Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 21 Dec 2014 12:55:21 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Chaddyroar My apologies, Central America it seems, is wholly in the northern hemisphere. Thu 25 Sep 2008 11:36:54 GMT+1 Chaddyroar 'Antipodes' is a word which refers to two specific points which are on opposite sides of the world.So we can refer to Australia and New Zealand as the Antipodes, as they are almost exactly half way round the world, around 12-13,000 miles awayBut South Africa and South America we cannot call the Antipodes.The Ryder cup is not a 'Continental Clash'. Europe don't play 'North America', because that would include Canada and Mexico.We play the USA. And originally it was the UK and Ireland versus the USA until we kept getting beaten.The Southern hemisphere Continents are:Oceania - not Australia - including Vijay Singh (fiji); and South America. as far as I am aware Antarctica has no elite golfers.Africa and Central America span both northern and southern hemispheres Thu 25 Sep 2008 11:31:10 GMT+1 pimms-o-clock I don't know all that much about golf but why is it called the ryder cup and why is it europe against USA . the biggest event in golf so im told and half the world don't even take part. Whats the point of that. Wed 24 Sep 2008 18:29:18 GMT+1 Lord_Codpiece I loved the coverage of the Ryder Cup - SKY does an excellent job of it.Alas, if the BBC (and the government) had more vision all those years ago when they had a chance to do something similar - the BBC may well have been where SKY are now.Faldo looke strained througout and it seemed as though the pressure was way too much for him. So I think Woosy should be the next Captain - being in Wales and all. Wed 24 Sep 2008 12:04:46 GMT+1 rosco19 EuroPaddy. The original format, pre 1979, was Great Britain and Ireland vs USA. Wed 24 Sep 2008 06:51:29 GMT+1 EuroPaddy It depends where you live. In Flanders (north) canal+ is only available on satellite (I took cable), but in the 2 French speaking regions it's available, but then you have to live with the plastic French (give me the plastic Dutch any day...)I knew about the Spaniards, but not the others - thanks. Do you know the original format? Tue 23 Sep 2008 11:27:45 GMT+1 Madrid Andy Europaddy, I live in Madrid and had coverage of the whole event. Wonderful TV.Fleprechaun just beat me to this but well said Tue 23 Sep 2008 10:15:42 GMT+1 fleprechaunALV EuroPaddy, Don't you get Canal+ in Belgium?I thought most French TV could be picked up there. Anyway they had hours of coverage and no ads.As for the European content; 2 Spaniards, 2 Swedes and a Dane. That enough for you?Sexington's worried that the great golfing nations of Venezuela, Colombia and Surinam might be offended.Perish the thought. Tue 23 Sep 2008 10:10:09 GMT+1 Robbo Robson #3. Chad Sexington - if that is your name. Where do you get off with your cack about me being wrong about the Southern Hemisphere? I know most Australians on the planet live in London but the country itself is well south. South Africa is most definitely Southern Hemisphere too. And all right if you live at the top of South America you might scrape into the Northern Hemisphere, but that's it, mate! There's only one thing worse than a smart-a**e and that's a thick twerp who thinks he's a smart-a**e. Tue 23 Sep 2008 09:37:46 GMT+1 stefanmhodgson Lets talk about Newcastle again, that was much more fun Tue 23 Sep 2008 08:36:49 GMT+1 EuroPaddy How many from the 'European' Ryder Cup team come from outside UK/Ireland? It can't be many? The reason I ask is that living in Belgium, I have loads of UK and European tv channels, and no-one was showing this event - not even hi-lights. There is no interest in it on the mainland. Maybe they should revert to the original format. (what was that, by the way - England or UK or British Isles versus US?) Tue 23 Sep 2008 07:43:15 GMT+1 mitchsmyth Witty stuff, glad to see you and most of the boys on the little island taking the loss like men. Surprised and happy to hear some criticism of Poulter from your end. For many here he and his frosted tips have replaced Garcia as the most annoying European with whiny Westwood a close second. Just curious, what else has Europe or the UK ever beaten the USA at where we decided to stop playing? We never thought of quitting, we just wanted to finally win one again. Looking forward to Wales in '10. Tue 23 Sep 2008 03:37:33 GMT+1 coopandy if i remember correctly monty wasnt left out for being too old but for not having a fair round of gof for about 6 years. Mon 22 Sep 2008 19:08:27 GMT+1 cheek2001 I believe you would call a team of Saffers, Ausies and South Americans "Antipodeans".As for Julian Meteor - I would call him a "loon" - why would golfers who earn millions of pounds/euros every hour give a damn about the price of cheese/wine/bread and milk. Except Monty, who as I recall has been through a very costly divorce of late, but as he was left out of the team for being too old, he doesn't count. Mon 22 Sep 2008 16:48:22 GMT+1 JulianMeteor I think the Europeans did REMARKABLY well considering all the stuff going on at home at the moment. This credit crunch must SURELY be playing on their minds. Mon 22 Sep 2008 15:47:03 GMT+1 jonthebhoy Can someone tell me how I can get "unbroken" coverage by SKY?I seem to recall the adverts coming on every ten bleeding minutes!!! Mon 22 Sep 2008 15:36:42 GMT+1 heavy_d The Problem is that sky do it so wellThe ryder cup - superb coverageThe ashes - again fantasticNFL - second to none coverage showing how sports should be coveredthe only issue i have with SKY is the cost and their football coveragefor me football will always be BBC saturday nite with motty and ol' linekersuperb!BTW robbo gr8 article again m8!wales 2010 we'll bring back the ryder cup and hopefully woosey will be back for it aswell with clarke and monty in tow Mon 22 Sep 2008 15:20:05 GMT+1 Hookers_armpit Kapnag,The point is not everyone has access to sky or wants to put hard earned money into Rupert Murdoch's pockets. They shouldn't have to for sporting events of national importance. Mon 22 Sep 2008 15:04:51 GMT+1 Kapnag BBC coverage of the Ryder cup was traditionally rubbish - always breaking away for the 3:14 at Goodwood, much like the cricket coverageSky offer it unbroken the entire weekend with excellent analysisIf BBC didn't treat big sporting events as second rate knock-a-bouts, they might still have some of the sport Mon 22 Sep 2008 14:55:05 GMT+1 Hookers_armpit Is that a T-Rex pun in the title - Ride a White Swan eh? Are you a secret glam rocker? Mon 22 Sep 2008 14:33:33 GMT+1 SportsFan Ah, so that's who that guy was! I'm with you Robbo - "house" and "garage" to me are places to park oneself and one's car.The yanks played amazingly well on Sunday - the majority of their winners were 6, 7 or even 8 under par after 14/15 holes - they literally holed everything. We were a mixed bag of rookies playing well and big guns playing averagely against a team practically all on top of their game. Faldo comes across as a bit of a berk but I doubt this really reflected in the outcome of the Cup.As for their abuse - I say stuff the Stiff Upper Lip, no polite clapping to gain the moral ground - let's go one better! Fat suits for fancy dress for starters and let's send pizzas to their hotel rooms at 3am (no wait, scratch that...make it salads at 3am).Here's to retaining the trophy in 2010! Mon 22 Sep 2008 14:14:44 GMT+1 inthestates Not all Americans agree with Boo's lack of class but he is who he is and you can't argue with his results.I thought the reason for them opening it up to all of Europe was to help give you a chance to win? :) Mon 22 Sep 2008 14:06:56 GMT+1 Hookers_armpit You made one good point for sure. We need the major home sporting events on terrestrial.It seemed to slip under the radar with everything else going on at the time but taking the Ashes off the listed sporting events that are protected for terrestrial viewing was a cultural crime committed under the government of Tony Blair.Is there anyway we can get them back? As for golf - its not my game but I know many people who are totally obsessed. I'm imagining they feel the same way about the Ryder Cup. Mon 22 Sep 2008 14:05:15 GMT+1 Tommy2hands What was wrong with his knowledge of the countries of the southern hempisphere??He wasn't writing a comprehensive list..... Mon 22 Sep 2008 14:03:07 GMT+1 Russ Wirral In the pub last night, my mate told me DJ spoony was their official DJ.I thought the lad was having a laugh, so - as to not get sucked into the horrible world of pub gulibility i ignored him and quickly changed the subject.I take it though that he was infact speaking the truth. who wouldve thought it... eh? Mon 22 Sep 2008 14:00:26 GMT+1 Chad Secksington You are to be congratulated on your singular lack of knowledge of the continents of the Southern Hemisphere. Bravo. Mon 22 Sep 2008 13:43:36 GMT+1 ChelseaSaffer Can we please stick to football? Mon 22 Sep 2008 13:29:24 GMT+1 Tatloaf Agree about Faldo. He made some good calls and some bad and our defeat was down to the "big guns" not performing. Mon 22 Sep 2008 13:09:43 GMT+1