Comments for en-gb 30 Tue 02 Jun 2015 10:41:56 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at ArsenalIndian Benitez not good at signing wide players? Riera's not done too badly, has he? Wed 24 Dec 2008 15:55:02 GMT+1 wedontknowfootball maybe a little change in the format in the world club cup championship would be good, and when i say a little i meant quite a bit. plus, maybe putting a mid-season break into the english premier league would help such competition. but then, we wont have the boxing day matches.ya, useless competition. Wed 24 Dec 2008 14:49:02 GMT+1 Robbo Robson It's too late now but for heaven's sake how on earth was that tournament worth playing except for the acquisition of wealth it brought a fair few organisations. There are United supporters on this website claiming that they are now champions of the world. Gimme a break. Boro might have made champions of the world if we'd've sent them along instead, that's how very average the teams were. You've got to start somewhere but - as one of the brighter posters mentioned - why not have the top four in Europe v the top four in S. America if you really after the best club side in the world. That wasn't the point of this though, was it? Mon 22 Dec 2008 16:17:51 GMT+1 scottsewell Another good blog mate.I was in absolute stitches at the start with the formations.Egyptians 4-3-2-1 because they build pyramids etc.Can't wait for the next one mate. Mon 22 Dec 2008 13:31:22 GMT+1 jwellington Does Robbo really think that he has to explain his "jokes" because his readers are too thick to get the references. This must be one of the worst blogs so far. Sun 21 Dec 2008 13:33:54 GMT+1 Granadaland Feng shui is Chinese, not Japanese.I'd like to think making this mistake was an intentional poke at footballers' half-wittedness, but given Robbo's apparent idea of humour, I'd be surprised. Sun 21 Dec 2008 13:27:23 GMT+1 Busby1991 Dear Robbo, Please cheer up you miserable old smoggy. If it was Boro in this competition you would be buzzing. But because it's not your having a whinge. I don't read your block to hear your moaning if i wanted to do that i would spend christmas day at the mother in laws. Poor blog. Sun 21 Dec 2008 12:58:57 GMT+1 Jammis1902 It would be easier to digest what you write if you didn't sound like an ignorant little so and so. How many clitches do you want to use in your articles? Somethings are funny, somethings you should avoid like the plague, I don't think you've found the balance yet.Thanks for the Mickey Mouse article... Sun 21 Dec 2008 11:06:16 GMT+1 Granadaland This post has been Removed Sun 21 Dec 2008 10:21:42 GMT+1 SkrtelsMeanestScowl Why is it Robbo can't let a blog slip by without having a swipe at Liverpool? I can only assume he's a closet Manc silently praying that we fail, as many in the media appear to be."Benitez fails as a manager"? Top of the league without our principal goal threat and looking a good bet to make at least the quarters in the Champions League again. Top class players like Torres, Agger, Reina, Arbeloa, Aurelio, Alonso, Mascherano, Reira, Kuyt, Skrtel, Babel and Lucas. More failure please Rafa!The only people who seem to think Keane is leaving are the red tops. Benitez has been in this management lark a while, and unfortunately for the sniping gutter press I'm pretty sure he knows it would be shortsighted to only give a player 6 months to find his feet at a new club. While it's possible there were better players to spend £20m on, Rafa wanted Keane, and Keane hasn't lost the qualities that made him one of Benitez's top targets overnight.I know this blog is meant to be - and sometimes is - amusing rather than informative, but to hop on the "Rafa has failed in the transfer market" bandwagon is very lazy journalism. Must try harder! Sun 21 Dec 2008 09:13:21 GMT+1 japanchris I'm from the North East of England - like Robbo. Why make cheap remarks about Japan? The Japanese love British football, and different bars are always full of fans of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester Utd etc. on matchdays. There's even a barman that supports Sunderland.Most of these fans follow their Japanese team and an English team. The World Club Championship at present has its limitations, but as other posters have mentioned, it is absolutely the future of be the best team in the world. I'm sure almost every fan who reads this will put their club above their country. Who do you support? Middlesbrough? England? Both equal?I support England in the world cup because I have to, but I don't cry myself to sleep when they lose.Give credit to Manchester United for representing Europe. This tournament will be of equal status to the country world cup later, but it's got to start somewhere. Like Uruguay 1930. Sun 21 Dec 2008 08:23:19 GMT+1 aries22 114. At 12:35pm on 19 Dec 2008, manumanier wrote:So Japan is "mickey mouse" - some of us remember the 1950's.Chelsea won the champioship but refused to enter the "Mickey Mouse European Competion".--------------------------------------------------------Refused? That's well wide of the mark. For what really happened, follow the link: Sat 20 Dec 2008 23:32:39 GMT+1 Peter D I agree with 143, the Premiership is an interesting league but in the big picture its a bit player. The real prizes are the World Cup, Champions League, the South and Central American "Copa" version and World Club Championship.There are very few "English" teams. Arsenal has one or two English players, Man U has more than most, and in the second tier teams like Portsmouth,Wigan look more like African teams than English.So the Premiership is a really a place for players from overseas to ply their trade, and the club Championship a place to measure their quality. Nothing to do with English football.. to find that go to the championship, League One or Two, or maybe the Conferences Sat 20 Dec 2008 21:43:55 GMT+1 JayRed - The Babes' Remembered Forever and a day! Robbo please. I saw your question on the bbc sport front page and after reading your blog I came to this conclussion.While people maybe quick to point out I don't have to read or leave a comment on your blog. But I propose the same to you, you don't have to write a blog on the Fifa club world cup.So what if it is a FIFA trying to "spin a few more yen their way" each of those clubs competing in this mini-tournament didn't just get their by mistake or luck. They had to do what many players on every continent dreams of. They had to work hard all year to win their continents Champions League.I really do think you could use the blog space more appropriately because lets be honest, it's a load of tosh! Sat 20 Dec 2008 21:41:30 GMT+1 JoliVague Robbo, first time I've ever disagreed with you on an article but let me tell you this story.I'm in Tokyo on hoilday and had the amazing good fortune to meet a guy on the plane who had a spare ticket for the Gamba game. We met up, met a few other reds and got on with the business of enjoying ourselves in a culture that celebrates life, and this time round football is the centre of that festival, Manchester United most of all.This championship is the future, and goes beynd Europe's head-up-their-arse attitude that european football is the be all and end all of need to get over yourself and pull your head out of the sand!Football is global, and it's people like you who decry why England fare so badly in international competition, this championship is the answer. English footbal, European football, nay WORLD football, needs this, it needs teams to come and show what football is truly about, not just on an international level but at club level. Football goes beyond any boundaries be it race, colour, language or creed.. If you had bothered to come to Japan and see it for yourself you wouldn't have written it off, if you were here you would be revelling in the magic, that tomorrow is going to be even better.You're missing out, and you're bitter, which is why you reckon it's not worth anything other than money.Grow up. Sat 20 Dec 2008 19:53:57 GMT+1 tomoedinburgh A football thug with a brain the size of Micky Mouse like this man poo-pooes all the effort FA, clubs, coaches and players are making for the occasion. Thank you very much for representing "real" Man U fans. Sat 20 Dec 2008 19:00:27 GMT+1 U11947716 I don't know who enjoys these articles but can only assume it is the borderline illiterate. Calling Man Utd's club championship opponents globally irrelevant reeks of the most obnoxious form of ignorance, in fact most of the time you sound like you've never left the north of England, Robbo.And using the accent for "comic effect" is so lame, it almost makes me question the point of life.This is the last time I read your blog I'm afraid, it is she-ite. Sat 20 Dec 2008 17:39:55 GMT+1 braunstone Number 33 Comment.Good shout. This was a very overlooked fact at the time and is often conveniently forgotten when people get on there high horse criticizing United. Sat 20 Dec 2008 13:39:29 GMT+1 aries22 I've given up on the BBC 606 forum trying to persuade some proponents of the Club World Cup what a waste of time it is. How you can count part-timers Waikatere of New Zealand and Adelaide United of Australia as two of the eight teams going for the title "best club side in the world" defies common sense. I've been called an elitist for trying to deny these smaller fry the chance to compete in an international "tournament". Yes, I am an elitist for wanting to keep standards high. I say if you're going to choose eight club sides to play for the CWC title, AC Milan and Real Madrid have got to be in there somewhere, not Adelaide United and part-timers Waikatere. The truth is, the CWC is a political PR exercise based on geographical inclusion and nothing to do with bringing together the world's eight best club sides. Sat 20 Dec 2008 12:22:31 GMT+1 Guido de Maupassant C'mon Robbo, less of the blinkered isolationism please... We all know English football is at the top of the pile at the moment but doesn't mean football outside of the top nations is a waste of space. Surely we've got past the 'jolly foreigners spoiling our game' mentality. You seem to think that Gamba Osaka are a kind of joke, so you will probably be surprised to know that average attendances in the J.League are higher than Serie A. Urawa Reds, for example regularly attract over 50,000 to their home games. Only Arsenal and Man United can claim more. Can I make a plea to you and other English fans... start taking an interest in football from further afield than the UK and Europe. People will then start taking us a bit more seriously and perhaps we may even get the World Cup in 2018, because unless you haven't realised, people like Platini and co (who decide who gets the World Cup) don't like us very much because of our blinkered attitude. More to the point, football beyond Europe is far more interesting to watch and less focused on business. Having been to an African and Asian Champions League final and a Copa Libertadores final, I can assure your readers that they were much more exciting to watch than the stale corporate European Champions League finals we usually get served up. Sat 20 Dec 2008 12:18:50 GMT+1 bluewonder57 speaking of dopey deals - how about the dispatch of the radar deficient ben-haim to the arid wastes of eastands. apparantly the welsh wizzard who conducted this wonderful bit of summer business is now complaining that he was misled by the light blue scouting corps into thinking he was getting a defensive messiah. must believe in miracles! Sat 20 Dec 2008 11:57:10 GMT+1 arnoldric when we talk about Man Utd, we talk about talent, success and wisdom. Other teams may have the money but not the success Sat 20 Dec 2008 10:46:42 GMT+1 gringo Loco In the CL we have Real Madrid 9x champs (5 Mickey mouse) v Liverpool 5x champs. Should be good. Plus Mourinho v SAF. If some teams do not like the draw, they shouldn't have put out their reserves. At least from now on, that will not happen.We also have the deciding matches as to whether the EPL is better than Serie A.The CWC may at the moment be commercial at best Mickey Mouse, but maybe in the future it is held in the same esteem as CL.They renamed the EUFA cup for next season, but shouldn't it have been renamed CL Div 2? or European mid-table league? Fri 19 Dec 2008 23:30:56 GMT+1 gringo Loco You, my friend are like everyone else in this gray sink-hole of a city and just a miserbale faced, narrow-minded git with barely 2 brain cells to rub together but likes to moan their sour face off anyway so they can feel big about themselves.Olay.I was thinking that 75% of the bloggers must be surviving brain transplant donors.MU were not invited. They were contractually obliged.The CWC is at a bad time for English clubs against S. American clubs because it is mid season, with a busy schedule in the next couple of weeks against being between seasons for s. american clubs. With MU, they will provbably go back in pre-season because of the comercial aspects. Maybe if we had a winter break, it would be different, except then the clubs would complain the season is too long, going into June, maybe. Please don't ever introduce a winter break. I love to see the players in their gloves and overcoats earning theire 100 grand in the cold. The pampered gold-diggers.Robbo, luv the blog, always look for it. not as funny as a couple of weeks ago, but nevertheless... I don't understand some of the jokes, but then who understands 100% except the writer.The bloggers who say it's rubbish, if they were not tranplants survivors, should stop reading it.It's also educational. I've learned a new word WUM. Robbo is an expert WUM, which is part of his job.There are far too many sheep and "grey" people, Robbo is neither. Fri 19 Dec 2008 23:21:00 GMT+1 Robbo Robson Crikey look above and you can see that Elton John has added a comment. Fri 19 Dec 2008 21:35:48 GMT+1 U13691428 Watford are awesome Fri 19 Dec 2008 17:58:30 GMT+1 jdkoke273 Dave the don.You did comment on OT you fool, making a comment about the fans that attend, learn to read your own posts.I did answer comments made in the blog, long before you started spouting rubbish.I live in Aberdeen, never supported them, started supporting United in 88-90 my dad tells me (at age 4-6) as does my whole family. (By the way we were not good back then - unlike Aberdeen)Your percentages are wrong, your comments are wrong and you are just wrong. Notice how you never replied about the fact barely any Aberdeen supporter actually supports the club, just go for an excuse to boo and moan. I'm not talking about little clubs, look at Derby fans, happy all the time because they love their club as are most others.And stop with all this elitist crap about what a 'real fan' is, I'm not gonna criticise a fellow United fan just because he dont go to games, is a One-United member, MUTV etc like I am, I'm just glad they support the club.You, my friend are like everyone else in this gray sink-hole of a city and just a miserbale faced, narrow-minded git with barely 2 brain cells to rub together but likes to moan their sour face off anyway so they can feel big about themselves. Fri 19 Dec 2008 15:55:44 GMT+1 Clint .........and the tournament itself would probably not be held in Japan had Man United not qualified for it. You see, the winners may only receice 5 million as someone mentioned, but think of the marketing that they're getting through in Japan and Asia in general. They are reaching out to a market they were always keen on dominating and the popstar perception that Asia has of them means this is a worthwhile business exercise. It's like another week of pre-season.Hold a league with Europe's top 4 and South America's top 4 and then you'll have something closer resembling a battle for title of "World's best club" Fri 19 Dec 2008 15:39:51 GMT+1 futbol77 Man Utd are not playing Quito. They are playing Liga. The team is called "Liga Deportiva Universitaria" de Quito. Meaning the team is based in Quito (the capital of Ecuador - located on the Equator between Colombia and Peru). It could be translated as "Liga University Sporting Club" of Quito. In Ecuador the team is called "Liga" or "LDU". They are never called "Quito".They used to refer them as "Liga de Quito" back in the 80s as there was also another team called "Liga" but based in another town called Portoviejo. Now there's only one Liga. Should that United fan that called the South American team "lucky" for winning The Libertadores, call Man Utd "lucky" as well?? As they wouldn't even be in Japan had John Terry not slipped in the Champions League Final. And Man Utd probably wouldn't have won it had Drogba not slapped Vidic in the dying minutes of extra-time.Oh if other teams win, they were lucky, if Man Utd win, they deserved it. Funny logic. Fri 19 Dec 2008 15:29:16 GMT+1 Samwell2804 ******** ABOUT TIME THAT WE HAD AN INTELLIGENT LIVERPOOL FAN ON AT LAST********stand up and take a bow -#125 "dodiesmith"some one who isnt so blind and realises the point at hand.and without sounding all Mike Newall here.........(u know what i mean) a WOMAN !!!!!! Lads!!!!!!yes I can hear your gasps now !!! Fri 19 Dec 2008 14:58:21 GMT+1 Robbo Robson Quite right, mate. Mouth-watering these matches are always called although I don't find myself salivating at the prospect of a football match ever. That's just a bit weird if you ask me. But cracking stuff nonetheless with the aforementioned Jose revisiting the scene of his really rather fabulous touchline sprint in the days before he was having his chain yanked by Roman n Kenyon Fri 19 Dec 2008 14:43:57 GMT+1 Armchair Dave @panchopuskasYou're absolutely right about the WC Champs. It's just an exercise in PR and drumming up more cash. No one, not even Fergy, takes it as a valid footballing competition. Manu are out there to promote their club in an area where they could make a nice bit of cash. FIFA are doing the same in promoting football out there.Hilariously some people here have been trying to defend it as a football competition. Anyone with half a brain knows it means very little in comparison to the league title or Champions League. Those competitions aren't a 2-bob knockout.Nice blog Robbo, but you should have delayed submitting it and you could have got the Champions League draws in. Now there's some talking points (in a REAL competition)! :-) Fri 19 Dec 2008 14:28:00 GMT+1 dodiesmith Found your comments on Benetez quite fascinating, Robbo. I will support Liverpool for ever but every time the team players are announced, I have worried (being a woman, no doubt) as to where he is playing Gerrard, Keane, whoever.... his choices boggle the mind, always have done, it's frustrating as he never seems to have a plan. I had a dream -- I wished for Mourinho to come to Liverpool after he left Chelsea....but think he HAD to get away from English football (and the Russians) at that time. However, I would still LOVE to see him in action at Liverpool. Ferguson calls him a character....well, Mourinho never threw shoes at his players... or criticized their wives....I thought he HAD character. I'll just dream on, I guess!Thanks again, Robbo, for doing what you do best. Writing from your heart and gut and even though your humour is a bit over the top for me at times, I like to think it is not mean spirited.Happy Christmas! Fri 19 Dec 2008 14:27:21 GMT+1 WordsofWisdom @Tokyotower181; Do your research. This competition is nothing to do with business. The media interest is minimal and the world footballing public are apathetic.The prize money for the winners is $5m which pales into insignificance for a team like Utd. if it jeprodises their chances of winning the Pl or CL, and it is a handicap.Understand what your talking about before pontificating.Once again try this: Fri 19 Dec 2008 13:49:37 GMT+1 2tonnedunne Wowzers!Never heard so much fuss out of Liverpool fans in all my life. You'd think Robbo had done something serious! Instead he dared to venture forth with an opinion on Benitez's transfer dealings.True, Torres and Alonso have been good buys, but seriously fellas - I've played enough Champ to know that they are good enough for the prem.Riera? Ngog? Arbeloa? Dossena? Still a bit early to be lauding those guys I think.£20 mil for Keane was a ridiculous buy and everyone knows it. However, contrary to some of the comments here, Robbo wasn't saying get rid of him though, simply that he's unlikely to be there for much longer. Last time I checked Robbo wasn't actually in charge of Liverpool's transfer policy and so the anger directed at him seems a little bit strange. Especially as he's probably going to be proved right. These days there's little or no room for error - especially at the top of the league.And in defence of this blog - it's supposed to be funny. I can't believe so many people read it, then read the comments, then are so angry they feel the need to be downright vicious about the author. It's been said on the messageboard before - it's a free country so don't read it if you can't appreciate a little humour.And for those who wonder why Robbo's still in the job... how many other blogs on the BBC website get this sort of reaction? How many garner such praise? Or such levels of Mersey-based histrionics?Robbo - take a bow and be happy with a job well done.P.S; the Club World championship is 100% marketing tool, just accept it everyone. Fri 19 Dec 2008 13:40:00 GMT+1 tokyotower181 Feng shui is Chinese.....i'm sure you're other 'worldly' views are accurate though!What's your point anyway?Football is a business, and a very lucrative one. The game bought into capitalism and grew because of it.Expect your team to fly wherever the yen,yuan or whatever else can be got!Deal with it. Fri 19 Dec 2008 13:16:30 GMT+1 luton3arsenal2 gr8 champs league draw by the way Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:59:17 GMT+1 luton3arsenal2 hardly a mickey mouse tournament isit cos most of these teams could actually cut it in the top leagues. look at the utd team they put out and won 5-3, they only left out berbatov n rooney cos they had to. goin bak to berbatov, u ppl really fink utd bought him for his work rate?? and keane has been good this season, very similar player to kuyt at the moment and he will score lots of goals eventually. like ppl sed, remember crouch at liverpool? went lyk 20 games widout a goalback to bad signings by benitez, particularly the wingers, babel n riera r quality and mascherano n lucas r good, maybe not quite utd n chelsea quality but liverpool make up for that wid gerrard n torres. also i do rate pennant (dont laugh) cos he was amazin for birmingham (i know dont laugh again) but he is one of the best crossers in the world but maybe he doesnt have a good passion for the game cos he is pretty rubbish now and on soccer AM all the liverpool teammates section they hav pennant down as the worst trainer so there u go. also i fink benayoun is a good player as a fill in wen the lyks of babel n riera aren't there cos compare him to man utds back up players lyk fletcher and he is in a pretty similar class to themoh and WUM is a word used by nerds who seem to lyk footy aswell but prob cant play it, not sayin im the next ronaldo or anyfin but im not exactly uselessgood to get that off my chest lol Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:58:15 GMT+1 Virtuet This is the sort of comment that makes us appear arrogant to the rest of the world. Roobo is saying "We are the best but we do not need to prove it these competitions are beneath us". It just makes everyone more determined to beat us when we do try. World and European national competition have been treated with the same contempt when first started. We have won one World Cup but we still claim "English is best", we ar kidding ourselves. Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:54:57 GMT+1 Samwell2804 manumanier - Very good point SirI see and understand what your saying, nobody says that Real Madrid 5 Micky Mouse European Cups !!!WordsOfWisdom - love the quote relating to the FIFA CWC of -"This competition is no more than an excuse for Blatter to continue his showboating around the world, planting his ample backside on the best seat in the stadium while staying at the most luxurious 5* star hotel in town, dining at the local gourmet restaurants and pontificating at several press conferences, in between being bowed and pandered to by the ‘minions’ of the Japanese football hierarchy." Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:51:17 GMT+1 WordsofWisdom #115 I missed the announcement in the press! A-sense-of humour-ectomy. Now that's a breakthrough procedure in medical science!You seriously need to get a life! Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:51:15 GMT+1 Samwell2804 mickredsun - PLEAS, PLEASE, PLEASE, for your own sake go and find a senso of humour, that is no racist comment !!!its only like the french and other nations believe the english to all walk round in suits and bowler hats and stop for tea an cakes at 5 o'clock every day !!!RACISM......... I hear you cry !!!!Sadly I think not Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:47:25 GMT+1 mickredsun I think the casual racism inherent in this article is despicable, Egyptian Pyramid Formation? Australians are upside down... Is there an editor at the BBC these days or is it becoming acceptable again to slur a nation with sniping comments like this...I'm sure if a Scottish team was in the cup there would be a bagpipe formation or we'd all have to eat haggis for one reason or another...Someone stop this now Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:37:34 GMT+1 manumanier So Japan is "mickey mouse" - some of us remember the 1950's.Chelsea won the champioship but refused to enter the "Mickey Mouse European Competion".Then United won it and Sir Matt said "we are going into Europe" so the league threatened to throw United out of the league if they went into "Mickey Mouse Europe".All fans asked "what is this European thing - it will get in the way of our league programme" - waste of time.Then Real Madrid won it five times on the trot in the Mickey Mouse era but in any list of winners I have never seen "Real Madrid 8 (5 Mickey Mouse wins). Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:35:41 GMT+1 WordsofWisdom #110 and #112 as a Man Utd fan I say: Rubbish!Try #111 for a genuine insight.To hold these views as a Utd fan you don't understand the big picture. Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:33:51 GMT+1 MrBolvine Although the article was amusing enough to read - how many flaws can you fit in one blog?!To start with, saying that that club world champ is a complete waste of time and means nothing shows such a narrow view. Living anywhere in England means you probably don't have to travel more than 50 miles to see a top-flight match and some of your favourite players, something we take for granted, whereas the thousands upon thousands of Japanese who will attend the matches would never normally get a chance to see a matches like these, and the Ecuadorians following their team will see them play a team never thought possible to them. The championship can only spread the enjoyment of football more globally...And then saying it's more important to Man U who they are drawn against in the Champions League - it doesn't matter. Man U are the reigning Champions of Europe, and you can bet Fergie wants to retain that. Whoever they are drawn against they will be looking to win - whether they play them in the quarter finals or the final itself.It would be a shame for Keane to leave Liverpool so quickly - look at how slowly Rush took off playing them - and how do the Reds regard Rush now?! Keane just needs a little longer, he will get there.So thanks for the blog Robbo,always interesting to read! Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:18:54 GMT+1 WordsofWisdom Robbo, I don't normally comment on your article as it's hard to type while falling around laughing but I have to offer my thanks this week!To say your a man after my own heart is an understatement: And as for your stance on the Rafa transfer record try: what you're really all about is this: "I look forward to the man whose face looks like everyone else's face in the back of a tablespoon..."There are 6 billion+ people on the planet but only you could come-up with this! Classic! Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:13:31 GMT+1 Shaun A utd fan in peace here,Just thought id mention we won the champions league, which inevitably means we are invited to this competition, just like Liverpool not so long ago.I think it stems more to jealousy from the other fans of other clubs. Its a competition for the winners of each continental cup, so believe it or not....we are there (shock horror).Despite popular opinion that its a big waste of time, i think it would be incredibly disrespectful to the nations of the remaining continents to not turn up.Football is a world game, and money or no money its still good for the other nations in the world to see the superstars of european footy playing against them in what they feel is a major competition (south american clubs especially)I dont think Liverpool,Chelsea,Arsenal or any other fans would be kicking up a fuss about old fergie if they were in this competition.With regards the comments on Rafas signing, i personally dont write liverpool off with anything. Fair enough the last 10 years they havent been one of the expected 2 teams to win the title. But perhaps now that works more to their advantage? They do have the players capable and they seem to have the motivation also. I know its unlike a Man.Utd fan to compliment anything liverpool related but its been a good season for them and with the talent they have why cant they compete?With regards robbos original comment about the World Club Cup I think it came across as ignorant and dispectful.To be honest the small teams in this competition have as much chance of winning just as much as the likes of Galatasaray or even Lyon winning the champions league? So yes your correct on paper Quito dont have a chance, but then its the same the world over. Europe is to blame for a lot of the problems with player quality shortage. We scout the world and take the talent from teams who cant financially compete! Fri 19 Dec 2008 11:16:42 GMT+1 Samwell2804 Wow I just love it how sooooo many Liverpoo fans get so angry of the smallest bit of critisism or banter towards their team?!they are so up their own sphincter muscle its untrure!!!!!Mind you I cant really say im so surprised as to their reaction, seen as 90% of the bbc pundits are ex-Liverpool and just spend all their blowing smoke up the clubs posterior?! Fri 19 Dec 2008 11:02:47 GMT+1 therealwiggy A pointless blog. You must be fishing Rob and caught a few from some of the comments. Fri 19 Dec 2008 10:36:41 GMT+1 collie21 I wouldn't think most of the european teams are a certainty for a win over most of the South American teams. You might like to check that out with Tim Vickery? Fri 19 Dec 2008 10:35:54 GMT+1 panchopuskas Your comments on Benitez are on the mark. He really needs somebody to help him talent spot just like Peter Taylor did for Brian Clough. Of course he's found the odd winner (although I don't agree that Reira is one of them) but he does seem to have a penchant for mediocrity.Just hope you're right about Ngog.As for the WC in Japan, isn't it a case of flying the flag in a country where football is just taking off? And a country with brass, as well. Better they play English football than the American version. The Far East is an enormous market for the Premier and football in general with a quarter of the world's population living there although I suspect, Robbo, you have an incling for keeping the beautiful games within the confines of the sceptred isle. Fri 19 Dec 2008 10:30:13 GMT+1 Robbo Robson PS Apologies to Japanese folk everywhere by suggesting that feng shuey might have come from there. Of course the good citizens of Osaka don't spend day after day sorting out where best to put a pouffe. Fri 19 Dec 2008 10:26:03 GMT+1 BillBobJoeKenny There is no guarentee they will win the tournament, would be very funny if they didn't. Fri 19 Dec 2008 10:22:37 GMT+1 TheChronicSmoker "Pigeons and low-flying aircraft beware." - BEST QUOTE OF THE YEAR.Step down Ashley Young, Robbo is the new genius! ahaaha nice on mate Fri 19 Dec 2008 10:01:18 GMT+1 no1Rooonster Why is everyone so jealous of Utd playing in Japan!!!!!I know everyones gonna miss the quality of the united boys on MOTD this weekend, but other than that why make such a big fuss if United have been entered into a World club tournament!!!!!!!!!Too many united haters i think!!it can only be a good thing for the english game, and great awareness for the club, good break for the lads and £££££ for the club, therefore on the whole well worth it! Fri 19 Dec 2008 09:58:17 GMT+1 Robbo Robson All you lot who think that my comments show a disrespect for world football... isn't it a bit of a patronising lark to send the mighty Man U over there for a couple of kickabouts rather than organise a genuine competitive World Club Championships over the summer with say sixteen teams in it and see who really does cut the mustard. You could do it every odd year so it didn't clash with Euros or WC. Trouble is, whether you think I'm a xenophobe or not, the winning teams would be European. FACT. And we already have a bloated cavalcade of footy called the Champs League, don't we? This is simply an exercise in making money and those of you who think otherwise are very bleeding naive. (Watch Quito beat Man Utd now). Fri 19 Dec 2008 09:47:06 GMT+1 collie21 Of course I have to disagree with the views of Robbie Keane, any player played out of position will be crap! Look at Rooney last year on the wing for example. Benitez I think is a lucky manager to be honest. He inhereted a decent team but has bought about 2 more teams that he doesn't know how to fit into what he had, as for letting finan go......well says it all for me.Number 11 great comment thanks for that mate, I agree as would most people I think. ..Robbo you sound a bit like mr Bah Humbug Scrooge if you ask me. I think you will be eating your words in about 10 years time when the competition gets pretty big and no English team is able to win it anymore! Fri 19 Dec 2008 09:44:06 GMT+1 Scousejay23 To jdkoke the answer to your question is Liverpool have had 4 draws at home (the same as Chelsea) and five wins(2 more than Chelsea) and no losses(2 less than Chelsea). So all in all not a bad record, I think you will agree? Maybe not.One things for sure we are looking strong regardless of the draws, and I for one am loving every minute of it. I don't care that we haven't destroyed every team in out way we are still top and have beaten chelsea and Manchester united. Again not a bad record.At the end of the day whoever has the most points in may is the best team that season regardless of the amount of draws and defeats! Fri 19 Dec 2008 09:42:58 GMT+1 Samwell2804 Well Done Robbo, more good stuff to pass an office day?!back on form my friend with the funny analogies to ava good old chuckle too!!!"the enthusiasm of a toothless pensioner tackling a whelk." - Brilliant"Portugese Sultan of Simulation" - Quality, we may have a new rival to the good olde "gelled tumbler" referance, hahahaNot that Keane should stay with the Reds given his current form. The lad who comes off the bench from time to time seems a much better bet, and might soon lead to questions about how you're going to Stop Ngog. "the man whose face looks like everyone else's face in the back of a tablespoon" - Genius, ive never noticed it before, but its sooooo true, hahahahaKeep up the Good Work! Fri 19 Dec 2008 09:31:24 GMT+1 digispoonerta 40. At 5:17pm on 18 Dec 2008, jdkoke273 I am fine with our best teams going out and playing teams from all over the world. It pits ours best against theirs....The point of my post (and something obviously you didn't get) was that if you are a successful club like ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal etc.... You will have to play alot of games like this .... don't winge about it .... all clubs/ players/ fans of those clubs would be complaining if they weren't successful.Just don't then play 60 odd games during a season and then go half way across the world during the pre-season as well .... and then complain that you have played too many games/ not enough time off/ too tired etc...You also have to remember that the ammount of games you play and the rest in between does make a profound effect on ammount of injuries, types of injuries and also length of playing career.Maybe if you had sat down and actually thought about the post you were writing and re-read mine instead of spouting off ... moronic is not a word you would have said....By the way i am a supporter and have been since i was 4 (35 years) ... and for my sins I am a Crystal Palace supporter. Fri 19 Dec 2008 08:45:15 GMT+1 big_red_devil_07 no wonder the bbc holds no responsibility for this content.Absolute s** idea what he is on about. Fri 19 Dec 2008 08:12:00 GMT+1 ZEUSFC all a bit too obvious this week robbo4/10 could do better! Fri 19 Dec 2008 05:46:09 GMT+1 RoryBoxer the thing i get the least from this blog is the abuse directed at Robbie Keane. Im a chelsea fan and i have to admit he is pure class. he may not be banging in the goals but he has turned provider enough times. Kuyt might be having a memorable season but is merely the running man. kuyt will not be able to unlock world class defences. Keane will. Keane is a proven international goalscorer and has scored goals everywhere he has been, except inter. but i think he was around 20yrs old and only played a dozen games. Perhaps a player worthy of a blog on how totally ineffective they are is Paulo Ferreira. the guy plays right back(apparently). his attributes i believe him to have are:poor in the airpoor left footpoor right footpoor positional awarenessslowability to lose the ball anywhere!we paid 13million for him and i honestly think we were meant to sign his cousin of the same name.i have to agree with the comment of liverpool being poor in the transfer market.finnan was obviously disliked from day1 by rafa so he tried to replace him instantly.JosemiKromkamparbeloaand still finnan was the best of the lot!remember morientes?and who is dossenna? even the cruyff turning djimi traore is better! Fri 19 Dec 2008 05:36:11 GMT+1 Ozman To the "Australian_Gunner". #54Your support of Adelaide is fine (tho not reflected in your name). However, your assertion that they would have beaten Man Utd is ludicrous. They were lucky to beat the Kiwi team, who themselves seemed to be newcomers to the game of football. Fri 19 Dec 2008 04:40:10 GMT+1 jujigen Feng shui... in Japan??? Right, they're all the same over there, eh? That comment says more about your xenophobia than about Man Utd or Japan. Your contempt for anything other than what you know is obvious. At least Google insults before posting them. Fri 19 Dec 2008 03:37:59 GMT+1 CharlieRedDevil Point 16... how the hell can u give more credit to Keane for wearing his socks off!Who cares if someone runs themselves to the ground, if theres no output?! Berba has scored goals and made goals (6 assists in Prem League), scored 4 goals in the Champs League in his 1st 2 champs league games... who cares if he's lazy? He puts in less effort and gets more results... money well spent... unlike Keane who's barely scoredShut ur noise n stop defending Rafa... a fault is a fault, all managers do, its his turn to have his mistake highlighted Fri 19 Dec 2008 03:13:16 GMT+1 aussies60 It is a micky mouse tournament - Sir Bobby Charlton admitted it at half time last night on Japanese TV.He said the match was `more of a friendly than a competitive match`before realising what he said and then went on to say `Gamba are putting up a good fight and making a game of it`.Lol... The fact Adelaide Utd were one win away from playing in the Club World Championship says it all... a tournament designed to advertise the game to new / upcoming footballing countries... Fri 19 Dec 2008 01:57:46 GMT+1 Parag Robbo, You donot have any right to condemn the world club championship for the sake of premier league. Premier league is just another league out of many leagues in this world.where were u when these club championship matches were organized last year and years before that?? Look at the bigger picture Robbo. Winning UEFA CL (or any other continental championship ) means you have to take part in the World Club Cup Championship, and every team that goes to the CL knows this fact. If they don't want to take part in the world championship, then they can withdraw from the champions league as well.And talking about the injuries to one more player doesn't support any arguments. Injuries can occur to anyone, anywhere, regardless of what he or she is doing. Try to pay a little bit more respect to something thats outside your world. Try to get out of the pond Robbo, there is an ocean outside that pond.I know the championship doesn't have any history right now. But as time goes by, one day it will gather some history and just think after 50 or 70 years when people think of any club A, B or C as the world champions. I guess that will be a even bigger boost.And its not good to undermine the clubs from other continents. Yes at the moment Europe is in a different league, but then we could see a different scenario in the next 30 years. Time changes a lot of things.Finally to round up the things, it is never a good culture to criticize others' culture. People have their own feeding habits, based on their geographical, climatic and social conditions. I have ate fish and chips too. I like the taste, and if i din't like, i would simply not eat.Grow up robbo, your posts are getting dumber everyday... Fri 19 Dec 2008 01:48:43 GMT+1 lordservant1 Robbo, your are a disgrace. (Typical British arrogance) If Sir Alex & Co. are fine going to the World Cup Cup then it must have some value. It is absolutely thrill for the clubs in the rest of the world to have this opportunity.How the hell is the rest of the world ever going to improve if they have no chance of ever playing the better clubs in the world?But I guess you have to write about something to pay the mortgage. I would suggest that FIFA though allow 2 or 3 more clubs from Europe and maybe 1 more from South America to make this Tournament more representable. Fri 19 Dec 2008 01:27:42 GMT+1 tracksuit top "In the meantime, the wheeling and dealing for the next window is already starting with Robbie Keane sipposedly out of Anfield at the first opportunity.""sipposedly??how did this one slip through the spellchecker on word? Fri 19 Dec 2008 00:57:14 GMT+1 amilAO robbie keane is going nowhere, he could move to us (spurs) but he will not be able to play til next year and he cant move to another club til the summer...... Fri 19 Dec 2008 00:53:14 GMT+1 Ged Sweeney SCOUSEJAY (No 67)3 words to addFor the momentActually I would love it if 19 years of title doldrums are undone. Man Utd went 26 years without the Top Division Title and I would hate it if Liverpool went longerRegardsGed Fri 19 Dec 2008 00:40:14 GMT+1 Mike Typically unfair and prejudiced comments about world football which sums up the smugness and arrogance of the average Engish punter. There's the presumption club football doesn't exist or matter once you leave Spain or England.After living in Asia for many years, I see the passion, the spirit and the desire for football from Thai's, Koreans, Japanese. It's an ignored continent in terms of football. Just because they don't have the tradition and quality of the top leagues in Europe doesn't mean they should be deprived of having a chance to compete on a world level.English football mentality seems to often suffer from the Adrian Chiles syndrome - self depreciating parochial attachment to whatever non-national decides to make a fortune at glamorous clubs like West Brom or Plymouth. Give us a break - it's not your game - it's a world game - and as a City fan I can still say God bless Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson for having the foresight to see the bigger world picture. Thu 18 Dec 2008 23:58:01 GMT+1 Scottoffee Sometimes, somebody's just got to take one for the team.This is Fifa's showcase club competition and the brainchild of Sepp Blatter to boot. Not exactly a secret that he and Platini have a bit of a vendetta against the Premiership as well as the Home Nations national sides, I reckon it's probably a good idea to big the comp up and get on with it without complaining.For Utd, this trip may be seen more of a hindrance to their league aspirations, but for the other 6 clubs (and continents) involved, it's massively important in terms of financial benefits, but more importantly, the wider coverage and interest for their regional football. To me, that's good for the game on a global scale, so shove the elitist attitudes emanating from most quarters in England and think about the bigger picture. Besides, there's a prize pool of $16.5m (worth a lot more to us right now!) up for grabs, on top of the many millions the clubs will rake in from merchandising and potential new sponsorships, so it's not all that bad for the teams involved.And by the by Robbo, Feng Shui's Chinese, not Japanese. Thu 18 Dec 2008 23:57:01 GMT+1 Sandiman91 A bit of a slow response from me here but whats with this comment...16. At 4:44pm on 18 Dec 2008, EL-Liverbird wrote:Why didn't you mention Manchester's flop Berbatov who cost them 30m?In what way is he a flop?! I admit he had abit of a slow start but hes scored 6 goals and he just shows what hes worth every game he plays with his class. He has brilliant close control and awsome vision. He complements either rooney or tevez perfectly with their workhorse approach and his casual (some say lazy) approach.Some critics may say "why do you need him? you did great last year with rooney and tevez, what a waste of money"but you always need to alter your game to keep the oposition on their toes which is exactly what we have done. We seem to play with another dimension than last year.Speaking of good signings, Rafael da Sivla was a brilliant signing (hopefully his brother will be just as impressive!) at times he may be a little weak but that will come with time. What I love about him is he is everything Gary Nevile isnt. I used to be a big fan of gary but since he has come back from injury he has been nothing but negative. Everytime he gets the ball his first though is "lets go backwards" whereas Rafael is positive all the time just like Evra. Incase you hadnt noticed, a lack of Gary Nevile last year gave Ronaldo the freedom he requires which allowed him to score his 42 goals.Anyhoo, thats me done with my little rant, I hope to get some response! =D Thu 18 Dec 2008 23:56:46 GMT+1 mankyblue Crikey ! Some wound up looneypool fans and the usual bunch of ManUre lemmings banging on about nothing. Take the blog as it is, a bit of fun. Why dont you ask Santa for a sense of humour ... Thu 18 Dec 2008 23:33:32 GMT+1 Just1keano Amazing how some people insist on slagging off Robbo week after week, and wondering how he even got a blog..Writing is an art, and a good writer develops a style. Robbo's got his and it's loved by many, including me (and I'm not Northern or Scottish, not by a many long miles). So get over it.I think the critics should be slagging us Robbo lovers off instead, cos I guess we're the reason he's here. Long live Robbo, you light up my face every time...About my darling United in Japan, I only wish to ask Robbo...if Boro were to win the Champions league (yeah, I know pigs will fly first, but try to imagine it), just what would be your opinion on contesting the World Club Championships? Thu 18 Dec 2008 23:13:31 GMT+1 gstonesunited 78. At 11:00pm on 18 Dec 2008, pinnicleoffruit wrote:not one top player plays outside europe, despite what any south a lover says. tim vickery articles are so unintersting. because there game is very slow and very boring.=============Landon Donovan, don't care what anyone says he is top quality Thu 18 Dec 2008 23:04:12 GMT+1 rs not one top player plays outside europe, despite what any south a lover says. tim vickery articles are so unintersting. because there game is very slow and very boring. Thu 18 Dec 2008 23:00:29 GMT+1 rs An adrain chidles fan is hardly going to be amused for his humour is merely waving his hand then stating how amazed he is at something obvious. im beginning to find childes not that funny anymore...he got more famous and seems to have gone weird Thu 18 Dec 2008 22:58:24 GMT+1 scatteredtimbers Side-splitting stuff, Robbo, & controversial as ever.Living in South America, I take issue with your comments about the WCC.The title of world club champion is much coveted in SA as, in the early years, it was in Europe too (by most clubs, anyway). And with good reason; the year's top team from each of the world's two footballing superpowers, Europe & South America, battle it out for the world championship.For a while now, with European clubs snapping up SA's talent no sooner than it’s out of short trousers, there's been more incentive than ever for the Copa Libertadores champs to get one over on the elite European clubs, & they always raise their game accordingly. For them, the WCC still decides the world club champion. Why don't the Europeans take Tokyo seriously? Is it the fear of losing to underdogs? The tournament format? A genuine lack of interest? Whichever, it shows a lot of disrespect to the footballing world, especially South America, whose players have helped give European football the prestige it now enjoys.As for LDU Quito, they were huge underdogs & won the Copa Libertadores fair & square. It was awesome ... tantamount to Aalborg winning the Champions League. Re the advantages of altitude, LDU had to play home & away, of course, so although being Quito-based helped, it wasn't decisive. They also had to go & play games in steaming tropical conditions which were equally detrimental to them. Key to LDU’s success was their amazing team spirit.LDU have since lost many of their top players & are languishing mid-table in Ecuador, but don't write them off. They've just beaten Pachuca, a top Mexican side who play in a strong Mexican league, & will be baying for MU blood come the final.May the best team win & proudly declare themselves world champions. Thu 18 Dec 2008 22:55:45 GMT+1 gstonesunited The tournament is a good idea. If we had have been palying Boca or River Plate or even Fluminese who lost to Quito on penalties everyone would've been entralled (Milan 4-2 Boca last year) because it's all too rare that the best in Europe play the best from South America.It just so happened Quito got lucky the whole way through thier campaign and qualified and thus it's not really what we hoped for this year but next year who knows? Thu 18 Dec 2008 22:53:25 GMT+1 Wot Kuyt 'e did @#9: It's not Rafa's purchases that are wrong, it's what he does with them once he's got them - continually playing these guys out of position because he supposedly knows better!The players who perform best are the ones who are left to do the job they know best. Even Gerrard was less than his best when made to play on the wing. Thu 18 Dec 2008 22:34:03 GMT+1 dave-is-a-don j**oke273seems you know a lot about Aberdeen - are you from there?did you used to support them until you realised there was no glory in it?do you want a ladder to get over yourself?like 95% of football fans I do indeed support a fairly rubbish team who are lucky to ever even get near winning anything - but as long as we beat our main rivals every so often that is all that matters to us.didn't pass any comment on Old Trafford - just said I'd never been there - learn to read!and yes I would rather have 'only real fans' attending games - that is what football in the smaller clubs is all about - like most people I would be happy watching a kick about in the park as much as watching a 'big' game on TV - that is what being a football fan is all the blog why not answer some questions raised in it! Thu 18 Dec 2008 22:22:25 GMT+1 tarquin 62 chapanellathat wouldn't have anything to do with the European's having the best league in the world and a tournament that is immensely harder than the 'world club championship' - and therefore betterThe whole idea of a world club cup is ridiculous and as Robbo says, just a money-spinner Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:56:12 GMT+1 jdkoke273 To Scousejay....Lets see come the end of the season eh?How many draws at home has that been now? And will Mr.Cup be able to make your very thin squad challenge for more than one trophy? Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:51:53 GMT+1 BognorRock I'm no Liverpool fan but surely Keane hasn't become a bad player overnight. He's been banging in the goals in the Premier League for 10 years now and suddenly hes terrible and a waste of money based on half a season? And Robbo, for a manager whose, according to you, made just one decent signing in 5 years at Liverpool, they seem to be doing OK to me! Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:51:13 GMT+1 tarquin Robbo, I'm not one to come on here and slag you off but I was really struggling with what the bleedin 'ell you was saying, particularly in the first few paragraphsKeane isn't going anywhere - it's just a semi-logical step for the press to assume he's got to leave because he wasn't even brought on in the last matchHe's played in 18 games this season, he's at his favourite club, he cost 20 mil - he's not going anywhereI agree he was a bizarre purchase - liverpool shouldve bought a wide man, especially a right wingerbut you have to give him a chance - look at drogba... and anelka - took them a season to settle in Thu 18 Dec 2008 21:48:34 GMT+1 Forest McFlorist The World Club Cup will always be a tin pot competition because it cannot be given the time or attention it would need to flourish. There are far too many other competitions and tournaments above the WCC, and the only way it would work properly is to have a World Cup style tournament, and that will not happen. As Robbo says, it's just a trade show. Thu 18 Dec 2008 20:52:56 GMT+1 Scousejay23 To everone slagging Benitez/Liverpool off i have only four words to say.......... Top of the league! Thu 18 Dec 2008 20:51:53 GMT+1 jdkoke273 Dave-don(have a clue)Why would you have an opinion on Old Trafford when you aint been then? Please dont be like a lot of the people on BBC and just make cliched comments on things you don't know about.Is it hell all real fans, what about the countless free tickets N'sound give away to their sponsors and the tickets the club give away? (They need to do something to fill all those empty seats)And is this all the real fans you're talking about that boo nearly every game, don't attend games and cry for the 80's every day whilst doing a piss poor job of supporting the team?So for the sake of some idiotic moral high ground, you would rather have all 'true fans' - what a redundant phrase that is by the way - than fill your ground, sell merchandise and make money for the sake of the club? Hmm, you are a good fan Dave, I stand corrected. Thu 18 Dec 2008 20:47:03 GMT+1 peronelle To all those who find this blog so dismal week after week and cannot stop complaining about it. Stop reading it. It is not compulsory and your replies waste space. Enjoy your work Robbo, even if I dont understand it all.Cheers. Thu 18 Dec 2008 20:40:08 GMT+1 lobotics and on the topic of dopy signings, did hamann moved to bolton from liverpool (on a free, i remember) and then a few days later decided he actually wanted to go to man city, so bolton made a nice little profit - 5mill if i remember correctly? Thu 18 Dec 2008 20:31:32 GMT+1 lobotics 16. At 4:44pm on 18 Dec 2008, EL-Liverbird wrote:Why didn't you mention Manchester's flop Berbatov who cost them 30m?50% more than Keane, who wears his socks off for the team, unlike the that lazy B*M Berbatov- Do you know Robbo, you're a WUMwhy doesn't he mention berbatov? cause berbatov actually scores goals every now and then.that is what strikers are supposed to do, isn't it? correct me if i'm wrong.i'm sure liverpool fans would rather keane is a miserable sod who plays for himself and scores 25 goals in a season or something, than a keen little bunny running all over the field getting no goals whatsoever.(after all, isn't that what kuyt's for??)(i jest, kuyt actually does something for the team) Thu 18 Dec 2008 20:25:24 GMT+1 chapanella ROBBO, Just because the media in this frozen little island of ours don't seem to understand the value of being WORLD CHAMPIONS, does not mean the tournament is unimportant. I seem to remember people saying the very same thing about the European Cup. Now look at it. If you go around the world, and ask the African champions, and the South American champions, and the Asian champions, whether they think the cup is important or it, i can bet what answer they'll give you. Thu 18 Dec 2008 19:53:03 GMT+1 nogginthenogforever 60. At 7:22pm on 18 Dec 2008, loudLovelyrita wrote:The only reason I can find for Manchester United taking part in this Mickey Mouse tournement is to bolster England's hopes of hosting the World Cup in 2018.---------------------------------------------So the part where its a Fifa tournament that the winners of the European Champions league have no choice but to take part in isnt reason enough? Thu 18 Dec 2008 19:25:35 GMT+1 Rita Cocking The only reason I can find for Manchester United taking part in this Mickey Mouse tournement is to bolster England's hopes of hosting the World Cup in 2018. Thu 18 Dec 2008 19:22:23 GMT+1 dave-is-a-don 52. At 6:26pm on 18 Dec 2008, jdkoke273 wrote:Yeah i have dave, have you?I've also had the misfortune of going to Pittodrie, rubbish dump indeed. Are you jealous you cant fill a 25000 capacity stadium with perma-tan Jimmy's team of crap? What you lot wouldn't give for some glory hunters eh?calm down it's only 22199 capacity - when it is full or empty at least it is only real Aberdeen fans there - in the home end at least - don't think they are aberdeen fans in the away end.why would I have ever been to Man U I don't support (or pretend to support) Man U.On your other point they are all individual sportsmen not team's so what are you going to do watch a tennis player for their 10 year career then never watch tennis again because your 'team' no longer plays.....duh Thu 18 Dec 2008 19:06:22 GMT+1 jdkoke273 Keane is not Tevez, Vidic or Ronaldo because he is not new to the premiership you absolute tool.Benitez has had the money but spent it on crap as per the list you reeled off.Please learn to write that was painful tryin to read. Thu 18 Dec 2008 19:04:34 GMT+1