Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 10 Jul 2014 14:53:16 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at diamondronaldinho yeah yeah Robbo , England will win the Football world cup if they play with the cricketing Nations,They wud beat India Pakistan Bangladesh New Zealand ,West Indies, ,they will have South Africa disqualified for football tampering and draw with Australia, and yeah , England win the world Cup , Rooney will be the Catch of the Match and Fabio Capello man of the Serious (series) ,only thing is , the ball in cricket is smaller, England needs to play with Big Balls, sounds impossible..... Tue 29 Sep 2009 06:20:59 GMT+1 blue-eyedCatkiller Nice blog Robbo!! England Certainly looks favourite.Only worry will the fitness of the players.Hope they can keep it to the top most level when it's realy required Fri 18 Sep 2009 10:07:44 GMT+1 DrCajetanCoelho Fabio Capello has done a great job with the available talent. England would be the team to watch. Players look happy. Fans look happy. Oppositions look worried. Best wishes to Team England.Dr. Cajetan Coelho Tue 15 Sep 2009 19:46:57 GMT+1 Thanks A lot BBC7 Pace wins nothing. A proper team does. Capello will be happy to get to the semi's. I admit: You will never get a better chance to progress to the final stages of a Worldcup. Because of Capello. He is that good. Mon 14 Sep 2009 18:06:15 GMT+1 bredtobered-forum troll 269. At 5:18pm on 13 Sep 2009, WhitleyBayWonTheVase wrote:Pants.FA Cup 1st Round Qualifying - Guisely 2 - 0 Whitley Bay.Ah well, our first defeat of the season and it's not as if we wanted to win the FA Cup anyway.As for England...............................................Just out of interest and boredom, mainly boredom, have you read 'the far corner'? theres a great chapter on whitley bay vs chorley in the fa trophy. great book. Mon 14 Sep 2009 09:39:04 GMT+1 TrotterUSA 271Old Stafford, you're absolutely right, it's not proper football but what a party! The car park opens 5 hours before kick off, there's lads there with barbecues, huge flat screens, full bars. We even saw an authentic pig roast today. Some pay an arm and a leg just for a car pack pass and don't even go into the stadium! I used to have season tickets for MLS (NY Metro Stars, now Red Bull) but that's not proper football either and with a massive S. American contingent here, it wasn't long before the projectiles were flying and well, it reached the point that it wasn't worth the bother. My lad plays American Football so for three games this season the thrill is his and customers will take the others, talk about a prawn cocktail brigade, Roy Keane would have a field day! Mon 14 Sep 2009 00:11:04 GMT+1 oldstafford Every time we (England) qualify we get built up by the press, the romantics and the delusional, only to fail. We sit/stand there watching it, hoping that this year will be our year, realistically expecting it will end any moment, but also thinking it only takes one moment of luck, skill or magic that will lead to the one goal that will win the whole flipping tournament – and that’s the beauty of being an England fan. The rollercoaster of emotions and the expectation that only England fans will understand and enjoy in a pleasure/pain sort of way. Personally I can’t wait; it’s the only excuse for getting together every (well, nearly every, if qualified) four years with your mates, whichever domestic team they support, and celebrating/commiserating together by cheering on ‘Engerland’ in the best competition in the footballing world. That’s proper football Trotter not that American stuff. Didn’t get a chance to say it GazUtd but congrats on the baby news. I’ve got an 8 week old hence the late night postings. He will probably be an England fan but because of his heritage (he has an Irish name and is half Welsh - her side not mine) who knows . The one thing I’m certain of though is he WILL be a MUFC fan. Sun 13 Sep 2009 23:12:00 GMT+1 Komar1 Hope you're right. The percentage of people who are too young or weren't born in '66 is getting bigger by the day. Would love to see England lift the cup next year. Sun 13 Sep 2009 19:24:46 GMT+1 WhitleyBayWonTheVase Pants.FA Cup 1st Round Qualifying - Guisely 2 - 0 Whitley Bay.Ah well, our first defeat of the season and it's not as if we wanted to win the FA Cup anyway.As for England...The bookies have us as third favourites behind Spain and Brazil - and I'd say that looks about right on current form.However, don't get too optimistic. As long as Michel Platini is involved in any football federation, England will never win the world cup. If it looks remotely likely, they'll do something to sort it out. Sun 13 Sep 2009 16:18:48 GMT+1 HugoMalim Good one this!As I always say, if Greece managed to win the Euro 2004 then surely England can win the World Cup! Sun 13 Sep 2009 15:15:42 GMT+1 TrotterUSA ohhhh Zoot, I'll be chuckling all day. I hope her MG is a soft top but if you were awarded a Victoria Cross, perhaps not? You'd never see Ballack in an MG, unless of course he had an elbow out of each window.Let's go Giants! Sun 13 Sep 2009 15:10:38 GMT+1 Zootmac Anyway, in danger of becoming even more politically incorrect here. I've already been slated for using an inappropriate expression. Won't say which one, but my wife gave me a proper rollicking when she got out of her MG Vertically Challenged. Sun 13 Sep 2009 15:02:48 GMT+1 Zootmac Trotter - Don't know TOO much about the mechanics of that sort of thing, but, from what I hear, I suspect that Scholes would be facing the other way. Sun 13 Sep 2009 14:57:46 GMT+1 TrotterUSA Gaz, he was looking at the ceiling during his interview because he realises that he's going to get $%&*#@ (begins with 'f') by the FA and he was pondering what color to paint it! Sun 13 Sep 2009 14:50:11 GMT+1 TrotterUSA yep, you gotta play for the full 90, er sorry, 105 minutes! Sun 13 Sep 2009 14:18:35 GMT+1 redwillhunted7 Trotter - I think her thighs are bigger than both Terry and Henry Coopers put together! Granted, Henry was a mere slip of a lad in comparison to current heavyweights..Scholesy's a champ, tho still has timing issues with tackles, so better to let a teammate do it if at all possible, and certainly don't go in at full throttle in areas of the field that present no immediate danger. Who's JDR? Forgotten about him already - must be the Cotes Du Rhone. BTW, are Chelsea going to secure all their points in injury time this season? Sun 13 Sep 2009 14:01:31 GMT+1 TrotterUSA RWIt was Serena I mentioned and as she has bigger thighs than Terry Cooper I consider it related.I didn't think Scholes had any intent but we'd have to ask him. I think this was one of those occasions when he's a victim of his own illustrious past. He's playing well though isn't he! Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:43:24 GMT+1 GazUtd Bit of a cross-over there. Anyway I'm right and you're wrong. I've decided to adopt the JDR approach to arguing. Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:40:17 GMT+1 GazUtd From what I seen his post-match interview technique consisted of looking at the ceiling for some reason.I really don't have the slightest problem with Adebayor running to give the Arsenal fans what for, if fans can chant for 90 minutes about anything they want then they should be able to take a player acting the loon in front of them. His stamping is another matter. Plus I really don't like him, can't quite put my finger on why but there's just something that makes you want to throw him off a tall building with a concrete parachute.Of course there'll be no mention of Scholesy's sending off for pulling out of a tackle. Unbelievable, what was he thinking. Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:39:15 GMT+1 redwillhunted7 256 trotterYou also mentioned Tennis in the next breath :-)I think intent was there from Scholesy in the 2nd tackle, even tho he hardly touched him, so the ref had no choice. Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:38:02 GMT+1 redwillhunted7 Gaz,Well looks like you have The 3 B's of life correctly ranked in ascending order i.e. Balls, Booze and Birds (sure I'll be mincemeat for using such crass 70's terminology). As long as you cleared it with your nearest n dearest!After Giggsy's free kick went into the top corner, I can see why it was a late one. Adebayor's run to the away end after his goal suggests he'd too been on the turps the night before in the new money end of Manchester - He needs a lot of work on his post-match interview technique :-) Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:34:07 GMT+1 TrotterUSA Yeah, I was just checkin' that you'd come back with all your faculties intact! Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:29:31 GMT+1 GazUtd Trotter you were the one who mentioned the most unrelated thing to football ever when you brought up the NY Giants. Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:24:40 GMT+1 TrotterUSA Why aren't we talking about Paul Scholes' sending off or Ballack's elbow to Huth's jaw or Pepe Reina's taking over from Rafa as LFC spokesperson? This is supposed to be a football blog (I'm off to NY Giants game today, did anybody hear Serena threatening to stuff a tennis ball down the line judge's thraot?) and all we get is this endless unrelenting unrelated drivel! Next time, if there is a next time, I'm going to type "Ambleside" instead of "Agincourt" Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:20:40 GMT+1 GazUtd Wow, less than 4 minutes!Can't be ars... no can't say that, bothered repeating it, wasn't funny anyway, I am so hungover today that I couldn't tickle a funny bone if someone handed me a 150ft tickling stick.RW I didn't go to the pub with Robbo, the judge said I wasn't allowed to bother him there any more. Yesterday after getting back I went to the pub to watch United make easy work of Spurs and got totally trolleyed.While there this oul lad was telling me how big a United fan his brother was because he was txting him from a wedding in Italy to ask the score.I explained to him that I got married in Italy last year, on a Friday instead of a Saturday as United v Pool was on, and that was exactly 1 year ago today so on our 1st wedding anniversary I was in the pub watching the match while the wife was doing the shopping. While pregnant. Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:17:54 GMT+1 redwillhunted7 249 Zoot,I'm sure you're right, gaz has probably gone straight down to the pub to join Robbo for a swift half. Always found history rather dull at school, and after reading some of the entries on here, especially the 3 page monologues, I remember why!Much more entertaining to get yours and Trotter's shortened versions, given you're on a roll :-) Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:11:20 GMT+1 GazUtd This post has been Removed Sun 13 Sep 2009 13:09:55 GMT+1 TrotterUSA ZootIt was a famous battle only because it's the first one we've won for a while. Our very own Vesuvius.There's still a possibility of signing Frankie Howard in January but for now we're focused on pottery collection. Sun 13 Sep 2009 12:57:02 GMT+1 Zootmac 245 RWRather like Mary Queen of Scots, Gaz probably left his Black Heart in Calais duty free, hence his mottled frame of mind.Blimey, that's another historical reference. Sun 13 Sep 2009 12:50:56 GMT+1 Zootmac Trotter - lava minute.That's another historical reference, relating to the destruction of Pompey.Which no doubt will be occupying your mind at the moment... Sun 13 Sep 2009 12:47:08 GMT+1 TrotterUSA Zoot, not to go over old ground (cough cough) but the Glaswegian "Wee Arrow People" were also known as the "Wee Arrow Glaswegians" or WAGS for short!!! Sun 13 Sep 2009 12:42:04 GMT+1 TrotterUSA Welcome back Gaz. How's the bride, all under control? Andre's been very quiet, we thought perhaps he'd gone with you.241.Which sitcom houeswife? Hilda? Sun 13 Sep 2009 12:39:15 GMT+1 redwillhunted7 Welcome back Gaz, Don't you mean Le Big Mac, as the french have a way of making things their own.It's pretty obvious you missed Roach (i'm sure it's cock) given the repetitive nature of points 1-9.France is beautiful btw, didn't u get outside Calais duty-free? Sun 13 Sep 2009 12:23:03 GMT+1 GazUtd HeelloooYou can all relax now, I'm back. Did you miss me? I'm betting Andre did.So what's happened while I was away? England won the World Cup, I see. Jolly good show and all that old chaps. Marvellous what! When is the tropy presentation and the open top tank parade (I heard about those military cuts).I'll do a list too, here's my 10 reasons why England won't win The World Cup....1. Not good enough2. Not good enough3. Not good enough4. Not good enough5. Not good enough6. Not good enough7. Not good enough8. Not good enough9. Not good enough10. They would be conforming to a 44 year old stereotype of winning Englishmen which would result in the same tired cliches and someone no doubt repeating the line "They think it's all over".While I was in the airport McDonalds there was a customer complaining saying things like "Why are you repeatedly serving these Big-Macs, don't you realise that after 1 million of them every year they become jaded. You're nothing but a stereotypical burger chain who should be ashamed of yourselves."I don't know who he was or where he was flying to but there was a group of special care nurses running around shouting "Help, we've lost one of our patients", which may or may not have been coincedental.Anyway the summer project I had on is finished so no more 16 hour days stuck in front of the computer with only annoying people on Robbo's blog to keep me sane. Back to a normal enough 370 comments per day I think.Oh, and France was rubbish. Sun 13 Sep 2009 11:52:53 GMT+1 WengaGimmeATrophy Yeah right! Just like Iran's next president will be female and Arsenal 'll win the Premiership for the next 3 seasons. Another unrealistic surfeit overdose of English optimism. Sun 13 Sep 2009 11:44:11 GMT+1 GuusMourEss Robbo we simply don't have the men to lift the World Cup. I hope you wrote this piece sober. What do you expect the likes of Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Holland and co to say. Realistically a semi-final berth is more feasible. Unfortunately Capello also seems to be carried away with wins against the likes of Ukraine and Croatia. Sun 13 Sep 2009 11:17:26 GMT+1 Robbo Robson Listen Alf Ramsey said they weer going to win the World Cup before the tournament began in 1966. For Ramsey read Robbo. I appreciate the all around trashing of JDR's reputation, but having a little pop meself here and there does mean I can pop down to the boozer without it nagging away like some bothersome 1970's sitcom housewife. But I shall refrain in future (not from the pub, obviously). JDR = Just Don't Reply. Sun 13 Sep 2009 10:51:25 GMT+1 Zootmac And England to win the World Cup? A perfectly feasible prediction. It's just that - and a whispered word in your shell-like, Robbo:DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD, YOU JONAH! Sun 13 Sep 2009 10:31:19 GMT+1 Zootmac On a related historical note, we know from French military records that the average height of a French soldier at Waterloo, in 1815, was 5 feet two inches. It's reasonable to assume that at Agincourt, 400 years earlier, they were smaller still. It makes you wonder: how big was a midget at that time?The bows and arrows were also small. With all this talk of Englishness at Agincourt, it's important not to overlook the contribution of the Glaswegian regiment of bowmen, the "Wee Arrow People", who cried out the regimental name to instil confidence in themselves, and intimidate the opposition.Contrived? Moi? Sun 13 Sep 2009 10:27:22 GMT+1 Zootmac 219 PlastictoffeeCareful! JDR is a fan of "The Office", and he may well recollect from the script that a midget is not the same as a dwarf, and begin nitpicking. A midget is all-over small, whilst a dwarf has disproportionately small limbs. I blame that Snowhite movie for the confusion: those seven guys (Dopey, Beakey, Dave, Dee, etc) were midgets.Mind you, at five feet seven inches, Rachel Brown, the England goalkeeper, isn't that short. It's just that she's not as used to handling 50-50 balls as Caster is. Sun 13 Sep 2009 10:18:23 GMT+1 redwillhunted7 #236 Fun n GamesI get your drift. Fully agree with you on your W.Cup points. Personally, i'd be surprised if the winner doesn't come from Brazil, Spain or Germany (annoying as that is), and i'm sure one of the African teams may catch a few unawares. I hope England aren't overly-burdened by the media before they've even landed in S.A as I want them to do themselves justice. Bet this won't be the case though - burden of a nation etc whipped up by the press.As for that JDR fella, he's like a annoying itch that won't go away no matter how much time you invest in trying to get rid of it. Rather than the arduous task of getting him to write his own article, as several have suggested on this blog, he could offer topics to debate for Robbo that may be of more interest and hence minimise the need for him to self-combust after reading every article. I'm sure Robbo would welcome that with open arms :-) Sun 13 Sep 2009 10:11:05 GMT+1 Fun_n_Games redwillhunted7I wouldn't be worthy of even donning his smog-infused cap. But that JDR-ooh that fella gets on my wick no end. Hence the rant.On the topic, I think that England will do well and I hope they do well. Whether I've seen enough to think them capable of outright winning it, I'm not so sure. Sometimes in the World Cup it depends on who you meet at what time. For example, having Germany in your group would probably be okay, because they are slow starters like the Italians, but meeting them at semi-final time would be terrifying. I would like to see Capello and Hiddink square off in a knock-out round, because these two guys are amazing tactically, while still allowing inventive and stylish football.My abiding concern remains the English media. The tendency to build the English team up and up until they are perceived by all (and perhaps themselves) as demi-gods, only for the fickle hand of fate (or in one instance Maradonna) to slap them down, and hence incur the wrath of the nation, is such a well-worn story that it is almost fable. However, I trust Capello to be able to instil dignity and even humility into the team, and if he does so, and they win it, no one outside England will begrudge them their glory (except the Scots, maybe. And the French. And any former colony. But you get my point . . .) Sun 13 Sep 2009 07:33:06 GMT+1 redwillhunted7 #234 Fun n GamesI know you're Robbo is disguise. If you're not, you should be :-) Sun 13 Sep 2009 04:53:21 GMT+1 Fun_n_Games #232 Fully agree. The lameness of JDR's whinging is only outdone by the feeble-mindedness of his comments on the topic. He has been challenged by other posters for weeks to either stop whining and make a point or shove off. Since he obviously LOVES Robbo and tunes into the blog EVERY issue, he tried this time to make a point, probably because even he isn't dumb enough not to have figured out by now how everyone else thinks his "critique" of Robbo's blog is utter nonsense. (The irony in someone who can't figure out how to use an apostrophe, has atrocious spelling and grammar, and has no wit or subtlety about them criticising a clever, enjoyable writer like Robbo makes my teeth ache). JDR, this kind of dull-witted effort you make, well, it reminds me of the last time I rang Pizza Express: poor delivery. See, you're not the only one who can make a cringe-inducing analogy using a fast food chain. I'd say your whines are not up to the standard expected here at the BEEB. Maybe you could get away with such posts at the Daily Mail, but at the BEEB, I expect whingers to have a sophisticated wit, and a scything intellect. You, on the other hand, are just a deeply annoying and vacuous dullard.Get lost, get a life, and leave Robbo to those of us who like his wit and banter. Believe me, you and your ilk will not be missed here.And Robbo: it's bad enough that I get riled up sufficiently by this fool to make a post like this, but you taking the bait is only encouraging him and his type, who obviously get their jollies from having people such as yourself answer them directly. Reply to those who make especially good (or bad) points on the topic, and those that pen the occasional piece of quotable wit, like Zoot or Gaz or Trotter. Leave getting all steamed up over JDR and co. to people like me; you've got enough to be getting on with trying to find enough material for those 700 blogs a year you're doing ;-) Sun 13 Sep 2009 04:06:20 GMT+1 TrotterUSA 232Not for nuttin but I thought that Coweslepe said one helluva lot. Suppose it just shows how different folks have different perceptions and in our case the good fortune to be able to express them freely. Sun 13 Sep 2009 01:39:42 GMT+1 59th_street coweslepe must be an 'academic' . . . . millions of words and didn't really say much.i'm also disappointed at JDR's efforts...still, at least he showed up his lack of sporting nous finally. Sat 12 Sep 2009 23:58:24 GMT+1 Spitfire that told'em! Sat 12 Sep 2009 22:30:24 GMT+1 Coweslepe #227The comment 'jackass' would suggest that you're American, in which case I can appreciate the offence you've taken; however, if you care to look back a ways, you'll see that I've already given due regard to both our American and Canadian friends. As for the 'dimwitted comment' remark, I'm afraid you're off the mark there as well; if you're concerned with formal education, it would be quite impossible for yours to exceed mine.#224Now you're one of those annoying little people who deliberately alter the context of other comments in order to facilitate your own. Learn to adjust your argument such that it doesn't always require your own false interpretation of another to get it going. Though better ignored, we get your reiterated point about Iraq and Afghanistan, which means to say you can perhaps stop drumming your point home. Your politics don't interest me as they're based on a coffee house vernacular. I was not speaking of war in general and I certainly wasn't including politics as part of my argument; rather, I was merely expressing the long-held convinction that the battle in question was won through sheer English courage. Learn to read and learn to listen. My attempt at redressing a previous imblance of thought, the purpose of this thread you seem hellbent on continuing, isn't really deserving of the contempt you continue to spout. You seem to be caught up with modern politics to such a degree that you're unable to accept a less cynical interpretation of a very real past, but then again, your opinions would suggest your awareness of anything other than the conversation of today is startlingly limited. Please, save words such as 'pathetic' for your own thwarted expression. It's not a case of living in a 'comic-book' past, though I'll agree it's a futile attempt to come to terms with the comic-book mentality of those such as yourself who have, regrettably, come to define the way the witless are forced to look upon the present. You made a mistake and stepped beyond your reach. Just accept it and trundle on back to your coffee house philosophies. Sat 12 Sep 2009 21:36:16 GMT+1 Roberto_Mexicano I'm beginning to get a little worried Robbo - That's 2 out of the last 3 blogs that haven't really hit the heights you've set in the past. I still say you've started getting Chick Young to write them since the BBC listen to the masses and dumped his appallingly cringe worthy blog.Mind you, the line that made it all worth while this week, and quite frankly saved you was "Wayne Rooney - The world's only two-eyed cyclops"Love it!!!! haha. Definitely going to use that one. Sat 12 Sep 2009 21:24:30 GMT+1 lifefootballfirst i like it, very patriotic. i can't wait for the world cup and with england in it i'm even more excited. I don't know how far we will go but if our defence stays strong and we play the eciting football we have done then i think we could go far.People think brazil could go all the way like usual, personally i think there are stronger teams.Spain on there day look unbeatable but defeat to usa and a less than convincing performance against macedonia suggests they can be beaten.But my personal favourite is Russia, i think there side and league has come on massively in recent years and now i think have one of the best sides in world football with a world class manager and a squad overloaded with talent could go far and i think will beat germany in moscow to qualify top of that group. can't wait for the world cup. Sat 12 Sep 2009 19:39:14 GMT+1 ChuckleBrother2 220. At 2:40pm on 12 Sep 2009, Coweslepe wrote:Go read a book you uneducated jackass. you are, I even found one for you. God save us from people who actually think World War II was won on Englishness and high spirits. Learn some history, until you do please refrain from making such dimwitted comments. Sat 12 Sep 2009 19:32:39 GMT+1 TrotterUSA 225I'm all in favour of elevating Robbo to the position of National spokesman for all predictions English but I reluctantly accept that it'll never catch on.There's a Brazilian Blogger by the name of Roberto Roberto who has predicted a Brazilian WC win. What audacity!Any road up, look out top 17, here come the Trotters! Sat 12 Sep 2009 16:26:54 GMT+1 A wet windy night in Stoke As for bandwagons, I thought the bandwagon was one of relentless cynicism by everyone except the red-tops. I think we'll win the World Cup cos the team have played well and confidently in every game's that counted.__________________________________________________________________Robbo, I am not exactly sure Andorra, Belarus, Kazakstan and an understrength Croatia count big time. If a team will win the World Cup on the basis of beating these, then any 2 dozen sides around the world should win the World Cup. Just where do you place England among these 2 dozen teams? To win the world Cup you are going to have to beat any 2 of the following: Germany, Brazil, Argentina, France, Holland, Spain and Italy. On the way you might have to go past any one or two of Cameroon, Sweden, Denmark, Paraguay, Ghana etc. England can win the World Cup, but to say England will win the World Cup, not even Brazil make such bold claims.. Sat 12 Sep 2009 15:57:04 GMT+1 Wolves4CL #220 was more a matter of sheer guts and, dare I say it again, Englishness, the same spirit that saw us winning two world wars while the greater number of our European allies (i.e., the French) bent over with a white flag in one hand and a glass of welcoming champagne in the other. ---------------Why leave it at that? Aren't you forgetting the tear-jerking Englishness of that most glorious of victories over the formidable "Argies" in the Falklands? Or our equally heroic exploits in the Gulf War and now again in Iraq and Afghanistan? All those young lives - English and otherwise - thrown away for nothing, or worse still: politics and oil. I suppose the PTSD that so many of the survivors of these great conflicts suffer from is just another example of slipping standards amongst modern youth, a lack of the "guts" and "spirit" you continue to extol in your pathetic jingoistic ramblings. Get a grip, man. You're living in a comic-book past. Sat 12 Sep 2009 15:37:43 GMT+1 TrotterUSA 207Tommyb Are you logging in from work? Can you post a hot tip each Saturday morning? Tell us where the money's going? Sat 12 Sep 2009 15:11:36 GMT+1 Robbo Robson #221Yes, all of them. As for bandwagons, I thought the bandwagon was one of relentless cynicism by everyone except the red-tops. I think we'll win the World Cup cos the team have played well and confidently in every game's that counted. I normally allow meself a sentimental 'what if' but this time it's a bit more of a 'definitely maybe'. Sat 12 Sep 2009 15:09:52 GMT+1 Aah tea Have you given up on Downing now? Is it because he is injured, no longer a smoggy or is it because he's not upto the standard? Sat 12 Sep 2009 13:58:23 GMT+1 Coweslepe #213Just to clarify, we actually didn't have 'superior weaponry' at all, and the fundamental battle plan wasn't exactly strategic due to the variance in numbers; no, these were not the 'primary reasons' for victory: it was more a matter of sheer guts and, dare I say it again, Englishness, the same spirit that saw us winning two world wars while the greater number of our European allies (i.e., the French) bent over with a white flag in one hand and a glass of welcoming champagne in the other. As for the inclusion of women's football, well, I really don't quite see the point in that; it seems that considerable time and money has been spent trying to convince us that it's worth watching and all, but, with good reason, we're just not interested, and never will be. And Robbo, I'm sorry to have bored you; I'd quite forgotten that you'd lately become part of the Chinese Fish and Chips shop variety of Englishman. Sat 12 Sep 2009 13:40:38 GMT+1 plastictoffee Ha ha ha ha this is totally laughable. Yet again one good performance and it's "we're going to win the world cup". We fall into this arrogant trap everytime and fall flat on our smug faces in front of the world. Gone are the days of Terry Butcher esque passion, now we have over paid playboys who also like to play football at the weekends. If we are going to win the world cup it will be through hard graft for every game not the odd one or two. The players need to focus on the start not day dreaming off to a final they have no hope of reaching without a sharp kick up the backside from Mr Real World. But the funniest thing I've ever seen from an England side is the midget the ladies had in goal against Germany. No wonder we got trounced. I wouldn't have put that flapping dwarf in a five a side goal let alone the national team. Is that really the best female keeper this country has to offer? She looked so shakey and incompetent the whole game, that I cringed expecting a goal everytime Germany came forward. I am convinced that if we had a keeper over 5 foot and with some dominance in the penalty area Germany would not of walked off with the prize quit so easily. Sat 12 Sep 2009 12:26:35 GMT+1 A wet windy night in Stoke 4. David BeckhamFor the odd free-kick and the odd wave. But mostly for the press conference platitudes. He's great at saying nowt with a charming grin. The rest of them can concentrate on the footie.__________________________________________________________Robbo, there are many reasons why England will not win the world cup but I just point one out. A team that shows up with David Beckham in it 2010 will not be taken seriously by any one. Thing is Beckham is one of the best England players, and probably will still be come next summer.. Now that is a poor, poor side and has zero chances of winning a major tournament. Sat 12 Sep 2009 12:23:37 GMT+1 collie21 You lot will be unbarable if you win it. I reckon the Benny Tez brigade will whip you in quarter finals..actually I don't reckon it, just hoping. Sat 12 Sep 2009 12:23:24 GMT+1 RedAstaire² The media bandwagon has started rolling!July 2010Post Mortem - who was to blame, the ref? The manager? Lady luck? Key injuries? Missed penalties? There is more chance of Derren Brown correctly predicting the lottery than there is of England winning the World Cup. Sat 12 Sep 2009 12:10:08 GMT+1 RedWhiteandermblue In all seriousness? "Once the knockouts start it's anyone's game." Example: Germany up 1-0 and crusing towards another inevitable semifinal against Bulgaria. Ten minutes of brilliance from El Pistolero and they were gone. Brazil and Spain better, the Netherlands as good, Argentina more talented, but may not get there, and have a leader who could lead from on the field, but can't lead from the sidelines. Semifinals would be a good result, another quarterfinal exit a failure. Sat 12 Sep 2009 11:29:23 GMT+1 JoeDavisRoach 212. At 11:49am on 12 Sep 2009, northernsuperspur wrote:I think you are missing the point. As this is this a British website it would not be unreasonable to include even a passing mention of the other home nations. Saying San Marino are equally relevant isnt true. Also, as this blog is predictingengland to win the world cup - surely a mention of the other main rivals out there in order to justify this position wold also be appropriate. As I mentioned above, the result of the blog seems to be that the world cup is englands to lose, rather than to win which is a tad contrite given the other strong teams in there. Sat 12 Sep 2009 11:03:52 GMT+1 JoeDavisRoach Ive just noticed that the Battle of Agincourt has been discussed. Not what one would expect on a "Robbo" blog I must say. However its worth remebering that Agincourt was as much an example of a tactical military failing (in this instance the French) as it was a resounding victory for the English. Spirit is well and good and by no means unimportant but its no real substitute for superior tactics and weaponary which were primary reasons for the victory.How does this equate to football? Well the old english cliche of holding a stiff upper lip and working your socks off will overcome talent is only true occaisionally. Better to have a good spirit and talent. Sat 12 Sep 2009 10:56:05 GMT+1 northernsuperspur JDR - its a blog about the world cup. Unless there is a pretty amazing string of results in Northern Ireland's group then no other home nation is going to be there. Therefore theres very little point in mentioning them. You might as well complain that Robbo didnt mention San Marino.For measured and considered blogging on our rivals in the world cup, I may direct you to messrs McNulty and Vickery. They dont tend to crack jokes in their blogs, so you should find yourself at home.Although on second thoughts, suggesting Germany currently have a good team is pretty close to being a joke. They got to the Euro 2008 final with a dreadful team. The fact they got there doesnt really diminish the fact that a good team will regularly tear them apart. Sat 12 Sep 2009 10:49:12 GMT+1 cynical_tackle Being of a highly cynical disposition, the only time that I will indulge myself in speculation on the final outcome of the FIFA 2010 World Cup is after England win their semi-final. Sir Alf ran a tight ship throughout the '66 finals, however, at that time, I remember criticising him to all and sundry because he wouldn't pick Jimmy Greaves - but I was a precocious teenage brat at that time and Ramsey might just have known his stuff. On that tack now, I'm tending to look for 'steps on the way' rather than a full blown podium top spot. So, it was refreshing to note that only one day after qualification Mr Capello has laid down the law with regards to the WAG 'circus' event participation. Sat 12 Sep 2009 10:41:03 GMT+1 JoeDavisRoach Well - bandwagoning a bit here "Robbo" and perhaps prematurely. Not your worst blog but I feel youve neglected to look at the big picture and again the England team and usual players are the only source of creative writing. Maybe given the nature of writing and stereotyped approach its probably just as well you didnt mention the other home nations which would surely have resulted in this page turning into a trading ground for insults and stereotypes (northern working class or otherwise) but perhaps a look at some of englands rivals out there in order to justify this position (albeit fictional one). Germany are also looking very good and I see nothing to suggest Spain wont be a class act. There seems to a vibe coming from the blog that essentially england are entitled to win every major competition provided their players gel and fire on all cylandirs - and that lack of success has been down to poor management but this would be incorrect. There are other strong teams out there that will provided a much sterner test. Sat 12 Sep 2009 10:39:27 GMT+1 Oliver Jones Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to see Robbo jump on the bandwagon, hey!As much as anyone, I'm delighted that our team is looking in good knick. But if you're going to be this delirious when we win in qualifiers, can you please admit when you screw it up if we do get knocked out?! Although, knowing the British press, if we draw against some North American team in the group stages, it will be the end of the world. God, I love this country (!) Sat 12 Sep 2009 10:14:22 GMT+1 willo79 Who cares about the English national team. I turned my back on them along time ago and it's articles like this that remind me why.I'd rather support Spain or Portugal than this team and was glad when we didn't qualify for Euro 2008 as it meant that the pubs wouldn't be full of drunken divs who didn't even know the first thing about football jumping up and down singing eng-er-land and people who's only prior experience of watching a football match was accidently seeing some highlights of a game whilst watching the news putting flags and stickers all over their car.It all makes me want to sing one of the songs from the kopWe aren't English we are scouse! Sat 12 Sep 2009 10:13:54 GMT+1 TommyB Wouldn't want to face the mailbag treatment from Postman Fab. As long as he doesn't allow Heskey near the 12-yard dot we should be laughing.FDR, shouldn't you be off thwarting the Nazis with Churchill and Stalin? Sat 12 Sep 2009 08:06:28 GMT+1 northernsuperspur #201You forgot to sprinkle your post with gratuitous use of the word "Niall", used in the context that it appears to be some sort of insult.It wouldnt surprise me if JDR really is called Niall, given the glee he seems to find in typing the name.Back onto the blog topic, I can actually see this team winning the inevitable penalty shootout when the time comes. After all, penalties are all about handling pressure, and you have to consider the lesser of two evils. While its never easy to slot a penalty home in such a situation, you have to think the players would rather make sure they score than have to walk off and explain to Mr Capello how they failed to hit the target from twelve yards out. Sat 12 Sep 2009 07:58:18 GMT+1 TommyB I care not a jot that the Celts and the French think we're going OTT. Why not? Might as well get a wee bit excited before the inevitable misery once again envelopes the nation next summer, and Walkabouts across the land are filled with projectile kangaroo burgers and plastic pint beakers. We will also be treated to the sound of the intellectual vanguard, who only an hour previously had been belting out that classic old nursery rhyme, 'No surrender...', shuffling back into their holes for another two years. Bad losers, worse winners, but at least we've got a sense of humour.Come on England!!! Sat 12 Sep 2009 07:34:44 GMT+1 TrotterUSA ....and besides that, #150 written by Fred can't possibly be Joe because Fred has an apostrophe on his keyboard which, as we all know, Joe doesn't! Fred chalks his cue more often too. Sat 12 Sep 2009 03:39:38 GMT+1 TrotterUSA Who is this Clarkson bloke? Did he take over from Fred and Joe on 'Pot Black' back n the 60's? Fri 11 Sep 2009 23:42:50 GMT+1 EricDantona 2. At 10:44am on 11 Sep 2009, English Yo-Yo wrote:Firstly, you are without doubt the finest, funniest blogger on the web.Secondly, I agree with every thing you have ever written.Keep up the good work.Thanks for the entertainment.__________________________I would be so scared of meeting you in person ^^I don't normally comment on these ones (I don't like them, and yes, I still insist on reading them - they hold my interest, after all) but crikey, moses. I've never mentally groaned so many times whilst reading! Especially during that ... interpratation of Fabio's taking over of management. Shuddersome (yes, shuddersome) stuff.The lazy comedy stylings really remind me of the sort of thing you would read in someone's weekly column in The Sun - something which I would not take as a positive, but that the BBC would seem to endorse given that such a someone (the evilmost of all such someones in just this one commenter's opinion) is currently under their employ. That someone being Jeremy Clarkson.Not that I should meaningfully be so cold as to compare "Robbo" - or in fact anyone - to Clarkson, but please, legions of adoring followers of this blog, do tell if you are also these followers of Clarkson. It would give me some pathetic satisfaction :P Fri 11 Sep 2009 23:30:47 GMT+1 Fun_n_Games #120 and #150I want to address this to JDR, not this ridiculous, fictional FDR character you've created that is nothing more than a cliched stereotype of a classic outraged-from-Tunbridge-Wells whinger. Why can't you write something original? Why are we subjected to your mindless and talentless repetition blog after blog? You write these whines several times a week and it's obvious that your character has become stale and needs to be put to one side for a while so it can become fresh and new again. And by fresh I don't mean simply changing the first part of your name and then trotting out the same nonsense as if nobody's going to notice! Why not try a different style for a few weeks? Maybe a Zoot-style character, with scathing wit, or a Gaz-type defender-of-the-faith serial poster, but for another team we all hate, like Liverpool or Chelsea? Or maybe an Andreprobablyhasareallyreallysmallone, so you could mangle your grammar, syntax and spelling even worse than you do normally? Really, your attempts at whining have become laboured and sad now and you are not fooling anyone with this FDR character. All I'm asking for is that you try harder. Sorry I can't be more specific than that, but even though I have no authority or credibility to say so, and even though the points I try to raise are feeble, and when I try to make an analogy the best I can do is something about Burger King Kids Meals, everything has to be done so it satisfies me. Therefore, I am obviously justified in saying there are standards of whinging that need to be met, and you fail to meet any minimum standard. Please consider my sanctimonious, irrelevant opinion "FDR"/JDR. You owe me that much at least. Fri 11 Sep 2009 23:16:52 GMT+1 gringo Loco People are already saying cappelo being some kind of great manager for England for what qualify against some poor teams he hasn't proven he is a great England manager yet.I think there lots of managers out there who would have got England qualified from this group.Maybe, but don't forget the dire straits we were in when he took over. Fri 11 Sep 2009 21:23:01 GMT+1 TrotterUSA Here's Larry.....will Fabio put this on their ipods? here's the result from Agincourt... Fri 11 Sep 2009 21:21:50 GMT+1 gringo Loco Play pony and capitulate and then, maybe, "the players will have let us down".That won't happen under Fabulosio Fri 11 Sep 2009 21:01:30 GMT+1 gringo Loco I just noticed that the BBC have changed the viewing schedule for this evening...Due to popular demand at 21-00, BBC 1 will be showing 'THE ROAD TO THE FINALS, a documetary with hi-lites of Englands impressive 8 wins to secure their place in the summer competition..BBC Scotland will NOT be showing this programe, they will be replacing it with the award winning film, OUT OF AFRICA. Class, better than any of Robbo's jokes. Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:48:47 GMT+1 gringo Loco However, Malouda managed to make him look like a second rate Mexican wrestler in the CL semis, so, a better defender?I didn't realise that Portmouth made it to the CL semis lasy year. Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:45:06 GMT+1 gringo Loco We've got a decent chance this time (first time I have been able to say that in a long time!)I was thinking that in 2006 Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:42:11 GMT+1 gringo Loco "...and the only two-eyed Cyclops in history, Wayne Rooney,"THAT is the funniest description I've heard for years! I love it and will use it continuously, until someone takes offence and smacks me in the face :)don't you mean in your ONE eye! Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:39:15 GMT+1 gringo Loco What is it with you Scots. With one exceptions you have mediocre sportsmen, yet you begrudge England their success. We've qualified with 100% record, as have Netherlands and Spain. We've score 31 goals, that's almost 4 a game. Although we won't get many presents like the 5th the other night, which almost had Fabulosio almost laughing after he nearly burst a blood vessel at the Croatian goal. Spain and Brazil are the form horses, but England and others are in the 2nd pot. Italy are poor and old, Germany will be a threat, they are always there or there about, Argentina are poor although they have some world class players, but a crap coach. Ask any Argentinian. Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:34:28 GMT+1 gringo Loco Plus with the World Cup in South Africa European teams fail in the World Cup when it is held outside Europe and look for teams like Brazil, Argentina if they qualify etc that do well when the World Cup is outside EuropeBrazil remain the only team to winn the WC in an away continent. Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:16:40 GMT+1 gringo Loco and England are in a group along with Germany, Agentina (if they make it), Portugal (if they make it) and Italy as the most likely after that.Germany yes, argentina are poor they have class players but are playing rubbish. Bolivia crushed them in La Paz. Portugal might not even make it and italy are past their sell-by date Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:10:56 GMT+1 Robbo Robson #186Mate they wouldn't dream of letting me out to SA anyway. Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:07:35 GMT+1 gringo Loco None of France, Holland, Argentina, Grermany and a host of other so called football giants boast a better right back currently.Methinks Beccary Sagna Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:06:22 GMT+1 Robbo Robson Sorry about the absence, gentlemen. It's been a long day. Now then. Glad to hear that even them folk who can't quite bring themselves to whole-heartedly agree can't quite deny themselves a few shreds of optimism. I meant to add - how generous it would be if the greeday gong-hoggers at United and Chelsea were to play cack in the Champs League to save our poor boys from fatigue... Come on, lads. Country before club... I don't want to be reading about another pigging little bome I've never heard of that's squirrelled away somewhere in a Rooney instep and is just waiting to fracture. As for the Agincourt lecture. Yawn. Watch Larry Olivier in that Shakespeare-type film. He's dead good in a weird-voiced way. 'St. Crispin's Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!' Fri 11 Sep 2009 20:00:37 GMT+1 gc Capello seems pretty good, I agree with that. But remember how good everybody thought Sven was? That because he came after Keegan. And Capello came after MacClaren which makes him look like a flippin' genius. People thought Sven was amazing: I remember some friends of mine "borrowed" a life-size cardboard cutout of Sven from the local Sainsbury's and there were no shortage of lasses ready to get friendly with it. That was after the 3-0 romp against Denmark in 2002, before the dark times. Before Sven started going after anything with legs, before a lacklustre second half against Brazil, before we knew some lad called little Ronaldo and before David Seaman cut his hair. Before PENALTY SHOOTOUTS. El Tel won one -but evened things up with a loss to Germany on pens in a semi final.As soon as Capello gets England anywhere on Penalties we can hail him as great: nobody else could do it. Before that time we are not going to win the world cup. We will loose on penalties in the QF. Again. Somebody will get sent off, our talisman, whoever our best player is (previously Beckham, Rooney next Walcott?) then we we get a fair goal disallowed or a straight penalty denied. Then Glen Johnson/Gareth Barry will miss a penalty and it will be over again for another 4 years. Fri 11 Sep 2009 19:45:58 GMT+1 oncearedalways54 Robbo - where have you been? - we discussed all this with Phil McNulty 24hrs ago! Perhaps you need to layoff the 'sauce' in the Blue Bell Arms? Clearly you wouldn't make Mr Capello's team - he wants people up to the mark. Oh Dear guess which BBC football writer is not going to SA? Fri 11 Sep 2009 19:38:05 GMT+1 BeyondThePale "I wish England get drawn in Group of Death along with Brazil, Italy and South Korea."Why, so Walcott doesn't have to spend so long fetching and carrying for the real footballers? Fri 11 Sep 2009 18:57:34 GMT+1 mancintoronto #50 Sassenach   Show Spelled Pronunciation [sas-uh-nuhkh, -nak] –noun an English inhabitant of the British Isles: used, often disparagingly, by the Gaelic inhabitants.Jock  –noun 1. Scot. and Irish English. a. a nickname for John. b. an innocent lad; country boy. 2. British Informal. a. a Scottish soldier or a soldier in a Scottish regiment. b. any Scot. 3. a male given name. Fri 11 Sep 2009 18:57:09 GMT+1 mancintoronto Fri 11 Sep 2009 18:53:58 GMT+1 SS11 ohh Robbo, still a long way to go. Its just a first baby step getting qualified to the World Cup finals.I wish England get drawn in Group of Death along with Brazil, Italy and South Korea. Fri 11 Sep 2009 18:41:27 GMT+1 TrotterUSA 180 JPROn that Terry yellow card challenge, I had the feeling that he was trying to show Barry what he should have done himself a second earlier. Barry dithered indecisively about getting stuck into the lad and clearing the potential danger. I'm not JT's biggest fan but at that moment I felt he was taking a Captain's role and trying to give a message to Barry, hopefully he got the message. JT will probably be on here when he's had his tea and he'll explain it for us. Fri 11 Sep 2009 18:35:00 GMT+1 jpr600 Great blog Robbo - good value as always. But, seriously England will not win anything with the defensive options they're currently using. The defence is not a unit and whichever keeper is chosen he'll have to be a magician to keep the ball out with the current four in front of him.Johnson defend? No, not really.Terry capable of keeping his head against the top players? No - did you see him clatter in two-footed when we were 5-1 up against Croatia, a yellow on the night but very probably a red at the World Cup Finals?Even Cole, arguably the best defender in the back four was left for dead in the move leading up to the-penalty-that-wasn't(but should have been - we were only 2-0 up then.C'mon Robbo, you're having a bubble! Fri 11 Sep 2009 18:22:10 GMT+1 borogef Well done Robbo. Excellent funny blog. You really got them wound up this time. You must be laughing your socks off at how seriously some folk take it. Do they not realise it is a tongue in cheek blog?Anyway, just hope you are right. Come on Boro! Fri 11 Sep 2009 18:14:27 GMT+1 Robokopthe3rd Fab Cap is scary cos his glasses are never on straight! I mean he`s so hard that he doesn`t care if he looks a tad like Erik Sykes (hope he doesn`t read this). England can win the world cup, but it remains unlikely. Still lets hope there IS a penalty shoot out as we have to win one to break the hoodoo! Do that and anything is possible. Fri 11 Sep 2009 18:07:44 GMT+1