 15/08/09, and to this date, no repsonse. Its all to do with connecting and being "online" with poor signal and paying for a service that is not being provided. When I login and connect, it shows T-Mobile that I am online and connected, what it doesnt show them, is how poor the connection/signal is!! Can use this letter to send to T-Mobile? Many thanks. Will Mon 24 Aug 2009 14:56:58 GMT+1 raptorsbabe We bought an xbox 360 in Dec 2006 from blockbuster, it went faulty within the year, so we returned it to blockbuster and they replaced it no problem. Now the same xbox is faulty again (it does not have the 3 flashing red lights), i contacted blockbuster customer services quoting the Sale of Goods act and they told me i had to get in contact with Microsoft and ask them to perform diagnostics and then get them to put it in writing that there was a fault, so i contacted Microsoft and explained what blockbuster had told me, they said that it would cost me between £82 - £97 to have them look at the xbox,and they dont do the diagnostics over the phone (as told by blockbuster) but they would not put it in writing. I again contacted blocbuster explaining to them what Microsoft had said and he told me to get an independent repair company to have a look at my console to establish what the problem was, i told blockbuster that if i did that i would be out of pocket paying for the report and would i get that money back from blockbuster? He told me that it would be something that he could look into about refunding the money, (no guarantee tho...i expect)! So, the upshot is i have been told by blockbuster to get back in contact with microsoft asking them to confirm that there is a fault with the xbox and badger them into putting it into writing, so i can then go back to blockbuster and they will see what they can do. Is it correct that i have to arrange an independent report for the xbox and be out of pocket? Also, why does it say in the Sale of Goods Act letter that "My goods are not of satisfactory quality] and I wish to claim a [delete as appropriate - repair/replacement/refund] of my goods under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended."Can anybody please help to clarify if this is correct.Also, we have 3 xboxes including an xbox elite...Which today has developed the 3 red flashing lights and is going back to xbox, one of the other xboxes has already been back to microsoft twice as it had hardware failure. Mon 24 Aug 2009 13:04:16 GMT+1 allymac101 Update in Honda UK, after selling me a bike that was not fit for purpose and has been recalled and returned to the dealer several times they have graciously offerd me a pair of cuff lings that wouldn't look out of place in a lucky bag or Xmas cracker. Can someone help, How does the sale of goods act apply when you buy a motorcycle and the dealer goes bust, especially when you find that the bike has been duff from day 1 and has spent this year off the road awaiting repairs etc and can I claim compensation? any one help please. Mon 24 Aug 2009 12:04:01 GMT+1 Laurence I was looking for a suit in Moss, but the trousers were on the short side. The sales assistant said that they would be able to alter it for a fee, which I accepted. I picked them up late in the day, but when I got them home I found that one leg was shorter than the other, and neither were the length I had been told (though this could be debatable as the assisstant indicated with his finger so could say I've got the length wrong). Will I need to allow them to put the wonky tailoring right, or can I get a full refund as there is an ovious defect? Sun 23 Aug 2009 21:46:17 GMT+1 fabPammie123 We bought a Vauxhall Astra Automatic 05 plate in May. Last week we could not get the car into reverse. We contacted the used car dealer and he did not want to know. Told us to contact the warrenty people. We eventually got the car to a garage and was advised that the cost of repair would be some £2,500 as there is water in the gear box! We paid cash for the car. We sent the car dealer a letter asking for a respone (by tomorrow) - nothing received to date. The warranty on the car was for 6 months, but only up to a value of £500. We cannot use the car and want to know what to do next if we do not receive a response. Can anyone help please Sun 23 Aug 2009 15:13:42 GMT+1 ozzilicious second faulty item is from Comet. Sun 23 Aug 2009 13:01:28 GMT+1 ozzilicious Hi I need help!I have 2 faulty items, I have been dealing with the shops I've got them from for far too long now.First one is Quinny pram , they should be the strongest and one of the best brand out there.( not cheap either )I bought it before my daughter was born nearly two and a half years ago. Everything was fine until nearly year later problems started. Pushing was absulate nightmare, right handside locking mechanism was clopsing on its on while pushing her every 2 min.I managed to record it on my phone and show it to the people in the shop. After a long phone conversations and soo many trips to the shop ( 1 hour drive)they change the chassis few months ago but last month the same problem started all over again.I am soo upset and angry. We are dealing with so many health problems with our daughter and I don't want to have another one. ( if her finger is near the problem area it can seriously hurt ) I emailed and called the shop there was no reply after second phone call they said I need to call back on tuesday. I will see what they have to say on tuesday. I think I will loose it if they say they can't do anything.Second item is my digital camera. my husband bought it for me in January but after just over a month its gone wrong, it wasn't focusing at all, picture quality is not good.I took it back to the shop for a exchange or refund because I didn't want to use a faulty item. They said the item has to go for a repair, they didn't care how upset I was with the responds.Since then camera went to the repair for 3 times and still not perfect. I missed so many good memories because of them. I just don't know what to do next, would I take it back to shop or keep it quite.I know I did go on a bit but please understand I am so angry.Thank you for reading xx Ozy xx Sun 23 Aug 2009 12:49:40 GMT+1 modelofjustice An excellent report from the Beeb. What happens if goods are faulty (fridge/freezer in this case) and the receipt is lost and it was paid for in cash? The Company (Currys) say they can do nothing as they have no listing of purchaser and I cannot supply an exact date. Product was bought approx 3 years ago as far as I can recall. Sun 23 Aug 2009 11:31:06 GMT+1 2UnhappyConsumers We have enjoyed Don's items on the Sale of Goods Act.One area that has not been covered is how it relates to services.We had our sofas cleaned by a company called ChemDry Complete back in January. The day after they were cleaned, one came up with white marks over it. The company has refused to take liability for the damage and we are currently taking them to the small claims court.When investigating what our rights were, we found plenty of information on faulty goods, but very little on faulty services.I expect there are many who would benefit if Don would explain what rights consumers have in relation to faulty services. Fri 21 Aug 2009 21:08:15 GMT+1 Pauline-Woodland I have a laptop from carphone warehouse and its on a contract and i only had it since last october.And im trying to write this letter on a laptop that the screen jumps.It has been in to get repaired twice and it still jumps!!. Both times they had told me that they have fixed it but its not fixed. What can i do next? Fri 21 Aug 2009 19:57:59 GMT+1 Terry65 Dose this law apply to ebay shops?I got a battery charger from a seller and he said he only swap goods that go faulty for a week or so, not 1 month as with mine.Thanks, Terry Fri 21 Aug 2009 18:15:23 GMT+1 misspandora1 update: we took back the pc to comet, along with the letter we downloaded. the customer service people still tried to give us the same story about refunds as before, until we produced the letter and what a change in attitude. she went all quiet and called the manager (as we asked in the first place) and he came over and asked about the problems with the pc and said that he could give a refund or exchange it for a different pc (which may i add they didnt even offer when we went up before) we went for the refund, even tho they still tried to persuade us to get another pc.even tho they tried to blag us about thier policies they were very good about we left with heavier pockets and a big grin, and a big thanks to dom littlewood and the one show with some great advice.were big fans. Fri 21 Aug 2009 17:15:59 GMT+1 tessacarra Bought a VW Sharan Blue Motion in March - there is a fault with the EGR valve - it has been back to the garage several times - they eventually said (after they had had it more than us!!) that it was husband's driving and nothing wrong with the car - he should never have bought it with "his style of driving" (he has driven all sorts of cars plus ambulances etc. in his life and not had any other trouble!!)- they offered to buy it back at a much reduced rate as it would be "a used car". Took it to another VW garage and they admit there is a problem and the same fault occurred with the mechanic driving it! Still the first garage will not admit that it is down to them!!They were fast enough to take our money but now will do nothing else. We have heard that VW have stopped making the Blue Motion as there is a fault - why won't the VW garage in Peterborough admit it? Fri 21 Aug 2009 16:42:32 GMT+1 ozzy205tiger By the way, I would appreciate any answers, thankyou. Fri 21 Aug 2009 14:53:53 GMT+1 ozzy205tiger I bought a PS3 in December 2007, it stopped reading all types of discs in March 2009, I have run out of warranty, so I phoned Sony and they wanted £99 for repair. Then I saw this One show episode and I phoned Makro (the store I bought my PS3 from) but they said, because they are wholesalers they do not have to provide me with anything, whether it is a replacement, refund or repair, they advised me to phone Sony, so I did, again, and I mentioned the Sales of Goods Act to them, but they said that it has nothing to do with them (which I fully understood because they are the manufacterer and not the seller) and again they offered me the repair service for £99. What can I do? Does the Sales of Goods Act now not apply to me? Fri 21 Aug 2009 14:52:10 GMT+1 veryverydisgruntled Dom's Sale of Goods Act letter templates were extremely useful. However, I wonder what the process becomes if the selling has ceased trading and gone into receivership. Should one then claim directly from the manufacturer?Advice on this will be much appreciated. Fri 21 Aug 2009 13:24:14 GMT+1 des996 My son bought two laptop computers from Comet for Christmas 2006 and since then they have both been repaired 4 times. I have downloaded the template for the SOGA and sent it off to Comet's HQ in Hull. They have stated that they WILL NOT replace them or offer a refund, but will have them repaired yet again. Do I write another letter under the SOGA or do I write a letter stating my son will be making a claim through the county courts for a small claim? Any help as to how to proceed would be gratefully received. Fri 21 Aug 2009 13:12:25 GMT+1 littleanniefisher Had a fantastic response from Tesco regarding sale of goods letter. Bought a dishwasher 2yrs ago. It developed a fault, they collected it from me, gave a full refund and refunded delivery charge. Excellent service and would definitely buy from them again. Fri 21 Aug 2009 11:29:35 GMT+1 thepearce I'm trying to get some help with a TV that has stopped working. Purchased in Nov 06. It came with a 2 year warranty. The manufacturer started offering 3 years in the Jan 2007.The retailer I purchased from ceased trading in 2007. I purchased using a Visa Delta (debit) card. Confused as to who has an obligation under SOGA. Fri 21 Aug 2009 09:14:46 GMT+1 misspandora1 We bought an Acer pc in feb. 2009 from Comet. Couldn't get anything to work on it, so they replaced it with a new one in march, all good so far. However we have had constant problems with this one, it keeps turning itself off or won't turn on first time. It has been repaired twice, they replaced the hard drive the second time but did not reinstall all the other 'stuff'(technical term) needed to make it work properly so we took it back to Comet yesterday 20/08/09 and they reinstalled the missing items and got it working in the shop, but on getting it home we encountered the same problem again, turning off and not turning on first time. Comet said they do not give refunds until they have tried every way to repair something and that they cannot give a refund unless Acer says it cannot be repaired as Acer hold the warranties and they (comet) are not liable until the 6 months are up. Acer says it is up to Comet to give a refund if you don't want a repair. They have been treating us like 'piggy in the middle'. So today we are taking the pc back to Comets again armed with the downloaded letter and want a refund. Wish us luck! Fri 21 Aug 2009 09:02:03 GMT+1 allymac101 Hi, I am involved in a battle with a certain motorcycle manufacturer trying to get a refund or replacement bike, the trouble is the dealer I bought the bike from no longer exists, the problem with the bike is it was recalled in March this year repaired, broke down repaired again and broke down again this month and is now back for the same repair again, do I have a claim for a replacement or refund. The bike was bought new in September 08 and recalled in March 09? Fri 21 Aug 2009 08:35:01 GMT+1