Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 29 Nov 2014 02:19:35 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at pauldandrew This post has been Removed Sat 24 Jan 2009 16:10:37 GMT+1 eclair_de_lune If you don't like Antony's style of music seeing him live isn't going to convert you. I find his vibrato beautiful - it's rather mean to go on so much about his looks. He's a musician not a glossy clothes horse. Thu 22 Jan 2009 22:20:58 GMT+1 prospero13 A fat boy with tragic hair and sweaty pallour quavering through a meandering dirge, employing a laughably amateurish throat vibrato you might expect from an enfeebled crone croaking her last. Some string players, (in black mourning the death of pitch perfect singing?) sat stunned into silence by the ineptitude of what they were accompanying, perhaps wondering if occasionally playing some long quiet notes was worth the expense and inconvenience of showing up. The audience's reaction was muted, hardly surprising. I've heard cheerier death rattles. At least I missed the bumptious buffoon Kermode. Sat 17 Jan 2009 00:44:47 GMT+1