Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 03 Sep 2015 16:13:07 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at telemonster i like the radio 5 coverage too, but it was weird in the euros when they had to use the radio commentary with the tv pictures-didn't work at all, (too much detail in the radio commentary) but well said, mate! Sat 06 Sep 2008 13:33:28 GMT+1 telemonster This post has been Removed Sat 06 Sep 2008 13:24:06 GMT+1 kellyma2010 I just want to say whatever happens in this new Fabio England campaign i will not be signing on with Setanta Sports because i am so impressed and happy with the BBC Radio 5 Live coverage of England no matter what.It sounds negative but it is not! You get such a good visual display in your head with the radio commentators - i love the way they switch over, and how you get a representation of the field of play, and the speed of response to visual action is best to none maybe even olympic.You can't get the camera action or emotional commitment via .tv you can only get the feeling of Winning on the Radio with everyone else as i have done with Liverpool in Instanbul.Thanks Again Radio 5 Live. A Radio Friend Forever.Mark Fri 05 Sep 2008 20:30:15 GMT+1 Funkysm I would like to weigh in on with few truths not guesses or wishfull thinking. Robinho going to city simply places a big fish in a small pond, Yes it is good for English football and very much for Man City who now have a player they can cheer about whos actually better than their Manager But...... He is One player untested in the Premier league who thinks hes at Chelsea ... Dont forget it was him that Madrid put up to make way for Ronaldo ..Why .. they have other expensive players whos sale could have raised the funds , Yet only after that did he get Pissy and demand a move again to Chelsea but citys new found wealth drove him north so its about money nothin else for him, Or are we suddenly going to discover he was a city fan thru out his continued childhood. Can City win a trophy ? .. Why not look at the FA cup final... but they are years away from the league and the Champions league is nothing more than a dream.Last years double over United was good for them they had some belief in themselves again but it doesnt mean that they should have been League Champions or European Champs it means they managed to play 2 good games last year nothing more.. If that was the case then why is the Silverwear on the other side of Manchester. Fri 05 Sep 2008 19:46:00 GMT+1 Robbo Robson All right, 26, don't get chippy - it's just that they've won nowt and they have to rub shoulders with teams that have won shedloads. In Premiership terms a bit of a sideshow. And by the way it's gall not gaul - you're confusing me with Asterix. Fri 05 Sep 2008 18:39:24 GMT+1 DannySalford I find it amazing that Robbo has the gaul to call City the side show of the North West. a club that hasn't reached a major 'semi final' let alone final in the last 32 years but is still able to be in the top five in terms of attendances in the country, yeah a real side show Robbo. the envy on these pages since City's cash injection is unbelievable.The premiership needs clubs like City to be challenging, it has been a sleeping giant for too long. The premiership is a boring predictable league and people should be hoping that City shake it up, for the good of football. Fri 05 Sep 2008 15:24:44 GMT+1 squaremonkee It will be good to see City pick up some silverware this season. I think the whole takeover is going to be nothing but a good thing. It will have created a positive atmosphere in Manchester and I believe Robinho will be awesome in the Premier League. Hughes is the perfect manager in this situation and it has been rightly pointed out he will do a good job of keeping his players' feet on the ground. He will use his resources and knowledge well and not just sign all the big money and reputation players like a schoolboy creating his ultimate fantasy team in a maths book. I think City still need to prove to the footballing world that they can compete with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United for a season or two before big name, established stars will think about signing for them anyway. I think next season will be more important than this one for that very reason. Fifth or Sixth place is more of a realistic target this season. Fri 05 Sep 2008 15:08:05 GMT+1 DennyCraneWHU I think the correct terminology should be "will win nowt."Signed -- Southern Softie, lol. Fri 05 Sep 2008 13:33:31 GMT+1 delboy6568 21. At 12:11pm on 05 Sep 2008, mfraser1 wrote:Surely all the names in that team have some relation to the bottom in our anatomy?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well spotted! although I do believe that Ronaldo is the odd one out, being as he is obviously a front bottom (female anatomy of course!) Fri 05 Sep 2008 11:39:26 GMT+1 Yo Momma Really? No. No you're kidding? Fri 05 Sep 2008 11:23:08 GMT+1 mfraser1 Surely all the names in that team have some relation to the bottom in our anatomy? Fri 05 Sep 2008 11:11:50 GMT+1 davehibbertis God Seriously, though, wouldn't English Football be best served if 5 more billionaires came along and bought the next five to create a Premiership that had ten teams to fight for the European stuff, to make it really competitive, and ten places that clubs from any of the rest of the league could compete for, so that eg., Southampton, Bristol (either) Peterborough and many others could all see they have a chance of a season or few with the big boys, and maybe a Cup Final? Also, I keep banging on about stadium size, and sharing, for goodness' sake (Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, East London and plenty others) to enable bigger attendances at cheaper admission costs (compare Europe and USA). These new owners are business men after all, not charities, and will want a return for their investment Fri 05 Sep 2008 10:20:13 GMT+1 Kapnag hilarious. All we've read on these pages are moans about "Youth development" and the future of the game, but as soon as an oppertunity comes to stick it to United, this can all easily be forgottenOnly ever think short term, and that's why the game is unidentifiable to 20 years ago Fri 05 Sep 2008 10:07:02 GMT+1 davehibbertis God did you forget Puyol from your line-up? Fri 05 Sep 2008 09:45:42 GMT+1 fair teh middlin Great comment #16 Fri 05 Sep 2008 08:04:10 GMT+1 Haythnasr The whole Middle Eastland's revolution has definitely signaled a change in the dynamics of football. As much as I'm skeptical towards having these Mega rich "My football club is bigger than your football club" owners come in and play Championship Manager with our Premiership teams, in the long run it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to actually hurt the beautiful game we love and the teams we support. What it does mean however is that with these changing dynamics, must come a change in rules and regulations. This is where the Premiership board will have to re-look at their strategy for promoting the league. Instead of trying to come up with 39 games and tournaments in some sub continent somewhere to grow the global franchise of the Premier League, they will have to enforce a strategy that allows running a Premiership club to be a profitable business without the fans like you and myself having to pay the burden of these crazy increasing costs. They must do this while ensuring that the overall enjoyment, the thrills, the spills and of course the heart ache of supporting a team is maintained with battles on the pitch as opposed to battles of who can pump the most millions off it. I hate to say it, but this is where we can actually learn a thing or two from our neighbors across the Atlantic. Salary Caps, Player trading (as opposed to 35 million pounds for someone who forgets which club they've just joined… Robinho it's Man City son) and a drafting system are all ways to keep the game "down to earth" while ensuring the global popularity increases. Managers will still have to "wheel and deal" in the transfer window, but it will be more about scouting the latest talent or exchanging who's surplus to requirements and which Mega-Star is worth trading for three new gems of talents. What it also means is that the Hull City's of the world will not have to forever be toying with the idea of relegation while the Chelski's of the world will not have to contemplate paying the GDP of a small country on a player who feels he's a "slave to the modern game".When an unknown kid by the name of Michael Jordan was up for a pick in the NBA, it took two other teams to deicide that he wasn't the man for the job, before the Chicago Bulls actually took him under their wings to change their history forever. The Portland Trail Blazers picked a Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan…. Anyone heard of him? No me neither. The question is, how many managers would have turned down Fabregas, Torres or Ronaldo before they had decided to take a chance? Picks, drafts and exchanges brings the tactical Nous back into the game as opposed to the might of the Pound, Dollar, Dirham, or Ruble depending on which part of the world you’ve made you're fortune. What it also means is that fans will not have to pay an arm and a leg to watch a game of football. Tickets to NBA games can be purchased for 10 pounds while you can even buy a ticket to a Baseball game for as little as 2 Pounds. Regardless, I still find it a sin that there are stadiums today in the Premiership that are half full…. And that's being optimistic. Given the complexity of all the different football leagues, not just in England but in Europe and the rest of the world, it definitely will not be an easy task for the Premiership to adapt to these changing times without turning the game into some new form of WWE with a ball, two goal posts, a few swim suit models and a whole lot of lights and sounds. But then again before Premiership board start looking into 39th games being played in Dubai and South Korea, maybe they should look a little closer to home first…. They can start by ensuring the Riverside is full on a Saturday afternoon. Fri 05 Sep 2008 08:00:17 GMT+1 fair teh middlin Great article.Of course Man City will win nothing.Be fun to sit back and watch them self-destruct tho' Fri 05 Sep 2008 07:50:42 GMT+1 alpeshcgujjar Money is everything thesedays..wait a minute not just thesedays but from long ago when football became a place to make money.For long footall club with big money wins most of the titiles we just didnt realise that,we realise it now because people a buying blubs with bigger money and spending even bigger,if you look at history you would notice that only rich won more titles than any others clubs.EPL has totaly changed and there will be time when there will be over 10 clubs competing for the title,this is exciting but damaging as well,i see some trouble in the future very big ones and i also feel that there will some new rules to prevent these kind of buys.Money is everything,even if it doesnt quarantee success but it definitely makes it easier to win thinks and players are thinking about making money more than the sports,i dont blame that it is just obvious they have a very litle time,probably 10/12 years and within that period of time they would want to make as much as they can.The real drama will be on January and the world will see what mancitys new owners will do to make the club a top in the world---But there is one for think,arabs are investing,they are securing their future when the OIL will dry up,even if they have got alot of money now,they are actually looking for make some profite out of this new big money investment and as i believe everyone knows that not ever club makes profits and this is the reason why owners sometimes sakes Managers,sell some of their shares etc,this is all because the business is going in loss,this world is not in the dictionary of Arabs and they havent seen any losses yet(almost).Initially they will spend huge amount of money and they might get some titles but then the real business will arive,paying the wages of players(they will spend over the odd for Ronaldo and they will spend over the odd for his wages forexample)i dont think a small statium can feed itself and if they build a new one,it is take a very long time to recover all the money that they have spent.Roman is spending alot and he is the person who is saying the bills,Bridge isnt capable of feeding itself,Roman is a fan he is willing to do that but these Arabs arent FANs they are investors and they are looking for profits after a while and if they dont get they they will loose interest.This is like a dream for City fans but this dream might break if the club is not making any money,Arabs are here to make money not being fans and one more think they will rise the tichet prices for sure.Do you Dubai and stay one night in a hotel you would then realise how much they charge per guys get ready for a ticket rise and in a few years time the clubs doom days(i dont wish bad for city but i dont feel like believing these arabs) Fri 05 Sep 2008 06:42:07 GMT+1 dazjoe78 specks91Wot drugs are you takin mate, any chance you could throw some my way?United can't let go of past glories? So I take it P.Neville is still first team then, and Butt, and Beckham, and Stam, and Cole, and Yorke? If there's 1 manager in the league who won't let sentiment cloud his judgement it's Fergie, have you forgotten how he ditched fans favourites like Ince, Hughes, Kanchelskis, Bruce, Pallister, RVN, and the one's mentioned above, to bring through/sign younger hungrier players?And as for Brown is better than Neville, please god help us all if ANYONE thinks that! Fri 05 Sep 2008 02:48:02 GMT+1 James_down_under Cracking article Robbo! It's a funny old game as they say and it's not nessesarily true that money doesn't guarantee success. Jack Walker started all this at Blackburn all those years ago, Roman took it to the next level and now The Abu Dhabi investment group have raised the bar yet again. Perhaps the fans of Chelsea and Man City should take a look at what happened to Blackburn when the owners money was no longer there. Relegation and a battle to re-establish themselves in the Premier League. Thu 04 Sep 2008 23:54:25 GMT+1 Bob4jane Still have a funny feeling that Man City won't win anythng this year, and to boot will be humiliated in the UEFA cup. Thu 04 Sep 2008 22:32:10 GMT+1 Feed The Goat surely having world class players at middle eastlands will only further enhance the development of the city youngsterseveryone knows that gary neville, mediocre player at best, would not have become such a popular figure had he not been a member of the "golden generation" at united. wes brown in my opinion is a much better player yet he will always play second fiddle to neville even into nevilles forties.united just cant seem to let go of past glories. busby babes, the treble. city however, cant wait to relinquish the pain of the last thirty odd trophiless years. city are a team going forward and robinho "the stepover king" is the catalyst for that. hes a player who may not give an outstanding performance for every minute of the match like some of the favourites at eastlands: dunne, richards, hart, wright phillips and petrov. hes more of the sort of player who'll pull something out of the hat when we most need it like his fellow countryman - Elano. the similarities dont stop there. these brazilians will thrive against inferior opposition to deliver outstanding performances that will dazzle and shine in grey manchester. abu dhabi have made a great decision in bringing some of their sunshine over to manchester.ROBINHOod: taking from those RICH in history (madrid, utd etc.) and giving to the POOR long suffering city fans.Here's to a great season and a new era in world football, a blue era! Thu 04 Sep 2008 21:38:03 GMT+1 Fabio the YES man Robbo was just trying to wind us up, how can he be so confident CITY wont win nowt? Also rans? he's avin a Giraffe! As for Robinho well we'll see and if he wasn't joking Robbo might have egg on his chin very soon.... Thu 04 Sep 2008 20:33:21 GMT+1 sportisart it's always been the fans that have supported the game and paid the salaries. now it's just gotten to the point where the "fans" wait for a club to go up for sale, buy it, where its colour's and spend billions on players, as if they were trading cards like little kids in school.the beauty lives on the field though. the guys would do what they do out there whether you paid them or not. they love football. their psychology has changed, plagued by the media (us) and their celebrity status. but they just want to play, and be good.i love watching good football and the talent out there is amazing. it's a pity the old men that run can't just let the younger ones get on and do what they do Thu 04 Sep 2008 20:17:10 GMT+1 Brian Renshaw Great article Robbo and a very good and fair posting from Swintona above.I'm a Man City fan who was dragged to my first match at the age of 4, My Dad was in the Commercial Department there so after countles s years of disappointment, it's nice to see hopes rise as with last year when we stuffed United home and away.Mark Hughes is a good manager and he'll keep the team's feet on the ground, except when a cross coms in so good luck to you Sky Blues this year.Baztheace Thu 04 Sep 2008 20:14:33 GMT+1 swintona Great column Robbo, gotta say Hull City will be glad to take the supposed rejects from Man City if it means Johnson, Elano, Petrov, Ball and co. they already took one Man City 'reject' called Geovanni and it improved the squad greatly. As a Chelsea fan I think it's absolutely brilliant that Man City got new owners. Think anyone who knows football understands Mark Hughes is a greatly intelligent man and was very happy in the knowledge this would happen and he would get to compete with his two former teams. Just unfortunate that Roman now knows he must buy some more quality and must keep competing in the transfer market. Most likely he'll look for anything except the striker Chelsea actually need as always he seems to. Who knows, miracles can happen; maybe Sergio Aguerro will be a boy in blue by September '09. Thu 04 Sep 2008 19:20:22 GMT+1 Auqakuh "If you want summat to keep a bench warm you can get a nice towel for a couple of quid."Hahaha. Less, if you go to the pound shop... Thu 04 Sep 2008 18:11:21 GMT+1 FergiesSoldier Robbo, try as I might I couldn't figure out what your super-team has in common. Is that the Nike-boot wearing contingent? If not, what then?Fantastic piece, incidentally. Thu 04 Sep 2008 18:03:00 GMT+1 Supadan1977 "I know you all met each other during the Nike commercial but now we're going to play football together"LOL.Footies changing thats for sure. Not sure its for the better. Still, maybe if the clubs are rich, sky'll get cheaper? Thu 04 Sep 2008 17:01:11 GMT+1 EuroPaddy Good article.But wasn't 'Arry bitten too? Wasn't the Director of Football appointment the reason he left Pompey? Sorry, but I can't remember the names... Thu 04 Sep 2008 13:28:47 GMT+1 EuroPaddy This post has been Removed Thu 04 Sep 2008 13:26:26 GMT+1