Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 04 Jul 2015 19:26:09 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at bravesophia001 This post has been Removed Thu 31 Jul 2008 13:26:04 GMT+1 DoctorBoroLove Blatter is once again producing smoke and mirrors to divert attention away from the ongoing investigation and court case in Switzerland into the ISL/FIFA bribes scandal. An honourable man would have resigned his position but he has too much to lose.To compare the constrictions of a personnel contract with slavery is worse than ludicrous it is disgraceful. And I read some fool above has even attemped to justify the "analogy".Ronaldo's liberty is not restricted - he can leave Manchester tomorrow and he will not be arrested, nor will he will he be whipped or hung from a tree. What will happen is that he will penalised financially for breach of contract. And that of course is what this is all about - being as greedy as the rest of the filthy rich carpetbaggers that have taken over football. Money is destroying the game and we have Blatter to thank for that and Javelange before him. No wonder Blatter is sticking up for the guy - they are both of the same ilk. Leeches.Can anyone tell me how much Blatter makes? Thu 17 Jul 2008 12:40:33 GMT+1 TVG Generally spot on. Yet another embarassing comment by Blatter, how many more will Fifa allow?Not so sure it's greed making Frank move on, more like pride. He wants to leave Chelsea before he's usurped as Top Dog, which will undoubtedly happen this season given Ballack's form. Can't blame him for wanting to try the slower pace of Serie A, in which he might still thrive. Upton Park will be a quieter place without his annual visit. Tue 15 Jul 2008 14:30:18 GMT+1 CantonasCollar79 It's all very well saying vote with your wallet, but your patronising tone aside, the comment make little of note or amusement. The fact is, we should, as fans, be able to watch our team and demand a better service as it were. One does not necessarily go against the other - just because you pay for something, it doesn't give you the right to complain about it? Don't be so naive. Blatter should be discussing things that are relevant to fans the world over, not stating that players as priveleged and pampered as Ronaldo, Lampard and others are 'slaves'. In case you hadn't realised, that's the topic of this blog! C'uh. Mon 14 Jul 2008 12:16:33 GMT+1 Qualitycosts This blog has become too emotive. We have to stop and look at some facts. A football club exists because of the 11 players on the pitch. When those 11 players become a team they start to play better and people drift along to the park to watch them. Better players come along and get into the team. They start to win things and decide they want to enter a league. More people turn up to watch and start to pay for the privilege. Can you see where I'm going with this? Eventually the club attracts the finest people in the game in all departments, but the fact remains that the only people that can keep that club successful are the 11 players on the pitch. Those 11 players attract all the fans, the investments, the TV rights and the attention. Those 11 players are the biggest reason that the club is as successful as it is. It's the same in many other walks of life, so why shouldn't they get a huge proportion of the money that floods into these clubs? If, like me, you think the figures are just too big these days then vote with you wallet. Mon 14 Jul 2008 08:41:01 GMT+1 CantonasCollar79 Hard to disagree with such a common sense argument - that the man on the street couldn't think beyond such a ludicrous amount of money per week. He wouldn't be thinking about the challenge or making sure to draw another year out of a club that has basically turned him into a symbol of their club, even when he didn't act like it. I'm a United Season Ticket holder and frankly, if Ronnie wants another challenge, it aint for football reasons. You don't leave the English and European Champions for a football challenge, and if he wants to play 'Beam it Like Beckham', then let him. I'd look forward to someone who burns to play in that United shirt get hold of it. If in doubt, trust Fergie, I say, he'll do the right thing - if he thinks the lad is worth it, and just talking stupid during a crazy summer then he'll hairdryer the boy. If not, he'll ship him out and be well rid of 'im. Surely the time for a SALARY CAP is now desperately upon us. I'm not saying dock the poor little slaves' wages down below five figures. Cap it at £50,000 a week, that's double what the average person earn in fifty-two of them old weeks for working twice as hard, for twice as many hours. That way, lads like Wes Brown, who's stayed at one club his whole life, got his head down and worked his knackers off to force his way into the team might get paid close to what a preening, diving winger does. Slash wages by over half, slash ticket prices by about three-quarters, the man on the street might turn up then. Mon 14 Jul 2008 08:14:42 GMT+1 Ivan Radhakrishnan Target! SAG - Supporters Against Greed!To fix up gluttonous 'players' and 'officials', target the 4th weekend of the coming European Seasons as a Football-Free Zones!In EMPTY STADIUMS, these supergluts will not be able to perform and realize that they are as human as Football's supporters.Cut out the talk, threats, whining etc and act! If the Media plays their part, Advertisers and Sponsors who pay the 'players' will also be roped in and POWER will be back with the PEOPLE! Mon 14 Jul 2008 06:43:36 GMT+1 stewcoo I reckon £120,000 a week works out at just over £3000 an hour for a 39 hour week. Does Lampard, Ronaldo or any other overpaid whinger in football ever think how their 'slavery' looks to the average working man? A lot of people in the premiership believe they are worth these ridiculous wages and very few actually are. Ronaldo might be the best player in the world but he is also untrustworthy disloyal and of little moral fibre, I wouldn't employ this greedy weasle let alone pay him £120,000 a week. why should any of us encourage or support greedy spoilt mercinary primadonnas who obviously don't care about contracts, clubs or fans. Sun 13 Jul 2008 17:00:43 GMT+1 IntheshadowofEric I could swear I saw Sepp Blatter walking arm in arm with Captain Jack on their way back to Torchwood. Sepp must have escaped again. Good column, mate. Sun 13 Jul 2008 15:13:22 GMT+1 AndyPlowright Blatter = needs to spend the next six months breaking rocks underneath a hot sun. He might understand how stupid his comments were then. Lampard: with elections in the UK and US, there are four-year cycles. Frank is not only demanding more cash than these leaders get paid but also a longer period of absolute job security. How much security does Frank want? If he gets injured and retires, insurance will pay out and he'll almost certainly be granted a testimonial. If he got injured tomorrow, he'd be given the best in health care and he'd have his wages paid even whilst he's sat around watching Bargain Hunt. The book rights, the future punditry, the potential for coaching, the cash already stacked up, any potential image rights he may have, the inevitable time when he's revealed to be the new image figurehead of Pukka Pies, the homes and possessions he has... darn, it must be awful to live in such uncertain times. The massively delusional world of the Premiership footballer continues. Chelsea should sell him. Sun 13 Jul 2008 14:15:37 GMT+1 lawrenceFowler hang on a second, if lampard dosn't want to leave but makes up that he does to get more money he is being greedy. But if he declines a huge offer and goes with his heart and love of football to play where he wants however much he is offered he is also greedy? Your not giving him much breathing space are you? Sun 13 Jul 2008 13:41:08 GMT+1 A wet windy night in Stoke I don't really understand what the fuss about Ronaldo is all about. If he can buy out his contract then he should be allowed to go. If he is kept at OT against his will in order to perform for the club then that is modern day slavery, no matter how much he is paid. On that issue I agree with Blatter 100%.As for Frank Lampard, if he wants to go to Italy then he should be allowed to go for the same reason as I have mentioned. To be honest, Frank Lampard is over rated. He would rather stay in England. Should he go to Italy the yard stick will be a brutally honest one. He is not the local boy there, just another foreigner.. Sun 13 Jul 2008 13:20:08 GMT+1 illegalcharacter Between FIFA (Blatter) and UEFA (Platini) we should thank our lucky stars if English football still exists in 10 years.I don't ever recall a more organised conspiracy to down the most successful league in the game. Blatters comments about modern slavery wouldn't have come in Ronaldo was playing in Spain or Italy.Blatter is just a nutter in a suit. Platini is a scruffy nutter in a suit. They seem to forget that the success of the Premiership is of the Premierships making. It's not the fault of the English game is the revenues generated far outstrip those of other league. It's not our fault if 3 of the 4 Champions League finalists were English clubs. Mark my words, Blatter and Platini will do all they can to wreck the finest league in the world - and it isn't in Italy or Spain.If someone else had referenced multi-millionairres to slavery there'd be a political outcry. Quite why Manchester United don't ring Mr Blatter up and tell him to keep his nose out of their business, well maybe they will. Lampard and Ronaldo are just shining examples of good (Lampard) and outstanding (Ronaldo) footballers who seem to think their clubs owe them something. They don't boys. They've paid you and paid you in reams of notes. They've helped make you what you are today and you signed the contract.Blatter and Platini have to go. Quickly. Sun 13 Jul 2008 12:35:42 GMT+1 jeuxatreize Just a few thoughts:1. Blatter's comments not worthy of discussion2. Most fans worship footballers like gods and then complain about their wages and hate them if they leave. 3. Stop going to matches, cancel your Sky and go to watch your local non-league club if you love the game of football rather than the business of football.4. On the other hand - does anyone remember what the players/managers/grounds/volence/pitches were like before Sky money?5. Ronaldo, best player in the world? He's not even the best at Man U - Ferdinand and Rooney are more important to the team. 6. In a battle of personality/strength of character/determination/sheer bloody mindedness, would you put your money on Ferguson or Ronaldo? 7. Isn't Roy Keane a breath of fresh air in this squalid business! Sun 13 Jul 2008 10:58:21 GMT+1 U12641113 - banned user new id I think the transfers so far have been woeful to say the least. Man Utd should sign Berbatov from Spurs for about 18mil though it's up to the 2 clubs to agree an agreement. If he had a choice he would most likely go to united. With Barry he won't go to Arsenal if he dosen't go to Liverpool. HAHAHA Stoke? Their a joke! Coming up to the premier league was just a pure fluke and they'll be going straight down and they want Kitson for 4mil? Have they even got 4mil to spend? Bentley should move to get a better chance of european football and a regular starting role as an England midfielder. But ey? england are so crap at the moment anyone in the England squad could get in. I don't think Villa shall be parternering Torres up front at Liverpool he'll either stay at Valencia or go elsewere. Sun 13 Jul 2008 08:08:22 GMT+1 David 140,000 a week works out at 7.28 million a year that is 29.12 million in four years - 40% tax = approx 17.5 million no wonder frank needs another year he must be skint. He is now 30 and in 2 years he will past his peak if he is not already past it. It makes no financial sense to sign a player on a five year contract for which he you will probably get 2 good years out of him. Sun 13 Jul 2008 07:00:04 GMT+1 U12641113 - banned user new id Lampard is officialy crazy after turning down that sort of money on his contract but it may be clear that it is more evident that he'll join his old boss at Inter. Sat 12 Jul 2008 23:33:42 GMT+1 Yossarian Sat 12 Jul 2008 19:41:11 GMT+1 aries22 How on earth does turning down ?140,000 a week shows how greedy Frank Lampard is? There is absolutely no logic in that.Surely the fact that he wants to play football for an extra year is a lot more honorable than wanting more money.---------------------------------------------------------Ok mate, if that's the case, why not offer Frank 4 years at £140,000 a week and he plays the extra year for, say, £5,000 a week? Then we'll see how honourable Frank Lampard's intentions are. Sat 12 Jul 2008 19:18:32 GMT+1 smond1104 allpowerful-BlueNickHow does turning down £140,000 a week make Lampard greedy? How does it not! It's not as though he's been offered peanuts is it?! Sat 12 Jul 2008 18:44:14 GMT+1 all-powerfulBlueNick It is ridiculous to claim that players earn so much because they are greedy and demand such high wages.If this was the case then people in all jobs would be on higher wages.The reason they get paid so much is because the amount of money that has been injected into the game through the likes of Sky.This coupled with the fact that being a footballer is such a highly skilled profession and there are very few people with such abilities to do so means wages are high. Sat 12 Jul 2008 17:22:07 GMT+1 Gunning for the top Man Utd and Chelsea should just do everyone a massive favour and boot them out the door. Man Utd have given the boot to many of their stars, Beckham, Keane, RVN and Stam to name a few so why cant they give this little arrogant selfish player the boot? Or is SAF scared to let him go? Describing footballers as being modern slaves is an insult to everyone that was involved in the slave trade. Not just the Anglo-American trade but all the other slave trades that have been around since the start of civilization and continues to this day. Prehaps Blatter stupidity made it all come out wrong, prehaps his use of the word "slavery" was to describe what Man Utd said they would do to Ronaldo. Just letting him rot in the stand, destroying his career. Who knows all I know is that the likes of Ronaldo is what is wrong in football and he will never become one of the greats for his skill but one of the great jokes in football. Sat 12 Jul 2008 16:56:03 GMT+1 cyberdroid100 i dont recomend living in the philippines. in thailand and malaysia everybody is obsesed with premier league, they have these huge cheap local cafs open all night, saturdays are packed with hundreds watching the game, a really great sensation along with mutton curry and fried bread. but here in philippines its virtualy impossible to come across cause they have been misled by the US into believing that basket ball is the game. i had to follow the euros online, alone in my room at three in the morning! imagine that, the greatest tournament of modern times coming to you in a diluted format via caroline cheese! Sat 12 Jul 2008 16:52:18 GMT+1 dribbles_ The Unused Substitute - you are way off the mark.This whole discussion has been anything but a diatribe against Chelses or anyone else. There have been countless Man U fans on here too accepting the fact that Ronaldo symolises the really nasty selfishness at the core of the modern game which is making it harder for people to really empathise or identify with any of these guys.It's one thing being a fan but another entirely to let it completely blind you to the truth that you are sticking up for guys who have already won every lottery going don't need your 'support' and ultimately couldn't give a stuff either if it helps further their Beckhamesque lifestyle. Sat 12 Jul 2008 15:00:06 GMT+1 Saltwaters This post has been Removed Sat 12 Jul 2008 14:44:07 GMT+1 The Unused Substitute Wow Robbo with anti-Chelsea and anti-Lampard comments? Never thought i'd see the day... (sense the sarcasm at any point) Sat 12 Jul 2008 13:30:44 GMT+1 williamho2007 I don't like Ronald.Lampard is the best. Sat 12 Jul 2008 12:32:48 GMT+1 MagpieRH I'm bored of these two now. Can't Chelsea and ManU just let them go and end this farce now rather than drag it out for another 12 months.Having said that, if they go, the press have no stories so will have to make up some more utter rubbish about Newcastle united and how they're about to be sold to the most wanted man in the world (or his family at least). Sat 12 Jul 2008 12:27:16 GMT+1 law-kun 'for those of you who keep going on about overpaid footballers and the average underpaid fan struggling to afford a season ticket, earning in a lifetime what ranaldo earns in week etc. i live in philippines, lucky people here often work 15 hours a day 7 days a week. they eat plain rice, sleep on the floor of a shack or on the side walk. teenage girls and boys sell themselves for a quid or asking you to get some perspective on life. you go on about 'worlds apart ' but the relative considerable wealth, comfort, security that you live in is an even greater gap then the one you keep whinging about. do you feel ashamed of your own wealth? no, you feel its your right, you worked for it all your life. you dont care about the poverty allover this world in the same way as superstars dont give a damn about you.'_______________________________One of the best coments I have ever read on a BBC blog. In Zimbabwe they have a corupt, brutal government which has increased inflation to well over 1000%, and we worry about inflation going from 2% to 4%. Burma was in desperate need of aid ealier this year, but their government refused because they wanted to carry out a referendom, even though that was the last thing the population was thinking about. When people get angry about what footballers are demanding, it's nice to get a bit of perspective.Having said that, I feel that the way that Ronaldo and Real Madrid have gone about things this summer lacks class. Real Madrid can't go two days without making some comment in the media (which is never anything we haven't heard before), and Ronaldo agrees with Blatter about slavery, even though he signed a new contract a year ago. I hope Real make a massive offer for Ronaldo so we can get rid of him, but until they actually make a transfer offer (which they haven't yet, which is strange for a player they deperatly want) then he's going to stay.Mind you, even though I support Man Utd, I have to admit that we did something similar with Hargreaves last year. Bayern didn't want to sell but eventually had to, and Carrick before that. Maybe this a bit of a poetic justice against the red devils. Sat 12 Jul 2008 11:40:56 GMT+1 SummersIron post 63.In fairness, we're not asking the people in the phillippines to pay to watch us doing our jobs. Our faces don't appear in their newspapers saying 'Joe Bloggs demands pay rise at steel mill plus extra year of contract.' In other words, we don't rub our comparative wealth in their noses, whereas at the moment I'm getting the distinct whiff of 'spoilt, overpaid malcontents' in my nostrils form reading about Ronaldo and Lamoard. Sat 12 Jul 2008 10:55:55 GMT+1 dribbles_ Yes yes yes. It has become almost nigh on impossible to identify with or really get behind so many of these characters nowadays. I still love the working class ballet but it has less and less class every year. The unashamed greed and transparency with which these mercenaries go about squeezing every last drop they can leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Unfortunately with the totally disproportionate adoration and respect they get in their lives I think they are beyond being reminded that they kick a ball for a living.I am at a total loss with the Chelsea fans buying into the Lampard propaganda about him wanting to 'secure his future'! Open your eyes!His future is already well secure beyond the dreams of the vast majority of the population and what club in the world would give a 30 year old a 5 yr contract? Please. Sat 12 Jul 2008 10:37:56 GMT+1 cyberdroid100 for those of you who keep going on about overpaid footballers and the average underpaid fan struggling to afford a season ticket, earning in a lifetime what ranaldo earns in week etc. i live in philippines, lucky people here often work 15 hours a day 7 days a week. they eat plain rice, sleep on the floor of a shack or on the side walk. teenage girls and boys sell themselves for a quid or asking you to get some perspective on life. you go on about 'worlds apart ' but the relative considerable wealth, comfort, security that you live in is an even greater gap then the one you keep whinging about. do you feel ashamed of your own wealth? no, you feel its your right, you worked for it all your life. you dont care about the poverty allover this world in the same way as superstars dont give a damn about you. Sat 12 Jul 2008 08:54:14 GMT+1 Riggadon Far be it from me to play devils advocate, but is'nt/was'nt it your chums in the media that continually perpetuate the current prima-donnism in football? It's not just the contracts they're on - a significant amount of their money comes from sponsorship deals and the like (totally unconnected to the club), and the media compounds it and makes the situation even worse.So please excuse me if I dont give a monkey's about them or your self righteous attitude. If you were that bothered, you might use your influence as a "journo" to try and change attitudes. Sat 12 Jul 2008 08:10:32 GMT+1 G_is_God slow week in transfer market is it? so we have to hear about the old lamp of fat and his pointless transfer to the retirement league Sat 12 Jul 2008 04:48:55 GMT+1 kitincal Jon (post 56,57). I agree that trying to stop a charging bull is nigh on impossible (Football pricing itself out with ludicrous prices and getting bigger by the minute!). But when someone working hard to find a cure for cancer is less well paid and respected than sports personalities, I have to say I think life's priorities are wrong. AND, I cannot afford to watch a sport that I played, dreamt about and watched fanatically. I am absolutely at a loss to know how any family manages to go on a regular basis. Yes, I have lost my beloved sport to big business and yes, I am bitter about it. I do, however find some enjoyment in watching sunday league footie instead. I still say they have no divine right to earn what they do. Lower the prices and let us true fans back in again! Sat 12 Jul 2008 03:31:40 GMT+1 RedIsaac Great Article Robbo, you couldn't have said it better. You have said everything I wanted to say in response to McNulty's blog on Ronaldo. But you have done better than me by including all those other greedy players that have completely lost touch with reality.Why oh why are some Chelsea fans still defending Lampard? Security? Utter nonsense. The guy will be 35 by the end of the 5 year deal he so shamelessly demands. Do they not realize that he is showing them and their club total disrespect? Post 56 and 57, the fact is that we have every right to "moan" and react about the obscene amounts of money these ungrateful spoiled people are getting. They are payed for playing a game they supposedly love and living their childhood dream and are showing the people paying for it (fans) zero respect. When we "bitter", "moaning" fans stop paying the inflated and ever-rising ticket prices and refuse to buy replica shirts then and only then we will actually make a difference. And before you say anything about tv revenue, it only has the value it has because of the interest we "bitter" people have in the beautiful game. No football league can survive ONLY with overseas interest. Does anyone really think that people abroad will continue to be that interested if local supporters one day decide to stop going to Premier league games and the grounds empty? I don't think that people will be flying in from Asia and Australia to fill up the empty seats. Sat 12 Jul 2008 00:39:39 GMT+1 bruncho what do these geezers have - contracts - what are they? They sound like "heads of agreement" - a general understanding of what each party accepts. When I was a lad I was happy to play any football - how can you "contract" a guy to be happy dribbling the ball? If he don't have it then he ain't for the Premier. If Fergie can get 75M pounds - go for it! He could get at least 3 great buys for that. MANU could end up stronger! Sat 12 Jul 2008 00:15:06 GMT+1 CBF oh, and post 54... I understand your point of view completely.The reality is that's simply not going to happen.There is absolutely no pressure in real economic terms for ticket prices, wages or anything else related to football to deflate - it remains an expanding market!and this is the point that I'm making with post 56... we can moan and be bitter all we want. it won't change anything. there's no reason why it should. Fri 11 Jul 2008 23:50:51 GMT+1 CBF Right, I know it's annoying that Lampard wants all this and that.He probably earns in a week what I'll earn in my entire life.So tbh, at first I think "bleedin' Norah, Frank, you're a right git at times."BUTfor me to continually harbour that sentiment is what is commonly colloquially referred to as "sour grapes."He's at the top of his profession. (Well, not the very top, but relatively, he's in the top tier!) It's a very, very lucrative profession. HE'S GOING TO BE PAID A LOT.We all need to just live with, and shut up about, footballers wages tbh. Fri 11 Jul 2008 23:45:18 GMT+1 powerFF4 post 54, extremely well said. Fri 11 Jul 2008 21:01:22 GMT+1 kitincal I'll be honest. I stopped going to games years ago because I couldn't beleive how greedy footballers had become. Why should someone kicking a ball around demand to earn more in a week than I earn in three years. I realised that by paying to watch I was actually contributing to these greedy bast@rds. Why should they say they "need to guarantee their future". I can't guarantee mine and I work. If there is that much money in the game lets lower the entrance cost back to five pounds so that I can actually take the family, have a packet of crisps and a meat pie all round and come away not worrying about the mortgage! Less cost to enter will bring more fans and these prima donnas will get paid a realistic wage in line with effort. Bitter, you bet! Fri 11 Jul 2008 20:03:26 GMT+1 powerFF4 their playing the game they've 'loved' since the age of 5 and are getting paid more in a year than most third world countries get in income. which part of that is 'slavery'?? Fri 11 Jul 2008 18:48:14 GMT+1 powerFF4 powerFF4You're talking out your backside.My comment made perfect sense. It is not greedy for a player to turn a huge sum of money in order to fulfill a dream of playing for another club and in order to possibly extend their playing career.When it suits people they claim it is ridiculous that players get paid so much and then they turn around and claim it is disrespectful to the rest of us to turn down these vast amounts of money.----------------------is that why after the cup final in 06/07 when chelsea beat united, lampard made it clear that he wanted to stay at chelsea??face it, these players are greedy and it is unnacceptable that they be referred to as 'slaves'. Fri 11 Jul 2008 18:47:02 GMT+1 BestSpam1979 Actually, Robbo, Roman gladiators did do product endorsements. Believe it or not.___________________________________Was thinking the same thing myself! Fri 11 Jul 2008 18:26:40 GMT+1 all-powerfulBlueNick powerFF4You're talking out your backside.My comment made perfect sense. It is not greedy for a player to turn a huge sum of money in order to fulfill a dream of playing for another club and in order to possibly extend their playing career.When it suits people they claim it is ridiculous that players get paid so much and then they turn around and claim it is disrespectful to the rest of us to turn down these vast amounts of money. Fri 11 Jul 2008 18:26:26 GMT+1 BestSpam1979 I love Lampard as a player and a professional. In fairness though, he'd be lucky to get a £150,000 a week salary at any club in the world that wasn't bankrolled by an oil mogul, and even luckier to get a 5 year contract at his age with any club in Europe.Are Inter going to offer him the money and contract length he's demanding from Chelsea? Doubtful. Unless he's attracted to the prospect of finishing his career in a foreign league (which is understandable) I'd accept what he's being offered in London. Fri 11 Jul 2008 18:22:05 GMT+1 Count_G Sorry 37, but I can't agree.You have a valid point that the club 'owns' him.HOWEVER you are wrong to say this constitutes slavery.It WOULD be slavery if:a) He was being abused by Sir Alex (unlikely)b) Man U restricted his movements and freedoms (actually he is allowed leave whenever he wants, within reason, to visit family on the continent, far more freedom than most players)c) He was being underpaid (hmm)d) He signed the contract under threat of torture (again, unlikely)Basically, it just shows how immature footballers are these days. He signed a contract, and now he wants to dishonour it. Well, tough.If I was signing myself over to a contract for the next 4 years of my life, I would read it, understand it, and make my decision, and I would live with the consequences.You say that "footballers must be the only profession on earth where it is legal for a body owns the individual". Well, I am currently considering joining the Royal Navy as an officer.If I don't drop out of training after a couple of weeks, I can only leave once I've given around 3 years notice.I have to sign a contract, and live or die by it. IF I sign it, I will understand the responsibility I am taking. I would amend your statement to say "Footballers must be the only profession on Earth where they are so out of touch with reality that they think they are above the law". Fri 11 Jul 2008 17:19:48 GMT+1 kinglofthouse I think that reality will set in very very soon. This gravy train that's football is not immune from the world of finance, in fact quite the opposite. Let's face it it's the prawn sandwich lot, not the cloth cap brigade, that keep clubs and players in the style to which they are accustomed. The global downturn will affect everybody. Companies will "downsize" corporate spending (including hospitality) Sky will get clobbered by people who can't afford it and so on. Hey mabe not next year but soon very soon.We won't go back to pre-minimum wage rates but supply and demand applies to footballers as well. Fri 11 Jul 2008 17:15:18 GMT+1 goleooo Lampard a legend? wow...chelsea fans really are full of shitte...if Lampard is a legend than I am a priest. But maybe a Chelsea legend....okay than yes...who cares. But lampard's name will never be added to any footballing legend outside the bridge. He is the head of the mercenaries. And those who fail to see how greedy their little pathetic blue hero is, than I got no answer for you, because it would be a waste of time to try to explain you that. I did support Chelsea and I think i will support them even more once this joker Lampard leaves. For a change, Chelsea might have the freedom to play real football anchoring on Ballack-Deco instead of anything that involves a lonely Lampard Fri 11 Jul 2008 17:13:31 GMT+1 NouManor Shame on Ronaldo, imagine wanting to swap that constant northern English drizzle for the gorgeous Meditterranean climate of a city steeped in centuries of rich history...Fed up of all this stuff about him, way too many column inches and pointless debate as we ultimately know it´s going to be his final decision and there´s nothing Man U can do about it. Fri 11 Jul 2008 16:28:39 GMT+1 Lestif As you say Robbo, after the breath of fresh air that was Euro 2008, it's utterly depressing to have to read stories about players wanting even more money. The Premier League has a lot to answer for. These people have become completely detached from reality and they have absolutely nothing in common with the average man in the street. Compare the attitude of some of England's so-called superstars with that of the Spanish lads who won the Euro Cup - it's a different world. Fri 11 Jul 2008 16:01:07 GMT+1 JustAnOpinion Please can somebody point me in the direction of direct quotes or any interviews with Lampard where he has said any of the things attributed to him by Robbo and the other people commenting in this blog?As far as I can see, Lampard's discussions with Chelsea are where they should be - between him and the club. I much prefer this approach to the releasing of statements in the press intended to push somebody into doing what they want.The fact that Robbo, the rest of the media and all of us don't know the situation between Lampard and Chelsea is exactly as it should be - no matter how much the media don't like the idea that they don't know something. Fri 11 Jul 2008 15:50:17 GMT+1 WeeBG1 No matter what Lampard will leave the Bridge a legend, Ronaldo will have to duck out the side door Fri 11 Jul 2008 15:46:23 GMT+1 Giggs4more Thank you Robbo is all that can be said. Blatter is a fool and Frank, Ronaldo and all the rest of those premadonnas don't know the true meaning of sport, club and country.Someone needs to take them all down several hundred pegs. Ronaldo could've been one of the Manutd greats but once again he's shown why legends have died out in modern football. The lack of honour, loyalty and devotion. He needs a lesson from the likes of Rooney, Gerrard, Carragher, Giggs, Scholes. It makes me sickp.s. Have you read Wrighty's article in the sun to Ronny? you'd like it. Fri 11 Jul 2008 15:45:39 GMT+1 Laserblue red_side_upSo it's ok for Silva, Barry and Keane to be disloyal as long as they end up at loserpool (ps Silva - in your dreams) Fri 11 Jul 2008 15:01:06 GMT+1 red_side_up This post has been Removed Fri 11 Jul 2008 14:57:13 GMT+1 SYSTEM-J Actually, Robbo, Roman gladiators did do product endorsements. Believe it or not. Fri 11 Jul 2008 14:46:23 GMT+1 redahmeid I think the analogy with slavery is valid to a point. Sepp Blatter obviously has an axe to grind with England, which is why he is bringing this up now.But if we ignore that it is Blatter who made these comments and judge the analogy for it's merit.Yes, footballers are living a kind of luxury that slaves in the past could only dream of. But the issue with slavery was not just the quality of life they had, but the lack of freedom to decide their own fate. Slaves in the past were "owned" by a master and bought and sold as the master saw fit. I "work" for my company. I'm not owned by them. I can choose to leave if I'm bored and I am not bought by one or sold by the other. Footballers must be the only profession on earth where it is legal for a body owns the individual. Where the analogy falls over is of course that a player does have the right to leave and isn't beaten and stuff.But the concept of a player being the property or asset of a team is similar to what slavery was. Fri 11 Jul 2008 14:11:18 GMT+1 spartansutd Fans moan but will keep putting their hard earned money into the clubs funding excessive wages. I wonder how clever some footballers would feel running out to empty stadia. Thats not to label all players im sure some footballers work hard and are good ambassadors for their sport. But high wages nulls a clubs ability to spend. Its market demand to attract the best you have to pay the wages. I think some more money instead of buying foreigners should be targeted more at local youth talent. Just think how great it would be if Ronaldo sods off to Real for 50m+ flops and utd find a local kid with tremendous talent to take his place. And yes your right with Nadal a great champion with a good attitude and is not driven purely by money but love for his sport. Fri 11 Jul 2008 14:09:36 GMT+1 NEARPOSTHEADER I think Lampard should go to Inter Milan as I believe the experience will make him a better player. One has to wonder why more English players don't go abroad - ok, you could say the wages are better in England now, but could it have something to do with not being able to adapt to the style of play, the lifestyle and the fact that their grasp of the English language is poor enough without attempting to mangle Italian, Spanish, etc.Yes, Lampard has been important for Chelsea over the past few years - but with Deco there now, they have about 20 midfielders. Sepp Blatter? I've long thought the man is not fit to be in charge of a Sunday league - for one thing, players do leave if they want to, everyone knows if that if a player has less then 2 years on his contract and won't sign an extension, it's time to look for a buyer. Blatter involving himself in the Ronaldo saga is an abuse of his position and he should be forced to step down over it - or perhaps Real control him as well as certain Spanish newspapers. Fri 11 Jul 2008 14:01:02 GMT+1 willie_verga1000 doesn't frankie want to win the championsleague? of course he does. frankie's best chanceat accomplishing this is with chelsea. if he leaves for inter, how long will it take for themto win the CL? at least three years... so, allof this, i believe, is just speculation. i don't think he's that foolish to think he would have alegitimate chance at inter. at Chelsea there is already a 'great' team that will definitely be in the hunt for ALL the trophies this year. now that we have a solid manager to give the players that extra push, something grant could not do, Chelsea, once again, is looking like a very dangerous side. we can't trust any of thismedia nonsense. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:55:34 GMT+1 Pall Jonsson Very much the average man's opinions on offer here, but a few more viewpoints needed...It is possible that money has less to do with than we all like to believe. Perhaps Frank wants to play for Jose M. It's well possible he may prefer that transfer for even less readies than he's being offered by Chelsea? We don't know yet.Maybe Ronaldo actually wants away from that slightly mad Ferguson? So far we know nowt about his proposed wages at Real...Speaking of what players actually wish to do with their carriers, not mentioning Geebarry seems a bit out of order, innit? He wants to play for Liverpool. Fair enough. It's not as if he hasn't pulled his weight while at Villa, is it? Now he's banned from their training ground for trivial reasons! Would you seriously expect him to sign a new contract for Villa at this point? For any kind of money? I don't think so. Wasn't there something about a cancelled testimonial too? Villa are emerging about as classy as last week's shepherds pie from this "transfer" saga.It's well possible that Liverpool will pay better wages than Villa, but we can all see that isn't the point at this stage. Lampard and Ronaldo will remain well compensated wherever they decide to play, but they just may have more complex reasons for making their decisions than bottom line ones.That Blatter still remains one of the most despicable characters in the world of football. Any statement that comes from him is more than likely sulphur and eggs, and designed to make you cringe. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:55:17 GMT+1 Chris A dodiesmith - How is it CONSTRUCTIVE to criticise something which may not be true, yet it is DESTRUCTIVE to state the fact that he is writting about something which may not be true. It is also absolute fact that 'Robbo' always has a pop at Lampard and/or Chelsea. It is not destructive criticism if what you are saying is fact!! Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:53:33 GMT+1 dodiesmith I understand Robbo's feelings completely. I just feel overwhelmed by the Ronaldo situation right now - I thought perhaps his performance in the Euro would humble him a little - Torres was the star of those marvelous games. He then thanked Liverpool and Rafa B for enabling him to become a better player and sent Spanish wine to his team-mates. Ronaldo just went off and sulked and wouldn't talk to Ferguson.....both Torres and Ronaldo are young men but only one is maturing.Thanks for mentioning Nadal flying to Germany to apologise in person for not being able to play in their tournament, he and his handlers obviously know how much hard work goes into these events. Class act indeed.Someone has to speak out about the Sepp behaviour - on behalf of all the footie fans who care passionately about their teams. Thanks for doing your part, Robbo.Forget the destructive criticism from a few, you stick with your always CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Saying what needs to be said. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:48:03 GMT+1 Laserblue Why doesn't Robbo focus his anger on these proven stories....Because the man has a wierd obsession with Lampard - I dont even think it has anything to do with Chelsea....just Lampard (seriously what's it all about Robbo??) Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:45:16 GMT+1 Chris A You are all missing a huge point here....Lampard hasn't said anything regarding his future. Whether the stories are true or not, at the moment it is pure speculation and until it is proven to be true, it is unfair and ridiculous to have a go at him about this!Especially as there are many other proven situations of the same issue, i.e. Barry and Ronaldo. But why doesn't Robbo focus his anger on these proven stories instead of one which at the moment, is pure specualtion.....perhaps because the clubs involved here aren't Chelsea/southern clubs!! Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:41:19 GMT+1 ImperialPaolo Robbo, for once you are absolutely spot on - congrats on the article.I wish Messrs Lampard etc.. would read this article, I for one had to juggle monies around to afford my season ticket this year and things aren't looking great economy wise. Yet because I love football and support my club, it's the last thing I'll give up even though it's going to cost a fortune to drive to games from now on.But for a player to claim he loves the club but won't sign a new contract that's worth £25-30m it is pure greed and shame on him. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:40:12 GMT+1 MeTheDaddy Post 23, good point about Mourinho/Lampard. Definite mutual admiration there, but he needs to be honest to say so. Still, better than the opportunists seeking moves to "dream" teams who won't win anything anyway....Scuba Ron, Barry, Adebayor et al. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:38:51 GMT+1 Laserblue That's my point - he hasn't said anything. The only think that he can be accused off is not be open about what he wants but then I'm a big believer in players keeping their mouths shut until they actually go.If he came out with "I want to move to Inter" and then ended up staying at Chelsea....where would that leave us......I tell you where in the same position as Manu supporters who are all set to boo - cant keep his mouth shut - Ronaldo Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:35:19 GMT+1 pendlerichie This isn't a lazy blog. A blog is personal comments about a subject, therefore Robbo is going to regurgitate facts etc.There are two issues here, one is Blatter and his disgraceful comments. I'd love to be a slave to the Premier League. In fact, I'd probably pay £3 subs a week to play. If any premier league club (or any professional club) want a player for free then let me know, I can bang in a few goals here and there. And when I kiss the badge I'll mean it! What Blatter said is disgraceful. Is it only us British who see that this man is a plain fool?? He should be ousted asap.Lampard is another plain fool and the epitome of the state of Profesional football in this country. He's a man who believes his own hype and worth, having been inflated by his agent. The guy will probably not play much past 34 because he'll be past it so why not sign a 4 year contract? It's because he's the typical footballing money grabber that makes me ashamed sometimes to watch this game. I wouldn't mind if these over paid players performed to their billing and wage demands when playing for england, but they dont.And its not just Lampard, there are plenty of delusional, out of touch footballers today who are effectively killing our game and turning away fans. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:32:26 GMT+1 Canonpark .....not that a multi-millionaire footballer could give two hoots about gaining the respect of the average football fan of course. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:30:07 GMT+1 Canonpark Chelseafrombirth :I understand Chelsea fans sticking up for a player who has been excellent for them in the past few seasons, but I have to agree with Robbo on this one. If Lampard wants 5 years then why not sign for 4 years and then earn the 5th year? It's because he wants an extra year of a guaranteed bumper pay cheque. I would respect him alot more if he was just honest and said he wants to leave because he loves working with Mourinho, wants a new challenge, or whatever other reason he wants to leave for. Instead he tries to turn it on the club and blame it on them for him wanting out, that shows a lack of balls. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:25:31 GMT+1 MeTheDaddy Interesting stuff Robbo. Fully understand the naming of Lampard and Scuba Ron, but they're not alone. Barry? Alonso? Adebayor? Even Kevin Philips? What's going on? Ordinary blokes like me can't fathom it. We just have to pay a fortune for a donkey burger and flat amber-coloured liquid, on top of ludicrous season ticket prices, to watch some preening oaf produce third-rate kick and rush and then tell the papers he deserves his ill-gotten gains and a bit more. Meanwhile, my two and six a month has to pay his wages.Bring back Johnny Long-Shorts!! Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:24:05 GMT+1 Laserblue Robbo - this is a bit of a lazy blog. You've just regigitated a lot a media nonsense regarding Lampard - as far as I'm aware, he has never mentioned anything about the details of the contract. You have just jumped on the whole 'slave' bandwagon and decided to aim it at Lampard.He's been good for Chelsea but it is crazy to think that a player has to stay at a club forever. I would rather he go now instead of signing a new contract then deciding to go.If he does go Robbo I guess you'll have to find someone else to wrote your hate blogs about. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:16:34 GMT+1 DennyCraneWHU Yeah!! I think it’s terrible. All that money they’re paying that Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and all the rest of them overpaid Hollywood upthemselves. Tens of millions and all for a few weeks or months shooting. And that Pavarotti, demanded whatever he wanted for a few hours exercising his tonsils and wiping copious sweat from his brow, the cheek of him.Now, if Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and the late Pavo settled for only a reasonable take-home pay I could pay a lot less for tickets for the cinema and the Royal Box at Cov Garden. I’m sure all the suits with cigars would pass the savings onto us, wouldn’t they?And I think the likes of Tom Cruise and Meryl and their agents should be forced to conduct contract negotiations in the full blare of media speculation, just like Frank L, so that we can all hiss and boo when Tom asks for a second loo in his studio-provided stretch limo and Meryl demands whatever outrageous demands someone like you and me, who are earning only five and sixpence a week, would never make.Yeah!! The likes of Tom and Meryl and Frank should remind themselves they are only entertainers and should demand only as much as the public will pay and not a single million dollars more, how dare they!! Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:14:44 GMT+1 papperoo "That would be some achievement. If anyone feels I've missed out any bigger egos in the EPL or the world from this top 5, please feel free to suggest other players."I nominate Francesco Totti.The amount of mouthing off he does every time his beloved Roma prepare to lose to the champs is quite staggering, considering he is the single most overrated player on the entire planet - ...even beating my dear old nan, who recently won the PFA player of the year award. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:09:56 GMT+1 powerFF4 How on earth does turning down ?140,000 a week shows how greedy Frank Lampard is? There is absolutely no logic in that.Surely the fact that he wants to play football for an extra year is a lot more honorable than wanting more money.------------------first of all, this is by FAR the best article written by this author, and the most accurate.secondly, the comment above is pathetic. all you chelsea fans can live in denial as much as you want, but to turn down that amount of money for 4 years is ridiculous. i don't think you can quite comprehend the serious amount that lampard was offered!! GET A GRIP ON REALITY!!ronaldo is no different. now you can all complain about wengers method of bringing in non-greedy players, and selling them the minute they get a whiff of the green stuff. Fri 11 Jul 2008 13:08:11 GMT+1 Chris A This post has been Removed Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:59:49 GMT+1 uptonblue Re Pierredelafranchesca:If he wants to move then I've no problem with that and fair comment he has been a fantastic Chelsea player. All he has to do is to tell the club/fans that this is what he wants and not to hide behind the contract offer !! Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:51:46 GMT+1 ShaneyB11 I can't help but feel that footballers nowadays only concentrate on the money. There is no loyalty or love for the game anymore from our top players. The Man Utd fans worship the ground Ronaldo walks on, about 75% of the songs the fans sing are about Ronaldo, he is on a ridiculous amount of money and playing his best football for the best team in europe. He has shown his true colours and I am ashamed. He owes Alex Ferguson as he was the only man who stood by him when all of England was against him after the Rooney incident at the world cup. He sold Ruud VanNistelrooy, the most prolific striker in the premiership at the time, in my opinion, so Ronaldo wouldn't leave after the training ground bust up. Ferguson made all of these sacrifices because he believed in Ronaldo's abilities and he deserves to be repaid with loyalty and respect.Lampard is in the same situation, the Chelsea fans love him and he is being offered silly money for someone who will more than likely be well past his peak when his contract ends. If he wants a new challenge that is fine, see out the rest of the contract then move on. Abramovich is not going to miss a few mil when he leaves on a free and he owes the Chelsea players and fans, it was not so long ago they made that gesture for his mum and all stood by him during the grieving process. He needs to step up and repay Chelsea with at least one more season of hard work.In conclusion I think Ronaldo should be sold he has caused far too much damage at Man Utd to be allowed back into the team ahead of someone who wants to be there. Ferguson should take the money and run, maybe nick Arshavin or Huntelaar for a few bob. Lampard should stay at least until X-Mas transfer window to pay what he owes to the club, at the end of the day if he stays at Chelsea it shows he has a bit of loyalty about him and he still gets a huge pay cheque.Robbo spot on mate, I've been reading your articles for about a year and I can honestly say they are the only ones I really enjoy reading. Keep up the good work. Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:48:36 GMT+1 Pierredelafranchesca Got to disagree about the Lampard judgement. He's turned the contract down becasue he wants to move clubs, i'm thinking the 5 year thing is a smoke screen on his part, and you know what, fair play to him. He's been at Chelsea for 7 years or so now, given everything for the club in that time and now wants to move on and play football at the top level in a different country whilst he still can. What the hell is wrong with that? You cannot accuse him of lacking loyalty or passion for the club he just wants a new challenge. Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:48:10 GMT+1 SummersIron etienne123:You're quite right, substitute Terry for Cole. I knew there was someone glaringly obvious I'd missed out. Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:40:21 GMT+1 crimlis Lampard is a tool, hes an idiot for turning that down its all down hill from here im afraid, I know You Blue fans will call me names etc but its the truth, you'll haev to admit it. Hopfully though he will be at Inter next season.Bye Frank :) Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:37:07 GMT+1 Hoopy_Jack_ Good article.One of the things that annoys me about the Blatter "slave" debacle is that contracts provide clubs security of supposedly keeping their best players, but at the same time gives players job security. If Blatter had his way and players had "transfer freedom" surely that would mean clubs could drop any player at any time, with no contract to hounor. Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:28:52 GMT+1 etienne123 8 SummersIronshocking oversight, mate - where was ashley cole on your list? Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:27:16 GMT+1 uptonblue Seeing these 'superstars' kissing the teams badge and then showing no loyalty to the club/fans by demanding totally unreasonable contracts to 'secure' their future really does make me laugh. Twenty years ago I could accept that players coming near to the end of their playing career because the wages then were nothing compared to what they are now. Lampard has made millions at Chelsea and his offer of a 4 year contract would make him even more.Come on Frank, show your loyalty, sign and count your blessings !!! Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:22:00 GMT+1 SummersIron Good artice. I don't always agree with you, Robbo, but everything you say is correct, if a little self-evident. I like the comparison between the top tennis players and the top footballers. Nadal flying to Stuttgart to apologise to the hosts for something he has no control over, compared with the top premiership players bickering over their contracts.The Premiership may be the best league in the world, but it is also home to some horribly over-inflated egos. If someone could sign Ibrahimovich from Inter, we'd have the 5 most arrogant players in the world all playing in the EPL (Lampard, Drogba, Ronaldo, Terry + Ibra). That would be some achievement. If anyone feels I've missed out any bigger egos in the EPL or the world from this top 5, please feel free to suggest other players. Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:14:42 GMT+1 Wildsnoopster The transfer system allows clubs to have some kind of recompense for players lacking grace and manner (and loyalty). If this was abolished which is in essence what Blatter is alluding to, then the small clubs in this country would fold as all their better players would walk out. Also it would never be a truly free market as players would have to have their movements restricted otherwise you may see a few player move in weeks 30-38 of the season. Remember the most important people are the fans, followed by the clubs and then the players.Blatters comments about slavery are shocking. You cannot call playing for the Champions of Europe (and the English Premiership) a hardship and compare it to any type of slavery which involves having your freedoms (and various other things) taken away. It is a joy and a privilege to play football at any level. I think Ronaldo should stay another year as Man U took a gamble on him at such a young age. Real will still be interested next year and another year would cement him as a hero at the club.I also think Blatter should go but then how can you get rid of the corrupt. Although I would not compare Blatters behaviour to Mugabe's, the fixing of ballots is right up both men’s street and although Blatter used Fifa money to bribe delegate and Mugabe uses force they still both keep power by undemocratic means. Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:12:36 GMT+1 colhawk86 completely right Robbo. The fact is none of todays footballers no a thing about real life. If only we could get all our 'star' players to act like the more down to earth Nadal or like Utd's Ole Solskjaer. Football would be a better place for Ronaldo and Fat Frank and the others to act a bit more like those 2. Fri 11 Jul 2008 12:03:02 GMT+1 etienne123 will ths work both ways? will clubs simply get shut of players they no longer want? and if they get crocked, is it a case of tough, pal, on your way? (if only we'd had that when the likes of terry phelan and alessandro pistone were taking everton for a ride).what will happen is clubs will give players one year deals and they'll all be scared witless that one bad tackle will derail the gravy train. Fri 11 Jul 2008 11:59:25 GMT+1 ThePaniniBandit U havin' problems with ya column, Robbo?It seems to be lacking a certain girth.....? Fri 11 Jul 2008 11:58:42 GMT+1 Count_G For once, Robbo, you're spot-on.We've always known that Blatter lives on another planet, but this proves that he lives in another solar system entirely.Why is it that he always personally intervenes to make sure that English clubs get a raw deal? He wasn't bothered when Spain and Italy dominated the Champions' League, but now that it's England's turn, he's trying his damndest to ruin it. I'm getting sick and tired of him poking his nose into English affairs. Like the Taylor tackle, one PL player does an accidental bad challenge on another PL player in a PL game, and Blatter tries to start an international investigation, no doubt with the aim of banning English clubs from Europe for a decade.First, he thinks that football is somehow above the all-conquering European Declaration of Human Rights, and NOW he says that Ronaldo's a 'slave'. This is incredibly disrespectful on several counts.1) A kick in the teeth to all working-class people, who earn in 5 years what Ronaldo earns in a week.2) A kick in the teeth to any descendants of the African slaves. If I could build a time machine, to send Blatter back a few centuries, and install him as a slave on a plantation, I would, and see if his definition of 'slavery' changes.3) A kick in the teeth to Man Utd, who are being very generous with their contract, and are now being compared to slave-masters just because they signed a contract with a consenting adult and expect him to honour it.Shame on Blatter, and FIFA. Fri 11 Jul 2008 11:57:41 GMT+1 Canonpark Spot on Robbo. On my current wage I won't earn as much in the rest of my working life as Frank Lampard will from 1 month of the contract he has been offered, and he talks about wanting to secure his future!!These superstars are completely out of touch with where they came from and that behaviour like this is an insult to the average working person who forks out to go and watch them. Fri 11 Jul 2008 11:57:12 GMT+1 all-powerfulBlueNick How on earth does turning down £140,000 a week shows how greedy Frank Lampard is? There is absolutely no logic in that.Surely the fact that he wants to play football for an extra year is a lot more honorable than wanting more money. Fri 11 Jul 2008 11:53:17 GMT+1