Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 26 Jan 2015 03:30:19 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Chippelsea Ha ha ha, even the desperate Dan of football management - Terry Venables - won't touch Newcastle. Now they are considering Hoddle or O'Leary. It would be better if Denis Wise just takes temporary charge :-)I blame one person, Kevin Keegan. Fri 26 Sep 2008 07:36:42 GMT+1 oldiwanthemag dyyyer A whole 19 years watching fotball? WOWBefore you start making the banal type of comments you are now try watching following and supporting a club for nigh on 50 years then you, and a whole lot more of the ill informed pillocks posting in this blog, would be qualified to comment.The urban Myth - or to some of us Toon Army fans the 'Urbane Myth' - is just that and old hat.Like any other fans of Premiership clubs we hope and pray for a good cup run - maybe even winning he bloody thing.We want our team to be fighting it out at the top end of the table for Europea places - FFS we'll even accept an invite into the Inter Two Bob Cup.We're happy with a top half finish and being the top placed NE club.We are totally realistic! Its not our fault if others feel threatened by our belief in our team and with he strong bond there is between players and fans - just ask any player whose ever played at SJP they give you the truth.To all those Toon bashers - get a grip on your own reality , stop feeling threatened and just hope your small club has a good season.And just to consolidate my earlier point about making comment only after you've watched football as long as I have here's a question.Name the club - currently in League 1 who were top of the old League Division One ( for all those still wet behind the ears thats Pre-Premiership) at Xmas /New Year and relegated at the end of the same season. How many of you know the answer - few I believe but I'll watch to see who gives the right answer.Call yourselves football supporters there's the challenge - without looking in record books! Sat 20 Sep 2008 23:26:30 GMT+1 GLans In response to the toon army who seemed to have been rubbed up the wrong way by this article, i would say that this is probably alot of your own doing.The fact that no manager seems to get more than a week to impress you and the fact that you don't have the money to buy the players you need to play attractive and winning football leads to a mountain of protestation no matter who is managing the club or team. Success comes from a basis of good, long term, stable management of both the club and the team. Something Newcastle have had very little of in my 19 year span of watching football.The whole Keegan is the messiah completely confuses me as the man has delivered little on the domestic scene and hasn't been in management until recently for around 8 years. His appointment was a complete fan pleasing decision, although his dismissal should have been handled alot better by both himself and Ashley. At this moment in time i feel that if every Newcastle fan is unhappy with the club give over £500 each and run the club for yourselves, but it wouldn't make a hell of a difference, stability and consistency would then cease to exist for Newcastle. Fri 19 Sep 2008 03:06:12 GMT+1 Owen's daddy 206. Frazberry"Strikers dont make good managers anyway"Alex Ferguson?Brian Clough?Herbert Chapman?Kenny Dalglish?Don Revie?George Graham?Luis Aragones?..another urban myth. Fri 19 Sep 2008 01:24:41 GMT+1 Owen's daddy Robbo,as a Newcastle fan I thank you for your reasoned and honest appraisal of the situation, unlike a lot of the knee-jerk reactions by the press, social commentators and message board pundits who peddle the same half truths and accusations time and time again.I think overall your article is 90% right.My one bone of contention with your article is this "massive expectation" that we are constantly accused of, for the vast majority of Newcastle Fans it simply doesn't exist - its a total urban myth.We know our position in the grand scheme of things - we'd just like a bit more.Like almost every other fan in the land I start the season with the hope that the latest 'Carlos Kickaball' is as good as he looks in highlights, often by Christmas I've seen enough to know we've been sold a pup - as a Newcastle fan I'm castigated for for my impatience - but tell me, how long would your fans have persevered with Boumsong or Bramble, Dillon or Fereday?Like almost every other fan in the land I start the season with the dream that this year, maybe, just maybe we might get a lucky run and finally touch some silverware in my lifetime - as a Newcastle fan I'm condemned for having hope and shown highlights of Ronnie Radford on a continuous loop.The longer your cupboard lies bare, the more you hope that the odds will swing your way, the more you crave, the more we desire, but who says we expect?I don't judge other clubs by the handful of interviewed idiots that make the cut on 24hr news stations - generally the most animated, unreasoned, ill informed and unemployable make the grade - but yet I and the vast majority of genuine supporters of Newcastle are lumped in with this moronic minority.I just want a decent 90 minutes of passionate play, hopefully with a favorable result at the end for my wedge.And Robbo, you should be grateful that the best chairmen in the business was born on Teeside. Fri 19 Sep 2008 00:41:47 GMT+1 Jonny To all the other idiots who think that the Geordie reckon we are the best and biggest team in England.1. We think we are big as in true local fans. Not glory seekers who live 1,000 miles away from a home ground.2. We don't think we are top 4 team.3 We would like to be a top 4 team.4 we realise that we are not going to be a big 4 team.5 Mike Ashley is to blame for Newcastle's situation.6. you can say what you like about us, we don't care what you say about KK or Shearer.7. We don't care what you say about us full stop. 8. If Newcastle go down like Leeds do.9 Well we know who's fault it will be Dennis Wise.10. We will take Ashley down with us, it would serve the fb right. Thu 18 Sep 2008 22:01:11 GMT+1 Arctic They're in the Premier League - for now. That's big enough for me. My team in at the foot of Division 2.I'd take Newcastle's "problems" over ours any day of the week. Thu 18 Sep 2008 17:36:43 GMT+1 redhairdontcare " even the League somehow found its way into the hands of Leeds, Derby, Forest, Villa, Everton. " I'll just remind you that historically , all of these tams are more successful than Newcastle have evr been especially Everton who when they went through a bad spell in the 70's and early 80's stuck with the appointment of Howard Kendall who then brought them 2 league titles an FA Cup and a European trophy in 4 years , then after the disastr that was the 90's Daivd Moyes built a team that went from eternal relegation candidates to now expecting European qualification each season with a net transfer spend over his 6 year tenure of £5m without spending the obscene wages that Newcastle have wasted , Eg Ateta and Cahill were bought for a combined fee of £3m , remind me how much did Titus Bramble and boumsong cost ? Thu 18 Sep 2008 15:38:10 GMT+1 kerouacbaggie Ashley has put a quarter of a billion in, the bloke can get as involved as he likes. What sort of manager walks out in a tantrum EVERY time an issue comes up? The Toon is a small club, but with a load of shirt waving dreamers bigging them up. Thu 18 Sep 2008 15:17:07 GMT+1 Haarlem-Mag and what gives a boro fan the right to write an article about newcastle? that of which he knows nothing about? why do rival supporters have so much time on their hands to worry about what other clubs are doing instead of their own?and apart from 1 league win what have boro done?loose in a european final 4-0? second place is nothing?... you dont get a trophy for that!before you start commenting on newcastle mr.Robbo how about you start worrying about the rest of your fans turning up each week. Thu 18 Sep 2008 13:45:37 GMT+1 matt-b-a Newcastle will bounce back from this, they always do. Alot of ppl seem jelous of newcastles fan base to me. Sum silly comments flying around on this blog! Thu 18 Sep 2008 13:25:36 GMT+1 smond1104 Don't know why everyones slagging the geordie fans off. What fans don't want to see their club challenging for honours every season? I'm sure Liverpool fans are sure theyre gonna win the league every season but never do. Does that mean its wrong to believe they could?And how come every time a club looks in a bit of trouble people start bringing Leeds into it!? Everybody knows what happened, get over it like the Leeds fans have! Up the Super Whites!!! Thu 18 Sep 2008 13:02:49 GMT+1 akaTommySmith Great piece RobboIt all seems so obvious now...Heather Mills is just the person for the job Thu 18 Sep 2008 12:52:47 GMT+1 Chippelsea I agree with the general view of Chelsea, we are not a big club and I chuckle when I hear us included in the 'big four'. Very big compliment (I don't like the other 3, but respect them). Chelsea have been relegated twice since the Osgood years and I have watched some dire football. We have had some very poor owner / management and I do not like Ken Bates, but recognise what he did for Chelsea. I am realistic, we could go back there again.I will re-iterate my point, NUFC fans need to get a grip on their reality. Most of the above from non-NUFC fans says the same. Stop prancing like peacocks, relying on a man I wouldn't leave my dog with and THINK. What is best for Newcastle? Let's face it, what you are doing currently ain't working. Thu 18 Sep 2008 12:15:36 GMT+1 DoctorBoroLove Wise got Leeds relegated and he'll do the same for Newcastle. Thu 18 Sep 2008 11:58:17 GMT+1 Boothy Funny thing is Man U fans tried to oust Glazier and managed to drop their prawn sandwiches and little else, Liverpool fans tried to oust the American happy couple and managed nothing. Newcastle fans have finally managed to do something none of the other fans have, got what they wanted, ousted a man and his team that are no good for the club and tried to put the club right themselves. Maybe other fans should realise that it’s us fans that are the most important people in the game not the overpaid players managers or chairman looking to make a killing in the and provide a bit of encouragement and support for all true football fans out there. Thu 18 Sep 2008 11:43:14 GMT+1 footy_analysis - play beautifully - To be honest, I think Ashley deserves a chance. Because:- He's clearly trying to balance the books at the club and improve the health of the club's finances- He wont pay big money for players who are coming towards the end of their careers- He has shown over the summer that he will invest in players- He has a clear strategy to take the club forward and wants to invest in young players and is taking a long term patient approach rather than going for the quick fix optionNow, I don't agree with him taking power away from the manager about which players come and go but, let's be honest, he lost faith in Keegan because of Keegan's wish list of players such as Lampard and Ronaldinho and he sold Milner because Milner's been wanting to move to Villa for a year now.Clearly, the two men had different ideas on how the club should be taken forward and I personally like Ashley's strategy.I wish Newcastle fans would give him a chance because, longer term, I think Ashely's strategy will begin to make sense and the club will reap the benefits. Thu 18 Sep 2008 11:20:10 GMT+1 frazberry Three things:1) Outside of the City of Newcastle...Keving Keegan is NOT rated as a football manager2) There is only one thing to blame for the continued failure of the Toon.....NOT THE MANAGER, PLAYERS, CHAIRMAN, DIRECTORS OR OWNERS....It is The Fans...plain and simple....they are to blame for NO major trophy since the 11th June 1969 Fairs Cup win. UNTIL the FANS accept you build a team from the back and sometimes have to grind out 1-0 victories while winning a small (but hopefully an acorn to oak tree) trophy like the League Cup there will NEVER be success at Newcastle United. Once you have that first trophy and some belief in the club then you can tell the manager to start playing more attractive football, buy flair players or get rid of the manager altogether and bring in a more stylish one. 3) Shearer-I personally believe he will make a CRAP manager. Strikers dont make good managers anyway and I dont believe he has the temperment or man-managemenet skills to succeed at it...Good Luck Thu 18 Sep 2008 10:50:58 GMT+1 Rover1987 JDBINKY - The first post I've read from one of your fans that I completely agree with.Smack1971 and the rest - No fan of any other club is denying that you have good fans. Not the best, but good. You should expect those kind of fans from a one club city. We're not denying that, based on fanbase etc you should be a decent side. But what I and most other fans are fed up with is being told about it every 5 minutes.I'm fed up of being told that Newcastle are a 'great club'. Potentially, they probably are. But they've done nothing to suggest they might become a big club other than have a few seasons flirting around the top 4. Blackburn, had a few seasons similar in the 90's and we actually won something. You won't hear a single Rovers fan claim we're a big club. What you get with us is a sense of pride just that we're in the Premier League and we can play teams like United and Liverpool every season. We know we punch above our weight and we love every minute of it. What I'm trying to say is take away the fans and Newcastle are no bigger than anybody else. As a club you need to lower expectations and just accept that you're as crap as the rest of us. Until you do this then fans of other clubs are going to always look at you and criticise you. Its nothing to do with jealousy. Its a sense of frustration at being told you're club is bigger than theirs when you've done nothing on the pitch to back it up. Thu 18 Sep 2008 10:40:35 GMT+1 CannyKeen0 Unfortunately Heather Mills is from Washington (Borough of Sunderland).Washington is full of what Sunderland people call "plastic Geordies" but her family support Sunderland.And Ferry is definitely a Mackem! Thu 18 Sep 2008 09:52:04 GMT+1 efchris Robbo Robson,Your blog states absolutely nothing but the obvious. We all know newcastle have won nothing. We are all very much aware of the strange inflated percepton that is held by a huge majority of the fans belonging to this club. Infact, what is the purpose of this blog?More importantly, why the cheap condescending comparisons of the toons history (or lack of) with the likes of everton, villa and forest; three of the most successful clubs in the history of English football? When referring to the history of football over the past 50 years, try not to make it so obvious youve only been genuinely interested in the game since you bought a sky dish after robson promoted the smog Thu 18 Sep 2008 02:18:01 GMT+1 gamesabogey Get a grip, you bleeding hearts. The clue is in the blog. Nothing for 50, yes 50 years. The right to be a great team is not based on the passion of a fan base. You lot support a team that apart from an blip in the 90’s play rubbish mediocre football. A procession of managers supposed to be the next best thing has delivered now't. Just watch the revolving door, cos the big names are now looking to the January transfer window. I see another Leeds United coming on, no buyer loosing players and money, penalty point’s championship football and whoops League 1 and finally Ken Bates stepping in.Rant outside yer stadium, pontificate about how you think you are the best in the worldbut remember this, a good team is not built on sentiment and passion of the fans, its built on a stable forward thinking management structure. Build slowly and reap the rewards over a long period.You lot want it now at any cost. Do you know that you have blown it big time.Bring it on 'Fan Power" Oh dear it didn't work Wed 17 Sep 2008 21:51:21 GMT+1 Thanks A lot BBC7 I am sure you all know that Robbo is a woman in her sixties?Impressive. Wed 17 Sep 2008 20:49:43 GMT+1 shaun78 cant believe it you had your chance and you blew it! some one was going to finally put your club on a sound financial footing it would have meant ashes and sack cloth for a season or two to get the club out of hock then the full power of your fan base could have been unleashed ashley runs buisnesses it not only makes him money but gives him the challenge that he thrives on. I dont remember fan protests this bad when douglas hall and freddie shepard ina spanish brothel slagged you's off to a false sheik get real so its ok to slagg off your wives sisters and girlfriends but not king kev! all this is is a fall out with the manager if you let ashley sort you's out the very least he will be able to sell you to someone who can move you on or put you in postion to make maverick attack on fourth place. Wed 17 Sep 2008 19:54:32 GMT+1 chrismaclean91 Absolutely fantastic article!! Congrats Wed 17 Sep 2008 19:39:15 GMT+1 spectrumisgreen Wye aye man. We want King Kev. Ok I know he never won bugger all last time and walked out on us but he’s the Messiah. King Kev. Aye, ok he walked out on Fulham too. Aye, and Man City. Oh, and England but he’s King Kev. We never asked for Ashley to invest 250 million buying out Freddy Shepphard. Oh aye we did ask him to but we expected him to appoint a manager of proven Premiership quality. A man who could over achieve on a limited budget and who did we get? Sam Alladyce. That was no good man. We wanted King Kev. After three months and with a team making steady progress and building firm foundations we never had no Champions league trophy in the cabinet so he had to go. And what did we want then? King Kev! And what did we get? Oh aye, King Kev. That was better. But then what happened? Just because King Kev had been out of the game for three years we got a man with his finger on the pulse to look at players. The price of brown ale went up 10p in the bar, well King Kev never made that decision did he? King Kev. So he walked out on us again but we want king Kev. King Kev That Ashley is a King Kev disgrace. He spends 20 million King Kev a year on us and we want him King Kev out.Wye aye King Kev man. King Kev King Kev King Kev. We deserve King Kev some King Kev silverware. Wed 17 Sep 2008 18:30:58 GMT+1 oldiwanthemag Chipplesea I partly rest my case - small club with aspirations to be a big club - sums up Chelsea. Lets face it untill Roman came along with his BIG wallet you werea small club- and lets face it still would be - no history of winning anything much at any time.Compared to that NUFC ARE a VERY BIG Club.Still seeing a lot of drivel from some sections - but what else can we expect. Wed 17 Sep 2008 14:22:41 GMT+1 TravellingHat Hey Freddy,I reckon you're Heather Mills.Just so you know. Wed 17 Sep 2008 13:16:19 GMT+1 siatpt Once again some of the comments on here are completely stupid! The latest (and funniest) one i've seen so far is from a guy who said if it was man u or arsenal fans they wouldnt have reacted the same to this situation.So are they honestly saying that if the man u/arsenal board had bought players behind ferguson/wenger's back and forced him to resign because they no longer had any control of the team that they would just sit there and take it...these forums are always a good read - so many delusional people! Wed 17 Sep 2008 12:36:38 GMT+1 fair teh middlin "I didn't see too many other teams mixing it with 'The Big Four', except Leeds briefly, over that period."If you want to go 15 years back you need to get your facts right...Norwich ;), Villa, Blackburn, Forest (!), West Ham, Ipswich (!? :p), Spurs all pushed the "top four".Or did you only start counting from 2000? Wed 17 Sep 2008 11:57:14 GMT+1 Chippelsea Newcastle a big club? To me continued success / reputation = BIG. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, Liverpool ..... I am a Chelsea fan and whilst we have had success recently, I do not consider us BIG. Give us another few years at this level - maybe then.Newcastle are not a big club. No debate. To argue otherwise is delusional. Wed 17 Sep 2008 11:34:18 GMT+1 matt-b-a Everyone is making out its a sin to have faith in the team you support. Every fan wants there team to win games and trophys, every club wants to have a full stadium. I agree with the emile heskey comment, hed be great at newcastle, hed do a defensive job at set pieces (very much needed).And Newcastle ARE a big club. Fact. Wed 17 Sep 2008 09:48:38 GMT+1 fair teh middlin The NU fans should read that every morning until it finally sinks in -- everybody else sees it so why not them?I guess it's blind faith -- a bit like Spurs or Everton thinking they'll make 4th, or the mighty Norwich winning the Milk Cup again... ;-) Wed 17 Sep 2008 09:15:38 GMT+1 goodKen42 Please can you all stop saying Mike Ashley put £250m into the club.He hasn't. He put £134m into the pockets of the previous shareholders and paid off the mortgage of £57m or so on the stadium. Seeing as NUFC made a loss of £12m in 2005/6, and little has changed since then other than there being no interest payments on £57m, Ashley has at the very most put in £24m, probably more like £12m. Wed 17 Sep 2008 09:12:19 GMT+1 hambotoon The word "expectation" seems to be missinterpreted by everyone when talking about the Toon Army. Everyone seems to think that the toon army want to win the league and the FA cup immediately every time there's a change! You're all wrong. What the toon army wants first and foremost is stability and entertaining football. Of course we want to win things, who doesn't but we don't expect to. The passion of the toon army is simply misunderstood. We also seem to get slated for calling ourselves a big club. Well I sugest that the definition of big needs to be determined. In my mind we are a big club because I beleive that the sum of our passion is equal to or greater than that of any other club.In 96/97 we didn't win anything but we played exciting football and were involved in some games that people still talk about today. That's what we want but with a bit more stability thrown in. And if a trophy did come along then I wouldn't turn my nose up at that either! Wed 17 Sep 2008 08:12:11 GMT+1 Robbo Robson 186...At last - a serious contribution to the debate! I noticed Phil Brown's 'tache for charity has been joined by a bit of growth around the chin. The 'tache on its own made him look like a very shifty niteclub owner in summat like Starsky and Hutch. Wed 17 Sep 2008 08:10:01 GMT+1 royalarsenaltilidie The perfect new owner for Newcastle needs to have billions of pounds hes willing to invest, alot of free time on his hands and a hands off attitude to football matters and a 'can do' attitude for most other matters.Bill Gates any1? Wed 17 Sep 2008 02:11:28 GMT+1 Imagine Reason Robbo, have you seen the American TV series House yet? You know, the brooding doctor? Well, Phil Brown, Hull City's manager, looks an exact double! Wed 17 Sep 2008 01:52:40 GMT+1 cunningandrew I couldnt have said it better myself, deluded, dumb and dangerous.I hope Newcastle become the next Leeds. If I were Ashley, I'd just drive the club and its fans into the ground, because I can. Tue 16 Sep 2008 21:22:03 GMT+1 heavy_d i cant see why they got rid of big sam in the first place!after 2 seasons he would've got newcastle european football with the funds and players he would've had at their disposalso what if the football they would've played would've been boring.... you would've got results!!!! which is all the fans want! you cant have fast flowing football and get the title unless you have been doing it for years! of which NUFC hasntlook at Man U and Arsenalfree flowing quality football and titles to boot! but it all stems from a great defencethe arsenal and utd back four in the 90's were exceptionalthe same for united and chelski's now(ignore last saturday's result against spain/liverpool that was a bad day at the office)when was there a defender of international quality at newcastle? woodgate/sicknoteand if someone sayd titus bramble i will die from laughing!honestly newcastle need to start to rebuild from the top downBoardmanagerdefensemidfieldthen finally.... a striker only the one mind because i have faith owen will perform if he gets the delivery... maybe heskey would be a decent purchase???? Tue 16 Sep 2008 18:15:12 GMT+1 end2endgame No rich business man or people want to go near Newcastle because they know they'll get their heads bitten off six months down the line...and no manager worth his salt will touch the Newcastle job because expectations are so ridiculously high - ironic for a club that haven't won anything in decades and totally unique. The fans are literally like a pack of rabid hounds. They've no patience at all and won't tolerate any manager who a) is not from the area or b) has not played for Newcastle. The whole thing is a desperately sad state of affairs. It's a looney bin up there, not a serious football club. If Keegan goes back they deserve all they get. He'll only walk out again sometime next season or before that even , just like he's walked out on every managerial job he's had. The guy is a bottler with no staying power becuase he's tactically inept. Newcfastle fans don't mind it their team concedes 6 goals as long as they score 7. But this isn't football it's more like a cricket score as Mourinho once famously said. Tue 16 Sep 2008 16:53:43 GMT+1 Carlo4 I dont know why everyone has a go at the fans expectations, I don't think it was us who sacked Bobby Robson when we were Champions League contenders. We just expect a bit better football than the tripe we got under Souness/Allardyce. I shouldn't think any set of supporters would be happy with relegation fights after being so close to success so often over the best part of 15 years. I didn't see too many other teams mixing it with 'The Big Four', except Leeds briefly, over that period. The has been extremely poorly controlled and the state it is in now is nothing more than a shambles and an embarrassment. I can't see who would possibly try to turn it around except a group of wealthy, perhaps misguided, Geordies and a currently out of work manager. Tue 16 Sep 2008 16:39:27 GMT+1 xjustinox so, just because the average crowd at newcastle is the second biggest in the country, we are not a big team?? the air of expectation at newcastle befits a club with the 2nd largest attendance in the country. newcastle ARE a big club if you look at the fan base. when Keegan was here first time around, newcastle united were everyones second team. they played football the way it was meant to be played. given the time, i am sure KK would have made something similar happen.ok, they have won nothing since 1969. a couple of FA cup finals does not placate the fans, only a sustained approach to winning silverware will do. the fans pay good money to support their team, the least they expect is to be rewarded with decent football, not the dross they have been subjected to the last few yrs.howay ashley, get ya finger out and sell up and move on. let someone who not only wants to make money, but cares about the team and its supporters take over. Tue 16 Sep 2008 16:34:03 GMT+1 skinner29 You maybe right in almost everything you say robbo.But the thing that makes this club great is the fans. The slightly manic. delusional and sometimes dysfunctional fans.Otherwise it'd be just another little town in the north of England Tue 16 Sep 2008 16:11:06 GMT+1 Middleandoff #48I love your rambling about passion, then the dellusion of saying you have a rich history, and then admitting, sheepishly, that its over 50 years "So what"?This to me tells me the problem..Many people here are saying its just the minority of Newcastle fans having this extreme 'mob' mentality of protesting against Ashley, and the Keegan saga.I dont know about anyone else, but 40,000 isnt just a minorityNewcastle are a shinking ship, and everyone is shouting for helpThey wont find a new buyer with fans with crazy high expectationsAshley had done his best for the club, and it hasnt been good enough for the Geordies, because thier Scouse messaiah has thrown a wobbly because of the lack of funds, and has ended up buying a pop star who sings about pants on the last day.Even trying to finish in the top half is too much of an ask for them nowadays, so they have to admit they are a flop team going to get worse, and eventually 'do a Leeds'Everyone expects thier teams to do well each year, but what makes Newcastle so special they have to tell everyone? Tue 16 Sep 2008 15:50:13 GMT+1 Crazy Horse Kevin Keegan has walked out the door more times than Gloria Gaynor! Tue 16 Sep 2008 15:28:19 GMT+1 oldiwanthemag I've just spent most of my afternoon reading through a load of drivell written quite obviously fans of other clubs who would give their eye teeth to have support like ours and as big a fan base.JDbinky you got it just about right and well within perspective.When the current crisis broke the red mist descended over the Toon Army - me included and I'm old enough to know better.BTW - I cant any difference in what the NUFC fans were doing and some of the goings on with fans at 2 other clubs not too long ago - Obviously all Liverpool and Manc U supporters have extremely short memories.Never-the-less Mike Ashley isn't the demon he is being portrayed to be - and I for one was baying for him to go - but he was naive in giving 'jobs to the boys' when he should have been appointing people with GOOD FOOTBALLING sense - not WISE and Co.Lets face it Wise wasn't a particularly good player - others around him helped make him look good.I would be quite happy for Mike A to continue his ownership - provided he meets the fans part way and drops the dead donkeys (Wise and Lambias)I dont expect us to win things year in, year out but I do expect the club to back the person they appoint as MANAGER - not bring in some jumped up nowt to say who we do and do not sign.A lot of praise has been heaped on the 2 deadline day signings - Xisco I can accept but FGS why sign a player who spends more time being loaned out, by what are no more than mediocre clubs, than he does playing for them.Get it right Mike and the Toon Army will forgive, and possibly forget. Tue 16 Sep 2008 15:14:27 GMT+1 bustero48 Let the supporters sort out who owns, directs and managers NUFC. This whole farce (and what a laugh it's been) is down to the silly aspirations and beliefs of the fans. They continue to believe they are a "top four" club and, of course, Keegan continued to feed them this daft idea.Let them run it, let them continue to undermine and destroy anyone who trys to do things professionally. It's great for those of us who support the true best team in the North East - Roy Keane's Red and White Army !! Tue 16 Sep 2008 15:09:52 GMT+1 pimms-o-clock comment 142 Tue 16 Sep 2008 15:07:37 GMT+1 pimms-o-clock holtc1 newcastle did get into the champions league 2002-2003 group e with juventus, dynam kiev, feyenoord. so if you don't what competitions your own team is in your the one who needs a word. Tue 16 Sep 2008 15:07:00 GMT+1 BurnsySAFC I can understand the frustrations but the protests and comments that have been reported all seem poorly executed.From the mispelled 'boycoutt' banner to the lady whose life was 'ruined' and the fan who had the misfortune to look like Mike Ashley - it's all been damaging.I think it's a case of a minority spoiling it for everyone else though. Tue 16 Sep 2008 14:35:55 GMT+1 Chippelsea I do wish they had smiley's on these posts LOL :-D, 'cos the comments by the NUFC fans are creasing me up and text just doesn't do it. NUFC fans, do you really believe you were demonstrating against Ashley? No. You were damaging the club. Hands up any non-NUFC who doesn't consider NUFC fan base to be obtuse and naive for what they did. Somewhat like the Man U fans who protested against US ownership or Chelsea fans .. or Liverpool fans.... Stop obsessing about the owner, if Ashley can't sell, what chance have you now got for a cash input for players in January? Or a new manager come to think of it. Tue 16 Sep 2008 14:24:11 GMT+1 Craig David Cartwright "Nice one Robbo, you hit the nail on the head. Just because 40,000 odd thousand fans turn up to watch the game doesn't mean their a big club...."Yeah considering a demonstration was underway against Ashley at the time 40,000 is a decent number, usually its around 50,000 Tue 16 Sep 2008 13:31:30 GMT+1 DavePrice Come to think of it Ant and Dec would be quite good. To truly involve the Sid James' Park (it's a right CarryOn!) lobotomised faithful they could have a weekly eviction of the player that nobody wants anymore (think Titus Bramble). "I'm a NUFC player - Get me out of here" at 5pm Saturdays immediately after the match - sell the rights to ITV and you're onto a winner. Mr Ashley, are you listening? Tue 16 Sep 2008 13:25:36 GMT+1 Chippelsea JDbinky - wow, I am surprised you managed to keep your concerntration.More seriously, if you truly support Newcastle, what is the best action the NUFC fans can take to move things forward? If KK really supported NUFC, why has he walked (like a prima donner throwing a wet tantrum) and not worked to resolve the situation. Stop looking at who to blame, who to support, KK has walked, MA is the owner, deal with it. Tue 16 Sep 2008 13:18:39 GMT+1 siatpt I just can't believe some people's views on here! Yes the fans have reacted pretty stupidly, but tell me this - how many managers in the premiership would stay if after being at the club for 6 months they find out that they have ZERO control as to who they sign or sell....I have no hard feeling for mike ashley - it's entirely his own fault this has happened. Why didnt he just appoint wise as manager (which he clearly wanted anyway!) instead of Keegan - which he only did to get on the good side of the fans. Man did that backfire..! Tue 16 Sep 2008 13:03:32 GMT+1 Presto West End JDBinky, Did you employ the same writer as Ashley?TheFlantom, Communism isn't the way forwards. For further details, see Sheffield Wednesday and the Eastern Block.Robbo, You might not be paid to be objective but you are only very thinly veiling your delight at Newcastle's predicament. Most clubs in the country would sell their best defender for the guaranteed support the Magpies (this nickname should be used more often - easily distracted by sparkly rubbish) get. If the clubs management is its head and its heart is its fans, its a very healthy lunatic. Tue 16 Sep 2008 12:44:00 GMT+1 Robbo Robson Marek7 - no lad I'm not thick - the 'somehow found a way' was a bit of pointed irony not a slight on the might of that spohisticated bunch of cloggers under Revie. Tue 16 Sep 2008 12:31:51 GMT+1 DerekTurnbull How bitter and twisted you are hameau02.A Man. Utd. fan then? Tue 16 Sep 2008 12:16:05 GMT+1 Theflantom Why dont Newcastle fans do an Ebbsfleet Town and buy there club and kick Ashley out they can all have a say in how its run then. Tue 16 Sep 2008 12:12:57 GMT+1 JDbinky HAVING digested Mike Ashley’s emotive Sunday night statement, the over-riding opinion of most Newcastle supporters appears to be: “Too little, too late”. Why has it taken the biggest set of supporter demonstrations for more than three decades to force the Magpies owner to end his selfimposed media blackout and attempt to outline his vision for taking the club forward? And why, in more than 1,600 carefully-constructed words, has he still failed to address the one burning issue that continues to make his position untenable in the eyes of the Geordie masses? Why has he backed former Swindon manager Dennis Wise ahead of two-time European Footballer of the Year Kevin Keegan, and why does he feel his London-based cabal of friends are the best people to run Newcastle? Unless he addresses those two issues, his attempts to portray himself as the saviour of a club that might otherwise have gone to the wall will count for nothing. Even as they stuff their “Cockney Mafia” T-shirts into the bottom of their clothes drawer, most fans would be willing to concede that Ashley has done some good in his 16 months at the helm. He has addressed a debt that was rapidly getting out of hand, signed two or three young players who appear to have potential and, lest we forget, generated immense goodwill with his appointment of Kevin Keegan in January. But in the space of eight months, he has lost that goodwill forever. He has lost it because he has displayed a blind faith in a group of associates who are simply not qualified to carry out the job they are being asked to perform. There is nothing inherently wrong with a scouting and recruitment system that divides labour between a series of highly-trained specialists, although for the process to have worked, Keegan needed to be aware of it from the moment he was appointed. But there is something wrong when that system stands or falls on the judgement of Wise, someone whose previous scouting experience stretched to the recruitment of a couple of League One midfielders for Leeds United, and Jimenez, a former Chelsea doorman whose only business experience appears to lie in the field of property development. While other Premier League clubs were staking their futures on the expertise of specialists, Newcastle were displaying blind faith in a group of Ashley’s friends. When those friends alienated Keegan, the one figure Magpies supporters trusted implicitly, the ensuing fall-out was always going to make it all but impossible for the current regime to remain. Ashley had to choose which way he was going to jump and, as Friday night’s failed negotiations proved, he chose Wise and Jimenez over Keegan. The club’s supporters, as they were always bound to, chose differently. And for all the club’s attempts to portray Keegan as a misguided romanticist who hadn’t watched a game of football in three years, and the at least partially valid argument that Newcastle’s fans have displayed unjustified loyalty to a serial quitter, there are rational reasons to suggest they were right to side with their idol. For all his faults, Keegan was not naïve enough to assume that Newcastle would be in the market for a Thierry Henry or a Ronaldinho. And while Ashley might have claimed in his statement that the fans wanted “huge amounts spent in the transfer market so they can compete at the top table of European football now”, those words merely perpetuate a well-worn myth that supporters at St James’ Park are completely detached from reality. Keegan didn’t want Henry or Ronaldinho, he wanted Carlos Cuellar, Stephen Warnock and Sami Hyypia. The club’s supporters didn’t demand miracles, they merely expected that their manager’s demands would be met to the best degree possible. Instead, Wise and Jimenez ploughed their own furrow and signed a striker and an attacking midfielder on transfer deadline day, ignoring the obvious gaps at centre-half and full-back that will now plague Newcastle for the whole of the first half of the season. Crucially, they also displayed a staggering indifference to the supporters’ sensibilities by failing to explain their decisions. Ashley and his cohorts have erected a wall of silence that has placed an implacable barrier between themselves and the fans. That bred suspicion then contempt, as supporters bridled against a regime based more than 300 miles away that appeared utterly indifferent to their fears and concerns. When those fears began to be realised, further silence meant supporters lost any semblance of faith in the people running their club. In the business world, Ashley’s shunning of publicity has been interpreted as a sign of strength. But in the mediafuelled world of football, it has undoubtedly created a position of weakness. His relationship with Newcastle supporters has already passed the point of no return. Tue 16 Sep 2008 11:32:19 GMT+1 EuroPaddy I think you got a bit confused about the 4 - 3 vs. 1 - 0 remark? Tue 16 Sep 2008 11:06:14 GMT+1 Marek7 'The League Cup has been won by Boro, Villa, Leicester, Norwich, Oxford Bleeding United, Wolves, even the League somehow found its way into the hands of Leeds, Derby, Forest, Villa, Everton.'Derby? Leeds? In case you forgot they were managed by two of the greatest managers to grace the English game-Revie and Clough.'somehow found its way'? Can I just remind you that between the years of 1965-1974 Leeds NEVER finished outside the top 4 and they won it twice too.In the early 70's Leeds and Derby were the best teams in England. I know you're not thick Robbo, so please dont act it. Cant blame you for a short memory though, Its not like Boro has much of history anyways. Tue 16 Sep 2008 11:04:15 GMT+1 Smack1971 All fans are lining up to have a pop at the Geordies, it seems we are an easy target at the moment, fair enough.Some of the prats outside SJP last week made my toes curl.But it showed the depth of feeling, and support for a great club.Problem is though, how many times do we hear from our rival fans and blogs, you arent a big club, you havent won anything for 50 years, ( fairs cup doesnt exist anymore.)You expect too much........It seems to me fans of everton, citeh, spurs, boro etc revel in having a go, because maybe they are a little miffed that 50,000 still turn up every week at SJP, and then they witness real fan power.Notice the one man and his dog at west ham last week......Or the three supporters outside maine road the day a multi million pound war chest is produced.We generate column inches and provoke debate, then you get other supporters get to stick the boot in.We can almost hear you crying "Your no bigger than us!"The fans expecting too much?We expect to win games, as do boro fans, man citeh fans, even derby fans expect the team they support to win, and as all fans, we get cheesed off when we lose.But as a spectical, 50,000 vocal passionate people are a bit hard to ignore.Cue "Your no bigger than us!"Ashley was wrong to hamstring KK, and the new manager coming in will need to know the structure before putting pen to paper.KK seems to have been the victim of one or two untruths.The fans got mad, and acted, unlike fans of other 'smaller'? clubs.;)PS no-one I know wants to lose 4-3 rather than win 1-0, fact. Tue 16 Sep 2008 10:38:49 GMT+1 Chippelsea Oops, I've invented a new people, that should have read Geordies. Tue 16 Sep 2008 10:38:14 GMT+1 Chippelsea Love it! :-D Keegan walking was never in question - only when.C.mon you Gerdies, get real. If you are not careful, you could join Leeds. You will end up with an uncommitted owner and a second rate (or insane) manager, 'cos no one will want to touch the club.Don't get conned by Keegan, oh sorry, you already have. I would have though the way he walked from England said it all. Any danger to his hair, he runs away as fast as he can.For NUFC's sake, back off on the protests, you are going too far. Tue 16 Sep 2008 10:36:59 GMT+1 Robbo Robson Don't much care for the one-eyed smoggy-bashing... It's true we could do with fuller stadiums and better results but then we have a chairman who thinks about things, doesn't treat managers like they're contestants in The Apprentice, and at the end of the day we've won a trophy and reached a UEFA Cup Final... it's nowt much to brag about but I was chuffed to bits with both. We were close as can be to disappearing down the footy plughole a while back but Gibbo et al learnt the lessons and we're on an even keel. I'm not having a go at Newcastle because it's Newcastle... I'm having a go cos it's a shambles. Still it could be worse. Wise hasn't signed the Lehman brothers has he? Tue 16 Sep 2008 10:29:07 GMT+1 matt-b-a Newcastle fans have hope and big expectations bcos they almost won the premiership after promoting from league 1 as they called it back then. And also from the bobby robson era after reaching a couple of fa cup semis, having a decent run in the champions league, and finishing 4,3,4,5, in the league. But still nothing really to shout about. From reading mike ashleys statement i cannot tell whether he cares about the club or is just wanting the sympathy vote. There isnt a better candidate for the newcastle job other than keegan and shearer, knowone else cares about the club enought to want it to succeed. But a new chairmen is needed, and director of football needs to go and give manager full controll. James milner = newcastles best player. So you dont sell him its stupid. Tue 16 Sep 2008 10:12:08 GMT+1 stefanmhodgson Robbo, another quality blog. Absolutely spot on, Newcastle need to realise that, at the moment, they are no better than Middlesbrough or Sunderland.Boro till I die. Tue 16 Sep 2008 09:18:55 GMT+1 pilgrimm549 This is just typical from a smoggy, you've always been the poor relation and lived in the shaddow of Newcastle.This is not a dig at boro, but you struggle to fill your ground, St James Park is at capacity every game and with another 30,000 waiting in the wings. Why shouldn't we expect more? We the fans have invested heavily in our club.No we haven't won anything for a while, but when you've got such a big fan base plowing money into the club season after season then you do expect a return. How many true geordies do you know that doesn't have the shirt, training top, lighter, mug etc etc. Tue 16 Sep 2008 08:39:58 GMT+1 Robbo Robson Jeez I didn't know someone was keeping records for stereotypical banality - I'm over the moon that I've won the cliche bingo! Tue 16 Sep 2008 08:25:52 GMT+1 EuroPaddy Great article as usual, but, jeeeez.... "He ruined me life"...I mean, well I don't know, it's like...WTF???I feel strangely disturbed by that womans comments. Tue 16 Sep 2008 08:14:37 GMT+1 DeckerJnr This article sums up Newcastle fans... Tue 16 Sep 2008 07:46:11 GMT+1 peelaaa From a Sunderland fan.Newcastle have to be realistic, even sunderland has done more than newcastle in the last few decades and thats saying a lot.They have to get real and realise that just because they get an average of 50,000 every home game it does not mean they are as good as Liverpool, Man u or Chelsea.I had to laugh at the sky news footage of the reporter being hassled by a newcastle supporter, who bellowed 'I'm not happy like'haha Tue 16 Sep 2008 06:34:16 GMT+1 Parag Well, if your king kev's idea was to spend 200 millions on henry, beckham and arshavins, then, its probably best that he is out of the need to "swallow the bone your throat allows you to, otherwise it gets stuck".i think mike ashley has a vision for the long term, which fits his budget. ( and indeed it should be like that). but the fans (included the cartoon Robbo Robson), want overnight success. Manager needs to take the club forward, than rather backwards.I hope ashley finds a good replacement and shows the world his philosophy works. I actually like his philosophy which is to develop in-house talents rather than buying overrated stars. And as a businessman i hope he gets the benefits too... which he would then deserve.I hope ashley continues with his vision. Tue 16 Sep 2008 05:01:54 GMT+1 geordie_exile_oz I was originally a tad proud of Ashley, a British businessman buyng into a football club and being "one of the people". He looked the part in his toon shirt. (In a 10 man line up who would pick him out as a billionaire?)So on that front Im disappointed in how its turned out. Perhaps its better to have a faceless foriegn owner with bags of cash. No questions asked......As for expectations, going back to Keegans sentiments after losing to Chelsea. We arent a top 4 club. I reckon if you take a poll 99% of Geordies would agree right now that we are some what from it. Do we want to win something...... of course we do, who doesnt? In the absence of winning loads of silverware which is a longshot right now, give us a manager who can give us entertainment. End of the day thats what its all about.You can get 50,000 people to turn out when its all not going well and seriously cant expect to win anything this year. Truthfully these are the excellent fans for a club to have. Anyone who would disagree is bitter and jealous.Im almost 40, all I want to see from the toon is them win something before I die. I hope I live until 90 to give them a sporting chance. In the meantime entertain me, make me feel happy. Tue 16 Sep 2008 01:38:39 GMT+1 robbosmateinusa Thank GOD for Steve Gibson!!!!! Mon 15 Sep 2008 22:42:56 GMT+1 Presto West End I don't see this great expectation amongst the Toon fans that everyone bangs on about. They are often frustrated of the lack of any foresight shown by successive chairmen or ashamed about the way their club is dragged through the mill to the delight of the national media, but really, who can blame them? In truth, the fact that they have come so close on many recent occassions without any glory whatsoever has given them good reason to belive they could possibly win something, and I completely understand their anger now when each new flower of hope gets crushed by infighting, mismanagemnt or just another crap central defender. Mon 15 Sep 2008 22:13:27 GMT+1 WestMonkyMark No manager, an owner who wants to sell and a wafer thin squad highlighted by a growing injury list. Still least we're not Spurs! :) Mon 15 Sep 2008 21:24:21 GMT+1 Thanks A lot BBC7 Robbo, good work although I did not laugh once - but then yoy talked Newcastle.Kevin Keegan is overrated as a Manager, and always has been - due to his likable and approachable personality.I want to see a real good Manager at Newcastle United, as they tend to use their brains though they dont dream of SJP.Future predictions:Robbo will be specializing in badminton live texts.Kevin Keegan will marry Heather.Newcastle United will be Champions of the hearts, and thus 15th of the final standings. Mon 15 Sep 2008 21:22:36 GMT+1 holtc1 Pimms-o-clockClearly you don't have a clue.Souness in the Champions League? Have a word. Mon 15 Sep 2008 21:06:25 GMT+1 holtc1 What is this, cliche bingo?Keegan's a quitter - checkAshley wears a strip - checkBonus points for xxxxxxxl reference - checkAshley likes a drink - checkpreference for 4-3 - checkReligious analogy Messiah/Judas/walk on water - checkDelusional - checkwon nowt in 50 years - checkThe fans are too impatient for anyone to succeed - checkAnt and Dec/Sting reference - checkThat has to be a record for stereotypical banality. Mon 15 Sep 2008 21:02:04 GMT+1 pimms-o-clock oh for comment 138 i say "no look at you" that should be now and im not a newcastle fan so the "were coached by a has been" is your coached Mon 15 Sep 2008 20:24:37 GMT+1 pimms-o-clock "nobbo" Mon 15 Sep 2008 20:20:22 GMT+1 biffa71 Nobbo,As a Newcastle supporter I can honestly say we do NOT expect to win things! We are forever optimistic. If we weren't, we wouldn't turn up to watch them. We don't have delusions of grandeur and we don't think we're a big club. Minor bloggers like yourself only perpetuate the Fleet Street wordsmiths who have never ventured to Newcastle. Why, for example, is the fact Alan Curbishley leaving West Ham barely mentioned when Keegan left for the same reasons? Ashley suddenly becomes an arch enemy of the people while the West Ham owners escape without any sort of comeback. Mon 15 Sep 2008 20:15:31 GMT+1 pimms-o-clock it's funny newcastle are a crap club and thats the truth. You thought because Keegan did such a good job last time he would this time, but no you say King Kev more like Krap Kev. your not in the top 6 like a club of your power should be. With Graham Souness you were getting into the champions league no look at you, were being coached by a has been (Kev), directed by a all togther crap person (Wise) AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS GO INTO YOUR ST JAMES PARK CORNER AND BLAME A FAT MAN WHO HAS CHILDREN (YOU SADDOS)!!!!!!! Mon 15 Sep 2008 19:55:12 GMT+1 Funkysm What is the talk of KK being a gordie etc and the london mafia how many of your player are gordies that isnt relievent so why is it where anybody else in the club comes from????? Oh and Ashley only bought it to make money !! of course he did ! same every other owner of anything! Its the Entertainment business please take notice of the second word there BUSINESS And king Kenny has ran from every job he had so why are you shocked he did AGAIN Mon 15 Sep 2008 19:40:39 GMT+1 Hookers_armpit unbeatablepinkfloyd Nice one pal. Kill the thread - how clever.Robbo - your complaint links aren't working. Mon 15 Sep 2008 19:30:29 GMT+1 unbeatablePinkFloyd This post has been Removed Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:56:05 GMT+1 Toonarmy1968 Wow PinkFloyd - what did I say to upset you exactly?I AM a Newcastle fan, are you?I admit I was having a bit of a wind-up session with the smoggies but other than that I was defending the club against some of the rubbish being spoken on here.Again, how does this make me a thug in a suit exactly? Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:52:44 GMT+1 unbeatablePinkFloyd keegan was crap enough said u blinkered fool now jog on hows that for plain speaking? Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:52:39 GMT+1 Toonarmy1968 Hmmm , "read and understood what you wrote' - okay quite patronising there but I'll respond.Perhaps if you researched into this rather than re-spouting what you've read in the paper/seen on Sky you'd realise there's more to this than simply the Dennis Wise issue.You wouldn't treat a dog the way they treated Keegan, who is a legend in the game. Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:49:07 GMT+1 unbeatablePinkFloyd toonarmy1968u are typical of the symptoms need i say more and with your screename its not hard to see why. come up with something orginal or go to bed u muppet u are no more toonarmy than i am.i suugest ladies and gent you take note of the above pratt as he is not a real suppoter of nufc possibly hes a thug in a suit. Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:43:00 GMT+1 Wenger's Magic Hat [NLGooner] If you'd read and understood what I wrote, you would have seen the sentence:'I think it was stupid of Ashley to appoint Dennis Wise in London, but I can see what he was trying to do.'Meaning - it was a very bad decision to appoint someone like Dennis Wise who's going to undermine Keegan, but I can see what he was trying to do ie. bring in young players who cost less and will gain value. Keegan hadn't watched a game for years before taking over and so clearly didn't have the best idea of young players which is why Keegan shouldn't have been brought in in the first place. I think the idea of a 'Director of Football is rubbish' but I think Ashley had the club's best interests at heart. Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:41:42 GMT+1 Toonarmy1968 Lol, tell it how it is?You mean the inaccurate drivel spouted by most of the media this last few weeks?Mate, even your own manager, the illustrious Mr Wenger said he wouldn't work under such conditions!Alex Ferguson too.So tell me, who's the expert, them or a billionare sportwear owner and former casino croupier? Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:29:34 GMT+1 Wenger's Magic Hat [NLGooner] Fantastic article Robbo. It's so important for people to tell it like it is even if it does offend the Geordies. One comment mentioned that 'Keegan knows what the fans want' which was the main problem. In life there is a huge difference between 'what you want' and what is a realistic expectation of what you're going to get. I think it was stupid of Ashley to appoint Dennis Wise in London, but I can see what he was trying to do. Keegan wanted to spend tens of millions on players which didn't exist and had a tantrum when his requests were refused. One Newcastle fan I know was talking about getting into the top 4 while Allardyce was the manager. which for me is typical of the expectations of Newcastle fans. 'He's ruined my life...' - need I say more? Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:23:07 GMT+1 unbeatablePinkFloyd This post has been Removed Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:22:51 GMT+1 unbeatablePinkFloyd were has that epistle gone from some very backward geordie jeeze is it any wonder people are laughing at u all. has it been deleted? Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:19:31 GMT+1 unbeatablePinkFloyd do u really wanna read this rubbish now quake in ya boots sink the titanic that is nufc not i use lower case thats how big they are in the eyes of the world. Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:14:58 GMT+1 Toonarmy1968 Yes and where was the investment/ 'wow' signing promised to season ticket holders?What about the money he made from them?The tv revenue?Shirt and merchandise sales?It's typical of recent official statements plus those leaked to the southern media - rubbish!I feared for my family - yeah Mr Ashley - whatever!! Mon 15 Sep 2008 18:07:27 GMT+1